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The ailments related to joints, bones or muscles have become prevalent in today’s world.
These are called Musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs. There are many factors leading to
MSDs like age, lifestyle, occupation and amount of physical activity.
We at Wholistic Health Centre use advanced research and state of the art facilities to
devise a customised health plan that help you achieve your objective. At two convenient
locations Kareela and Wolli Creek, ChriopractorDr. John Infante & his team offer
excellent health services. Our specialists also offers mobile chiropractic service.
Our expertise and experience has made us one of the leading health centres for all health conditions relating
to the body. Our service is dedicated for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions,
keeping in mind the patients objective. Among the various tools we use some are physical therapy,
rehabilitation, massage, dry needling and nutrition and lifestyle advice.
Our first priority in the line of treatment is accurate diagnosis and relief from pain. As soon as the patient is
relieved from the pain, we give certain preventive measures and rules to be followed to maintain health,
achieved at home and in the clinic. Our services have benefitted many desk bound people, professionals,
sportspersons, dancer, musicians, elderly, injured, expectant mothers, babies and children who require ideal
health to stay competitive.
•Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
•Elbow, wrist and hand pain
•Back Pain
•Jaw/TMD pain
•Shoulder Pain
•Neck Pain
•At Wholistic Health Centre, we comprehend our patient’s requirement and provide a
combination of solutions to provide relief to patients. Our personalised plan is covered by
health fund and you can also avail Medicare rebates. Checkout our range of services at
Physical Therapy :
Our physical therapy includes manipulation or adjusting or soft tissue work. The adjusting
techniques relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function. The
manipulation is a low force, high velocity technique which helps restore motion.
Dry needling :
Chiropractor Dr. John is an expert and knowledgeable about the scientific background and
benefits of treating trigger points and is a skilled dry needling practitioner.
Massage Therapy :
One great compliment to chiropractic care, is massage therapy.Our therapist is skilled in
different massage techniques and styles likemyofascial release, pregnancy massage, lymphatic
drainage, deep tissue, swedish massage and many more treatments.
Taping with RockTape :
Taping therapy has proved beneficial in supporting an injured limb. It is used as a part of
customised treatment plan ad brings recovery by relieving pain and swelling. Chiropractor Dr.
JohnInfante has used taping for back pain and has showed amazing results.
Sleep Made to Measure
Our sleeping posture results in many ailments. Our chiropractor can measure you for a custom
made pillow to enable the patients to get best sleep and bring quick recovery.
Mobile Health
The mobile health service helps you to have access to our services at your doorstep. It includes
chiropractic, massage therapy and exercise physiology to help you to get to your quickly.
So visit http://www.wholistichc.com.au/ and book an appointment now to find the best solutions
to your Musculoskeletal problems.
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