5 Things You Must Know About Made To Measure Dress Shirts


5 Things You Must Know About Made To Measure Dress Shirts

Have you tried wearing a dress shirt from a rack in some department store? In most cases, these shirts won’t quite fit you perfectly. The armholes might be too big, the front too wide, the sleeves longer (or shorter) than your actual arm length, and the cuffs either too big or too small for your size. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for an ill-fitting garment. You can always order made to measure dress shirts that are perfectly suited for your body. Here are 5 things you must know if you are interested in going this route.

1. Variety of fabrics -

Look for an online tailoring shop that offers a wide range of fabrics to choose from. The best ones let you choose from a selection of royal twill, oxford, easy iron, dot prints, multi-dot prints, checkered, stripes, multi-check, melange, and poplin fabrics, to name a few.

2. Level of customization -

You must be able to pick your preferred collar, cuff, placket, back pleat, pocket and cover stitch style. Made to measure dress shirts are supposed to be very personalized because you can choose exactly the style that you want—and you will probably end up with a completely unique garment that no one else has.

3. Monograms -

Monograms are stylish add-ons to your shirt. The online tailoring shop should allow you to request script or block letters of your initials on the cuffs, pocket, or placket, stitched in your chosen color.

4. Correct measurements -

You are required to put in your measurements when you order custom dress shirts online. Be prepared with the size of your collar, chest, waist, hip, shoulder, sleeve, cuff, length, bicep, and armhole. Measuring yourself can get tricky, but it is possible. The best way is to measure an existing dress shirt that fits you well. Better yet, ask a friend to help you measure your body. The online tailoring shop should provide clear step-by-step instructions on doing this. They will also save your measurements in their database, making it easier to re-order made to measure dress shirts because they already know your body type and your specifics.

5. Always double-check -

Once you have made all customization choices and inputted all your measurements, always re-check everything. Make revisions if necessary. In this day and age where style can make or break first impressions, it’s always a good idea to dress well. Get made to measure dress shirts and set the bar high .