Otoplasty In India - Know More About the Procedure

Otoplasty In India - Know More About the Procedure
Otoplasty in India is a cosmetic procedure for the ear. Its main purpose is to improve the appearance
of the ears by correcting their shapes and sizes. Those who have protruding and asymmetrical ears—
including those with ears that droop too low—are good candidates for otoplasty. This corrective
surgery is popular with people who want to enhance their appearance and achieve a more balanced
Are you interested in this procedure? Aside from finding an
experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon to perform
otoplasty in India, you must also understand some
important details about this surgery before moving forward.
By familiarising yourself with the procedure options, effects,
risks, and costs, you can better assess if otoplasty is for you.
1. Two Categories of Otoplasty
a. Traditional Otoplasty - This procedure pins
one or two ears back so that they look normal
patients with ears that are too far out opt for this treatment.
b. Reconstructive Otoplasty – When traditional otoplasty is not enough to correct ear
position and shape, doctors recommend reconstructive otoplasty. This procedure
rebuilds the anatomy of the ear to improve not just the appearance but also ear
2. Three Types of Otoplasty
a. Pinnaplasty – This is the most common otoplasty procedure wherein the patient's
excess cartilage is removed from the ears to make them closer to the head.
b. Ear augmentation - This reconstructive otoplasty involves transferring of cartilage
from one part of the body (like the ribs) to the ears. Ear augmentation treats small or
deformed ears caused by accidents or congenital defects.
c. Ear reduction - Doctors can also reduce the size of ears through earlobe reduction,
resulting in balanced or symmetrical ears.
3. Risks and Recovery
Otoplasty in India is generally safe, with little to no risks. The surgery is done under local
anaesthesia and can take up to two and a half hours. You will appreciate the results once you
are completely healed within five to six weeks.
4. Cost
The price of the operation depends on the type of otoplasty done on you, who did it, and
where it is performed. A top plastic surgeon may cost more—which is why some people settle
for clinics with less experience or credibility. But if you are concerned about your safety and
the success of the surgery, you'll realise that getting the best plastic surgeon for the job is
worth it. Not only do they guarantee optimal results—they also offer customer care during
and after the surgery.
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