9 things couples should do before getting pregnant

9 Things Couples Should Do
Before Getting Pregnant
After going through IVF treatment, most
couples tend to kick back and relax.
It is however, important to prepare for the
pregnancy at hand.
Here are a few things that couples should do
before getting pregnant:
Parenting Talk:
Most experts and experienced mothers believe
that it is important to speak to your partner
about major parenting issues.
Certain things such as public school vs. private
school, and what method will be used to raise
your child should be discussed with your
significant other, well in advance.
The purpose of this is for couples to start talking
about their priorities, expectations, and fears
before getting pregnant.
Avoid Partying:
Habits such as drinking and smoking are
harmful for your body. These habits
however, have adverse effects on pregnant
It is better to try and quit them to avoid the
risk of any birth defects, miscarriages, etc.
Limit Caffeine:
If you are an avid coffee consumer, cut back
on it now.
This is not only because caffeine is known to
trigger miscarriages, but also because you
want to avoid withdrawal after pregnancy.
This applies to other sources of caffeine
alongside coffee, such as tea and various
Stress Remedy:
Research shows that high levels of stress can
delay your chances to get pregnant.
Hence, it is better to be prepared and to find
an output for all that pent up stress and
Certain things such as yoga, meditation
keeping a journal, or spending time being
social are good ways to stay preoccupied and
forget about stress.
As unrelated as it may seem, fixing a dentist
appointment is highly advised in prepregnancy period.
This is because gum problems have shown to
have a relation with miscarriage and preterm
Brushing your teeth, flossing, and visiting the
dentist can cut your miscarriage risk by up to
seventy percent.
Start a Savings Account:
Preparing for your child’s future is a good way
ensure that your child has a decent education.
This can be done by starting a savings account
for your child.
This is a good way to prepare for the worst,
even if you are financially stable.
In conclusion, getting pregnant requires a lot more
planning than one might think, and it is important
that you are prepared for even the tiniest of
problems to simplify the process.
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