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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Screenshots
Magento 2 Blog extension helps you create blogs right in your Magento
2 Store.
Create attractive blogs with thumbnails, images, videos, etc using
MageSales' Magento 2 Blog Extension.
The admin has to integrate the plugin into Magento 2 backend to
manage the blog along with the E-commerce store easily. Create
responsive posts and share it with share buttons and also enjoy the
features like Facebook commenting.
Get the Magento 2 Blog extension to have all the customization you
want for your blog with an intuitive interface.
Ability to create separate categories
Integrated with Facebook Comments
Ability to search any post
Display Related Products and Related Posts below the Post detail page.
Manage Recent Posts and Monthly Archive in the left or right sidebar.
SEO friendly Permalinks
Included SEO Sitemap and RSS feed feature
Import categories from Wordpress Blog website.
Multistore & Multi-Language Supported
100% Open Source Coding
Free Lifetime Support & Free Lifetime Extension Upgrades
Post View
Rss Permalinks
Manage Post Grid
Edit Post Information
Edit Content
Edit Meta Data
Edit Related Post
Edit Related Products
Manage Category
Add New Category
Blog List Page Frontend
Blog View Page
Thank you!
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