Polymer - Incom, Inc.

Through polymer-fused fiber optic technology, Incom can now bring
new life to your next project.
Thanks to a recent acquisition of Paradigm Optics in Washington, the products Incom has
produced for the past 40 years can now be manufactured in polymer. The new polymer line
of products represents Incom’s continued investment and commitment to providing the most
advanced and diverse material solutions for our customers.
• Array Sizes up to 5.5”
• Customizable Core/Open Area
Fiber Optic Plates
Microcapillary Arrays
• Fiber Size 5µm and Larger
Incom’s polymer faceplates retain high
uniformity, true color fidelity, and are
Incom’s polymer capillary is particularly
suitable in optical, scintillation, and
acoustic applications.
Capillary Tubing
Incom’s polymer microtubing is
available in single and multi-hole
unique geometries using a wide range
of polymer and lumen plastic materials.
Incom specializes in the fabrication of
advanced polymer array structures and
hybrid fiber structures.
• Wide Selection of Thermoplastic Materials:
PMMA, Polystyrene, and Polycarbonate
• Microcapillary Array Plate: High
Length-to-Diameter Ratio
• Standard and Custom Capillary Tubing
Some of these materials may be immediately available for samples;
inquire at sales@incomusa.com or call (508) 909-2200.
Follow the Leader
Incom is the commercial leader in fused fiber optics.
Decades worth of critical contributions to the worlds of medicine, dentistry, drug
research, homeland security, genetics and the military reflect Incom’s unparalleled
commitment to developing advanced, innovative solutions to meet the most
demanding technological challenges.
We’ll help you do things you haven’t even thought of yet.
Life Sciences
Incom’s fiber optic
faceplates continue to lead
the digital revolution in
medical X-ray technology.
Incom’s microwell and
microcapillary arrays
provide high-speed
solutions for genetic
sequencing in advanced
genome studies.
Incom’s fiber optic tapers
help propel researchers and
equipment manufacturers
to the limits of scientific
Incom’s fiber optics enable
seamless and dynamic
digital displays with tactile
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