Bronze - Speck Pumps

BADU Block (Bronze) Selection 5
High Performance Commercial Pumps
Recirculation pump shall be Speck BADU Block Model No. _____normal priming centrifugal
pump, ____phase, ____Hz.
General Notes
Place pump on a solid foundation which provides a rigid and vibration-free support so that it is
readily accessible for service and maintenance. Pump should be firmly mounted with pipe
Install in a dry, well vented location away from chemical storage.
Motor overheating may be caused by a voltage drop or excessive voltage. Be sure that wire
size and voltage input is properly regulated.
The recirculation pump shall be a normal priming, volute casing, and centrifugal design with a
hair and lint strainer as shown in the plans.
The pump shall be a single stage, vertically positioned compact unit allowing installation in
small spaces.
The pump casing, seal housing, impeller, and wear rings shall be Bronze. The volute casing
shall be equipped with corrosion resistant wear rings. The pump strainer housing shall have a
single suction port with a bolt flange to the hair and lint strainer. The volute casing shall have a
variable position discharge port with a bolt flange that can be repositioned in steps of 90
degrees. The strainer housing shall be coated inside with a durable, dirt and corrosion resistant
enamel. The pump shall be equipped with a high grade stainless steel ball valve for manual or
automatic venting and a reinforced transparent hose for visual control. The pump shaft shall be
stainless steel and protected against wear by a stainless steel sleeve. A winterizing port shall
be part of the design.
The pump shall be a pull out design to allow servicing with disturbing piping. The motor shall be
able to be replaced without disassembling the pump. The impeller shall be of the closed type,
individually balanced, bronze, and non-overloading at any point of the performance curve. The
mechanical seal shall be a high wear-resistant silicon-carbide face, stainless steel, HNBR
materials, and silicon carbide seat (SIC/SIC/HNBR). The pump shall be capable of operating at
up to 73 psi, 104 degree F continuous water temperature or 122 degree F max water
The electric motor coupled to the pump shall be with Class F insulation, protection class IP 55,
and have lifetime-lubricated sealed bearings. The motor shall be Totally-Enclosed, Fan-Cooled
(TEFC) design with PTC resistor suitable for frequency converters. It shall be low RPM, quiet
running and have a 300 series stainless steel shaft. Motors shall be continuous duty rated at 40
degree Celsius ambient and suitable for outdoor installation.
The pump motor shall be a ____HP, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 1750 RPM for service on a ____volt
electric supply. The pump shall be rated for _____GPM at ____TDH. The pump shall be tested
and certified.
The stainless steel strainer basket shall be securely positioned beside the suction inlet of the
strainer housing, with access for inspection and cleaning through a removable bronze strainer
housing lid. The stainless steel strainer basket shall have a mesh opening of 3mm.