Slovenian Defence Products - Grozd obrambne industrije Slovenije

Defence Products
Photo: Bruno Toič
The Slovenian defence industry is based on a long
Slovenian industrial tradition, engineering knowledge and mastery of craft. Strong export orientation,
investments in knowledge, new technologies and the
implementation of international standards have all
shaped Slovenian industry in the last few decades.
The country’s main export markets are the EU, SouthEast Europe and other world markets.
The production of military weapons and equipment
is part of a tradition lasting several hundred years in
the territory of Slovenia. The well-renowned Slovenian precision and craftsmanship are reflected in Slovenian defence products that are distinguished by the
inclusion of their own know-how, highest quality, innovation and optimal performance-to-cost ratio.
Since joining NATO in 2004, interoperability and compliance with NATO standards have become the guiding
principle of the development of new defence production programs in Slovenia. The cooperation among
Slovenian enterprises, universities and research institutes records a constant growth.
The close collaboration of the companies with the
Standardisation, codification and quality assurance
department of the Ministry of defence of Slovenia
keeps the production of armaments and military
equipment in accordance with up to date NATO AQAP
series standards and manages product quality assurance during their life cycle.
The catalogue presents diverse products and services. From solder equipment, handguns and light arm
parts, ammunition, explosives storage and manipulation, CBRN defence, battlefield management, border
control, telecommunication, unmanned systems, to
diverse special technologies and engineering.
Trading in defence equipment in Slovenia is regulated
by the Law on Defence and other legal acts requiring
the producers of military weapons and equipment to
register with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic
of Slovenia. There are several ways potential customers can contact the Slovenian producers of defence
equipment, including by contacting the national defence industry association Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster.
This publication was prepared by the Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (GOIS) in cooperation with the
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and
the Ministry of Defence of Slovenia. It represents Slovenian companies which provide high quality products and services in the areas of defence, security and
You can obtain more information about the Slovenian
defence industry from:
GOIS Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster
Dimičeva 13
1504 Ljubljana
T: +386 1 5898 423
F: +386 1 5898 100
E: [email protected]
Products and services
1. Soldier Equipment
ALPINA d.o.o.
ANTHRON d.o.o.
AREX d.o.o.
2. Ammunition and Explosives
AREX d.o.o.
IZOP-K d.o.o.
3. Armaments and their parts
AREX d.o.o.
4. Gun stabilization amplifiers
5. Border monitoring systems and mobile
surveillance systems
DAT-CON d.o.o.
6. Command and Control Systems
7. Chemical Biological, Nuclear protection (CBRN)
EM.TRONIC d.o.o.
ISKRA PIO d.o.o.
8. Lifting systems for military and civil logistic
BIJOL d.o.o.
9. Small unmanned systems (UAS/UAV)
C-ASTRAL d.o.o.
10. Chemical Biological, Nuclear protection (CBRN) EM. TRONIC d.o.o.
11. Laboratory Equipment
DOMEL d.o.o.
EM.TRONIC d.o.o.
ISKRA PIO d.o.o.
12. Engineering Modelling and Design
13. Special production technologies
ISKRA PIO d.o.o.
14. Special Purpose Vehicles
BIJOL d.o.o.
15. Telecommunication systems
16. Special yarns of high performance fibres
17. Training Aids and Devices
EM.TRONIC d.o.o.
18. Cryogenic coolers for IR systems, Stirlig motors
19. Electric protection equipmnent
20. Mobile water purification systems
21. Explosives management, storage, testing and
IZOP-K d.o.o.
22. Equipment for propellants production
ALPINA d.o.o.
ANTHRON d.o.o.
AREX d.o.o.
BIJOL d.o.o.
C-ASTRAL d.o.o.
DAT-CON d.o.o.
DOMEL d.o.o.
EM.TRONIC d.o.o.
ISKRA PIO d.o.o.
IZOP-K d.o.o.
MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA carries out activities to support Slovenian defence industry and research and development institutions. It relates them to allied activities in the fields of
manufacturing, research and development, the use of
European and NATO standards, quality assurance and
codification of products.
Activities of the Ministry of Defence in the field
of ​​research and development:
• It provides long-term support for capability goals
of the Slovenian Armed Forces and development of
new findings to contribute to a more efficient system of protection and rescue. It encourages scientific excellence in Slovenian scientific institutions.
The results are usually not intended only for military use, but are also useful in the wider society.
Dual use means that the results are useful for both
military and civilian purposes.
• In invests international efforts within the EU and
NATO in priority scientific areas identified by the
NATO Organization for Science and Technology and
the European Defence Agency.
The Ministry of Defence, therefore, encourages the development of scientific excellence, which in the long
term contributes to increasing the capacity of the Slovenian Army and the protection and rescue system in
areas that are important for the Republic of Slovenia
in the broader social context.
Activities of the Ministry of Defence in the field
of standardization, codification and quality:
• It manages the standardization process in the defence system; issues Slovenian military standards;
keeps record of Slovenian military standards and
NATO standards; ensures their distribution to the
internal professional public, government bodies
and the industry.
• It represents the national authority of the government of quality assurance in the life cycle of armaments and military equipment in accordance
with NATO standards series AQAP (Allied Quality
Assurance Publications). It acts as a proxy for the
implementation of acquisitions for the needs of
other NATO member states and conducts audits of
quality systems according to NATO standards of the
series AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Publications).
• Represents the National Codification Bureau within
NATO; codifies products of Slovenian manufacturers
(assignment of NSP - NATO Stock Number); assigns
NATO codes of Slovenian manufacturers (NCAGE assignment) and maintains a database of all codified
means of supply of the Slovenian Armed Forces.
The Ministry of Defence also issues import, export and
transit permits and authorisations for the transfer of
defence-related products, and arranges registration
of defence producers and traders in the Republic of
Ministry of Defence
Vojkova cesta 55
SI-1000 Ljubljana
E: [email protected]
[email protected]
T: +386 4 5158000
F: +386 4 5158370
Military footwear
Technology on a mission
Alpina is a Slovene company with more than 65 years
of tradition in development, manufacture and marketing of footwear. The brand Alpina is a guarantee for
high quality manufacture, innovative solutions and
user friendly design.
Work in army offers challenges along with harsh conditions and even accidents - untamed nature and hazardous areas are all hostile environments for a gentle,
unprotected human foot. Under such conditions each
day poses countless conflicts between the vulnerable
nature of a foot and the demanding forces surrounding it. ALPINA develops shoes that intervene in these
conflicts as an ever-present, flexible, and caring force
with one mission to accomplish: to help complete the
mission while keeping feet safe and satisfied.
The wealth of experience in footwear production and
development has been applied also to the manufacturing of military boots. Alpina has been supplying
the Slovene armed forces with military boots from
very beginning and has been keeping up with the requirements and trends of a modern military. Systematic testing and high-tech development have enabled
Alpina to develop high quality military footwear that
meets the strict requirements and trials that a modern military force is subjected to.
Alpina d.o.o.
Strojarska ulica 2
SI-4226 Žiri
Carefully selected materials, anatomically designed
footbed, firm rubber sole and protective toe cap insure extreme rigidity and comfort at the same time.
Anthron d.o.o.
Trgovska ulica 3
SI-6310 Izola
T: +386 5 64 00 150
F: +386 5 64 00 151
E: [email protected]
Anthron is a small family owned company specialized
in producing quality rope access and rescue equipment. The idea for the company sparkled in the wake
of the 1977 earthquake when the founder Mr Jože Lorbek pondered about efficient rescue systems for safe
mass evacuations from high-elevation buildings. The
original idea still represents the stance of the company’s orientation and rope access and rescue be it at
work, sport or combat are at the heart of its strategic
orientation. On one hand it supplies the global market
with its standard products that span the range from
descenders, rope clamps to an array of pulleys. On
the other hand being small makes the company more
flexible in responding to the needs of customers seeking equipment tailored for their specific applications.
The company holds representation for a number of
worldwide sectorial producers such as: CMC Rescue,
Bornack, Act Safe, Climbing Technology, Honeywell,
Rock Exotica, Singing rock, Cresto and others.
In collaboration with special forces an intervention-centred descender DSDpro was developed and
offered along with carefully chosen materials in a kit.
It is the only descender on the market that can be fully operated with one hand only. Contrary to most
double stop descenders the press-stop function is
emphasized making it operationally more intuitive
and its gentle yet extremely strong grip on the rope
means no creep. These features coupled with a strudy
design, abrasion resistance and a ruberized finish
make it virtually indestructible and make stealthy
movement possible.
T: +386 7 393 34 50
F: +386 7 393 34 51
E: [email protected]
Arex d.o.o.
Trubarjeva cesta 7
SI-8310 Šentjernej
Artos Group d.o.o.
Beethovnova 12
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Artos Group manufactures mobile water purification
systems suitable for every water source (eg. lakes,
rivers, seas). Water purification technology is based
on two different principals of filtration: Ultrafiltration
and Reverse Osmosis. These two methods provide
clean and safe water, which is compliant with the
strictest STANAG and WHO standards.
Along with custom made solutions, we are curently
present in the market with two standard EWM models
and RO Hybrid solution.
T: +386 (0)1 200 17 70
F: +386 (0)1 200 17 72
E: [email protected]
EWM 1500 and EWM 4000 tehnical features
EWM 1500
EWM 4000
66 x 80 x 50
169 x 70 x 156
3 bar (300 kPa) 3 bar (300 kPa)
0.9 kW / h
1.6 kW / h
230 V / 50 Hz
230 V / 50 Hz
Distinguished quality features:
• High capacity
• Heavy duty design
• Easy portability and mobility
• Low operating costs
• Energy eficiency
• Chemical free technology
• Automatic washing of the operation system
• Simple use and maintenance
EWM 1500 - has been proven an excellent solution in crisis
RO Hybrid 4000 - system which combines two membrane
processes: Ultraltration and Reverse Osmosis.
EWM 4000M - high capacity mobile on-eld solution.
Serbian Armed Forces using EWM in May 2014 when their country
was hit by the worst floods the last 120 years.
EWM 1500 successfully implemented at Floods Carinthia Drill.
Company Bijol d.o.o. was establish in 1996, with the
main activity of representing, assembling and servicing cranes of the company Palfinger GmbH. Today the
company employs 30 full-time employed workers and
some contract workers.
T: +386 2 8790 156 +386 2 8790 157
F: +386 2 8790 158
M: +386 41 614 345
E: [email protected]
BIJOL d.o.o.
Livarska cesta 17
SI-2367 Vuzenica
First project for Slovenian army was relatively large; it
consisted of assembling 48 container handling systems Palfinger Palift on the trucks Mercedes Benz.
PALIFT hook loader on Mercedes-Benz
Headquarter of the company
Company Palfinger with headquarters in Salzburg,
Austria is well known manufacturer of lifting-loading
equipment. Palfinger’s loading technology is powerful
because of its excellent kinematics and geometry of
mobility. Palfinger’s products are improved again and
again with numerous patents and innovations, so that
the company has proven itself and gained an important role as an innovator in the development of lifting
The largest share in the firm’s business have truck
mounted knuckle-boom cranes Palfinger and timber
and recycling cranes Palfinger Epsilon. The company’s
program also consist of tail lifts, aerial work platforms,
container handling systems, transportable forklifts,
for special transport dedicated trailers and also for the
needs of army. Among mentioned Palfinger Company,
Bijol d.o.o. also represents other companies such as
Doll, Exte, Stepa, Huffermann, Sennebogen …
This project was followed by number of others such
as, purchasing knuckle-boom cranes with baskets
for decontamination of vehicles, purchase of special
transportable forklifts Palfinger Crayler and also radar
systems for which the basics of hydraulic lifting and
descending was constructed and manufactured in
company Bijol d.o.o. The cooperation between Slovenian Army and Bijol d.o.o., was not closed with those
projects. The company still provides regular services
and maintenance.
Company Bijol has relatively large range of activity,
so each customer from this technical field can find
something suitable. Company’s staff listens to their
customers, advise them and offer quick and efficient
In 2004, the company Bijol d.o.o. gained first business
for the Slovenian army on the public competition in
cooperation with company Dumida d.o.o. Within that
year a new assembly-services workshop specifically
for projects in the military industry was built. In 2006
the company also renovated other production facilities and built new offices.
Our references from Military program:
PALIFT load handling solutions
Working basket for Decontamination system
Hydraulic system for mobile radar
Crayler forklift for military applications
Loader crane
Recovery vehicle with two winches and semi-trailer
Loader crane
Loader crane on the Military ship
C-Astral is an aerospace enterprise and solution provider based in Ajdovscina, Slovenia, the “hub” of advanced aerospace development and integration in
this part of the world. The company is one of the market leaders in the small unmanned systems (UAS/UAV)
and services field and has a global presence, a robust
research and development program and advanced integration/customization capacities.
The company is built around the fields of expertise
and practical experience in aerospace, unmanned
systems, electronics and sensor development, aerial
based surveying and processing, remote sensing, telecommunications, renewable energy systems and
extreme environment autonomous habitats and communications.
E: [email protected]
C-ASTRAL d.o.o.
Gregorčičeva 20
SI-5270 Ajdovščina
C-Astral operates a software and hardware laboratory
for aerodynamics and systems integration work and a
prototyping CAD/CAM workshop facility for composite
and metal materials work, modeling and systems integration. The founders of C-ASTRAL have been active
in renewable energy systems integration and habitats
work since 1994 and in aerospace since 1999 and are
responsible for the first Slovenian Unmanned Aircraft
System test flight in 2005 with the Spectral System
C-Astral is your dynamic aerospace and unmanned
systems partner with systems operational, generating
revenue and flying on all continents, including Antarctica and over the Arctic.
T: +386 3 7033 300
F: +386 3 5720 408
E: [email protected]
With its specialized military and police equipment,
the company Dat-Con has successfully established
itself in the European market. Specialized knowhow
and experience enable the company to adapt to the
customers’ requirements and demands quickly and
With its outstanding and efficient state border monitoring system, the company has successfully completed a series of different projects in the international
Mobile surveillance systems
BOPAS Portable Border Patrol System
We have more than 20 years of experience with the
integration of different mobile observation systems in
line with end-user demands. Because of their normal
appearance do not stand out from other vehicles. This
can provide very significant advantages in special undercover operations. Observation systems allow police, security or coast guards to control and observe
different areas like borders, ports or certain events
and help to prevent different crime, increase safety
and enable easier observation… The systems are flexible and allow a great variety of activities.
The remote operating system consists of various items
of equipment that enable the manual or automatic
monitoring of an observed sector, the localisation of
objectives and recording of video sequences from observations made with infrared binoculars. BOPAS supports multisensory camera systems (Thermal, Day,
Laser Range Finder, GPS and Compass). All telemetric
data from the camera can (optionally) be observed
and transferred from BOPAS to other systems.
Dat-Con d.o.o.
Cvetlična ulica 52
SI-3313 Polzela
DC PT Systems
The company DAT CON has developed different pan
tilts – DC PT systems that are suitable for a variety of
uses and integrations adapted to customer needs.
DC PT systems deliver high performance and gyro stabilisation for loads up to 100 kg. Their light weight and
compact size makes them ideal for mobile solutions.
Their high power to weight ratio distinguishes them
from the competition. The positioning accuracy of high
precision models is better than 0,2 mrad with moving
speed up too 200˚/s. All systems are IP67 approved
to make them suitable for all weather conditions. The
mechanical assembly kit and software package can
be fully customized to meet customer specifications.
A special version has 3 platforms suitable for a combination of cameras and radar all integrated into a single telescopic mast to avoid having any dead zone in
the observation area. Different versions have been in
daily use at Schengen border – 24/7 for over 10 years.
T: +386 4 5117 500
F: +386 4 5117 501
E: [email protected]
Domel, d.o.o.
Business Unit Laboratory Systems
Otoki 21
SI-4228 Železniki
Laboratory Equipment for Field Hospitals and
Analytical Laboratories
Domel, Business Unit Laboratory Systems has been
producing laboratory equipment for more than 60
years. We are a well known producer of centrifuges,
cooling centrifuges, cyto-centriufges, orbital shakers,
reciprocal shakers, shaking incubators, mini heating
incubators, mini cooling incubators, heating stirrers,
water bath and bead beater - homogenizers.
Domel has supplied laboratory equipment to partners
of United Nations.
High quality equipment meets international quality
standards ISO 9001, ISO 13 485 and ISO 14001.
Universal Centrifuges are designed to be used in
medical, industrial and scientific laboratories to separate substances with different relative densities by
centrifugal force. The maximum rotational speed of
18.000 RPM gives the centrifugal force of 30.000 x g.
A wide range of programming options and an electronic operation control allow a trouble-free usage
of the centrifuge. With a special drive, quiet maintenance-free operation without any carbon dust pollution is guaranteed.
Homogenizer - Bone & Teeth Grinder – Ball Mill
Bead Beater Mill Mix 20 is a useful tool for disintegration of many materials and can be used in different fields of science: microbiology, biotechnology,
medicine, veterinary, analytical chemistry, geology,
metallurgy. During the last period we have developed
methods and applications used in forensic science.
Methods can be applied in the following cases: identifications of persons in mass graves, in natural disasters, identifications of persons in such accidents
where there is no tissue remaining.
em.tronic projektiranje,
razvoj, proizvodnja in trgovina
elektromehanskih sistemov d.o.o.
Počehova 12
SI-2000 Maribor
for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical detection
NSN 6640-420000945
CBRN reconnaissance vehicle system has been designed for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and
Nuclear reconnaissance. The system offers a fully integrated and automated CBRN reconnaissance suit,
controlled by central computer/s and operated by the
vehicle crew.
T: +386 2 4502028
F: +386 2 4502020
E: [email protected]
• Air monitoring inside the vehicle (CO2 and O2 level
• Chemical detection and air monitoring inside the
vehicle (including the NBC filter break-through surveillance). Detection of CWAs and TICs;
• Real-time nuclear radiation monitoring in the vehicle for crew protection.
It provides automated crew protection capability and
measuring instruments for CBRN detection and identification, systems for visual reconnaissance, and remote (stand-off) chemical detection. The system enables integration onto a suitable vehicle platform.
This configuration enables detection and identification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), Biological
Warfare Agents (BWA), Toxic Industrial Chemicals
(TIC), and complete spectrum of other toxic releases
(ROTA). All data acquisition and processing is automated. Reports are sent in NATO standardized mode.
• Nuclear detection - area and ground contamination
monitoring from the vehicle;
• Chemical detection and outside air monitoring
(CWA and TIC detection);
• Biological detector - provides continuous and real
time BWA detection capability (biological or aerosol type changes in the atmospheric background);
• Remote (stand-off) infrared chemical detection.
Automatic, real-time monitoring of all known CWAs
and important TICs - up to a distance of 5km - stationary or on the move. Complete 360° coverage,
elevation angle from -10° to 50°;
• Sampling System - fully automated and remote
controlled sampling system for collection of samples from within the protected environment of the
vehicle. Collected samples are sealed in containers
and stored outside the vehicle for further analysis;
The system has been extensively tested and approved
by relevant (NATO) authorized test facilities.
CBRN integration can be performed on any armored
vehicle platform.
• Marking System – automated, operator controlled
marking system for contaminated areas;
• Meteorological station - providing all required meteorological data to the system;
• Central computer system and MFD Displays for the
operation and control of all data collected from
sensors inside and outside the vehicle;
• CBRN Software – fully integrated CBRN software
system for the operation and control of sensor systems, data acquisition, alarm monitoring and reporting;
• GPS receiver – integrated GPS receiver ensures constant position information and precision guidance
• Laser threat detection and warning system - protecting against laser associated weapon threats;
• Chemical identification - Mobile Mass Spectrometer with air-surface probe, gas chromatograph and
surface sampler providing identification capability
from any medium (soil, water, air);
• Sampling wheels for ground surface sampling and
detection/identification capability on the move;
• Visual reconnaissance systems (day and night observation capabilities) and weapon systems;
• Portable detection instruments;
• Communication systems with required comm. software.
Entire integrated CBRN detection system with instruments, equipment, hardware and software support
can be further customized to fit specific needs and demands of the customer.
NSN 6665-420000599
Stand Alone is a detection system for N.B.C. defense,
for observing and protecting important buildings, for
protecting people against possible N.B.C. attack with
weapons for mass destruction.
Instruments for Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA’s) detection, Biological Agents detection and Radiological
detection are integrated in the measuring equipment
A meteorological station is used for measurement of
wind speed, wind direction, humidity, air temperature
and atmospheric pressure. Compass is integrated
in meteorological station and is used for measuring
wind direction according to North. GPS determines
Latitude and Longitude of placed system in the field.
Independent Stand Alone Units are placed on the field
and automatically send data to the Control Station for
N.B.C. monitoring.
Stand Alone Unit consists of two cases. A battery is integrated in the power supply case and takes care for
autonomous operation of the unit.
Rugged computer with software interface enables instrument control and data transmission over radio to
the Control Station.
Control Station enables on-line monitoring and visualization of Stand Alone Units, visual and audio alarms,
saving alarm events into database and sending NATO
standardized ATP-45 messages.
Deployable CHEM / BIO Laboratory is designed for de­
tection and identification of Chemical Warfare Agents
(CWA), Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) and Biological
Warfare Agents (BWA). Laboratory combines functionality, efficient use of space, flexibility with BSL-3 containment and capability for fast on-site diagnostics. In
the case of at­tack with weapons for mass destruction
a rapid and effective response with correct identification is extremely important.
Crew consists of CBRN detection operator, chemical
and biological analyst. System enables detection and
identification of Chemical Warfare Agents, Biological
Warfare Agents and radiation monitoring inside and
outside the vehicle.
Mobile Laboratory is an integration of a MAN truck
and container, which is fixed to the vehicle. Container is made of insulating material and divided in three
compartments: engine room, entrance and laboratory. The laboratory is air-conditioned and pressurized.
Filtration and overpressure sys­tem protects against
CBRN agents. Positive pressure assures clean air in the
laboratory as well as the negative pressure in glove
box assures clean and safe working environment.
Chemical analysis with Mobile Mass Spectrometer,
air-surface probe and gas chromatograph provide
identification capability from any medium (soil, water,
air). Biological detection enables automatic start of air
sampling for further PCR analysis inside glove box.
The CBRN mobile laboratory can be further customized to fit specific needs and demands of the customer.
Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta
za strojništvo, Katedra za
modeliranje v tehniki in medicini
Aškerčeva cesta 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana
The members of the Chair of Modeling in Engineering
Sciences and Medicine (CmESM) have contributed to
a number of R&D projects and tasks together with
other chairs and laboratories from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana,
and with partners from Slovenian and foreign companies and institutional partners. Members of the chair
specialize and are competent in different fields of
mechanical design: geometrical modelling (3D CAD),
technical documentation, GDT, tolerance stack analysis, sensitivity analysis, finite element model (FEM)
analysis and simulation, material models, multibody
systems analysis, mechanisms, mechanical elements
design and analysis (rolling bearings, gears, bolt connections, etc.), vehicle theory and dynamics, several
areas of computer simulation, and mechanical experimental techniques.
T: +386 1 4771 200
F: +386 1 2518 567
E: [email protected]
Blast loading experiments are among the most expensive because of their harsh environment and a
large number of experts involved in the tests. In some
cases, very strict safety requirements and additional
governmental permissions are needed, making the
numerical approach the only reasonable and valuable
tool for examination.
Blast response of structures is of great importance in
military applications. However, civil and governmental structures are becoming more exposed to blast
loads as a result of increased possibility of terrorist attacks, especially in the last two decades. Whatever the
structure under investigation, a blast loading model
should be verified first in order to be successfully used
for examination. For that purpose, we have developed
very powerful and sophisticated numerical models for
advanced analyses, which can be used for examination of mechanical as well as civil structures.
Finite element analyses of bullet plate perforation
We also have experience in modeling advanced higly
nonlinear processes involving fracture initiation, its
development and final size.
FEM response analyses of light armored vehicle (LAV)
Valuk 6x6 under 6 kg TNT blast
Precise and accurate finite element (FE) analyses require precise material models as well as parameters
of the materials involved in the process. Therefore, we
also specialize in static, dynamic as well as fatigue material characterization for which advanced techniques
such as acoustic emission as well as image analyses
are used.
Material characterization using image analyses technique
With the use of high-speed video cameras (FASTCAM
Ultima 512), recording and comparison of many highspeed processes is possible.
FASTCAM ultima 512 – Instrumented Charpy test
Commercial as well as our own software tools enable
formulation and application of mechanical and mathematical models of vehicles and assemblies thereof.
Such models are applicable for simulations at different levels of complexity and speed of computation.
We have developed a software tool i3Drive, which enables simulation of a wheeled vehicle ride on an arbitrary terrain. The i3Drive software tool is connectable to a haptic interface (active seat, active steering
wheel) which provides the user with the feedback
through the displacement of the seat or the force/moment applied on the steering wheel.
Geometrical and simulation model of a 6-wheel military vehicle
(Valuk 6x6)
We also specialize in building and implementing detailed geometric, mechanical (MBS) and mathematical models of wheeled vehicles. Additionally, we carry
out experimental validation of these simulation results.
Instrumented Charpy test vs. numerical result comparison
We have also developed a module for the simulation
of system dynamics based on the multi-rigid-body
system approach which shall be widely applicable
for the simulation of all elements of the human-vehicle-roadway system.
Analysis of the cervical spine dynamics
at rear-end impact on a sled test device
Geometrical models of the Slovene Military vehicles
Geometrical models of various vehicle types have
been produced for the purpose of display in a virtual 3D environment. They are applicable for display in
various software tools (commercial and our own developed ones).
Numerical simulations based on the multi-body system (MBS) and the finite element method (FEM) are
two types of computational methods used for simulating the human body response during traffic accidents or other mechanics loadings. Using these
techniques, our research group has developed a MBS
model of a human body that consists of interconnected body segments the relative movements of which
are limited by resistive joint properties. Geometrical
and mass properties of individual segments are determined through a CT scan with CAD reconstruction.
FEM of Human Neck and Torso with cervical vertebrae and intervertebral disc
Model verification and optimization were performed
based on impact tests on a purpose-built sled test
device. The model is robust and computationally efficient and hence appropriate for parametric analyses
of critical traffic situations. Based on the determined
load flow and injury criteria, the model can predict
injuries to vehicle occupants and other road users for
different traffic accident scenarios.
The staff at the Chair of Modeling in Engineering
Sciences and Medicine are interested in joint cooperation on various R&D projects in the aforementioned
and related fields as part of bilateral cooperation with
companies and institutions of interest as well as international project consortiums.
T: +386 (0)7 38 45 100
F: +386 (0)7 38 45 115
E: [email protected]
Defence solutions
Know-how which was gained through 50 years of
family tradition, innovation, and excellence resulted in the world renowned reputation of our brand
FerroECOBlast, under which we offer a diverse production programme, ranging from basic sand blasting
to advanced automated and robotic systems.
With satisfying high level requirements alongside our
dedication to constant research and development (inhouse laboratory and probably the largest shot peening cell in Europe) FerroČrtalič plays an active and
indispensable role in the defence industry, where no
mistakes are tolerated.
We are one of the leading companies worldwide in
developing complex custom-made solutions, production machinery, and services in the most demanding
sector of the surface finishing industry
Our highly skilled and certified engineers were able
to overcome some of the most demanding challenges in the industry. Successfully providing complete
solutions – from idea, testing, design, research, development, production, installation, training, and after
sales activities.
Our solutions consist of:
• Automated, robotised, and manual blasting (Sand/
Shot blasting)
• Hardening the surface (shot peening)
• Cleaning with dry ice & CO₂ snow blasting
• Decontamination – UHP water cleaning and dry
FerroČrtalič d.o.o.
Sela pri Dolenjskih Toplicah 47
SI-8350 Dolenjske Toplice
The most common solutions and services provided
and specially designed for the defence industry:
• Sand/Shot blasting of tubular forms like gun and
cannon barrels, gun components, chassis – combat
armoured vehicles, large calibre artillery shells…
• Shot peening of landing gear, turbine blades and
components, springs, chassis components, structural components, gear, shafts…
Shot peening
• Reliable & Endurable
• Heavy Duty
• Easy to Operate & Maintain
• Fully Controlled Processing
• Automated & Robotised
Sand/Shot blasting of tubular forms
Modern day gun barrels are sophisticated in their construction and makeup. Specials materials and structures are needed for withstanding high pressures and
stresses. For this kind of product to have a long life cycle and in order to withstand severe conditions of use,
special outer coatings and surface preparation must
be applied.
• External Sand/Shot blasting of tubular forms
• Closed cabinet or trough-feed design
• Workpiece rotation
• Automatic nozzle manipulation
• Parametric blast programming
External Sandblasting of gun components
As we see in other segments of defence equipment,
the same growing trend of high demands can be noticed with modern guns and similar types of equipment and components. Meaning that alongside quality prepared surface and achieved required standards
of roughness for better adhesion of coating, it is also
of great importance to achieve the appropriate final
visual effect of parts in order to satisfy more and more
demanding needs of the end-user, who is putting a lot
of pressure on the industry so as to constantly achieve
a better aesthetic look.
Shot peening is a well-known technology with which
the surface of a part is bombarded with small spherical media called shot. Each piece of shot striking the
metal acts as a tiny peening hammer imparting a small
indentation or dimple on the surface, thus hardening
the surface. This technology offers significant increases in part life, while protecting it against fatigue and
stress corrosion. It is the most economical and practical method of ensuring surface residual compressive
stresses. Our company employs four certified shot
peening specialists, ensuring our esteemed business
partners that we are always one step ahead.
Manual surface blasting in order to achieve correct roughness of the particular gun component
• Simple design closed cabinet
• Manual or Semi-automatic blasting
• Ergonomic design for everyday
T: +386 7 39 31 400
F: +386 7 39 31 440
E: [email protected]
Iskra PIO is a progressive European company active in
the clean and cleaning technology.
safely and effectively with chemical, biological or radiological hazardous materials.
We have 25 years experience in project development,
engineering, production, validation and servicing of
We are specialized in the producing and integration of
laboratory equipment in to the mobile container laboratories, including glove boxes and microbiological
safety cabinets.
CBRN mobile laboratory container
The CBRN mobile laboratory container, from Iskra PIO
is a fully equipped mobile laboratory used for the detection, analysing and identification of chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, radiological
and nuclear materials. Mobile laboratory will provide
a workspace in which operators can work safety, regardless of the environment.
Iskra pio d.o.o.
Trubarjeva cesta 5
SI-8310 Šentjernej
• Laboratory is built into speciality 20 ft ISO shipping
containers for easy global deployment , also it is
self contained
• HVAC systems and controls, including HEPA and
NBC filtration
• Glove box, from Iskra PIO, with under pleasure HEPA
and carbon filtration, could be used for low level alpha an/or low level beta particle containment
• Autonomous system for lift and lower on truck platform, with hydraulic legs
• Electrical generator supplied approximately 96
hours on one tank of fuel
• Thousand litres of onboard water
• Sinks drain into holding tank for lateral disposal
• Inner walls, floors and ceiling made from stainless
steel sheets
• Outer chassis is air tight, coated with pigmented
polyurethane (CARC) coat
• Eye wash station
• Laboratory furniture
• Laboratory material
• Weather monitoring station
• GPS tracking location system
Basic instruments for radiological laboratory
• α, β aerosol, liquid and soil monitoring
• high sensitivity Gamma Area monitoring
• Gamma spectroscopy facility
• Personal dose rate meters ...
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
It can be deployed/pre-positioned where there is a
risk of radiological, biological or chemical terrorism
or to support public health missions such us influenza outbreak or natural disaster response. It will provide military units and first responders with a facility
for emergency response, where they have the use of
laboratory equipment, including Class II and Class III
Biological safety cabinets, pass-through containment
boxes and analytical equipment essential for working
Ultrasonic cleaning technique is an efficient one because of the fact that it sends sound waves through
the water in an ultrasonic bath that ignites the cleaning process. A huge amount of minute bubbles, or
often known as cavitations at times, are formed and
then collapsed because of those sound waves. This
creates many small jets moving through the cleaning
liquid. These jets are used as a brush to wipe off the
dirt from the object you are looking to clean. This results in ultrasonic cleaning of various objects within
the cleaner. Ultrasonic is very helpful when it comes
to cleaning objects that cannot be cleaned otherwise
and you do not need to rub or polish these objects.
Another field of application is ultrasonic gun and
rifle cleaning. Quickly and effortlessly removes dirt,
carbon and grease even the most soiled guns. Ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into those hard to reach
places for thorough and effortless cleaning.
There are many considerations important to ultrasonic cleaning. Optimizing these variables will produce
the best cleaning. The most important decisions to
be made are choosing the proper cleaning solution,
cleaning at the right temperature for the correct
amount of time, and choosing the right size and type
of ultrasonic cleaner.
Iskra PIO have good technical and technological solutions with a background in maintenance and cleaning
of military component parts.
We are leaders in the field of ultrasonic cleaning and
disinfection of respiratory equipment (breathing
masks,....).That method removes body fluids , soot,
toxic substances and debris from hard to reach areas,
restoring parts to factory new cleanliness.
Microbiological safety cabinets
The microbiological safety cabinets assure a high
safety level for operators, surrounding the product.
The cabinets are manufactured according to requirements of SIST EN 12469:2000 standard. Iskra PIO has
more than 20 years of experience in safety cabinets
design and manufacturing. We have the ability to offer reliable and user friendly cabinets adapted to the
requirements of the user.
Microbiological safety cabinet executed in protective
class III according to EN 12469:2000 assure safe conditions to operator, environment and product during
handling hazardous materials. Safety is assured by
• Hermetically sealed construction
• physical barrier between operator and process –
work is executed through gloves attached to chambers wall
• Controlled negative pressure inside working chamber
• H14 (EN 1822) HEPA filtration of inlet and double
H14 HEPA filtration of exhaust air
• Air flow according to standard EN 12469:2000
We perform validations to confirm clean and safe
working conditions. We have a qualified team and annually calibrated measuring devices for validations.
Microbiological safety cabinet executed in protective class II according to EN 12469:2000 and DIN
12980:2005 assure ISO 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999), class A
(GMP) clean conditions inside working area. Clean
conditions are assured by H14 (EN 1822) HEPA filtration of recirculating and exhaust air. Laminar vertical
air flow in working area and air curtain on the front aperture assure controlled clean conditions in the chamber and prevents material leakage from the chamber.
After the process we prepare validation report, which
is acceptable for inspection services.
Following tests can be included in the validation tests:
• Airborne Particle Counts
• Filter in Place Leak Test
• Air Flow Volumes/Air Change Rates
• Temperature/Humidity Test
• Room Pressurisation Test
• Smoke Patterns
• Light Levels and Noise Levels
• Leak test
• Recovering time
• KI-DISCUS test
• OEL test
• Sensors calibration
• …
Additional safety is enabled by an automatic disinfection system integrated in cabinet’s construction
and software.
Design and construction of safety cabinets for military
use is adjusted to assure maximal reliability in most
demanding environments.
Stegne 23 A
SI-1000 Ljubljana
National Defence
The importance of maintaining our National Defence
and its personnel and equipment in a state of military
readiness cannot be over-stated. To this end, the Slovenian Department of Defence spends millions of Euros each year on acquiring the latest in defence materiel and ensuring it is well maintained and operational.
Iskra Zascite Ltd specialises in providing lightning,
surge and grounding solutions to critical installations
and systems. It manufacturers an extensive range of
surge protection products for both power and data/
signal line protection at its 2000 m2 manufacturing facility located in the Stegne Industrial park. The facility
is ISO 9001 certified and many of its employees are considered international experts in their field. It currently
employs approximately 25 engineers on staff holding
degrees at bachelor, masters or doctorate level.
T: +386 (0)1 5003 100
F: +386 (0)1 5003 236
[email protected]
how to conduct a complete risk assessment of the facility and the measures which need be taken to ensure
this calculated risk falls below the tolerable risk. Part
4 of this standard explains how to mitigate the effects
of lighting by creating safe “protection zones” within
the structure and by applying specific measures such
as: screening, structural lightning protection, grounding, equipotential bonding and surge protection. The
companion IEC 61643 series of standards, provides
information on the testing and selection of Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) used for the protection of sensitive electronic systems.
Iskra Zascite has technical experts on both these committees, as well as other international bodies such as
Cenelec in the EU, and IEEE and UL in the USA. Such
active participation by our key technical personnel
ensures they remain abreast of the latest know-how
and that our products are able to comply with all relevant mandates and norms on safety and performance.
Military Systems – A coordinated approach to
Military Systems - Environmental threats
Modern military facilities comprise an array of sophisticated electronic systems which are vital to the nation’s
security and the safety of its forces and operating personnel. Such systems, by their very nature, are also becoming increasingly susceptible to damage from transient over-voltages. These transients may eventuate
from airborne events such as lightning, EMI or NEMP
radiation, or from system level transients induced on
the supply and data communications networks.
The effects of the natural lightning event are described in the International Electrotechnical series of
Lightning Protection Standards, IEC 62305. This four
part series provides general information on the natural lightning phenomenon as well as guidance as to
Over the last 15 years the company has become recognised as a world leader in its field and a leading manufacturer of SPDs for the protection of electrical and
electronic systems. The company is often contracted
as a sub-consultant to large industrial projects where a
coordinated approach to facility protection is required.
The company is capable of providing comprehensive
solutions to lightning and surge protection as well as
grounding and bonding. These include carrying out
risk management assessments, feasibility studies,
technical consulting, engineering, commissioning,
training and remote monitoring as required.
To provide external structural lightning protection to
facilities such as: command and control centres, munitions bunkers, radar, navaids and fuel storage depots, it
is licensed to market both conventional and early stream
emission lightning terminals, insulated down-conductor systems and grounding solutions. It also produces a
line of lightning event and surge event counters.
A number of its products are designed for hazardous
and explosive environments and are IECEx and ATEX
certified for use in such environments.
The company adopts a strategic approach to its manufacturing by ensuring the supply of critical components used in the manufacture of SPDs, remains within its control. For example, the company is physically
located some few hundred meters from the fabrication of metal oxide varistors (MOV) and has recently
commissioned its own state-of-the-art gas discharge
tube (GDT) fabrication facility. Both MOVs and GDTs
are key components to SPDs. This high degree of vertical integration has allowed our manufacturing to
remain world competitive despite the pressures from
Asian competitors. To our important customers, this
translates to meaning supply security, knowing that
the designs and solutions we engineer today, will remain available and supported in the years ahead.
The company also prides itself in design excellence
and in solving practical challenges. An example of
this is our SAFETEC series of SPDs, which employs
patented technology to allow the SPD to handle temporary over-voltages of the power network without
burning or permanent disconnection. To the customer this means added safety and reliability as well as
increased operating service life.
Military Systems – Remote monitoring
As with many electronics devices connected to the
power grid, there is a growing need to provide capabilities for remote monitoring. The utility industry is
beginning to talk of a “smart grid” of tomorrow. While
this term may means different things to different people, it clearly does imply that equipment connected to
the power network will require to be remotely monitored and/or controlled.
Iskra Zascite are already working on the new generation of “intelligent SPDs” - SDPs which can be remotely monitored and signal their life-status to a centralized facility management system - for example by
flagging that maintenance is required, or that a surge
has been diverted to protect the equipment. The new
ProGrid series of surge and lightning counters is one
such example where a remote communication link via
Ethernet or GSM is provided.
To better accommodate our future plans to provide a
comprehensive and coordinated approach to remote
data monitoring, the Iskra Zaščite Group acquired the
Slovenian company Solvera Lynx. This addition brings
to our business the capability to integrate many aspects of a strategic facility including its: surge and
lighting protection systems, tactical communications,
air space control, artillery command and its control
and communications systems.
Military Systems – A strategic partner
Iskra Zascite is proud to be of service to the Slovene
Ministry of Defense and Slovene Armed Forces. A number of our engineers have experience working on high
level defence projects both nationally and internationally. As a company we are committed to excellence in
design, manufacture and partnering with our clients
through best practice. We pride ourselves in technical
excellence, a skilled work force, internationally respect
experts and a progressive management style.
Iskratel d.o.o.
Ljubljanska c. 24a
SI-4000 Kranj
Iskratel is leading European InfoCommunications
vendor and solution provider with 65 years of
experience, own R&D and manufacturing, more
than 800 employees and local presence in over 30
countries. Highly integrated end-to-end solutions
are based on our extensive experience in fixed and
mobile telecommunications, and are designed to be
future proof, which is guaranteed by Iskratel’s active
involvement in various technology standardization
and regulation bodies.
Iskratel InfoCommunication solutions blend into
any environment and are tailor made for various
segments and industries including military, public
safety, railways, energy sector and large corporations.
Modular Multiservice Architecture for Realtime Services
Iskratel SI3000 MMARS is designed for various military
deployments, public safety, humanitarian aid relief
and first responders. It is a next-generation, packetbased, tactical network component that can be used
as the basis for many new solutions, implementing the
TACOMS STANAG, which is defined for NATO countries
to enable interconnectivity. It is a perfect solution
that enables rapid response in case of crisis or natural
disasters, while maintaining connectivity and services.
It supports legacy equipment and interconnections
with the public telephone network. Its compact design,
which is instantly deployable, provides a rich set of
services, including voice, video data and user mobility.
T: +386 4 20 7000
[email protected]
The MMARS node is developed according to the latest
(TACOMS and NNEC) standards, thus providing a rich
set of quad-play services with superior service quality
and standardized external interfaces, with backward
compatibility to legacy (tactical, PSTN) systems.
The services, like priority services, announcements,
message play and record, advanced multimedia
conferences, security features, are provided as an
integral part of the MMARS node. Nevertheless, the
MMARS node provides, together with Battlefield
Directory or Home Subscriber Server, user/terminal
and service mobility that allows users to access
services, not only on one node, but they are able to
“roam” seamlessly between nodes.
Mission-critical Voice Over LTE
Iskratel SI3000 IMS VoLTE solution provides reliable
and secure voice communication. Typically dedicated
networks provide only voice services. Next generation
mission critical solution leverage standard IP
technologies and provide a broadband platform for
multimedia services including data, voice and video
communication. These services bring many new
possibilities for usage in various military deployments
and public safety networks.
IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) presents the core of next
generation’s mission critical networks, by providing
globally standardized 3GPP architecture which ensures
seamless integration with LTE radio network.
Iskratel’s VoLTE solution is based on the SI3000
IMS, which brings IMS functionality and interfaces
in a compact package for fast integration and
deployment. It can scale from few hundreds up to a
few hundred thousand users for tactical level military
applications or nation-wide public safety networks,
where integration with existing networks is essential.
Iskratel’s solution provides a rich set of interfaces for
interconnectivity with NGN and with legacy networks
using TDM, analogue or IP interfaces. Iskratel’s MMARS
solution is configurable to IMS to ensure VoLTE services
for mobile users.
Public Address & General Alarm System
Public alerting and warning systems are needed to
protect the lives of people in case of major emergency
by warning the public of impending natural disasters,
war situations and other dangers. There is no single
way to reach all citizens in the cases of danger. Besides
traditional technologies like sirens, fixed phones, TV
and radio broadcast today we also consider mobile
phones and internet.
Iskratel’s comprehensive Public Information and
Notification System (PINS) assures timely and reliable
information to everyone involved in emergency
situations. It integrates new and legacy public warning
systems, providing a broad range of message options
and communications pathways for the delivery of
alert and warning information to citizens before,
during, and after a disaster.
The heart of the system is Iskratel’s PINS server, which
controls a variety of public alerting and warning
systems like sirens, TV and video broadcasting, audio
and video equipment and others. Any type of system
that can be used for alerting and warning purpose can
be integrated and controlled by PINS server.
Many advanced features and applications like
situation awareness provided with visualisation on
integrated geographic information system (GIS),
work-flow application for emergency events handling
and maintaining records of all operations, statistics
and analytic tools, pre-planned mitigation and
response scenario management significantly enhance
operators’ efficiency.
Our goal was to simplify complex network architecture
with “all in one” compact concept:
• End-to-End (E2E) pre-integrated open IMS solution
with open APIs
• centralized management of complete E2E solution
• proven and certified E2E solution, verified by
institutes, certification bodies and technology
• integrated Telephony Application Service (iTAS)
• VoLTE with enhanced Single Radio Voice Call
Continuity (eSR-VCC)
• Rich Communication Suite.
Over the years company gained a leading technological
position while so-crafting telecommunication trends
and protocols. Iskratel’s call servers that include IMS/
AGCF have over 500 deployments worldwide, in various
industries, military and other governmental facilities.
Iskratel delivers mission critical communication
networks for governmental and public safety
organizations with its own 112 emergency solution for
receiving and processing emergency calls and interagency coordination.
Also Iskratel LI/SORM solution perfectly fits
into regulatory requirements for voice and data
interception for security and public safety importance.
The Iskratel SI3000 product family is a unified platform
that combines all the IP-technology-based products
and solutions, but concurrently supports smooth
transition from legacy technologies. Key advantages
are robustness and reliability, modular design and
scalable architecture that facilitate solutions of all
sizes. The SI3000 stands for wide interoperability
and readiness for the delivery of any type of mission
critical service.
Hrašče 23
SI-5272 Podnanos
The company is known over the world as a byword for
responsibility, performance and commitment.
The distinctive feature of IZOP-K is inside its own facilities which constitutes services of:
• storage and manipulation explosives, ammunition,
• special production of military components and defence industry
• demilitarisation and recycling of conventional munitions
Our experience covers everything from small arms
ammunition up to large and more complex items such
as those containing White Phosphorous, CBU’s, Sea
Mines, Anti Personnel Mines, Anti Tank Mines and rockets.
The IZOP-K team consists of engineers and laboratory
technicians from the following fields:
• arms production/destruction engineering
• hazardous materials’s processing engineering
• logistics engineering
Issuing land and overseas logistic services, supported with facilities in option to store 750T NEM of goods
(ADR 1.1 - 1.6) both palletized and containerized.
Trading with explosives, ammunition, vehicles, arms.
Helmets for military purpose are designed, produced
and tested in accordance with the standards. Severe
inspections concerning both raw materials as well as
production process guarantee, for each helmet, the
fulfillment of the technical specification of quality, reliability and safety.
T: +386 31 278 300
M: +386 41 794 895
E: [email protected]
Production unit conforming to GMP and ISO standards, safe rooms, a well-equipped laboratory, remote
controlled detectors, test facility with a high safety level and storage facilities secured according to military
IZOP-K is representing partners for lightweight armor
soldier architecture, EOD suits, explosives, tanks, aerospace, vehicles, ammunition and pyrotechnics.
Cryogenics is one of Le-tehnika’s programs of
high technology equipment
With almost 30 years of experience we have become
experts in cryocoolers and have specialized in the
development for technology of miniature cryogenic
coolers, their production, assembly of components
and their integration into the higher level systems. According to the business strategy of the company, we
are operating with more than 15 countries worldwide.
T.: +386 (0) 420 20 280
F.: +386 (0) 4 204 21 22
E: [email protected]
Le-tehnika d.o.o., Kranj
Šuceva ulica 27
SI-4000 Kranj
The main products of our program include specialized
miniature coolers based on the Joule -Thomson effect
(self-controlled, fixed orifice, actively controlled, fast
cool down, nonstandard) and coolers based on Stirling effect (linear and rotary drive).
Products are designed for cooling infrared detectors
used in various fields of industry and other purposes,
like surveillance, reconnaissance and in missiles.
Products are made by request of specific needs of the
client. We present our cooling system at conferences
or at trade fairs such as SPIE, EUROSATORY, DSEI and
Le-tehnika has received prestigious national and international enterprise awards earned for specific
achievements and have international certification
marks such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards,
which provide high quality management.
Zemljemerska ulica 10
SI-1000 Ljubljana
E: [email protected]
About MIL Sistemika
MIL Sistemika is a software development and consulting company, with a mission to sell commercial off
the shelf products in the area of military command &
control, communications and training & simulation
MIL Sistemika focus on Command & Control software,
covering all levels from the individual soldier to the
top (planning) levels of military command structure.
It covers Sensor & Weapons integration, GIS navigation and mapping system, Communications suits, and
integrated training tools. MIL software is designed on
true mission requirements, and feedback from the
soldiers. MIL software can act as a true force multiplier
when used in correct manner. Command and control
refers to the ability of military commanders to direct
forces. The addition of communications to the grouping reflects the fact that communications is required
to enable this coordination. In modern warfare, computers are also a key component.
Dismounted soldier
(future soldier)
Personal Eye System is a personal tracking, navigation and data
sharing application aimed at
soldiers, police, security forces,
emergency services and others
that need topographic navigation, tracking, blue force tracking, and common operational
picture sharing. Designed to run
on a popular Android platform,
can be used as a PDA (Personal
Data Assistant) or fully integrated in a future soldier’s kit.
Battlefield Management System (BMS)
C4I Connectivity
With its robust and modular architecture built around
a high performance GIS Engine, the “Battle Eye System” delivers all tactical data to the screen of the soldier. It offers a wide range of connectivity to various
data networks, improves the command and control
process and enhances situational awareness. It helps
gather and share information and integrates several
navigation, weapon and sensor systems. BES features
a battle-proven intuitive touchscreen user interface designed to be used in vehicles moving over rough terrain.
C4I Bridge is a connectivity gateway, interconnecting different C4I systems into one seamless coalition
command and control system. Modular architecture of
BRIDGE shares the same design principles with other
MIL products thus ensuring maximum expandability
and connectivity. All filtering and data transformation
is configuration based minimizing the need for frequent software upgrades.
Predilnica Litija d.o.o.
Kidričeva ul. 1
SI-1270 Litija
Predilnica Litija is producer of special yarns made of
natural and synthetic fibers and their blends established in year 1886. We pay special attention also to
high performance fibres for protective clothing with
different functionalities. A part of our production programme/ range is for years focused on producing special yarn blends for uniforms. With careful selection of
the best raw materials in combination with the best
spinning processes and practices we help our customers to create products with the desired functional
properties for uniforms, professional and active wear.
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Abrasion Resistancy:
• durability
• comfort
• lightweight strength in CORDURA® brand qualifying
yarn blends such as:
• cotton / INVISTA T420 polyamide 6.6
• INVISTA T420 polyamide 6.6 / cotton / lyocell
• cotton / INVISTA T420 polyamide 6.6 / elastane
CORDURA® is a trademark of INVISTA for durable
• other blends like:
• cotton/polyester with regulated IR remission
T: +386 1 89 90 200
F: +386 1 89 90 248
E: [email protected]
High Performance Products offering Flame
with Modacrylics FR in 100% and in blends with cotton, Lenzing FR, viscose, modal etc.
• soft, warm and resilient
• easily dyed, outstanding resistance to chemical
agents, metal splash resistant, arc-flash protective, not toxic & non-allergenic, no moth or mildew
with Meta-Aramids in 100% and in blends with cotton,
Lenzing FR, viscose, modal etc.
• good resistance to abrasion, low flammability, nonmelt, wearability and folding endurance
with Para-Aramids:
• improved strength-to-weight properties
Additional Antistatic Property
• achieved by adding 2-3% of antistatic fibre in the
final yarn
From above quoted fibres and their properties we
are capable to produce high performance protective
clothing which protects people (soldiers, firefighters,
policemen) from fire, cuts, bad weather conditions or
even electromagnetic waves. Together with our partners we can offer you also a final product.
SeanTech, process engineering, L.t.d. is a privately
owned Slovenian engineering company present on
the domestic and global markets with tailor made
solutions of process equipment.
SeanTech L.t.d. is the legal successor of the company
Gostol-Gopan d.o.o. for the product range of process
equipment with “Gostol” brand name and Gostol
know-how. In fact SeanTech L.t.d. is Gostol-Gopan’s
former Division of Process equipment with over 60
years tradition and references since 1947.
One of SeanTech’s product ranges is a highly
developed dual-use equipment for production of
energetic material for civil and defence industry
purposes: Kneading Machines, Cutting Machines,
Rolling Mills, Mixers, Presses etc. all in accordance
with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX).
SeanTech L.t.d.
Mekinčeva ulica 15, SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 5 33 11 700, F: +386 5 33 11 709
E: [email protected], W:
CUTTING MACHINES are designed for cutting
extruded energetic material of different shapes into
smaller stripes, squares, cylinders and offer the
following key benefits:
• adjustable cutting length, very high accuracy;
• PC/PLC control and monitoring of the process;
• custom design; long term performance;
Cutting machines types:
• The Cutting Machine type »Guillotine« is designed
for cutting bundles or strips of extruded energetic
SeanTech L.t.d. presents:
KNEADING MACHINES are designed for kneading,
mixing and homogenizing of pasty media.
• The Rotary Cutting Machine is designed for cutting
extruded energetic material with round shaped
• The Cutting Machine type P-4 is a table cutting
machine with one channel designed for cutting
energetic material stripes and blocks.
Key benefits:
• optimal performance by using two parallel,
horizontal mixing arms;
• mixing arms rotating at different rotating speed
one against the other;
• motor or hydraulic drive;
• double bottomed mixing bowl for flow heating,
cooling or constant temperature maintaining;
• heating media: steam, thermo oil or water;
• emptying of the bowl by its overturning;
• PC/PLC control and monitoring of the technological
process in the Kneading Machine;
• custom design; long term performance.
• The Cutting Machine type CM is designed for
cutting partially dried energetic material tubes and
MIXERS are designed for mixing
and homogenizing of pasty,
liquid or powder media with the
following key benefits:
• adjustable parameters, very
high efficiency;
• PC/PLC control and monitoring
of the process;
• video control and monitoring of
the process;
• custom design; long term
Types of Mixers:
• The Mixing drum MP-1000 is designed
for mixing or polishing the energetic material’s
surface with graphite or other agents.
PRESSES are designed for pressing
and extruding of energetic materials.
The key benefits are:
• adjustable parameters, very high
efficiency & accuracy;
• PC/PLC control and monitoring of the
• video control and monitoring of the
• custom design; long term
Types of Hydraulic vertical press HVP450:
• HVP-450/2 - with two hydraulic
• HVP-450/1 - with one hydraulic
ROLLING MILLS are designed for dewatering,
gelatinization and final shaping (thickness) of
energetic material with the following key benefits:
• adjustable parameters, very high accuracy;
• PC/PLC control and monitoring of the process;
• custom design; long term performance;
Types of Roll Mills:
• The Homogenizer MH-5000 is designed for mixing
or homogenizing of energetic material granules
and other agents.
• The Differential Rolling Mill:
• The Final Gelatinization Rolling Mill:
• The Vertical Planetary Mixer VPM-600 is designed
for mixing nitrocellulose and alcohol with nitroglycerine and chemical additives.
• The Fine Rolling Mill is designed for final shaping
of thickness of energetic material sheets.
For more technical information please request a leaflet on
SeanTech’s e-mail: [email protected]
T: +386 1 4202490
F: +386 1 4202495
E: [email protected]
S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o.
Zabrv 120
SI-1292 Ig
Supporting limits
Rk3 is new system device developed with care to fulfill demanding requirements of antenna systems. RK3 offers integrate devices integrated into
a single unit offering 3 independent channels for controlling antenna rotators and motorized masts (more motor channels on special request).
Five additional module compartments for various RF signal distribution modules. Custom designed functional modules can also be integrated on request.
Compact design saves valuable rack space, especially in mobile applications and simplifies system design and integration.
RK3 provides power for DC and AC motors at 12 or 24V and max. 8A per channel.
Device can be controlled with keyboard on device itself, remotely with remote panel, with PC via serial RS232 connection or through Ethernet and tablet.
ANS-P-1000W is an autonomous power system integrated in a robust carrying case. System ANS-P-1000W is designed to provide a DC voltage 12V and
230V AC power variety of customers where we do not have the possibility of using the mains.
The main elements of the system are Li-Ion battery 12/100Ah, BMS battery management system and 1000W power inverter 12VDC/230VAC control
and display management system.
S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o. Zabrv120, SI-1292 Ig Tel:+386 1 4202490 Fax:+386 1 4202495 [email protected]
S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o.
Zabrv 120
SI-1292 Ig
T: +386 1 4202490
F: +386 1 4202495
E: [email protected]
Supporting limits
The company is primarily engaged in the design and construction of RF systems, integration, maintenance and education
of end users. This enable our clients to achieve the best results.
For needs of our customers, we are planning antenna systems, perform installations and measurements on the RF field.
Our references;
Ministry's of Defense, Airports, Police, Agency's for Radio frequency spectrum supervision and the mobile operators.
Comprehensive solutions that create added value
To serve our customers on higher level we developed our own products and designed outstanding solutions.
TRANSPORTABLE - Standalone measuring unit
REMOTE - Standalone - Solar and Wind powered measuring Unit with
Weather station.Where no other electricity supply is available.
Measuring vehicle – inside mast
Measuring vehicle – outside mast
S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o. Zabrv120, SI-1292 Ig Tel:+386 1 4202490 Fax:+386 1 4202495 [email protected]
TRIVAL ANTENE d.o.o. main activities are:
• development and production of antennas, masts
and accessories for wireless telecommunications;
• development, engineering, project-making and
consulting in the field of wireless telecommunications
TRIVAL antennas made of composite materials (polyester and epoxy resins reinforced with fibreglass) were
first produced back in 1965, on the premises of the
SVIT Kamnik company. Today Trival Antene d.o.o. has
on its list more than 200 different types of antennas,
antenna masts and accessories. Apart from military
items, the company supplies products for civil professional use (marine applications, industry and organisations, ministries, radioamateurs, mobile comm’s,
TRIVAL Co. products are subdivided as follows:
• military antennas (HF, VHF and UHF antennas, stationary, tactical and mobile antennas),
• antennas for marine applications (MF, HF and UHF
antennas for vessels and yachts),
• antennas for civil-professional communications
(HF, VHF and UHF antennas, stationary, mobile antennas and antennas for hand-held radios, omnidirectional di pole and co-linear antennas, directional yagi and log-period ic antennas),
• antenna masts (tubular sectionalised and winch
driven telescopic glass-fibre masts from 5 to 18 m)
• antenna accessories (cables, connectors, etc.),
• custom designed antennas (antennas for EMCmeasurements, etc.)
T: +386 1 831 43 96
F: +386 1 831 33 77
E: [email protected]
Tival antene d.o.o.
Gorenjska cesta 25
SI-1234 Menges
The TRIVAL ANTENE company develops and produces
military antennas in HF, VHF and UHF frequency range
for tactical transportable, mobile or stationary use.
The antennas are whip-type monopoles, omni-directional or directional antennas (yagi or log-periodic
They are usually made of composites (epoxy or polyester, glass-fibre reinforcement), with stainless steel
metal joints. All antennas for military use comply with
Antenna masts
TRIVAL antenna masts may be divided into two types:
tubular sectionalised and telescopic winch driven
masts. All masts are made of composite materials,
up to 18 metres high. All mast types are intended for
tactical use with included - guying accessories kit. Telescopic masts are also suitable for mobile use (including mounting kit accessories).
VR-elektronika, d.o.o.
Pod Hruševco 48 F
SI-1360 Vrhnika
The PR12/T-55 measurement interface is intended for
quick checking of the voltages and currents on the
connector of the AMT_STP2 (AB-T54B) amplifier in the
gun stabilizer of the T5* serier main battle tanks. It
fits mechanically directly on the amplifier connector.
It can measure the input and output voltages of the
amplifier, and the supply voltages, currents and frequency.
The AMT-STP2 amplifier is a direct replacement for the
original tube based servo amplifier used in the stabilizer systems of the T5* series main battle tanks.
It is powered by a built-in rechargeable 9V 120mAh
NiCd battery.
PR-12 is shipped with a suitable battery charger, with
a 230VAC power plug. The 14V/AC output includes a
connecting cable with the required DC connector that
fits PR-12.
The PR-12 can measure 15 different electrical quantities in the STP-2 stabilizer, which are accessible on the
amplifier connector.
In most measurements, the readout is calibrated in %
of the nominal value, so that “100.0” on the display
corresponds to the nominal value of the measured
E: [email protected]
T: +386 1 750 24 35
F: +386 1 750 24 36
The AMT-STP2 amplifier is 100% mechanically and
electrically compatible with the original amplifier,
and can be used as a drop-in replacement.
The AMT-STP2 amplifier has the following advantages
over the original amplifier:
• Better lifetime stability -no re-adjustment because
of aging tubes
• Less maintenance required
• Better thermal stability (less change of parameters
during warm-up)
• Better stability of the amplification
• Better calibration sensitivity of the azimuth and elevation potentiometers
• better mechanical stability
• Lower power consumption (no tube heaters) means
cooler operation
• With over 150 years of tradition, voluntary
membership, and by far the largest number of
members, the CCIS is the most influential business
association in Slovenia
• Offering the collective wisdom and rich experience
of more than 100 experts and specialists
• Uniting commerce, industry, tourism and service
sectors in Slovenia
• As a member of Eurochambres and the ICC, as
well as other international associations and
organisations, the CCIS is part of an extensive
international network with innumerable contacts
• References and experience in the realisation of
EuropeAid programmes such as Asia Invest, AL
Invest, Gateway to Japan, Executive Training
Programme for Japan and Korea…
At Your Service
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – CCIS
Dimičeva 13, SI-1504 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 1 5898 000, F: +386 1 5898 100
E: [email protected]
Our staff are at your service and will provide you with
all the information you need!
Grozd obrambne industrije
Slovenije (GOIS)
The Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (Grozd
obrambne industrije Slovenije – GOIS) is a business
association based on the economic interest of our
members. It was established in 2008 and brings
together Slovenian suppliers of defence, security and
protection products and services.
The Cluster assists its members with the creation of
optimal conditions for the research, development,
production, testing, maintenance, trade and
marketing of their products and services in the areas
of defence, security and protection.
We offer services such as the following:
• Promoting Slovenian defence & security industries
in Slovenia and abroad.
• Promoting and creating opportunities for
the international cooperation of Slovenian
The Chamber of Commerce and
Industry of Slovenia - CCIS
• Assisting via cooperation with international
defence & security industries and their
• Assisting foreign companies when seeking to
establish contacts with Slovenian companies.
• Assistance and consulting services for offset
GOIS Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster
Dimičeva 13, SI-1504 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 1 5898 423
F: +386 1 5898 100
E: [email protected]
Military mountaineering in Slovenia has a rich history, which culminated in the establishment of the Slovenian
Military Mountain School in 1996, as a provider of professional training. In addition to regular training of Slovenian Armed Forces’ units, the school conducted courses for NATO Nations and Partners as part of bilateral military
cooperation, as well as in the preparation for the deployment of contingents to crisis response operations.
On March 25th 2015 Memorandum of Understanding to establish NATO MW COE has been signed among ACT,
Croatia, Germany, Italy and Slovenia in Washington. Austria will participate as a partner nation.
The NATO MW COE represents the core with the required professional skills to develop standardized training.
Demanding terrain and climate has always been a great challenge to perform all forms of military operations.
With the support of the Nations, the proposed NATO MW COE is the tool to achieve this level of standardization
and interoperability in mountainous environment, with the intent to support the NATO smart defense approach.
Director NATO MW COE
Colonel Boštjan Blaznik
Nato MW COE, Poljče 27, SI-4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem, E: [email protected], F: +386 4 533 3807
Slovenian Armed Forces
Photo: Bruno Toič
GOIS Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster
Dimičeva 13, SI-1504 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 1 5898 423, F: +386 1 5898 100
El: [email protected], W: