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DataControl 2500
Intelligent controller and data recorder
Calibration with front keypad or software
Up to 4 sensors simultaneously
Totalisator for each channel available
Logger data can be shown in a graph or a table
The DataControl 2500 is a versatile instrument to interface
to standard sensors with analog and digital outputs. The
measured input signals are evaluated for internal recording
and control.
- 2-channel flow measurements
- Flow control
- Pump control
- Monitored dual tank measurement
- Event recording
- Data recording
The instrument can be interfaced simultaneously with up
to four 4-20 mA or 0-5 V analog and four digital sensors
performing measurements and computing parameters such
as: Level, volume, open channel flow, temperature, pH or
The instrument provides a supply voltage 24 V/0.5 A as
power supply for the sensors. The output signals from
each connected sensor are adapted and evaluated.
The instrument can be programmed with various set
points resulting in 2 analog outputs and 2 digital outputs
or 6 relays. Complex switching sequences are possible and
a pump rotation for even wear can be configured.
As a recorder, the instrument is capable of storing as
much as one-month’s data at one-minute intervals or more
than a year’s data at 15-minute intervals, logging all data
channels. The longest adjustable time interval is 99
Units with analog output 4-20 mA such as level, pressure,
pH and temperature meters can be converted to their
respective functions like volume/ level, flow rate, pressure,
acidity and temperature by using one of the
preprogrammed conversion formulas or via a custom set
points table. When a 2-wire powered ultrasonic level
transmitter is connected, the DataControl 2500 can be set
to interpret the signal as percentage, distance / level,
volume or flow. Conversion formulas for different types of
tanks, weirs and flumes are stored in the memory to easily
configure volume & flow applications; alternatively a 35
point custom table can be used. Addition, subtraction and
averaging can be made via the unit. Totalizer functionality
is provided for each channel.
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Technical data
Housing material
Dimensions HxWxD
Protection class
Operating temperature range
Display function
Display language
Supply voltage
Data logger
DataControl 2500 (8 channel measurement)
Plastic, UV-resistant
240 x 270 x 76 mm
-20°C to +60°C
2 analog outputs 4-20 mA or 0-5 V, isolated
2 digital outputs max. 80 VDC / 30 mA
6 relays, max. 250 VAC / 6 A
RS232 or RS485
Voltage output 24 VDC / 50 mA and 12 VDC
4 analog inputs 4-20 mA, isolated
4 digital inputs 1,3 VDC / 2 mA, optically isolated
8 lines for level, flow, total, volume, distance, temperature, pH or pressure
90 – 230 VAC / 10 W
Via front keypad or PC with software (password protected)
2 MB flash, programmable time intervals, capacity for approx. 44000 records, chart or graphics
Custom software
Configuration of the instrument can be done via the six
function keys and the graphical LCD display or via a
personal computer (PC) using the custom software supplied
with the unit. The configuration is password protected.
Using a personal computer and the custom software
supplied with the unit, the instrument can be configured
and all recorded data can be displayed in graphical or
alphanumerical format. The recorded data can also be
exported for further analysis in .csv format.
Data logging and communication
• Independently programmable inputs
• Preprogrammed conversion formulas
• Programed custom set point table
• Remote configuration and data retrieval
• Programmable control functions
• Programmable measurement functions
• Data can be exported to PC
• Two Megabyte flash based storage
• Remote data retrieval
• RS232 / RS485 network operation
• Modem / GSM modem interface
• Firmware can be updated in the field
Remote communication with the instrument is possible
using RS232/RS485, modem or GSM modem (data &
SMS). Via this interface, configuration changes and data
retrieval are possible. Using the RS485 interface, a
network of up to 32 DataControl 2500 can be created. RF
telemetry is easily implemented by adding an external RF
Reprint of texts or text extracts requires prior written authorization of Badger Meter Europa GmbH.
Misuse of texts, pictures or company logo will be prosecuted.