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Bridging Innovation and Commerce
Long Term Evolution
Standards-Essential Patent Licensing
Via Licensing’s LTE patent pool brings together the
essential LTE patents of multiple innovators into a single
license offering that simplifies the licensing process,
promotes transparent pricing, and creates a level
playing field for all LTE licensees.
Today’s global economy demands a global wireless platform. Today’s mobile
users are increasingly demanding the ability to communicate, conduct business,
and stay connected as they move around the globe. Mobile users are also
demanding “always available/always on” broadband speeds for business
applications, streamed audio and video, video messaging, video telephony,
mobile TV, location-based services, and gaming.
4G LTE is a next-generation wireless broadband technology designed to provide
an enhanced user experience for a broad range of enterprise and consumer
applications. LTE technology provides increased wireless data transmission
performance and greater mobility, and works across multiple fixed and mobile
terminals including mobile phones, notebook PCs, media players, game
consoles, cameras, and other 4G wireless-enabled devices. These LTE-based
devices enable access to applications that include enhanced voice
communications, messaging, interactive video and television, gaming, social
media, and entertainment services.
As the first all-Internet Protocol (IP) mobile network technology, LTE will enable
the growing needs for persistent global access while delivering higher data
throughput than current mobile technologies and also provide an advanced and
extensible framework to deliver new and innovative mobile broadband services
over time.
The Essential Source for Essential Patents
In today’s business climate wireless innovation is threatened by costly patent
litigation and a lack of predictability surrounding the cost and availability of
necessary IP. Working closely with the leading industry players, Via Licensing has
developed a straightforward way to make LTE standard essential patents
available in a fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory fashion. Via Licensing’s LTE
patent pool is designed using best practices prescribed by global antitrust and
competition authorities, helps patent owners fulfill their obligations to standards
bodies, and supports a level playing field among innovators.
Via Licensing’s LTE patent pool
benefits industry and consumers:
with one standard agreement to
review and execute – versus the
alternative of multiple individual
negotiations and transactions
rights to the essential patents
from multiple parties in a single
the essential patents of every
pool licensor providing
assurance of complete
coverage of required IP
royalties and a level playing field
for competition due to the
availability of standard terms
offered on a non-discriminatory
secure, always available, online
reporting website versus multiple
reports and payments to
individual licensors through
multiple reporting mechanisms,
often including non-automated
and your company through the
acquisition of independently
evaluated essential IP
Long Term Evolution - LTE
Unprecedented Access to LTE Essential IP
Highly advanced standards-based technologies, such as LTE, require
significant levels of investment coupled with considerable research and
development. The results of these efforts are often protected by
patents that may be held by one or more of the technology’s creators.
To help enable broad-based adoption, most standards organizations
have patent policies that require companies contributing to the
standard-setting process to identify their patents that are likely to be
essential to the standard. Those policies also typically require the
contributors to grant licenses to these patents on reasonable and
non-discriminatory terms.
Via Licensing’s LTE patent pool brings together the essential LTE
patents of multiple innovators into a single offering. The LTE Patent
License Agreement provides access to all of the patents from the
participating licensors which are essential to the implementation of the
3GPP LTE standard. This allows companies that manufacture or sell
products implementing the LTE standard to gain access to this portfolio
of essential LTE patents in a single, cost-effective transaction.
Via Licensing’s LTE patent pool provides transparent and nondiscriminatory access to LTE essential patents in a fair and cost-effective
license that is designed to encourage growth and development of this
important technology and related wireless markets. It is provided within
an open licensing framework offering licensees a well-proven method
of obtaining essential patent rights coupled with the assurance of a
level playing field. As an independent administrator, Via Licensing is
committed to meeting the needs of both patent owners and companies deploying LTE products and services.
Via Licensing’s LTE patent pool provides
essential LTE IP from the following
technology innovators:
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LTE Licensing Program Essentials
Parties manufacturing or selling LTE devices or components and other
implementers of the LTE standard should contact Via Licensing to
obtain more information about the LTE patent pool and to request an
LTE Patent License Agreement.
Participation as a licensor in the LTE licensing program is open to all
owners of LTE essential patents. Any party that believes they hold a
patent essential to the LTE standard is encouraged to submit the
patent for evaluation and, once qualified, to offer their essential patents
through the LTE patent pool.
About Via Licensing
Via Licensing is dedicated to the development and administration of
licensing programs for mandated, de facto, and emerging standards
on behalf of innovative technology companies in the audio, broadcast,
wireless, and automotive markets. By developing patent pools for
standardized technology, Via Licensing aids in the broad proliferation of
standardized technologies and the creation of a healthy and competitive commercial environment.
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