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ORT America
2011 Annual Repoert
is a publication of ORT America, Inc.
John VerStandig
National President ORT America
Alan E. Klugman
National Executive Director
ORT America
ORT America’s Donors Fuel Strong 2011
Campaign, Despite Economic Downturn
We begin with our profound thanks to the thousands of ORT AMERICA supporters
throughout the United States who simply would NOT let an economic downturn be the
excuse for a weak campaign. You gave more and you gave earlier, allowing us to fund vital
programs both within the United States (via U.S. Operations) and throughout the world (via
We recommitted ourselves to WORLD ORT’s Kadima Mada (Science Journey) programs
in Israel with a mission of supporters that allowed us to interact with school administrators
and students alike.
Across the board in all the schools where SMART Classrooms are up and running, test
scores on annual high school matriculation exams are up. We should all feel proud to
be associated with the profound impact Kadima Mada is having on the Israeli education
In Argentina, ORT contributions resulted in the dedication of a new school campus in
Buenos Aires to help meet the demand for an ORT education that outgrew the capacity
of its existing ORT schools. In the U.S., more than 80 percent of the class of 2011 found
employment in their chosen fields.
So we want to thank the many thousands of ORT AMERICA supporters, like you for your
generosity and for helping to make 2011 a banner year.
We look forward to working with you for many years to come.
John VerStandig
National President
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
Alan E. Klugman
National Executive Director
ORT America
75 Maiden Lane, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10038-4607
National Executive Director
Alan E. Klugman
Tiffany E. Ashitey
Associate Editor
Bonnie J. Hirsch
Jennifer Damiano
Online Edition
Brandon T. Mitchell
Marcos A. Ortiz
Donor Report
Lawrence R. Ludwig
ORT America promotes the
understanding and appreciation
of Jewish values through a global
network of schools and training
programs in over 60 countries.
The innovative educational skills
acquired at ORT schools, colleges
and international programs provide
marketable tools that enable
300,000 students annually to
attain successful careers, become
community leaders and live
LA ORT’s overall job
placement stands at
More than
of Jewish children
who attend a Jewish high school in
Argentina are educated by
ORT Brazil’s Institute of
Technology is officially
ranked among the top 50 high
schools in the country.
Kadima Mada (Science
Journey) is active in 165
schools, including 27
public hospital education
centers across Israel.
Kadima Mada is installing
1,000 Smart Classrooms in
under-resourced areas of Israel.
Bramson ORT is
70 years old.
ORT KesherNet offers Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
training for women at 17 technology centers in
ORT Launches Advanced Science and
Technology Center in Sha’ar HaNegev
In September 2012, Sha’ar HaNegev High School
opened its new Science and Technology Center, funded
by ORT’s Kadima Mada (Science Journey) program.
The campus has been fortified to protect against
rocket attacks while maintaining educational balance,
and fostering a communal and collaborative culture.
The school’s 1,200 students will have a safe learning
environment, which in turn will help the region attract
young families despite initial security concerns. World
ORT contributed chemistry and physics labs, four
multi-purpose labs, a logistics center, and an exhibition
space – an investment of over $1 million.
$15 Million Gift Kickstarts Scholarships
ORT has established the Anieres II Engineering/
Technology Scholarship Program, a $35 million
education program in Israel, benefiting at least 500
teenagers from low socio-economic backgroundstaken in 10 annual intakes of up to 60 students. An
anonymous $15 million donation from a current ORT
America donor, and graduate of the original Anieres
program, made this initiative possible. It will be bundled
with an $18 million contribution by the State of Israel in
addition to $2 million paid through student tuitions.
ORT Argentina Opens New Science Center
ORT Argentina inaugurated its stunning new
Science and Technology Center. The new fourstory center’s state-of-the-art labs will assist
students in the fields of mechatronics, design,
architecture, environmental sciences, and more.
The center not only bolsters ORT Argentina’s
reputation for excellence in science and technology
but also provides room for 700 new students.
Photo Left Page: Jim Wilson/The New York Times/Redux
Fellowship Continues Support for ORT
Students in the CIS
An ORT Education for Mexico’s
40,000-Strong Jewish Community
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews,
often known as “The Fellowship,” provided emergency
funding of $400,000 to assist ORT’s network of 17
schools within the Commonwealth of Independent
States (CIS) cope with funding cutbacks from the
Heftsiba system – the conduit through which the
State of Israel has supported the education of Jewish
children attending ORT schools in the CIS. Without
this emergency infusion to cover essential needs, the
whole system of Jewish education in the CIS was in
danger of collapse.
ORT Mexico is extending into university-level business
education with the University Center in Advanced
Management and Business Development at the CIM–
ORT School, in Mexico City. ORT Mexico expects the
center to increase its enrollment substantially. It will
provide B.A. degrees in Business and Development,
International Trade and Globalization, and Marketing
2.0 and Advertising, as well as an M.A. in Advanced
Business Management. Although scholarships will be
available, the integration of classroom teaching with
online courses will also make the center affordable.
New Digital Media Program
Gaining Momentum
Naomi Prawer Kadar Foundation and
ORT Launch New Training Seminar
Los Angeles ORT College is located in the heart of the
movie and television industry, so it makes perfect sense
for the college to have recently developed a program
that offers students an Associate of Applied Science
(AAS) Degree in Digital Media. The curriculum prepares
students for careers in graphic design and desktop
publishing by learning multimedia, animation and
photography editing. Essential tools for those looking to
branch out in the field of magazine publishing and video
production, especially.
The inaugural Naomi Prawer Kadar International
Seminar for Digital Technology in Jewish Education
was held in Moscow, and brought together nearly
30 Hebrew teachers from Belarus, Russia, Israel,
Kyrgyzstan, and beyond for four days at the Moscow
ORT Technology School. Participants experienced
training, workshops and digital demonstrations using
interactive whiteboards and video-conferencing.
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIESYear Ended December 31, 2011
ORT AmericaTemporarilyPermanently UnrestrictedRestrictedRestrictedTotal
Contributions....................................................................................... $ 11,458,531 $ 1,000 $ 89,255 $ 11,548,786
Legacies and Bequests................................................................. 3,236,975 0 0 3,236,975
International Cooperation Project Income................... 188,289 0 0 188,289
Investment Income......................................................................... 260,006 111,122 0 371,128
Miscellaneous...................................................................................... 218,520 0
0 218,520
Net assets released from restrictions................................ 0 00 0
15,362,321 112,122 89,255 15,563,698 EXPENSES PROGRAM SERVICES
ORT schools and grants.............................................................. $ 8,172,824
$0 $8,172,824
National activities............................................................................. 503,505 00503,505 Communications and marketing......................................... 444,402 00444,402
TOTAL PROGRAM SERVICES........................................... 9,120,731 009,120,731
Administration and general..................................................... 2,172,782 002,172,782 Fundraising............................................................................................ 3,444,329 003,444,329 TOTAL SUPPORTING SERVICES.................................... 5,617,111 005,617,111
Charizma Entertainment
Viper Alley
Hefter, Leshem, Margolis Capital Management Group of Wachovia Securities
Fred Teitelbaum Construction Co.
Make It Better Magazine
Bank Financial
Warady & Davis
Piser Funeral Services
Silberstein Orthodontics
Albany Bank & Trust Company, N.A
Bell Auto Leasing
DiVinci Painters
Lewis Floor & Home
Morris & Sons Co.
Sherman Residential
Vanasco Genelly & Miller
Added Incentives
Aerex Pest Control
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
AP Cleaning Service
Associated Printers
CLA Financial Advisors, LLC
David A. Noyes
Farrell IV Architecture Ltd.
Green Bay Animal Hospital
Kane Phillips Fine Carpet & Upholstery Care
Ken’s Quick Print, Inc.
Kessler, Orlean, Silver & Co., P.C.
Lazar’s Juvenile Furniture
Martin G. Brand, Ltd.
North Shore Community Bank
North Suburban Vision Consultants
Oral Rehabilitation Center, P.C.
Shrago Design & Remodeling
14,737,842 0014,737,842
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS ......................................................... $
624,479 112,12289,255 825,856
(2,169,586)4,288,763 5,912,986 8,032,163
(1,545,107)4,400,885 6,002,241 8,858,019
The above is unaudited financial information.
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
Baker & Hostetler LLP
Charter One Bank
Chicago Title Insurance Co
Cleveland Marshall College of Law
Cleveland Pops Orchestra
Cohen & Company
First American Title Insurance Co.
Hurtuk & Daroff Co. LLP
J. Jeffrey Brausch & Co.
Janik LLP
Kaufman & Company
Liberty Bank
Majestic Steel
Nurenberg Paris Heller & McCarthy Co., LPA
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.
Reminger Co., LPA
Rotatori Bender Co., LPA
Skoda Minotti
Spieth, Bell McCurdy & Newell Co., LPA
SS&G Inc.
The Alex N Sill Company
The Richard E. Jacobs Group LLC
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Walter & Haverfield LLP
Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA
Western Reserve Partners LLC
s o Toda y we H on or:
Rita and Pepe Sigal,
Zach Zalben
Gene Simmons
wh o P os s es s t h e
S oci a l a n d Commun a l R es p on s i bi l i t y
t h a t M ake M ir acle s .
Con g ra t ul a t i on s t o A l l .
We are pleased to support
the important work of the
Concern Foundation
eData Services US, LLC.
your med-legal outsourcing solution company
Fred and Bobbie Kumetz
Maurice Silberstein
We are proud to support
The Concern Foundation
Sandy & Bill Esensten, Karen & Steve Ivanick & all your friends at
Rita & Pepe
Soy Joy
The Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation
Lexa Leatherdale & Robert Lane
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
The 1880 Society
Diamond Ladder
Minimum of $100,000 paid within 3 years.
In honor of ORT’s 125th year, World ORT established the 1880
Society as a way of ensuring that ORT continues to provide a
world-class education for hundreds of thousands of children and
adults in an ever-changing global economy.
The 1880 Society’s name recalls the year of ORT’s creation
when its founding fathers – Nikolai Bakst, Samuel Poliakov and
Baron Horace Gunzburg – used their wealth and influence to
improve the future of less fortunate Russian Jews. Their vision
and spirit of philanthropy, which has guided and sustained ORT
throughout its 132-year history, is as relevant today as it was then.
Listed below are the American members of this
prestigious international recognition society.
“The highest degree of charity – above which there is no higher – is he who
strengthens the hand of his fellow Jews through helping him obtain work so that he
may be independent and not be reliant upon others.” — Maimonides
Patti Aaron
Caryl and Herbert W. Ackerman
*Elayne P. Bernstein and Sol Schwartz
Joyce and Stanley Black
Ann E. Bornstein
Cole-Crone Foundation
Joyce Dankoff
Marilyn and Allen Eager
Shelley B. and Marvin R. Fagel
Ethel S. Feigon
Kim J. and Stuart Frankenthal
Doreen N. Hermelin
*D. Dan Kahn
Linda Kirschbaum
Kiver Foundation
Charles Kurland Family
Gail A. and Howard S. Lanznar
Claire G. and Robert Mazer
Grace K. Mendelson
Judy and Peter Menikoff
Steve Schlosser & Lois Hollander
Betty Schoenbaum
Jane H. and Lee G. Seidman
Eileen and Robert L. Sill
Gene Simmons
Shirley Sokolsky
Marilyn Thypin, Ph.D.
Tess and Abe O. Wise
Anonymous (2)
A minimum annual commitment of $5000 a year for 3 years.
The Diamond Ladder Society was developed to reflect the eight
levels of tzedekah identified by 12th century philosopher Moses
Maimonides. The highest form of tzedekah is giving people the
skills needed to become self-sufficient and the gift of no longer
needing charity at all, a guiding principle of ORT since its
inception in 1880. With a three-year commitment at one of the
eight levels of giving, Diamond Ladder members help ORT to
plan and budget wisely, and ensure ORT’s stability and growth.
These levels are:
$100,000 - $179,999
$35,000 - $49,999
$10,000 - $17,99
$180,000 - $249,999
$50,000 - $99,999
$18,000 - $34,999
$5,000 - $9,999
Golden Circle
Annual Gift of $1,000 and Above.
The Golden Circle Society has been a cornerstone of ORT
America’s fundraising since the 1960s. The men’s ORT lapel
pin and ladies’ Golden Circle pin have been proudly worn
for decades, symbolizing ORT’s enduring mission and the
connection the organization’s supporters have to our students
around the world.
Recently, two new levels have been introduced: the Golden
Circle Chai (minimum $1,800) and the Inner Circle (minimum
The de Gunzbourg Society and Heritage Club
The de Gunzbourg Society
Named in memory of one of the founding families of ORT, the
de Gunzbourg Society honors supporters who have generously
provided gifts to ORT America through charitable gift annuities,
charitable trusts, pooled income funds and life insurance
policies or who have declared their intention to leave a bequest
to ORT America.
Additionally, the Heritage Club is a subset of the
de Gunzbourg Society for supporters with planned gift
endowments of $50,000 or more.
Below we recognize our Heritage Club Members.
Laura and Mark Abramson
Barbara P. Adler
Nina Z. Aoni
Dr. Inga Behr
Eunice and Jack Berman
Rosalind and David S. Bloom
Ann E. Bornstein
Bennett Brandeis
Beverly Braverman
Elaine Lasnik-Broida and Michael P. Broida
Judith Brown
Dana B. Burnstein
Wendy Coren Cacacie and Patrick Cacacie
Herman Chadacoff
Sandra and Harold Chumsky
Nancy G. and Howard Cobin
LaVerne E. and Robert Cohen
Joyce Dankoff
Reva H. Dessauer
Shelly Dreifuss
Francine and Daniel Dvorkin
Marilyn Eager
Ann and Morton Elbirt
Dr. Martin Fleishman
Fay T. Friedman
Gertrude S. Geiger
Rosalie Gellman
Carolyn R. and Al Gold
Ruth Goldberg
Ruth and Bernie Goldware
Lillian Gordon
Mindy Gordon
Darryl Henriques
Sheri A. and David A. Jaffa
Joan Jaffa
Irving and Lucille Johnson
*D. Dan Kahn
*Elinor C. Katz
Linda Kirschbaum
William Kohler
Saranne and Livingston Kosberg
Nicole and Richard Kovacs
Marion R. Kramer
Carol F. and Marvin L. Lader
Mindy S. and Edward H. Leibowitz
Sue Liebling
Sylvia R. Lipski
Dr. Arlee S. and Paul C. Maier
Annette B. Malow
Claire G. and Robert Mazer
Joan B. Mazurek
Grace K. Mendelson
Hilda and John Mester
Maruka Mirochnick
Tillie and Rene Molho
Hilda Namm
Robert M. Neidorff
Diane B. and Robert Neuhaus
*Harriet G. Newmark
Jane Norman
Pearlie M. Rabin
Lynn Reiner
Frances B. Roberts
Charles P. Rothenberg
Bernice M. and Floyd Sarisohn
Mildred and Sol Schaikowitz
*Ilse Schiff
Alice Schuster
Beatrice Shelpark
Jean and Jack Skodnek
Arlene Slotnick
Shirley Sokolsky
The de Gunzbourg Society and Heritage Club
Guardian Society
Sandra and Jay Stark
Louise and Rolf Stein
Joyce A. Stillman
Ruth J. and W. E. Strich
Thelma Stumpf
Ruth S. and *Mendy Taffel
Stephen Tamor
Shirley Taussig
Sara R. and Aaron Trub
Geraldine M. and Jack A. Weichman
Florence and Alfred Weizer
Marcy S. and Stan Wiseberg
Anonymous (4)
A recognition society was established to honor long-standing
ORTists. The Guardian Society, launched at ORT America’s
inaugural annual meeting in March 2007, recognizes those who
have been part of ORT for 25 years or more, as well as those
who have been involved for 50 years or more. Guardians are
recognized at ORT America local and national Events.
We are pleased to report that there are more than 25,000
Guardian Society participants! An impressive 1,500 of those
individuals have been involved with ORT for 50 years or more!
The ongoing support and dedication of these members has
helped ORT’s educational programs continue to serve students
To receive additional information, without obligation to ORT America, or to learn about its giving societies,
please contact the National Senior Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving, Marla D. Landis, at 818.865.1802
– or by email at mlandis@ORTamerica.org.
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
– Robert and Eileen Sill, Cleveland, OH
ORT provides the means for anyone, regardless of resources,
to obtain an education. ORT’s programs touch hundreds of thousands
of lives and impact not only individuals but entire communities.
Why not leave a legacy?
Determining what gift is right for you is just as
important as making the gift. The correct plan
balances what you wish to accomplish for yourself,
your family, and your charitable interests in your
overall estate and financial plans.
Preserving education for thousands,
preserving Jewish heritage for generations
A planned gift through ORT America guarantees
an education anchored in the highest academic
standards and steeped in Jewish heritage for ORT
students worldwide for generations to come.
– Grace Mendelson, Hackensack, NJ
– Elsie Handelman, Great Neck, NY
Ensure your Voice will be Heard for Generations
• Ensure that tomorrow’s ORT students have the best
possible educational opportunities.
• Support students in the area of your choice, or give to the
students in greatest need.
• Give now and increase your current income.
• Receive a charitable tax deduction.
For more details, contact Marla D. Landis,
National Senior Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving at 818.865 - 1802
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
ORT in the Baltic and Commonwealth
of Independent States (CIS)
ORT in the United States
ORT America’s Education
Revolution in Israel
ORT in Latin America
ORT schools in the United States have
a solid record of making sure their graduates get
jobs: 80 percent of the Class of 2011 is employed
in their field of study. That’s more than double the
national average of 34 percent!
Bramson ORT College, a star among New
York City colleges, due to its high job placement
ratings upon graduation, has a campus in Forest
Hills, Queens and an extension center in
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, a primarily Orthodox
Jewish neighborhood. It offers quality college
programs in business, technology and health
services that meet the educational and career
needs of a diverse New York community. Seminars,
online courses and video-conferencing strengthen
the college’s adaptability to students’ lives.
Current enrollment at Bramson exceeds 1000
students, who represent more than 40 countries.
And this year, nearly 300 students earned twoyear associate degrees in accounting, business
management, computer technology, electronics
technology, medical and natural sciences, paralegal
studies and office technology.
With an unprecedented 89 percent of graduates
obtaining positions in their field of study, Los
Angeles ORT College exemplifies ORT’s mission
in training and education for job placement. From
computer and medical technology to English as
a Second Language (ESL), each career program
includes employment preparation and coaching
to assist students with succeeding outside the
For over twenty years, Zarem/Golde ORT
Technical Institute in Skokie, IL, has successfully
prepared adult students from around the world,
and down the block, for careers in a competitive
global market. It provides high-quality, affordable,
hands-on technical, business and medical training,
as well as ESL courses. The school listens to its
community and responds with appropriate training
designed to get students into working careers.
Michigan has struggled with an economic
downturn for decades, and Detroit has been
especially hard hit by the lingering recession.
With few options, more and more unemployed
and underemployed are turning to the David B.
Hermelin ORT Resource Center, a partner of JVS
(Jewish Vocational Services), a metro Detroit nonprofit human service organization, for retraining
and job opportunities.
Peter Hirth/Laif/Redux
Current enrollment at Bramson
exceeds 1000 students who
represent more than 40 countries
Recently, the center inaugurated and completed its
first ever QuickBooks course, a multi-week class
focusing on accounting concepts and functionality
in the software page by Intuit. In conjunction with
the Alliance for Jewish Education, community
teachers have been trained to utilize computers as
well as video-recording to track the progress of the
In 2010, a new program called “Springboard to
Success” partnered with JVS (Jewish Vocational
Services) to create a “super program” aimed at
placing the center’s graduates into jobs. Within the
first six months of the program, “Springboard to
Success” boasted a nearly 80 percent job placement
For more information on how ORT Works in the
U.S., please visit ORTamerica.org/us
ORT in Latin America
The projects that make up ORT’s programming in
Latin America are designed to meet the individual
needs of each community, ranging from Jewish
studies to environmental science to multimedia.
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
Jean Pierre Jans/REA/Redux
Country Highlights Where ORT Works!
ORT’s groundbreaking partnership with Mexico’s
oldest Jewish school, Colegio Israelita de
Mexico (CIM), serves 650 students and provides
critical curricular and technological support. In
September 2012, ORT Mexico is preparing to
extend its activities into university-level business
education with the opening of the University
Center in Advanced Management and Business
Development at CIM-ORT.
ORT’s first endeavor was the establishment of
a Media Training Center that focused on digital
technologies, Internet broadcasting and HD video
production. This center was instantly well received
within the Mexican Jewish community, used by
students from CIM-ORT as well as Jewish day
When demand for enrollment skyrocketed - with
more than half of the 4,500 Jewish children in
Santiago not receiving Jewish education - ORT
responded to the need by developing plans to
erect a new Jewish school in Santiago. Attracting
widespread acclaim and support for its projects,
ORT Chile has helped thousands of people in the
country’s communities, through computer literacy
programs, leadership courses, teacher training,
technical support and more.
ORT Chile is embarking on an ambitious
project to train 20,000 small business-owners in
entrepreneurial skills. It has been approached by
the Coca-Cola Foundation to implement a major
online training program which aims to give the
owners of corner shops and kiosks, common in
poorer neighborhoods, the tools to modernize and
In another high-impact strategic partnership,
ORT and the Telefonica Corporation have
introduced a broad-based employment training
program that serves some 400 people in the
Santiago area.
ORT helped rebuild school facilities in
Chile following the country’s recent devastating
ORT Argentina’s elementary schools, high schools,
and colleges are operating at full capacity, with
8,000 students enrolled per year (over 80 percent
of the Jewish student population in ORT’s service
area). Our schools were the first to offer studies in
mass media, biotechnology and communication
technology. Thanks to our donors, ORT
constructed a third high school campus in Buenos
Aires to help ease overcrowded classrooms. This
campus concentrates on core sciences like physics,
chemistry and biology, and has state-of-the-art
laboratories that include bio and food technology,
environment and sustainable development,
mechatronics, physics, natural sciences and
ORT Uruguay, the largest private university in the
country, continually receives recognition as being
among the world’s top universities. More than 5,000
students enroll in post-graduate, graduate and
technical level courses. Additionally, the university
facilitates an adult Jewish education program for
teachers and provides technical and pedagogical
support to all Uruguayan Jewish schools.
The Brazilian Amazon is one of the world’s best
locations for environmental science. ORT supports
the Environmental Center for Environmental
Education, a pioneering field project based in a
preserved section of the Amazon rainforest, where
students and scientists pursue environmental and
biotechnology studies. ORT Brazil’s Institute of
Technology has been officially ranked among the
top 50 high schools in the country. ORT also serves
the Jewish community at a Rio de Janeiro high
school campus with programs concentrated in
computer science, Hebrew, social communication
and electronics.
For more information on how ORT Works in
Latin America, please visit ORTamerica.org/
ORT in the Baltic and Commonwealth of
Independent States (CIS)
ORT was launched in St. Petersburg, Russia, by a group of
Jewish businessmen in 1880, aiming to uplift the Jewish
population out of poverty through providing access to
education, particularly through trade and agricultural
schools. This belief in the power of education has
anchored ORT for over 130 years.
ORT’s work was suspended in the region in 1938;
however, it was reinstated when the USSR dissolved in
the 1990s. ORT became the leading Jewish education
provider in a community largely unaware of their Jewish
Today, ORT’s efforts have expanded beyond Jewish
education to include technical training, elementary and
middle schools with affiliate chapters in the Russian
Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania
and Kyrgyzstan.
Serving the demands of the nation, these programs
cater to over 27,000 students in 50 institutions in 40
locations, including 17 schools in ten countries that
provide an outstanding level of education to 6,000
students annually.
ORT provides training for those preparing to
emigrate to Israel and for those wishing to stay in the
CIS and Baltic States.
ORT is Hewlett Packard’s sole regional partner in
implementing the company’s Learning Initiative for
Entrepreneurs (HP Life).
ORT KesherNet offers ICT training for woman at 17
fully equipped, advanced communications centers in
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia enabling them to
benefit from wider employment opportunities.
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
The birthplace of the organization continues ORT’s
mission of providing innovative and progressive
education. It is exemplified at St. Petersburg’s de
Gunzburg Jewish School, which serves over 500 students
between the ages of 6 and 17, and offers a curriculum
that combines mandated requirements with innovative
The Moscow ORT Technology College, meanwhile,
specializes in commercial management, catering,
leatherwork and furrier skills and is open to the public
with an enrollment of almost 1,400 students a year. In
Kazan, ORT supports the largest inclusive Jewish school
in Russia through this Technology Center – teaching
over 500 students history, math, science, Hebrew and
Jewish studies.
ORT works throughout Ukraine with Jewish populations
that have lost their Judaic identity. ORT outposts can be
found within the cities of Odessa, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk,
Kharkov and Zaporizhzhya. The schools’ programming
ranges from training in web design and computer
animation to Hebrew and Jewish studies.
ORT’s work has been so effective that in 2008, the
Ukrainian Ministry of Education adopted ORT teaching
strategies and methodologies in technological subjects
at several state schools.
Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest nations, with a
Jewish community fairing no better than the rest of its
population. In the capital of Chisinau, ORT’s Technology
Center incorporates the latest technology in teaching
subjects such as history, biology, mathematics and
Hebrew. This school boasts the nation’s highest
computer to student ratio of 3-to-1, versus a national
average of 22-to-1. Through improved education,
ORT hopes to raise employment among Jewish
For more information on how ORT Works in
the Baltic and Commonwealth of Independent
States (CIS), please visit ORTamerica.org/cis
ORT America’s Education
Revolution in Israel
Israel has faced an educational crisis in science and
math. Its students, once ranked among the top 10
nations, slipped to 41st, putting the country’s ability
to innovate at serious risk.
To address this educational emergency, ORT
has embarked on a rare partnership between nonprofit and government organizations to institute
the Kadima Mada (Science Journey) program.
Since its launch in 2007, Kadima Mada has
revolutionized science and technology education
for over 150,000 students in 165 schools, including
27 schools situated within public hospitals, located
in communities stressed by high unemployment,
high student dropout rates, and social changes.
Kadima Mada’s educational technology
comes in two “flavors.” The first is the Smart
Classroom. Teachers connect their computers to
interactive whiteboards, which link to students’
laptop computers. These interconnected laptops
allow students to visualize concepts and examine
their studies in greater depth than with traditional
blackboard methods.
The second “flavor” is the Intelligent
Laboratory, filled with up-to-date equipment
that students use to analyze, interpret and better
understand the fundamentals of physics, chemistry
and biology. Learning becomes very personal
in this environment as the labs are outfitted with
computers for each student, and a terminal for the
Because learning is a double-sided effort,
Kadima Mada also prepares some 3,300 teachers
by equipping them with 127 hours of teacher
training – an intensive series of instruction created
to keep teachers updated on the latest educational
ORT America’s commitment to reversing
Israeli students’ poor ranking in science and math
has already shown success. In just three years of
existence, Kadima Mada schools in Israel have
dramatically raised matriculation rates by over 30
By 2013, ORT’s goal is to install over 1,000 Smart
Classes and Intelligent Laboratories and train over
700 teachers, benefiting an additional estimated
7,500 students.
For more information on how ORT Works in the
Israel, please visit ORTamerica.org/israel
Software for an interactive Hebrew course ............................................................................
A laptop for a hospitalized child in Israel to keep up with his/her studies ...............................
Transportation, books, hot meals, clothing, and shoes for one student-at-risk for a year .........
Tuition assistance for one student enrolled at ORT Argentina ............................................
A laptop, printer, scanner, and accessories for one classroom in the
CIS and Baltic States .......................................................................................................
A scholarship for one student to attend ORT Uruguay University .......................................
An entire grade of students participating in school trips, after-school programs,
and art and theater projects ........................................................................................
An after school program in math, physics and chemistry ...............................................
Develops and equips a smart classroom with interactive whiteboards, wireless
Internet connectivity, laptops, and other technological aids ...........................................
Provides one-fourth (1/4) of the resources needed to establish a math and science lab....
Equips one Kadima Mada (Science Journey) school with specialized
academic training within the Hi-Five program...............................................................
Many donors want to know how their dollars are used to support
our students with the tools they need for success. Below are some
of the ways your donations transform lives.
2011 Donor Recognition & Financial Report | ORTamerica.org
Philip and Cecile Cogan Foundation, Inc.
Phyllis M. Cohen•
Cohen Kogon Charitable Foundation
Ellen E. and Victor J. Cohn
Supporting Foundation•
Marilyn and Dr. Andre Danesh•
Ann and Jay M. Davis•
$100,000 - $249,999
Eva De Vries
DDR Corp.
Shelly and Steven E. Dreifuss^
Barbara and Dr. Roy Feifer•�
Ethel S. Feigon◆
Claire and Bob Mazer◆^
Anonymous (1)
Elayne P. Bernstein* and Sol Schwartz◆
Joyce and Stanley Black◆
Kiver Foundation◆
Charles Kurland Family◆
Grace K. Mendelson◆^
Gene Simmons◆
$50,000 - $99,999
Rita and Pepe Sigal
Dr. Abraham Sudilovsky
$25,000 - $49,999
Hermine F. Aborn
Caryl and Herbert W. Ackerman◆�
Helen P. Bondy Foundation
Lillian H. and Dr. Robert L. Brent
Cole-Crone Family Foundation◆
Jonathan B. Eager and Nancy L. Klehr
Marilyn and Allen Eager^◆
Shelley B. and Marvin R. Fagel◆�
The Fraida Foundation, Debbie and Michael Greenhill, Elizabeth and Mark Greenhill•
Doreen N. Hermelin◆�
Linda Kirschbaum^◆
Gail A. and Howard S. Lanznar◆�
Judy and Peter Menikoff◆
Leo Oppenheimer and Flora Oppenheimer
Haas Foundation
Anita and Julian D. Saul
Steven M. Schlosser and Lois N. Hollander�◆
Gilbert Silverman
Marlene and David Tepper
Marilyn Thypin, Ph.D.◆
Ellen and Daniel N. Zelman
Anonymous (1)
$10,000 - $24,999
Trish and Mark J. Adler
Patricia and Robert S. Atkins
The Atmos Foundation
B Direct, Inc.
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP
Doris and Stanley Berenzweig
Jack and Florence Berlin Foundation
Carol and Gary Berman•
Madeleine and Mandell L. Berman•
Janet R. and David Blum•
Elaine Lasnik-Broida and Michael P. Broida•^
Sharon Doner Feldman and Israel Feldman
Kim J. and Stuart Frankenthal◆�
Aaron Galonsky
Zelda and Eli Gordon
Nancy and Stephen Grand
Alvin L. Gray•�
Richard Gray
Greenberg Traurig
Nancy and James Grosfeld•�
Annette and Fred R. Gross
The Gross Family
Hahn & Hessen LLP
Suellen and Lawrence M. Kadis�
Francine H. and B. Marshall Katz
Marilyn Kennedy
Kenwal Steel Company
Ruth A. Kiver*
Charles & Charlotte Krown Foundation
Lafontaine Automotive Group
Vivian and Oscar Lasko�
Carol Linch•�
Joan L. Lipson
Linda J. and Dr. Daniel Magalnick•�
Annette B. Malow^
Mesirow Financial
Montague-Betts Company
Majorie and Sassoon Peress
Gladys and Victor Perez Mendez
Baruch and Ingeborg Petranker Family Fund
Jeanne Phillips and Walter Harris
PNC Bank
Quicken Loans
Audrey and Albert B. Ratner
Susan and James Ratner
Shelley P. Resnik
Charles and M.R. Shapiro Foundation, Inc.
Eileen and Robert L. Sill◆�
Eileen and Hal Sirkin
Shirley Sokolsky◆^
STV Constuction Management
Thompson Hine, LLP
Meryle and Daniel Verner
Helene and John VerStandig•
James C. Wall
Nancy and George Wendler
Helene H. and Gary M. Wingens
• Member Diamond Ladder
^Member Heritage Club � Member The de Gunzbourg Society
Andrea and Lawrence Wolfe
Sandra and Timothy F. Wuliger
Lori and Alan Zekelman
Dawn Kuderna and Lewis A. Zipkin
Anonymous (4)
$5,000 - $9,999
Marlene Addlestone Bursten
Anchin Block & Anchin LLP
Amy and Robert J. Arogeti
Zevin Auerbach
Rita H. and Charles B. Baumer, Esq.
Matt Bayer
Dorias and George J. Berkowitz
Michelle and Lawrence R. Beyer
Martha and Stuart L. Bindeman
Dorothy and Joseph Blau
Rosalind and Dr. David S. Bloom^
Margaret L. and Dr. Robert Blume
Carol and Barnett N. Bookatz�
Harriet and Alan Cabelly
Capital One Finance
Carlton Fields, P. A.
Carole C. and Donald Chaiken
CIT Commercial Services
Susan R. Clayman•�
CoMetrics Partners, LLC
Linda E. and Robert S. Cutler
Marvin and Betty Danto Family Foundation
Reva H. Dessauer^
Judith S. and Dr. Thomas A. Deutsch•
Francine and Daniel Dvorkin^
Cynthia and Charles C. Eberly
Estelle Ecker Foundation
Brian Elias
Robert Falls
Reese Feldman�
Karen and Neil Fine•
LuAnne O. and Ronald A. Fisher
Roslyn K. Flegel•�
Forest City Enterprises Charitable
Foundation, Inc.
Florence and Barry Friedberg
Marcia and Alfred Friedman•�
Friedman LLP
Eva Lynn and Leo Gans•�
Rosalie Gellman^
Georgia Power Company
Adele Ginsburg�
Audrey G. and Harvey L. Glick
Sarah and Seth Glickenhaus�
Debra and Mark Goodman
Goodman Family Charitable Trusts•
Mindy and Jeff Gordon^
Aileen and Dr. Neil Grossman�
Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP
Hansons Windows
Barbara S. and John M. Heffer
Herman Goldman Foundation
Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Etta Raye Hirsch
Linda G. and Roger H. Howard
IDB Bank of New York
Simon and Marie Jaglom Foundation, Inc
Margaret G. and William B. Kaufman
Sylvia R. and Michael J. Kerpel•�
Key Bank National Association
Emily and Neil Kishter
Lori J. Kite
Barbara and William J. Klineman•�
Mary and Harry Klorman Charitable
Foundation Trust
Nicole and Rick Kovacs•^
Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton, P.A.
Jean L. and Dr. Benjamin Kraut
Allen R. Kronstadt�
Eleanor and Norman Kuperschmid�
Carol F. and Marvin L. Lader^
Katharine and Ron Lang
Luann and Paul E. Lavin
Andrea Left
Dr. Mel Lester
Level One Bank
Naomi and Nathan* R. Levine�
Linda Dresner Levy and Edward C. Levy, Jr.
Tonya and Keith Linch•�
Sylvia R. Lipski^
Arturo Litwak
Ruth and Dr. Alan Longert
Betsy and Keith Lublin
Billi and Bernard Marcus
Estelle and Seymour Markowitz�
McDonald Hopkins , LLC
McGladrey LLP
Milberg Factors
Brian Morrison•
Robert M. Neidorff^
New York City School Construction Authority
Barbara and Irving Nusbaum�
Otterbourg Steindler Houston & Rosen, P.C.
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Eda and Joseph Pell•
Mary Ann and Harold Perper•
Marion Polk
Felice Price
Railworks Corporation
Sandra C. and Maurice P. Raizes�
Midge and Lloyd Rauch
Lynn L. and David F. Reiner•^
Frances B. Roberts^
Joan and Murray Robins•
The Roisen Family Foundation, Inc.
Toni and Steven Rosen•
Deborah Rosenberg
Rosenthal & Rosenthal, Inc.
Barbara Bayuk Ross and Lloyd Chip Ross•�
Louise and Edwin Rothberg
Jeri J. and Joel S. Rothman•�
Francoise and Dr. Marshall Rothstein•
Dr. Susan M. and Leonard Rubin•�
Daniel Sandberg
Dorothy & Dr. Hershel Sandberg
Kyla and Mitchell C. Schneider�
Lynn and Irwin Schor
Joan Betty Schwarz�
Susan and Alan Seidenfeld
Jane and Larry Sherman
Shutts & Bowen, LLP
Singerman Mills Desberg & Krauntz Co, LPA
Taffy J. Stern
Ildiko and Andrew E. Stevens�
Devyne Stevens
Shelley Stewart�
Hadassah and Martin Strobel�
Janet and Will Sukenik
Ted Taube
Shelby M. Tauber
TDX Construction, Inc.
Roberta and Harvey Teitelbaum•�
The Coca-Cola Company
Rebecca and Jeffrey Threat
Roberta L. and Robert J. Washlow
Myrna and George Weisenfeld
Leatrice Weiss
Randy P. Wertheimer and Nancy Katzman
Marcy S. and Stan Wiseberg^�
Jane Z. and Harold D. Yudelson�
$2,500 - $4,999
AABCO Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
AAH Construction Corporation
Yami and Alexander Anolik
Arc Electrical & Mechanical
Terry L. and David D. Azose•�
Suzanne C. and Robert K. Barth
Sheila Beller•
Beth and Paul F. Benamy
Susan and Richard A. Bender
Berger Singerman, PA
Laurie W. and Sid D. Besmertnik
Bilzin, Sumberg, Baena, Price & Axelrod LLP
Joyce and Dr. George Blum
Carol and Richard C. Blumenstein
Marilyn and Dr. Howard L. Brilliant
Bruce, Ozzie & Neil Berman, & Gary
Kamp & Families
Building Contractors Association
Gerald Chamales
Sandra and Harold Chumsky^
Citi Commercial Bank
Citnalta Construction Corp
Linda G. and David L. Cohen
Annie N. and Maurice Cohen
Steven J. Cohen and Delilah Inbar
Cooley LLP
Corporate Solutions Group
The Crystal Family Foundation
Marti D. and Jeffrey S. Davis
Fran and Mark Doris
E - J Electric Installation Co.
Wendy Eager
Lois Eil�
Eisner Amper LLC
Sonny Ellman�
Fifth Third Bank
F. J. Sciame Construction Co. Inc.
Gloria and Irving Fine
First Merit Bank
Bunni and Murray D. Fischer�
Five Star Electric Corp.
Frantz Ward LLP
Brenda and Jerry Frebowitz�
Sandra and Dr. Dennis C. Friedman
Solange and Andre Gabany
Getzler, Henrich & Associates
Ronnie B. and Carmine J. Giordano�
Ann M. Gold�
Robert Goldberg
Brent Goldstein
Harvey Goodman
Rhoda E. and David S. Gould�
Carole Grant and Frank Grant, III
Lynne P. and Jack N. Halpern
Alvin Hammer
Edythe C. Harrison
Hecht & Company, P.C.
Jennifer and Brian M. Hermelin
Patricia* S. and Richard M. Hershorin•
Hertz, Herson & Company, LLP
Laurie and Andrew Hochberg
Sue and Larry J. Hochberg
Barbara and Dr. Donald Hoffman
Janis and Samuel Holcman
Jacelaine F. and Lawrence S. Horn
Huntington Bank
Sharon M. and Steven A. Isenstein�
J. H. Cohn
Jones Day
Jordache Enterprises, Inc.
Gail and Justin Joseph
Judlau Contracting Inc.
Shirley J. and Paul Kadden�
Jill and Jory Katlin
Roy S. Kaufman and Cindy Derrow
Steve Kelly
Hilary and Edan King
Helen and Gary Klein
Kenneth Korman
Wendy Stein Kornbluth and David A. Kornbluth
Gail and Dr. Kerry Kuhn
Gerry and Richard Kuntz�
Sheldon and Pearl R. Leibowitz Foundation
Judith R. and Stephen M. Levin�
Frayda and Kenneth Levy
Anita Lorber
Betsy and Keith Lublin
Sally and Luis Maizel
Tamar I. and Milton Maltz
Lois & Martin Marcus Family Philanthropic Fund
The McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Foundation
Neal J. Meiselman and Terry Shuch
Jodi and Shon Mekyten
Amy and Alan Meltzer
Debbie and Gerry Miller
Marilyn K. and Sidney M. Miller�
Ruth G. and Allen* L. Miller
Vivian Milstein
Peggy A. and Robert A. Mitteldorf
Karen and Neil J. Model
Ellen P. Multack
N360 MB, LLC
Pam and Richard M. Nodel
Nouveau Elevator Industires Inc.
Phillips Lytle LLP
Ruth and Harris Pitlick
Ina and Murray Pitt
Platzer, Swergold, Karlin, Levine,
Goldberg & Jaslow, LLP
Julia and Lawrence Pollock
Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur
Joseph Posillico LLP
Karen M. and Frank S. Ptak
Massoud F. Rad
Arline A. and Gary D. Radine
Phyllis E. and Sidney Rodbell
Elise A. and Stephen I. Rosenfeld
Harriet Roth
Charles P. Rothenberg^
Maks Rothstein�
Marilyn and Barry Rubenstein
Patricia B. and Eric J. Rubin
Vera Sandor
Susan Schermer�
Donna and Marvin C. Schwartz
Nikki and Lawrence Schwartz
Sue Schwartz
Eunice F. and Dr. Jerry Shapiro�
Marlene and Dr. David Sheena�
Rita and Sami Sheena
Roberta and Scott Sherman
Harriette and Cary Shevin
Harvey Shore�
Anita and Michael D. Siegal
Sitrick Brincko Group, LLC
Skanska USA Civil Northeast Inc.
Society of Indo American Engineers & Architects
Sonkin & Koberna Co., L.P.A.
Spartan Solutions
Benjamin Spencer Family Supporting Foundation
Harvey Spiegel and Ellen Spitz�
Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLP
• Member Diamond Ladder
^Member Heritage Club
Member The de Gunzbourg Society
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
Stanley G. Tate
Shirley Taussig�
Tully Construction Company Inc
Judith and Charles L. Ullman
Ulmer & Berne, LLP
URS Corporation
Sylvia and Phil Vein�
Milton Watkins
Diane and Loren Weil
Lois E. and Peter W. Weiss
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Nancy and Tim Williams
Elaine and Joseph Yashon
Yonkers Contracting Co., Inc.
Zachary S. Zalben
Paula and Kenneth A. Zeisler�
Anita Zucker
Drs. Eleanor L. and Stanley L. Zuckerman
Jean E. and David Zugman�
Anonymous (2)
$1,500 - $2,499
Perle and Irving Abrahamson
Wendi and Daniel Abramowitz
Atran Foundation Inc.
The George Backer Family Foundation Inc.
Bank Hapoalim B. M.
Beth and Randy Barnett
Arlene M. and William G. Barris
Ruth and Gary Benanav
Leslie S. and and John I. Benator•�
Nadine A. and Richard Bendycki�
Lynn and Steve Benjamin
Donna and Barry Bernstein
Evelyn Bishop
Janis Black Warner and Douglas B. Warner
Rosemary and Michael Blumberg
Dr. Ida Braun
Linda and Richard Bressler�
Laurie and Christopher G. Brochert
Beth and Jeffrey Buncher
Dana B. Burnstein^
Capital Business Credit
Maureen and Scott A. Chaikin
Jacqueline A. and Bernard L. Cohn
Ruth Gershon Cohn and Sanford A. Cohn
Connie and James A. Colman
Gloria and Bruce Colton
Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co.
Walter J. Conn
Merle Teitelbaum Cowin
Lois and Arthur Dermer�
Dr. Andrea L. and Gary S. Desberg
Diane and Roman DeVille
Donaldson Acoustics, Inc.
Doodle Home
Ellen J. and Robert Doppelt
Janet and Lee Edelstein
Seena P. and Jack A. Elfant�
Martin Elias
Diane F. and Michael A. Ellis
David Elvove
Cheryll F. and Martin J. Engel�
Joan Chernoff Epstein and Robert A. Epstein
Helene T. Feder
First American Title Insurance Company
Patricia and Michael Frazin
Kay and Irwin Freeman�
Elaine Bleecker Friedman and Berwyn Friedman
Fulcrum Facilities Services LLC
Barbara J. and Arnie Gaffen
Joan E. Galison
Phil Garoon and Family
General Contractors Association of New York
Barbara and Mark Gerson
Jennifer and Daniel Gilbert
Drs. Lynda and Conrad D. Giles
Paula and Jay A. Gitles�
Margaret and Robert A. Glass
Rabbis Brenner and Elaine Glickman
Sarita and Morris Gocial�
Barbara G. Goldlust
Karla and Michael Goldman
Doretta and Jona Goldrich�
Roberta and Michael Goldstein�
Ruth and Dr. Albert L. Goodgold�
David J. Goodman
Fran and Randall J. Goodman
Bernice and David* Gotlieb
Andrea L. and Marcus Gottlieb
Elinor Grant�
Kent Grathwohl
Sandra Gulden and Leon J. Goldenberger
Cheryl and Aaron Handler�
Nina and Arnie Harris
Elaine and Bernard Hartman
Barbara and Alan Haubenstock
Flora P. and Jerome* P. Heilweil
Drs. Harry J. Heiman and Abby Friedman
Jeanne Herbert
Lori and John E. Herman�
Hella and Chuck Hershson
Gwen and Scott J. Heyman
Anita and Robert J. Hirsch•�
Steve Hitter
Howell Industries
Andrea and Dr. Ronald Hurwitz
Roberta B. and Eric Hutner�
Marion R. and Raymond Irizarry
Roz and Scott R. Jacobson
Gertrude Jaffee�
Janik LLP
Barbara T. and James B. Kahan
Lori M. and Mitchell P. Kahn
Judy and Mark Steven Kahn
Debra S. and Dr. Laurence Kanter
Nancy Minchenberg Kardon and James C. Kardon
Arlene and Lee N. Katz
Dr. Beverley J. Katz�
Rhoda Katzman
Kaufman & Co
Sue Ellen and Alan J. Kaufman
Claire and Victor Kaufman
Lilli and Louis L. Keene�
Linda F. and Samuel Klafter
Joy L. and Daniel Kleiman
Michelle B. and Robert B. Kleiman
Margery S. and S. Lee Kohrman�
Lynn L. and Theodore J. Kotzin
Drs. Marilyn M. and Ben Kritchman
Susan D. Kromelow and William Spiro
Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation
Sandra B. Erlanger and Steven H. Kurland
Edith Kuznitz
Lexa Leatherdale and Robert Lane
Felice Levi-Miller and Samuel Miller
Barbara R. and Raymond I. Levine�
Judith Levis-Markhoff and Paul Markhoff
Evelyn K. and Jeffrey M. Levy
Maxine Lievois
Marla P. and Dr. Eugene J. Lind�
Deborah Linder
The Fay J. Lindner Foundation
Ruth Lion and David E. Rosenbloom
Harriet F. Lipman�
Barry H. Lippman
Betsy R. and David Madorsky
Dana and Scott Marcus
Mark, Ross, Lis Family Philanthropic Fund
Heather and Bruce Marwil
Matrix New World Engineering
Shelley R. McNaughton-Sulkin and Mark Sulkin
Merchant Factors Corporation
Lowell Milken
Stephanie and Jared Miller
Barbara and Robert Morrison�
Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra LLP
Venette R. and Michael Motyl�
Lea and Bill Narens
Neiman Marcus
Lois and Bill* Nudelman
Marcie H. and Robert Orley
Dorothy B. Pathman
Frances and Murray Peshkin
Bozena and Howard Polk
Pollack Family Foundation
Naomi Raber�
Shari L. and Jeffrey Rabin
Rabinowitz Charitable Foundation
Thelma and Jerry Rehr
Reminger Co., L.P.A.
The Resnick Druckman Group
Marilyn J. and Kenneth H. Richman
Anita Robbins, Bressler-Robbins Foundation
Lois and Sidney Robbins
Aviva and Jack A. Robinson
Rohatyner Young Men’s Society, Inc.
Lynda S. and Jerome Rosenbaum
Lillian Rosenthal
Fran Morris-Rosman and Richard D. Rosman
Merle S. and Steven Rosskam
Barbara and Alan Rosskamm
Betty Rosskamm
Sharon and Dr. Allen S. Roth
Jill Okun and Bennett S. Rubin
Lila and Martin Rumack
Diana and Edwin Ruthman�
Evie and Gordon H. Safran
Cheryl and Steve Schanes
Bluma and Robert Schechter
Abby H. and Marvin Schenk�
Lloyd Benson Schiller
Jenny S. and Roger Schoenfeld
Rita Schwalberg
Bruce Schwartz and Rochelle Roth
Paula R. and Walter S. Schwartz
Terry B. and William T. Schwartz�
Jack Sear
Tom Sestanovich
Shirley Shapiro
Barbara Belovin Siegel and Gerald Siegel�
Sills Cummis & Gross P.C.
Sylvia and Donald Simon
Amy and Craig H. Singer
Kerri K. and Jeffrey A. Snow
Sheryl C. and Joel Solomon�
Ann Spicer
Stanco Systems Electrical Contracting Inc.
Barbara J. and Jay L. Statland
Florence T. Stein�
Marlene and Sheldon Stillman
Lottie and Dr. Robert Tartell
Ruth Taubman
Technico Construction Services, Inc.
Tharanco Group
Felice Unger
Bradley J. Urdan
Valley National Bank
Walter & Haverfield, P.L.L.
Weidlinger Associates, Inc.
Trudy and Arthur Weiss
Wells Fargo
Rissa and Sheldon Winkelman
Bennett L. Wolf
Judit Wolf and Eugene Merin
Warren Wolfson
Dara and Alan Yanowitz
York Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
Barbara Jo and Prof. Julian E. Yudelson�
Norman J. Zalben
Eleanor Weiss Zoub
Anonymous (4)
$1,000 - $1,499
Ilene L. and David T. Abrahams
Lillian G. and Alan S. Acker�
Mino and Emanuel Aframian
Age Group Ltd.
• Member Diamond Ladder
^Member Heritage Club
Member The de Gunzbourg Society
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
Helen L. and Charles M. Alexander�
Lynne I. and Daniel Allen
Linda and Earle S. Altman
Trudi Altman�
Elaine S. Amromin�
Mary Ann and Anthony D. Apple
Susan and Milford Ardell
Eliot M. Arnovitz
Helene and Daniel Axinn
Arlene and Samuel Bachner
Hannah Baker
Bang The Gavel Auction Services Inc.
Idell and Seymour N. Bartlett
Marilyn T. and Dr. Jay J. Basch
The Bill Bass Foundation
Ann R. and Sumner Baum�
Doris Ann and Robert Belovin
Joan and Franklin Benamy
Enid and Maxwell Bentley
Jeanne Berkowitz�
Barbara and Melvyn L. Berliner
Janet S. and Abraham A. Berman�
Joan A. Berman
Devorah Neiman Berman and Kevin R. Berman
Pamela and Dr. Abraham Berman
Sylvia S. and Fred Berman
Judith and Dr. A. David Bernanke
Bernard & Rena Shapiro Family Foundation
Harriet H. and Harry Bernbaum
Mildred R. and Nathaniel Bernstein�
Faye R. and Harold Berzon�
Esther Bezborodko
Andrea R. Biller
Sherri L. and Marc D. Blaushild
Renee Blaustein
Nancy C. and Ronald A. Bleeker
Michele and Mitchell Bleznak
Anita P. and Bernhard Blutinger
Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP
Hilary and Stuart Borman
Ann E. Bornstein◆^
Audrey J. and Ralph S. Bornstein�
Beverly Braverman^
I. Allen Broff
William Bron
Joyce E. and Ronald S. Bronow
Bess Brown
Jackie Brown, Ernie Levine, David and
Lois Levine
Pauline E. and Louis N. Buch�
Butler Tire Company, Inc.
James E. Cafritz
Susan and Steven H. Caller
Erhla Cantor
Yanka and Marvin N. Cantor
Miriam Chaplik-Prober
Lorraine and Norman Chase
Gloria and Fred Chekanow�
Sheila and Dr. Jerome Chermak
Chevra Sfard Anshe Poland
Alma June Chomsky
Clear Thinking Group
Nancy G. and Howard Cobin^
Hilary and Gidon Cohen
Michael Cohen and Nicolas Vega
Norma S. and Joel I. Cohen�
Barbara and Peter M. Cohen
Vera and Abraham G. Cohen
Elias A. Cohen Foundation, Inc.
Colburn Colburn
Jane B. and John C. Colman
Marion and Richard Connuck
Alice and Edward Cotman�
Julie and Jeffrey D. Cristal
Betsi and Sir Charles Dahan
Elinor De Koven
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Julie W. and David T. Dennison, Jr.
Linda D. and Harry Dickens
George Dickstein
Jay Dor
Shelley Dube�
Earth Construction
Enchante Accessories Inc.
Lois H. and Richard England
Lidia and Mauricio Epelbaum
Miriam Erlebacher
Phyllis and Donald Estes
Roberta G. and Richard H. Evans
Barbara and Dr. Ronald Federman
Doris and Julius Feigen
Karen E. and Robert U. Fein
Dr. Charles Feingersh
Abraham Fenster
Ronda and Ronald Ferber
Toby Feuer�
Dr. Sheila and Kenneth H. Fields
Marjorie Fisher
Lauren and Phillip Fisher
Judy and Les S. Fishman
Mayer Flaks
The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
Harold I. Fox
Marianna and Albert Frankel
Susan S. and Mitchell L. Frankel
Carol J. and Morton S. Frankel
Elaine and Roman Frayman
Julie F. and Michael A. Frayman
Margaret Friedman
G III Apparel Group
Judi and Neil Galanti
Judith B. Ganz
Drs. Marianne and Stephen Garber
Arthur Geduldig•�
Eileen and Andrew Geller
Leslye and Ronald Gellert
Susan K. and Marshall S. Gerstel
Susan and Jaime Gesundheit
Sonia Gethner
Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust
Ruth and Robert Glasson
Lois and Robert Glick
Judy and Albert Glickman
Marlies Gluck-Upton and Sam Upton�
Esther S. Goldberg�
Lawrence Goldberg
Lester I. Goldfischer
Bertha Goldman
Doris Eliazon Goldstein�
Jill Kolt Goode
Lorin and Alan D. Gottlieb
Gould Investors Trust
Granite Construction Northeast, Inc.
Ilene and Adrian M. Grant
Grant Thornton LLP
Enid and Jerry Green
Reva Green
David B. Greenberg
Harriet and Scott Greenberg
Joyce Z. Greenberg
Mildred and Albert Greenberg
Linda and Richard Greene
Gail A. and Bruce Greenspahn
Roslyn L. Griesbach
Sarita Scherer Gross and Steven C. Gross
Rae Grossman
Carol and Walter Gruchala
Lora and Dr. Bahman Guyuron
Haks Engineers, Architects & Land
Surveyors, P.C.
Bank Leumi
Irving and Frieda J. Hand Memorial Fund
Elsie Handelman�
Gay G. Hartman
Joan and Paul Hauser
Isador and Fannie Havelock Foundation, Inc.
Ronna Sue and Ronald N. Heftman�
Anita M. and William H. Heller
Karen and David S. Hershberg
David S. Hertan
Robert Hess
Melissa and Kenneth Hoffman
Dr. Elaine Hollander
Erica Hartman-Horvitz and Richard Horvitz
Jodi Minkin and Robert S. Horwitz
HRAD Construction Corp
Ann Therese S. and Eli Hyman
Zena Indik
Julie L. Isaacson�
Barbara S. and Alan L. Jacobs
Cindy R. and Stephen Jacobs
The Richard E. Jacobs Group LLC
Joan Jaffa^
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Judith Yablong Judlo
Patricia Kagan
Lola and Melvin Kamins
Kandall Fund
Ruth Kanter�
Betty Lou Konell
Eydie and Steve Koonin
Judy and Paul Kopelman
Rennette and Byron S. Kopman
Kore Contracting Corp.
Kathy and Ronald Kory
Shelley Kreiter-Solow and Sheldon Solow
Rita R. Krell�
Toby and Mitchel Kriss
Sylvia Donnenfeld Kuhr
Deborah L. and Lawrence Kull
Elayne M. and Robert J. Kwait
LA-CO Industries, Inc.
Charna and Alan Larkin
Marta Jo Lawrence
Joyce Leavitt
Diane and Andrew Lechter
Lynn M. and Stanley Leeb
Dana S. and Paul Lefkowitz
Henriette Leibowitz�
Deanne and Arnold Kaplan
Leah and Herbert M. Kaplan
Maggie and Wilson Kaplen
Joan Kasner
Helen S. and Martin L. Katz
Shari and Alon Kaufman
Elaine S. and Dr. Harold A. Kaufman
Mariana and George S. Kaufman
Lillian Efros KaufmanD
Shirley* and Scott Kerniss
Anita R. Kessler�
Elin L. and Irvin A. Leonard
Jan and Allen P. Lev
Doris Levin
Melinda and Richard Levin�
Deborah A. Levine�
Sherri and James Ketai
Bertha M. Klein
Estate of Gladys Klein
Stacy May and Ronald A. Klein
Claire M. Kleiner
Gwen R. and Jules F. Knapp
Evyan and Robert L. Koenig
Alice N. and Robert A. Kohn�
Margit W. Lieberman
Rochelle G. and Dr. Arthur S. Lieberman
Gail A. and Kenneth B. Liffman
Arleen J. Lipke
Toby and Seymour Lipton
Carole and Robert S. Liss
Andrea B. and Eric S. London
L. Lugash
Adele and Edwin Lurie�
Freyda and Melvyn Komito
Rita B. Levine
Lois and Barry Levy
Dr. Susan R. and Donald A. Levy
The Levy Group, Inc.
Toby D. Lewis
Judith Lieberman�
• Member Diamond Ladder
^Member Heritage Club
Member The de Gunzbourg Society
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
Dorothy Magen
Farid and Youssef Mahboubianfard
Mahoney Cohen & Co. PC
Ilsa J. and Francis Maier�
Joyce S. and Leonard Malech�
Eileen P. Mandell�
Myrna and Steven Pressman�
Rhonda L. Pruss and Donald A. Messer
Robert M. Raciti
Rhonda and Gary Ran
Theda Ray
Jean S. and Dr. Howard Rice•
Anna L. Shereff�
Beatrice E. and Martin B. Sherwin
Lisa B. and Gary Shiffman
Janis and Larry Shulman
Lois N. and Ronald L. Shulman
Dr. Robert Shuster�
Rosalind and Allen Markovits
Frieda Martey�
Joan N. and Richard S. Rivitz
Barbara Robbins
Audrey Rose
Leila and Eliot Rose
Enid B. and Dr. David M. Rosenberg
Muriel and Fred Rosenfeld
Karen A. and Chris D. Rosenthal
Doris Roskin
Rotatori Bender Co., L.P.A.
Lisa and Javier Rubinstein
Beverly A. Saeks
Linda S. and Dr. Leonard Sahn�
Lois J. Sider
Signature Bank
Ileene and Steven Simon
Nancy Simons
Dr. S. Fred Singer
Dr. Morton Lewis Singer, Judith Singer &
Irving Lapidus Foundation
Kimberly and Paul Singerman
Leah and Phillip Siskin�
Donald B. Melman
Lea D. Mendel
Bennet Mermel
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Arlene and David Meyerson
Mias Fashion
Dr. Jeffrey Miller
Sydelle and David* Mitchell�
Jerome J. Morrow and Janet Alliger
Parvine Motamed
Sara R. and Marshall N. Myers�
Pari Nehorai
Rosalind L. and Larry M. Nemer
New York Building Congress, Inc.
Judith L. and Bernarr A. Newman�
Pam and Richard Nodel
Evelyn Noveck
Cyndie and Phil O’Bryon
Lionel Okun
Carolyn and Dr. Stephen Oppenheimer
Gertrude Packer�
Saks Fifth Avenue
Shirley A. Samis
Sue Samuels�
Dr. Hal C. Scherz and Dr. Jeri S. Salit
Daniel Schiff
Maita Schoen and John Santoro
Elayne and James Schoke�
Shari Sill Perlmuter and Michael C. Perlmuter
Justin Pollack
Cindy Ann and Scott H. Polster
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Roslyn and Dr. Bernard Portnoy�
Schostak Brothers and Co., Inc.
Mary G. and Arthur Schuman
Rita Schwalberg
Lillian Schwartz
Florence and Martin M. Schwartzberg
Allan Schwartzman
Judith and Barry Alan Schwarz
Micheline P. and Fred L. Segal
Anita R. and Robert S. Seidemann
Sandra and Stephen Seltzer
Shake-N-Go Fashion, Inc.
Brenda M. and Adam B. Shapiro
Patricia A. and Leonard Shapiro�
Marcia Posner
Sheryl and Kenneth Pressberg
Lillian Shaye
Saundra M. and Karl Shechtman
Marilyn* and Herbert Paer
Palm Bay International, Inc.
Susan H. and Jeffrey A. Parker
Betty M. Parks•�
Beatrice Sklarewitz
Miriam and Benjamin Smith�
Marilyn and Jerome Soble
Evelyn and Robert Solomon�
Mildred Solomon�
Mickey and Irving Sonenshine
Sydelle Sonkin
Gayla and Stephen H. Sosnick
Sovereign Bank
Elizabeth and Arthur Spander
Bonnie A. and Stephen H. Spiegle
Stearns, Weaver, Miller, Weissler, Alhadeff &
Sitterson, P.A.
Irene A. and Howard S. Stein
Louise and Rolf Stein•^
Marilyn and Eugene Stein
Bernice G. Stern�
Penny E. and David J. Strauss
Susan Glick Stumer and Frank Stumer�
Sandra and Barry Sudikoff
Samuel Tabas Family Foundation
Tahari A.S.L., LLC
Ruth* and Norman* Tankleff
Amy and Louis J. Taratoot
Linda and David S. Taub, Sandy and Marc Taub
A. Alfred Taubman
Judith G. and Mark Taylor
Lila and Robert Tickman
Grace J. Todrus*
Thekla Todrus*
Uricchio, Howe, Krell, P.A.
Roslind J. and David Vermut�
Norman Wain
Roni and Benjamin Wallace�
Darren Weinstock
Gail and Edward Weintraub
Patricia A. and Martin Weiss�
Stanley Weiss
Syril and James Weiss
Wendy L. and Ronald J. Weiss
Lynn and Leonard* Weitz
Marilyn and Norman Weizenbaum
Toni and Robert Werner
Marilyn Selevan Wesler and Nathan Wesler�
Joanne Cohen and Morris Wheeler
Wicked Fashions, Inc. - Southpole
The Edward and Ruth Wilkof Foundation
Suzanne B. Wilner
Beryl Winkelman
Frances and Bernard Witlin
Eleanor S. Thal Wolf and Bill Wolf�
Carol Wolfe
Diane and Barry Woods
Zev Yaroslavsky
Councilman Dennis P. Zine
Judith and Sherwood Zwirn
Anonymous (2)
$550 - $999
Joann S. and Thomas W. Adler
Ilene Betsy Aidekman and Jeffrey A. Aidekman
Naomi Altschul
Stacy and Kyle Anthony
Marcia Clark Arem and Lawrence J. Arem
Zita J. Areman�
ARK Systems Electric Corp.
Beth W. and Joel Arogeti
Nikki and Michael Aronin
Lawrence G. Babin
Carol and Leroy D. Baca
Baker & Hostetler, LLP
Nancy L. and Dr. Charles H. Banov
Barbia and Ronald S. Barak
Dan Barish
Barone Steel Fabricators
Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker P.L.L.C.
Rita and Robert Basist
Susan K. and Dale S. Bass
Sheri Z. and Marc D. Bassewitz
Dena M. and Edwin Bauch�
Jodi and Adam Becker
Curtis Behrent
Elaine J. Beresh
Robin and Allen Berg
Jean and Wesley R. Berger
Nora and Dr. Brian W. Berman
Ronni S. and Jack Bialosky, Jr.
Blanche Binder
Birdie H. Blaine
Bletsas Plumbing
Marlene and Paul Borman�
Dalene Bramer Gabany and Joseph Gabany
Ruth Braslow�
Margot E. Braun�
Sandra E. and J. Jeffrey Brausch
Carol and Jonathan Braverman
Tamar C. and Peter D. Brosse
Amy Kekst and Dr. Bert Brown
Gayle and Richard J. Burstein
Wendy Coren Cacacie and Patrick Cacacie^�
Joyce M. and Thomas A. Carl
Mira* and Robert A. Castor
Cavalier Construction Services
Renee and Kerry L. Chelm
Chicago Title Insurance Company
Carol K. and Kevin D. Cleveland
The Cleveland Pops Orchestra
The Cleveland State University Foundation, Inc.
Alice and Bennett J. Cohen
Carol and Solo Cohen
Courtney Taylor Cohen
Emily Cohen
Gary G. Cohen
Drs. Kim G. and Daniel Cohen�
Elinor and Manuel Cohen
Nan Cohen and Daniel D. Abrams
Marilyn and Ronald B. Cohen
Barbara and Marty Cohn
Joseph K. Cohn
Jane E. Cole
Combined Resources Interiors
Hannah S. Coopersmith
Lois M. and Steven Corr
Elizabeth A. and Larry Coven
Susan M. and Michael A. Cristal
Rand M. Curtiss
Steve Dallo
Dolores and David Davidson
Sandra and Dennis Dembs
Ryan D. Dembs
Marcy and Greg Diamond�
Jennifer & Grant N. Dinner
David Dreifuss
Jason S. Dreifuss
Evelyn Kravitz Driscoll*
Louise and Ronald E. Droker
Barbara H. and Lawrence Edelman�
Kathryn Passov and Richard Edelman
Joan Starr Eftis
Myrna and Bruce Eglin
Sharon and Howard Eisenshtadt
Michelle and Scott Englander
Lorraine and Leonard Epstien�
Marilyn and Sheldon Estreicher
Denise and Dr. Lee Farkas
• Member Diamond Ladder
^Member Heritage Club
Member The de Gunzbourg Society
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
Barbara and Oscar H. Feldman
Amy & Eric Fingerhut
Glen Fisher
Debra J. Fletcher
Sheila and Dr. Sanford A. Fox
Marla and Ronald Frankel
Eileen P. and Herbert H. Franks
Sharon and Marc W. Freimuth
Elane and Dr. Lee M. Friedel
Loren Ross Frieder and Andy Frieder
Belle and Mac Friedman
Lenore and Allen* Friedman�
Madeline K. and Michael Friedman
Robyn M. and David Galpern
Lisa B. and Gregory E. Garson
Marion Gartenlaub�
General Development Company
Nadine Gerson
Judy and Edward Gertz�
Liora and Levy Gerzberg
Deborah and Jerry Gideon
Gilston Electric Contracting Corp.
Amy and Jamie Ginsberg
James C. Glantz
Kerry and Jeffrey Glueck
Ira S. Goffman
Linda and Arnold Goldberg
Jennifer G. Deutsch-Goldberg and
Gregg Goldberg
Hilary and Seth Golden
Carol and David Golder
Leslie I. and Joel D. Goldhar
Shari and Al Goldstein
Roslyn Gordon
Susan R. Gordon and William C. Shein�
Grace K. and Samuel J. Gorlitz
Annette T. and Harold Gorvy
Diane G. and David J. Gould�
Jody H. and Martin Grass
Marilyn B. Grobman
Candace and Brent R. Grover
Haider Engineering
Laura and Jeffrey Harris
Naomi and Theodore Harrison
Cynthia H. and Bruce Hartzmark�
Shirley Harvey
Jodi B. and Keith Hebeisen
Rebecca C. and J. David Heller
John Heller
Muriel Hertan�
Ilse Renate Herz and Joachim Herz
David Heskiaoff
Vicki and Bruce Heyman
Hilume Corp.
Michelle L. and Evan S. Hirsch
Debbie and Andrew Hoffmann
Scott B. Horowitz
Hurtuk & Daroff Co., LPA
Susan R. and Robert Hurwitz
Robert A. Immerman
Shirlee Isenberg
J.H. Cohn
Judy and Donald S. Jacobson
Dora and Joseph Jaeger
Jan Fabrications
Roe Jasen
Toby B. and James G. Joseph
William R. Joseph
Karen R. Horowitz Kahn and
Jeffrey Michael Kahn
Loren Krongold Kaiserman and David Kaiserman
The Kangesser Foundation
Mildred and David Kanowitz
Amy R. and Ira C. Kaplan
Muriel Kaplan
Cheryl P. and Neil M. Karadbil
Terri L. and Edward J. Karlin
Kasirer Consulting
Ilana Isakov Katz and Dr. Steve Katz
Earle W. Kazis Associates Inc
Phil Keila
Jan H. and Randall E. Kessler
Gertrude and Louis Kestenbaum
Robert Klein
Leslie and Lawrence P. Kline
Alan Klugman
Vicki and Kenneth H. Kohn
David Konheim
Jennifer and Randy Korach
Simone and Dr. Alexander Kott
Ellen and Jeffrey L. Krupp
KS Engineers
Shirlee and Leonard Kurland
Adam Kutinsky
John LaLota
Gail and Arthur Langer
Howard B. Lenard, Esq.
Nancy Grossman Leon and Irving Leon
Joan and Bartram Levenson�
Anna and Yale Levin
Donna A. and Dr. Jack M. Levin�
Morton Q. Levin
Richard R. Levin
Susan B. and Gordon R. Levine�
Sandra M. Lipman
Janet P. and Larry A. Lipov
Lippolis Electric, Inc.
Sandra and Robert Listokin
Richard Lowenthal
Drs. Phoebe and Harris Mainster
Carole and Dr. Howard Mangurten�
Marks, Paneth & Shron
Claudia J. and Peter W. Marmaros
Barbara R. and Dr. Barry H. Martin
Masterpiece US, Inc.
Carol Mathews
Barbara J. Meislin and Stuart Kaplan
Debra and Scott Mendler
Carol Bain and Henry Meyer
Anne L Meyers
Elaine and Dr. Beno Michel
Audrey Milk
James H. Miller
Steven J. Miller and Millie Viqueria
Amy M. and Marc H. Morgenstern
Sandy and Howard Nagelberg
Sharyn L. and Richard J. Nassau
Diane B. and Robert Neuhaus^
New York Commercial Bank
Donna and Dr. Philip Newman
NYC Department of Design and Construction
Raquel and Ber Oberfeld
Irene and Harold Oshinsky
Kathryn Ostrove and Phil Klein
Kathy and Terry Ozan
Andrea and David Page
PAL Environmental
Steve Passov
Edwin S. Pearlstine, Jr.
James H. Perlick
Matt Perlmutter
Elaine and Bert Pitt
Andrew Todd Polin
Daniel B. Post
Barbara Potashkin�
Nina G. and Jay A. Premselaar
Miriam Pressman
Sharon and Jeff Prosansky
Nikita Putnam
Pyramid Air Conditioning Inc.
Terry Rabinor
The Rabinowitz Foundation Inc.
Nancy and Ronald Rafal
Marge and Martin Raphael
Susan and Dr. David K. Rapkin
Barbara and Jules Reich
Andrew Reid
Loree and Alan Resnik
Chester Richman
Stan Richman
Robin S. and Hyman I. Riebman
Amy G. and Kenneth L. Rogat
Barbara C. and Richard M. Rosenberg
Ruth Rosenfeld�
Carol and Steven Rosenstock
Roberta and Pat Rossi
Jackie and Dr. Fred C. Rothstein
Arthur Rottenstein
Susan and Steven H. Rubin
RR Donnelley
Anne and Fred Rzepka
Aliki and Peter Rzepka
Alan Sager
Pearl Saleh
Gloria and Alex Salit�
Janet Salter
Randi J. and Scott H. Schenker
Nancy and Joseph Schofer
Diane and Harvey Scholnick
Lisa M. and William E. Schonberg
Stefanie and Chad M. Schreibman
Susan J. Schwirck
Gertrude L. and Stanley K. Shapiro
Annette and Leonard Shapiro
Howard B. Sherman
Sol Siegal
Alex N. Sill Company
Barbara E. and William A. Silver�
Melissa and Howard E. Silverman
Naomi G. and Edwin Z. Singer
Margaret and Dr. Lawrence J. Singerman
Skyline Windows, LLC
Slattery Skanska, Inc.
Shari and Mark Slavin
Sandra and Allan Slovin�
Louanne Smolin and David L. Eaton
Jerry J. Sokol
Oscar & Mona Sokol Foundation
Deborah A. and Dr. Arthur Solomon�
Susan Sosnick
Southfield Pediatrics
June Speisman and Aaron Speisman
Gilbert K. Squires
SS&G Financial Services, Inc.
Sondra Stahler�
Cheryl Kempinsky Stich and Michael Stich
Donna and Jerry Stone
Deborah and Kelly Stonebraker
Roberta W. and David J. Sturm
The Suburban Temple-Kol Ami
Flora J. and Mark Suffin�
Adrea S. and Jack D. Sukin
Donna I. Suter-Levin
Claire H. and Alan P. Taylor
Tectonic Industries
The Temple Tiffereth Israel Foundation
Pam and Harry Tepper
Ruth and Richard J. Teweles
Debra and Len Thal
John Trione
Pearl Z. Tubiash
Hannah and Joseph S. Unger
Unlimited Technology Inc.
William Valerian
Varsity Plumbing & Heating Co.
Vector Painting Corp.
Cynthia Victor�
Halina and Max Wachtel
Adele Waitz
Anita and Harold Watsky
Elsa and Barry Waxman
Anna and Max Webb
Geraldine M. and Jack A. Weichman^
April A. and Jerold G. Weiner
Doris C. Weinstein
Weisberg and Kainen, P.L.
Elaine and Alan S. Weisz
Enid and Kalman Wenig
Candace Wernick
Joan B. and Charles H. Whitehill
Sharon S. and Irwin M. Winston
Idelle and Abraham Wolf
Carol J. and Abbott D. Wolfe
Forest and Jeremy Wolfe
Betty and Milton Woolf�
Nancy and Daniel Zavelson
Diane J. and Harold I. Zeidman
Zetlin and De Chiara LLP
Denise and Richard Zuckerman
Selma and Dr. Barnett Zumoff
Julie and Richard Zussman
Anonymous (1)
Although this list reflects donors at the $550 level and above,
ORT America would like to thank our supporters, at every giving level,
for their ongoing support and a phenomenal year!
• Member Diamond Ladder
^Member Heritage Club
Member The de Gunzbourg Society
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org
Disclaimer: Although this list was carefully produced and appraised, ORT America extends its regrets, in advance, for any oversight revealed in its listings.
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Executive Committee
75 Maiden Lane, 10th Floor
New York, New York 10038
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John VerStandig, National President
Linda Kirschbaum, Chair, Executive Committee
Stuart Frankenthal, Vice President
Gail Lanznar, Vice President
Grace K. Mendelson, Treasurer
Dan Verner, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer
Terry Azose
Shelley B. Fagel (Immediate Past President)
Hilly Panovka
Regional Offices
ORT Atlanta
Board of Directors
Life Trustees of ORT America
Zev Auerbach
Sid Besmertnik
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Bart Bookatz
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Barbara Feifer
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Mindy Gordon
Doreen N. Hermelin
Larry Kadis
Nicole Kovacs
Howard Lanznar
Daniel Lipson
Neil Model
Robert M. Neidorff
Steve M. Schlosser
Shelby M. Tauber
Marilyn Thypin
Roslind Vermut
Randy Wertheimer
Lewis Zipkin
Paul Borman
Pepi Dunay
Reese Feldman
Pat Goldring
Alvin L. Gray
Sandy Isenstein
Murray Koppelman
Carol Linch
Judy Menikoff
Ruth Eisenberg Moskowitz
Robert L. Sill
Michael R. Stoler
Ruth S. Taffel
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Executive Office
Regional Locations
Alan E. Klugman, National Executive Director
Metropolitan Chicago Region
Michael Bettencourt, Executive Assistant to the
National Executive Director, Board Relations Coordinator
Judy Rosen, Director, Midwest Region
Fund Development Department
Barbara Statland, Director of Operations and Events,
Metropolitan Chicago Region
Herbert M. Kaplan, Senior Director of Development
Barbara Ward, Office Manager
Soretta Rodack, Member Services Coordinator
Beverly Bander, Administrative Assistant
Georges Bergès, National Director, Corporate,
Foundation Relations & Special Projects
Vicki Elekman, Development Assistant
Marla D. Landis, National Senior Director of Major Gifts and
Planned Giving
Long Island Region
Ann Wolf, Director, Long Island Region
Julie Hirsch, Administrative Assistant, Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Judy Vladimir, Development Associate, Long Island Region
Jonathan Berg, National Director, Next Generation
Michigan Region
Tanea Hammond, Director of Outreach and Development
Nicole E. Miller, Director, Michigan Region
Vickie E. Mitchell, Development Administration Manager
Amy Brody, Development Associate, Michigan Region
Marketing and Communications
Jennifer Teper, Accounting Coordinator, Michigan Region
Tiffany E. Ashitey, National Director of Marketing and Communications
New Jersey Region
Brandon T. Mitchell, Special Events Coordinator
Esther Merkin, Director, New Jersey Region
Bonnie J. Hirsch, Creative Services Coordinator
Brenda Shulman, Administrative Assistant
Finance and Accounting/ Fundraising System Information
West Coast Region
Marcos A. Ortiz, Chief Financial Officer
Stephanie Rosenbaum, Director, West Coast Region
Ruth Afolabi (Scott), Senior Bookkeeper
Susan D. Gordon, Outreach and Event Manager, West Coast Region
Galina Sorokin, Bookkeeper
Grace Alvarez, Executive Assistant, Database/Office Manager
Melissa Morro, Bookkeeping Assistant
Florida Region
Esther Geller, Fundraising System Information Supervisor
Donna Brunning, Administrative Coordinator
Information Technology/ Database Management
Lawrence R. Ludwig, National Director, Management
Information Systems
Michael Farley, Information Technology Administrator
Human Resources and Administration
Frank Peña, Payroll Administrator
Michele Davis, Administrative Clerk
Leah Siskin, Advancement Director, State of Florida
Nancy Schwartz-Eige, Associate Director, Florida Region
Ilene Rubin, Administrative Assistant, Florida Region
Andrew Polin, Associate Director, Gulf Coast Region
Atlanta Regional Office
Jenna Leopold Shulman, Director, Atlanta Region
Marni Singer Goldman, Associate Director, Atlanta Region
Greater Washington/Mid-Atlantic/Virginia
Roslyn L. Black, Director of Development
Cleveland Region
Roni Wallace, Director, Cleveland Region
Katie Fiala, Development Director, Cleveland Region
2011 Annual Report | ORTamerica.org