"New Medical College Shares Record For Speed In Admitting First

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"New Medical College Shares Record For Speed In
Admitting First Class"
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eJi al Col/ege Share ecord
pe In Admitting First Clas
Opening 2 Years Iities is s~' m bolic of till' college's learn whal they \\al1 t, flJr the
goal - 10 servE' a~ a mNlic I I most part. but, of ours there
Ahead Of Timetable' c~nter for all of lorthwe t will be f' rtain basic require·
Inw nt. fra il, " Ihe clean ex·
Set 0 "··
gma Y
The colleg will do much morp plainI'd.
The n('w • edical Colle ' l' of
Oh lll hi'r illrrad' shar a na.
tlonal record, Its presid 'nL told
12 !ilal!! repre entllt i 'es and en.
~Iflr, lnun ng th" faci li y Thurs .
Dr , (;lidd.n Rrooks said tha
110 Olpdical :chool ever admittt'
it fir, t 'Ia"" in a shorter period
of Iinte afl' r i l~ r r ationtha
Ihe . Qlf'dll 'oll('gl:' wh ich ha
(Ilrol1 'd OJ :l3·mem er initial
I I;,,, ('sarr schedule
10 begin
!'pl. I;' JI .,1 4' , Y ar afte thl:
:c 0'11 was ,,:tablhihed bv the
' "
. I A ~.' em:»),
1.1 '
( )h In \,(, r.1
an d
Ii tle. mon' than 1 years alt"r II:
prcsldrnt \ !IS nameri
I r, firo k: ~aid lhat th_ Unl'I'r It~ of ( ahrocni ;) Om is II1cdItal ~chonl which 'll'g n las5(,
lao I
~m{llJnl (I f tllne Ir'lllI lormntion
III cla.:1' hut no nl er c'lIe
ev r :prnl \P:s.
han teach medical,st udents , Dr
Brooks explamed. It t n h<l '
a grea im act throughout the
region , particularly in health as
i reI ' e~ to the community,"
Th Toledo sheool will s end
mure II ml' It physiCians In
the community than most m dl·
cal schools ever dreamed of In
th pa '( the lawma ker: were
told , Without such continuing
educar on, Dr . Brooks added,
advances such ~s hea. t trans·
plants 'ould be lrn po Slbl .
He told the legislators that
their rl cision to eate an inde.
pendent college, rather tha one
lhat \\'8 a part Il TC, wa!> wis
" b cause j Ilows th college to
id tify In a larg r ('ommuni IY
orbit" H said he f cIs tha the
co llege would not possiblv be
abl 10 wor throughout nllrth.
west Ohio if II were mor a part
of Tl' than i curren/I} planned,
But he noted thal Tl , Bowhng
Green late linivl'r, itv. and 1)111·
r area in. litulions it e '·par ·
ners in the I'nlerprise. ..
I r
' IVO 'I alloy, an i\ or ltl\\,­
'veaf ' ah"ar (l
' We
" I lip ..... ht"l"d the :~I ege eJ' 10 he bUilt here " Dr Brooks
r al('~-\\, u not .-e po~ · said.
WJlh III Ihe Ipmporary
th at nas been sta.b- ( ;" rr ;,.,,11I1II J ;"11'('([
lishl'd in :lod adJa ~cnl to WII· ' "rtJIIg 1J IJ. I .!,/ rm/l'p,l
1am ~ ndl ~f~mon~1 Ho pltal
r Rober t Page. dean. lold
HlcJudlng a~lI vtlled +n ~la~~I~e Ih vi iLor hat the cur ric :um
\ (III .1 H 'plt aBt an .0lell)' . ad will be uoe of the most adva ced
lio pllal. r. rue. s. t'xp , I nt" . . Ih
I Rdd!lw n he ~ud t 1e col- 10 e na Ion , .
a ll medll:al , tud nls
I e a~ b('('n a I' 0 '10 l don't nl'pd th(' arne educat' n
<lme peratLUos t r,lpOI n y a
, ..'
il f ('1 do and the D. ag~ saId, Ihe L:UfI lculum
Inslltute for Mediral H('$ arch. [or tit hr, I ria ~ I tIexlble. .
pri a )~ rnd. w . J' ,rarch Studen' "t il prON'~ at their
f:t hnl'ilt'll a Toledo Hn pIta I.
own rate he ~ald
They Will
Dr I r n .. ai tllal, in addl­
lion In alit Will Ihe /'3rl) start
If da:"~ 1111" "lIu r~c . pac '
al 0 h;~ 1'0 )1 tf th n'IV rnll_g
n nltr I 1 ton facull
I at ,, 1\ 'n Ihr l \' L ,\
n !ileal C(l\l g..
rorm 'c!
y ar" ago, It dld not h:;ve • ueh
"m~ r
,. Md , 1I~ a r('­
• lit. had 0 \rire ao almost ('n·
lr Iv n \ f:1C'ullv b thE' lim
la •
~an TTe e plaint'd that
Carllt ml'm rli rll'ed originalI • he am" "" 11(' at having no·
I'hClf' to ,'ork, and ma
Iflr lhpr joh·.
',' mbollc Of ( j (l I
Thr pr!' id nl ,<lid that. in II
yoav, thl' IrlDpOl'd r ' sI'para tinn
{If Ifle 'nll ge'
ctlvi! ips In
~t Ie. "ounl ,anrt r1VAle laci l.
fIl e stU<len~ !I I b able to
medlclI l school in
thrpe y ar., he dded
Will need fiv . But he saId I en!
:hould not b a stigma al ached
to the student who takes lunger,
" Pprhaps he will take long ,r
bee u. e he'll want to go mit)
more depth in areas he m a~ I
parti ularly interested in' Ur.
Page said. " Our curriculum WIll
allow him to do so."
Lurger Than Ex cted
. I~h 33
0 P
I /" ~ge sal! h e h' - Ih1l'm r
c aSts IS H
r It and h ad xpet'
. e exp
r a fme t at more
th e .J110·
app IcalOns 'er reo
. . .
Dr. Page 'laid l h I :;0 appll­
cant WPr ar:cepled: and nor·
l1:al practlCI' In mrchcal ~du('a
t.1 n l. Ihal aOll t. halF \'111 ac·
cept Ihp otlcr. Til numb/'r of·
accF-. t:mel' ht!r t hnwevf'r. \ a·
e xtraorrlh~ary. he .ald,
he h.'glslalor~ were tuld tha t
nme S400,O!)n III resea r ~ gran t~
alt'ea d~ ha I hel'" re el\'
I t ':I memI!('r e .
Dr. Page 'J id l23.0UO in Icd·
cral g("ln l~ alread't 'Javl' en
i, sued, nd "I' addit ional 21'1
000 In fed()1 al r:] nt ~ ha .. bu.n
apprnvpd hIll nllt rl'C h ·d. Dr
PaJI :ain tilal an arj.jilJonal
1,000 ha. IJc "II reed 'NI fl:1I
'olunl:tr y a ~encl~ ~ and ,olln,la-,
lion, and. 38.t n\l)r,' Iro t
Carn gle Ii 'J dOl Ifln and Ell
LiJ ly ( o.. Inlldnap').l
t" ,
Additional li'umj ~
In anditil'hl, h(' id II! rr...t:on.
edical Jlr~lIm l,lr he:J ,.t .
canc('r, and SINk will hr in ~ a n
additiona l $800,.)11. in to Ine 31ea
for clllltmuing '1,llc.l t:r: r all'
Ma ing tht" lour W;. r" I' IJubli .
can Heps, Chart, " . ,'rf ~,'s , I.f
Bowling Green, spr'\kc' uf Ih,
lious ; Ralph Fish I , nf WOU"- ,
tcr, chairman uf Ihe llllance
COnlflll ttee , Mack Pc'm rtun,
of Columbus: Don Goddard. of
BarUcH; .To eph HeLland . of
Hillsboru: llober t Vltt. of Can
Ion :
hn Ga lbrait h, of Mau­
me', and Donald l"r;1. er, of Sri,
vaniil; Democratic I (' Ps P IlIip
De Lainl. o( Cle '('land, \' Iter
Ru ll ~o "ski. IIf
taple Hl'ight'
Imd Oonald : 'o\\ack of iarl1pld
Slare en. /{nhrl't Lort , R
g h d at als alfendNI