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The Challenge
Beginning May 2016, Gary ‘Ted’ Sargent, a sailor
from Dublin, will attempt to single-handedly sail a
13ft dinghy around the entire coastline of Ireland,
starting and finishing in Schull, Co. Cork.
Taking the trip on in a single-handed dinghy,
gives the trip an added edge and makes it a
significant physical and mental challenge.
The attempt will take place under the banner of
‘One Wild Ride’ and will raise funds for ChildVision.
In addition to charitable fundraising, the
challenge is intended to showcase sailing as a
sport, our coastline heritage, and in the spirit of
adventure, encourage others to challenge
themselves and find their extraordinary.
Schull, Co.Cork
(Start & Finish)
Putting it in perspective
Equivalent distance is from Dublin to Lisbon in Portugal
Imagine someone hurling buckets of water at you
everyday and the consequent toll on your body
The boat is little more than twice the size of an
average household bath
The Skipper
-  Gary ‘Ted’ Sargent, aged 42.
-  Experienced sailor who has the determination and skills
required to complete this 1500 km. marathon.
-  Competitive and charismatic; respected for his positive
energy, engaging personality and enthusiasm.
-  A communications professional he brings his project
management skills and expertise in video, photography
and writing to the One Wild Ride project.
The Support Team
-  Clear mandate and understanding that the completion of the
challenge relies on solid decision making and the overarching
principles of risk assessment and safety preparation.
-  Support boat and shore based vehicle support at all times.
-  Personnel first aid trained and emergency prepared.
-  Focused effort to build a support team that leverages expertise
for all aspects of the journey including passage planning,
meteorology, navigation, nutrition and safety.
The Boat
-  International Laser Class sailboat, also called Laser
Standard and the Laser One, is one of the most popular
single-handed dinghies in the world.
-  Robust – the boat’s hull is made out of GRP.
-  Simple – a two-part free-standing mast and sleeved
sail make the boat easy to set up and repair.
-  Versatile – multiple rig options and sail sizes allow
the set up to change for the weather conditions.
-  Comparatively fast – just 13 ft. 10.5 inches long and
light too weighing just 56.7 kg (130 lb.).
That all adds up to one wild ride – a physically demanding
workout every time you sail.
International Laser Dinghy
GRP Design
Length 4.2m (13 ft. 9 in)
Hull Weight 58.97 kg (130 lb)
Mainsail 7.06 m2 (76.0 sq ft)
The Causes
ChildVision is the ONLY school in Ireland for the education and
training of blind and vision impaired children.
-  Support students of all ages, some with additional learning or
physical disabilities.
-  Additional outreach services are provided via their Family
Resource Centre and the ChildVision Mobile Resource Unit,
which travels the country bringing their services to schools,
hospitals and health centres.
* We are also in talks with a second charity partner and hope to make an
announcement on their involvement very soon.
Jump on board
We’re looking for support from sponsors and partners, who can
volunteer, donate or help us reach the fundraising targets we've set. In return for your support, we can work with you to display, elevate and
promote your brand or logo on our nationwide journey - e.g.
prominence on our website, product placement, logo display etc.
If you can help we’d love to hear from you.
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Contact Us
Gary ‘Ted’ Sargent
One Wild Ride Skipper
Mick Moloney
One Wild Ride Logistics
Tel. 086 040 3476
Email. [email protected]
Email. [email protected]
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