ESE 271 - Electrical Circuit Analysis I

FALL 2014
J.P. Parekh
[email protected]
Rm. 225, Light Engineering Bldg.
Charles Alexander & Matthew Sadiku, Fundamentals of
Electric Circuits (3rd Edition). This book is available as a free pdf file on the
COURSE OBJECTIVES: ESE 271 takes the subject of electrical circuit analysis, first
introduced in ESE 123 , to a higher level. The basic network theorems and analysis
techniques (Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff Theorems, mesh analysis, nodal analysis, Thevenin
and Norton equivalent circuits) are reviewed and applied to problem solving in DC and AC
circuits. The transient and steady-state components of circuit response to sinusoidal and
other driving sources in circuits containing storage elements (capacitors, inductors) are
treated in detail.
1. Electrical quantities - charge, current, voltage, power, energy.
Passive and active elements
2. Resistors, Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff Laws KVL and KCL, resistors
connected in series – equivalent resistance, voltage divider,
Resistors connected in parallel – equivalent resistance, current divider,
Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, meters – ammeters,
voltmeters, and ohmmeters
3. Op amps, equivalent circuit, applications
4. Circuit analysis methods, nodal and mesh analysis, linearity,
duality, superposition
5. Energy storage elements – capacitors and inductors, equivalent
capacitance for capacitors connected in series or in parallel, equivalent
inductance for inductors connected in series or in parallel
6. Analysis of first-order circuits – RC and RL circuits, time constant,
circuit with DC voltage battery, transient response and steady-state
7. Analysis of second-order circuits involving two storage elements, 2nd
order differential equation, transient and steady-state response
8. Sinusoidal signals, sinusoidal steady-state analysis of RC, RL and
RLC circuits, method of phasors, impedance and admittance, RMS
values of voltage and current, complex and time-average powers, power
factor, power-factor correction, filters
9. Basic 3-phase circuits