Flame-resistant Clothing

flame-resistant clothing
What kind of customers choose a Cintas Managed Program for their Flame-Resistant
Clothing needs? People who recognize the unique demands of the FRC and who need
to know it’s being done right; people who know their time and resources can be more
productive when focused on business goals rather than on details of their FlameResistant Clothing.
We never lose sight of factors that make you different from all the others, which is
why some of the world’s most respected companies trust Cintas FRC.
In addition to being your best source for purchasing Flame-Resistant Clothing, Cintas
FRC offers managed programs that incorporate a number of value added services to
help make your job easier and more productive.
How will your company benefit from a Cintas-managed program?
• Improved Safety
• OSHA Compliance
• Compliance with industry standards
• Lower Costs
• Increased Productivity
• Improved Employee Morale
Why put the safety of your employees in the hands of Cintas FRC?
• Nation’s largest purchaser of FRC
• Only industrial launderer to have a division solely dedicated to FRC
• More than 300,000 people wear FR garments from Cintas
• We stock over $6 million worth of FR clothing
• Active in many industry associations and committees
“Helping FRC customers achieve and maintain the
appropriate level of FR safety and cost efficiency
Work Clothing. Although company
policies and practices vary with regard
demands full-time commitment. That’s why we’ve
organized a dedicated group with expertise and
to work clothing, in some situations
and work environments, selection of
work clothing is an important safety
procedures specific to this function.”
matter when working around flammable
liquids and gases.
— Scott Farmer, CEO, Cintas Corporation
— Certified Employee Training Program
60680 INDURA® 7 oz. Work Shirt
60694 INDURA® Ultra Soft® Shirt
60698 Nomex®/Rayon Shirt
Button-down front placket; button-flap chest
Tailored sleeve plackets and the lined, topstitched
Tough, protective Nomex® now in a traditional
pockets. Available in Lt. Blue (80) and Navy (20).
buttondown collar ensure a neat appearance.
design. Patch flap pockets. Available in Denim
Available in Lt. Blue (80) and Navy (20).
(80) only.
A full-cut, classic plain-front pant. Available in
70644 INDURA® Ultra Soft® Pants
746 7.5 oz. Nomex® IIIA Pants by Cintas
Navy (20) only.
Durable construction, detailed for efficiency.
Heavy duty brass zipper with button closure.
Innerlined waistband gives lasting body and
Available in Navy (20) only.
70640 INDURA® 9 oz. Pants
656 Nomex® IIIA Shirt by Cintas
Buttondown patch flap chest pockets. Available
shape. Full cut with a subtly tapered fit. Available
in Navy (20) only.
in Lt. Blue (80), Khaki (60) and Navy (20).
cotton comfort
Work Clothing. Clothing made of natural fiber such as
cotton or wool may provide more protection in the event
of fire than do non-flame retardant synthetic fibers.
— Certified Employee Training Program
330 100% Cotton Work Shirt -
Although cotton is not flame resistant, it does offer a
Available in Post Blue (10), Spruce
safer alternative to synthetic fabrics for your uniform
(40), Lt Blue (80), Navy (20).
choice. Most synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, acrylic or
polyester, once ignited, melt and drip. This hot, sticky,
melted substance causes localized and extremely severe burns.
340 100% Cotton Work Pant Available in Post Blue (10), Spruce
(40), Lt Blue (80), Navy (20).
facility services
Our Facility Services create a professional, safe environment for
your workplace. Cintas Facility Services Provides:
• Extensive product lines in a variety of colors and sizes
• Flexible programs for changing needs
• No inventory investment (i.e. no up-front costs)
• Weekly pick-up and delivery service
• Low weekly fees
As part of our Facility Services, Cintas offers both Dust Control
and Hygiene Services that protect your environment as well as
your investment.
Dust Control
Our Dust Control Program consists of a variety of floor mats and
mop services that reduce your housekeeping costs, enhance your
image, and keep your work environment clean, safe, and dry. On
a weekly basis, a Cintas Service Sales Representative visits your
business, carefully picks up all of the dirty mats and mops and
replaces them with fresh, clean ones. The dirty mats and mops are
then taken back to our facility to be cleaned and sanitized
Hygiene Services
Cintas provides dispensers to our customers at no up-front cost
and then returns on a weekly or as needed basis to replenish
the products. We also ensure that all products are functioning
properly by cleaning dispensers, changing dead or low batteries in
automated units and replacing any broken units.
Floor Mat Service
Over 80% of the dust and dirt in a building is tracked in on
the soles of our shoes. Properly placed Cintas floor mats trap
soil in it tracks — up to one pound per square yard. A Floor Mat
Service from Cintas prevents this captured, tracked in soils from
contaminating your business.
Dust Mop Services
Dust Mop Service is a smart companion to our Floor Mat Service.
Together, these services help ensure maximum soil and dust
control, and improved housekeeping.
Sanitation Services
We provide hassle-free air freshener service for a low weekly rate.
There is no inventory investment.
Cotton and Fire Retardant Uniform and Facility Services are available under the NPGA National Contract.
For more information please call 800.795.7368.