UK Opportunities for Food-Tech - Future Food

UK Opportunities for Food-Tech
future food-tech 5.11.15
Ian Meikle, Head of AgriFood
@meikle567 @innovateuk
UK R&D spending per annum
£17bn +
Innovate UK
TRL 10
5-point plan for future growth
• Accelerating UK economic growth, nurturing small, high-growth
companies, helping them to become high-growth mid-sized companies
with strong productivity and export success.
• Building on innovation excellence throughout the UK, investing locally in
areas of strength.
• Developing Catapults and other centres of excellence within a national
innovation network, to provide access to cutting edge technologies,
encourage inward investment and enable technical advances in existing
• Working with the research community and across government to turn
scientific excellence into economic impact, and improve efficiency.
• Evolving our funding models; exploring ways to help public funding go
John Beddington’s
“Perfect Storm”
Agri-tech strategy
Feeding the
future report
FDF report
Strategy for Food
Research and
Launch of SAF-IP
Royal Society –
Science and the
sustainable intensification
of global agriculture (2009)
Global Food Security
Programme – strategic
plan 2011-16
Foresight report (2011)
Improving Agricultural
Enhancing Food
Novel genetics / breeding
Reducing Sugar, Salt & Fat
Combating agro-chemical and
anti-microbial resistance
Enhanced nutritional value
Enhanced resilience to biotic
and abiotic stress
Protein development
livestock/aquaculture nutrition
& healthcare
Advanced & Precision
New/smarter ingredients
Authenticity and Traceability
Food Safety
Smarter Packaging
Modern methods of food
Joining up value chains across borders & boundaries
Building on UK strengths & cross sector working
Nurturing disruptive technologies
Investigating technologies to add value to food process by/coproducts and waste
Partners: Nestec York Ltd, Warburtons Limited, Silvery Tweed Cereals Limited,
Carr's Flour Mills Limited
(Food processing and manufacturing efficiency - £0.4m total; £0.2m grant)
• Project has facilitated supply chain partnerships and
knowledge transfer between 2 major food
•Anticipated £0.75m savings on waste-efficiencies
•Reincorporation of by-product as a value-added
food ingredient is leading to product innovation likely
to yield > £4-5m p.a. supply-chain value-added.
•Improving nutritional value of products.
Baking with sound: Ultrasonic sonication in the
processing of healthier foods
Partners: Macphie of Glenbervie Limited, Nortek Piezo Limited,
Heriot-Watt University, AFE Group Limited, Fosters Bakery
(Staincross) Limited, Loughborough University
(Nutrition for Life)
The project aims to apply ultrasound in an innovative way to control
the physical properties of food foams (such as dough and batters)
and has been shown to allow density, volume and texture of
products to be dramatically improved during the baking or cooking
The technology will have particular benefits for “free from”
products such as gluten-free or reduced products which are more
challenging to manufacture but will also have broad application for
other baked or thermally processed foods.
The project will significantly improve product quality, process
energy efficiency and sustainability of industrial bakery and cooking
Greater Nutrition Based foods through innovative ‘RAW’
Partners: Nosh Detox Delivery Ltd, Deli 24 Ltd
(Nutrition for Life)
This project aims to develop healthy food and drink
products using a novel combination of natural ingredients
with shelf life enhancing properties in conjunction with a
low temperature (cold) high pressure pasteurisation (HPP)
The use of natural preserving ingredients will maintain the
nutrient content and raw freshness of the food and drink
products with out the need for addition of traditional
synthetically manufactured preservatives post processing.
Using natural ingredients in combination with a cold HPP
process will enable preservation of nutrient content whilst
maintaining fresh quality and tastes avoiding the tainting
effect caused by higher temperature pasteurisation .
Opportunities over next 5 years
• Exploit reputation for quality Food & HVM
– Authenticity and traceability
Consumer pressure -> CSR -> competitive advantage
Tackling obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease and diabetes
Connecting industry with research
Cross-sector working e.g. space, health, HVM, sensors, photonics
AgriFood data – inc. 8,000 DEFRA datasets
The “Rural Powerhouse” – regional clustering
Leverage natural capital / de-risk the circular bio-economy
Capitalising on Untapped Investor “follow on funding”
Global growth opportunities, building bilateral international
collaboration inc. with Devolved Admins!
Optimising Food Composition
Fat, Sugar, Salt & Fibre
£10m Competition
Now Open
EoI by 25 November 2015 (noon)
Competition scope
Strategies to reduce fat, sugar and salt or address the
consequences of reduction or removal, and to increase
dietary fibre, such as:
development of alternative ingredients,
novel bulking agents and enhancers
substitution of components
addressing changes to characteristics during processing
potential food safety issues
shelf life and product quality issues
Improving the productivity of Agri-Food systems
using satellite technology
New £3.75m Competition
opens 16th November 2015
Improving the productivity of Agri-Food systems using
satellite technology
“Satellite Food”
• Aim is to stimulate innovation to improve the productivity of
agri-food systems using satellite technology
- Also to drive efficiency in and improve sustainability of the agri-food
supply chain
• Up to £3.75m will be invested in business led, collaborative
projects addressing the scope
- Combination of technical feasibility and collaborative R&D activities.
- Co-funded with NERC