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Industrial Fans
A Passion for Solutions
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Chengdu KK&K Power Fan Co., Ltd.
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TLT-Turbo GmbH
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TLT-Turbo GmbH
A Passion for Solutions
TLT-Turbo GmbH is one of the world's
leading manufacturers of technology-driven
industrial fans and ventilation systems.
As a company of the Power Construction
Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) we
belong to one of the world's 500 biggest
companies. With our products we are able
to respond to the challenges presented by
your projects.
„Custom solutions are
innovative ideas that
we turn into reality“.
TLT-Turbo GmbH
maintains a corporate
culture that is characterised by mutual
respect, trust, openness and the will to
We understand our
customers’ requirements and work with
them on innovative
The increasing internationalisation of our
business requires
knowledge of global
market conditions as
well as readiness
and flexibility on the
part of our staff to
respond to the resulting demands. This is
why we work with
people who really
strive to make the
TLT-Turbo GmbH's
main assets are
flexible employees,
the way they think
and work every day
and the products
they produce.
TLT-Turbo GmbH
We are glad to be at your service and offer
customised solutions based on our wide
experience. We provide individual support –
from your initial inquiry right through to
project conclusion.
The success of your
project depends on
economic, contractual,
scheduling and, of
course, above all on
technical aspects.
Complex projects and
tasks require a high
degree of flexibility.
It is our job to transport air and other
gases with fans for
ventilation, cooling,
smoke extraction, or
to support, launch or
maintain a specific
Our products must
cater for a wide range
of needs and are
therefore adjusted
and subjected to
specific further
development on an
ongoing basis.
Nevertheless we
have the ability to
and are specialised
in implementing
customised solutions
carried out to your
technical requirements.
„Top quality
long availability“.
TLT-Turbo GmbH fans and the associated
system components are deployed successfully
all over the globe. To date over 10,000 fans
have already been installed. They are used
at global level by energy providers, steel
producers, in tunnel and metro systems,
mines and wind tunnels as well as in many
other applications.
and proven technology
- worldwide“.
With our efficient
sales network of
sales offices and
dedicated representatives we are a
reliable and professional partner for our
customers all over
the world.
Even in China we
are continuously
enhancing the
TLT-Turbo GmbH
fans in our Joint
Venture CKPF.
South Africa
TLT-Turbo GmbH representatives
quality and long life. Many of them run
reliably without problems for 30 years and
Even under extreme
operating conditions
TLT-Turbo GmbH fans
contribute to uninterrupted operation.
No matter how high
the temperature,
how extreme the
dust load or how
explosive the mine
air, we will find the
perfect solution.
Thermal power plant
Tunnel systems . Metro
Wind tunnel
Chemistry and
Power 100 – 10,000 kW
Power 7.5 – 2,400 kW
Power 100 – 10,000 kW
TLT-Turbo GmbH fans are renowned for top
Power 500 – 18,000 kW
Our product configuration software is
enhanced on an
ongoing basis to
guarantee efficient
proposal management
and support worldwide marketing
coverage. It therefore
represents a standardised global platform
for our technical
solutions, enabling
proposals to be
prepared in any
business location.
Power 50 – 88,000 kW
Power 100 – 5,000 kW
„New markets require
adapted and
innovative products“.
High-tech wear
protection and
detailed aerodynamic optimisation
guarantee high
availability and
minimum energy
Cement industry
Power 10 – 4,600 kW
„Benefit from the skills of
our engineers, technicians
and supervisors“.
We deliver ventilation systems featuring low
energy and low lifecycle costs. A lean
hierarchy and clear responsibilities lead to
short response times in sales, project
management and field service.
A Passion for Solutions
As an OEM we are
a reliable partner for
delivery of original
parts, quality production and long-term
concepts. We combine
high performance
with expertise.
Our specialised staff
represent the efficient
link between you as
the customer and our
service centres.
To ensure that we
can provide you
with innovative,
state-of-the-art and
individual solutions,
we systematically
adapt our service
products to the latest
Our long-term service
programmes reduce
unforeseen maintenance costs and boost
your productivity.
The safety of our
customers and our staff
is of great importance
to us. We are a certified EHS company.
We are also certified
for the petrochemistry
We encourage our
employees to take part
in continual further
training so that we
can provide you with
the best possible
assembly team.
As TLT-Turbo GmbH employees, all our
actions are focused on our company’s
future. Why not join us on the way there?
As an international
company we are
keenly aware of our
responsibility in the
face of global and
long-term challenges. Sustainability is
an issue that guarantees your future as
well as ours. We try
to harmonise economic, ecological and
social requirements
and are convinced
„You are important
for us as a customer
and a person“.
that our innovative
products can help
improve the conditions in which many
people live today.
development, design
and production of
fans and the associated systems. They
are ready to advise
you during the offer
phase and will support you through to
conclusion of your
The complexity of
large plants and
their processes
frequently represents
a major problem for
suppliers as well as
This is precisely where
a company like
TLT-Turbo GmbH
succeeds, with professional management
that collaborates to
analyse specific
problems, and identifies and implements
the perfect solution.
TLT-Turbo GmbH has
over 100 years of
experience in ventilation technology.
Some of our highly
skilled staff have
already spent decades
working on the