Relativity, Electrodynamics, and Quantum Mechanics Department

Relativity, Electrodynamics, and Quantum Mechanics
Department: TJHSST - Science
Credits: 1.0 Weighting: 1.00
TJHSST Description:
Electromagnetic interactions dominate the structure and behavior of systems on earth; from atomic to
chemical to nano to biological to geological scales and beyond. 100Quantum Mechanics is introduced after
winter break in the physical context of Quantum Optics and finite-state systems which brings together
fundamental quantum mechanics, electromagnetic fields, and the interaction of photons with matter,. The
development includes contemporary research areas and modern applications of quantum mechanics including
quantum entanglement, the quantum description of photo production and detection, select topics in solid state
physics and nano technology. The last quarter of the course introduces basic concepts in Quantum Computing
and Quantum Cryptography, with an attendant examination of fundamental quantum mechanics of entangled
states and Bell’s theorem. The course ends with a brief description of the structure and physical concepts
of the fully relativistic quantum theory: Quantum Electrodynamics. This course is intended for students
who enjoyed AP Physics-C and wish to understand the fundamental physics of space-time, electromagnetic
fields, and quantum mechanics. Strong quantitative problem solving skills as demonstrated in AP PhysicsC and advanced mathematics courses at TJ as well as an eagerness to learn through problem solving are
requirements for success in this post-AP course. Students should plan on spending a minimum of 6 hours
per week on homework for the class.