July - Sept. 2003

Volume 13, Issue 3, July - September 2003
Volume 15, Issue 2, April - June 2005
State of The Industry
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Forces of change continue to rock the utility industry. In addition to escalating power costs and rising material costs,
many public service commissions as well as consumers are
demanding better service (as measured by SAIDI, CAIDI,
SAIFI and CAIFI average interruption and frequency indices). Thus RESCO has seen the focus of utility engineering and
operations groups changing, rather than simply building line
(either OH or URD), utilities now are looking for:
products that have improved life or those that increase
overall system life (e.g. – Hubbell polymer cutouts, ERMCO
transformers with interlaced design and extended warranty,
primary cable with 40 year warranties, Genics wood pole
wraps, elbow arresters at open points on URD systems, Riser
pole arresters on the dip pole, Sweetbriar super tuff series 8000 cable, Nordic fiberglass sectionalizing cabinets)
products with improved performance (e.g. – Hubbell lightning arresters, American
Electric, Hubbell and GE security lights, DTL photo controls, lower loss transformers)
products that are environmentally friendly (e.g. – use of nylon head pole top and
crossarm pins rather than lead head pins)
products that are user friendly and reduce labor costs (e.g. – ERMCO 3∅ transformer
design, Leutex fiberglass deadend arms, automatic OH splices, automatic deadend
clamps, Milbank meter sockets installed at the lot line for temporary and permanent
service, transformers shipped with labels and stenciling, Huskie/Greenlee battery operated tools, TWACS automated meter reading)
products that reduce outages (e.g. – animal cover-up protection such as Kaddas, Hein
pole wraps, Guthrie guards, Raysulate substation bus wrap, fiberglass standoff brackets, use of cable end caps on stock URD cable stored outside, Hendrix OH cable)
products that reduce the outage time (e.g. – adaptive trip fault indicators, more disconnect switches on the line, use of Federal Pacific or GW switchgear, use of on/off
switches rather than a “T” blade design in three phase transformers, Dynatel secondary fault locator, Telemetrics devices).
products that reduce the number of customers out during an outage (e.g. – ERMCO
fused pad-underground cutout, installing more cutouts on OH systems, Elastimold
fused elbow, more Cooper or GW reclosers on the system)
products that are less expensive (e.g. – use of a polymer deadend insulator rather than
porcelain bells, guy markers, best value approach rather than strictly TOC on transformer purchases, use of Nordic transformer deferral cabinets in place of energized
transformers, ERMCO transformer shipped double-stacked, Elastimold elbow with integral cable seal).
products that more accurately measure revenue (e.g. – GE new single phase electronic
meter and GE polyphase meter). continued on next page...
Volume 15, Issue 2
Your RESCO rep is very interested in providing additional information, product presentations
or training on any of the aforementioned products. We want to bring value to your utility.
Remember there are three kinds of organizations: Those who make things happen, those who
watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. In this era of change, most organizations are focusing on continuous improvement.
Industry Update
The newly designed Ohio Brass Optima
arresters will be replacing all current style
arresters effective May 1. Thus once all the
current RESCO inventory has been sold,
the new Optima arrester will be the standard RESCO stock offering. See your RESCO
rep on the advantages of the newly designed arrester. (Also featured in the last
RESCO Lines).
Many utilities have begun to use an Electrical Materials arrester tap connector
(P/N 30-5) for live front switchgear applications. The arrester tap connector provides a means to disconnect the arrester
from the cable termination when hipot testing cable or where operating practices
make it impractical to install surge protection with bolted connections. It has its
own parking stand in an open position (1)
attaches to a standard arrester top (3), and
is shipped with an in service retaining clip
(2). The tap connector is made of spring
grade phosphor bronze wire, and will withstand 10,000A for 3 sec. See your RESCO
rep for more information.
Product Lead Times
Medium Voltage Primary Cable
Low Voltage Secondary Cable
Transformers 1∅
Transformers 3∅
16-18 weeks
6-8 weeks
8-10 weeks
8-10 weeks
Due to continued raw material cost increases (Cooper is at a 16 year high, aluminum at a 9
year high, ginc at a 8 year high, polymer compounds up over 20%, and steel still high) as
well as freight costs up 5-7% over 2004 levels, many manufacturers are again announcing
price increases in March. Selected increases as follows:
Resco Lines
Pole Line Hardware
URD Cable Accessories
LV Cable
MV Cable
Industry Update - Cont.
Connector Selection for Compressed and
Compact Conductors Questions continue to be
asked regarding the use of connectors for compressed
and compact conductors in both overhead and underground applications.
The basic difference between compressed and compact
conductors is that there is less air or space in between
the individual stands on compact thus yielding a smaller
overall diameter. Otherwise both types of conductors
have the same amount of copper or aluminum weight,
the same copper or aluminum cross sectional area, the same dc resistance and are rated to
carry the same ampacity.
When a compression type connector is applied to a compressed conductor, the compression turns the compressed conductor into compact and then squeezes it more. In essence
with compact conductors, we have performed that first pre-compression.
Most connector manufacturers (Burndy, T&B, Homac, Anderson, etc) do not supply a special connector for compact conductors. Additionally, they do not recommend “downsizing”,
i.e. using a 450-mcm connector on a 500-mcm compact conductor. The 450-mcm connector cannot carry the same current as a 500-mcm. In the field a standard connector will fit
loosely on a compact conductor; something most splicers notice and report. In reality,
once compressed it has the same compression ratio and electrical integrity. This type of
connector is used for the standard hand wrapped, cold shrink or heat shrink splices and
Premolded accessory manufacturers require a special connector for compact strand because they are concerned with the heat transfer from the connector/lug to the rubbermolded part and eventually to the ambient environment. Premolded parts are much thicker
than heat or cold shrink accessories and do not dissipate heat as readily. Thus Elastimold
and Cooper recommend using the next smaller size connector/lug. They can do this because they use an oversize aluminum connector/lug to start with. Their 450-mcm connector/lug is rated more like a 500-mcm. Again they use an oversize aluminum connector/lug
to build diameter to help dissipate heat. Customers using compact conductors with premolded accessories (elbows, splices, terms, etc.) should alert the manufacturer/distributor at order time.
Volume 15, Issue 2
New Products
Normal utility safety practices, as well as
electrical codes, require that conductors be
grounded during stringing operations. With
bare conductor, grounding can be accomplished with “roller grounds” or other
means. These methods, however, are ineffective with covered conductor.
The Fargo Rotating Ground Tool is designed
to provide a continuous ground as conductor is pulled from a reel, protecting against accidental contact with adjacent energized conductors
or dangerous induced voltages that may occur.
The tool, utilizing a rugged sealed bearing, provides a continuous electrical ground without interfering with the free rotation of the reel.
The tool is mounted on the arbor shaft adjacent to
the reel of conductor. A ground conductor is installed in the non-rotating collar connector and to
a suitable ground provision. The inner end of the
reel conductor is then inserted into the ground
connector located on the rotating flange. As the
reel is turned, electrical ground continuity is assured.
• The GR233X or GR253X rated at 10kA fault current level (#2 Rating).
• The GR-27BS2 has been tested to 27 kA fault current level (2/0 Rating).
• The GR-43BS2 has been tested to 43 kA fault level (4/0 Rating).
Thomas & Betts (Elastimold) has introduced a new
fused elbow. While a fused elbow has existed for many years,
the new style incorporates a redesigned full range current
limiting fuse. The new fuse is less expensive than the older
style fuse, is larger in size and is full range current limiting
(higher ampacity sizes). Thus there will be no interchangeability between the two designs. Fused elbows are a cost
effective way to add protection to existing distribution systems without the added cost of switchgear. Fuses are available from 6A up to 45A for 15.5 KV systems. Verification of
blown fuses is performed through elbow direct
test points or capacitive test points (select at
time of order). Elbows will accommodate #2
through 4/0 conductor with both 15KV and
25KV interfaces available.
Resco Lines
Older style elbows are no longer available from
the manufacturer (although RESCO does have a
limited supply in inventory). Older style fuses
will be available for the foreseeable future. New
style elbows and fuses are available at factory
lead time (16-18 weeks). See your RESCO rep for
a listing of available older style fuses and elbows
or more information on the new style fuses.
New Products - Cont.
Osha Regulation 1910.266 specifies that any worker using a chainsaw must be wearing
footgear that covers above the ankle and will stop high speed blades on contact. Some
training personnel are beginning to place the requirement in their safety manual (Wisconsin) and instructing that the rule applies to linemen whenever they are performing tree or
limb cutting using a chainsaw. The items below meet the OSHA standard and are provided
through RESCO from Peco Sales (division of Forestry Supplies).
SwedePro Leather
Chain Saw Boots
Timberwolf Chain
Saw Boots
SawJammer SlipOn Foot Protection
Superior chain saw protection plus superior comfort!
These full-grain leather
steel toe boots are lined
with multiple layers of
Kevlar for excellent chain
saw protection. Deep foam
in the pillow cushion innersoles cushions each step,
and a 3" steel shank provides extra support. Silicone treated to repel moisture and triple stitched for
extra durability. The highabrasion Vibram soles can
withstand the demands of
almost any terrain. The extra wide steel toe meets
ANSI standard Z41PT83,
and the boots meet the requirement for chain saw
protective footwear in
OSHA reg. 1910.266.
Color: Black. Width: Medium.
Protect your feet, ankles
and shins from injury
while operating your
chain saw!
These boots meet Nordic
Standard Class C for Chain
Saw Resistant Footwear,
carry the Swedish Testing
Mark for Chain Saw Resistant Footwear, and meet
the requirement for chain
saw protective footwear in
OSHA reg. 1910.266. Lined
with multi-layers of Ballistic Nylon for woodland
safety, these waterproof
boots also feature an extrawide steel toe, a springsteel inner sole for excellent support, a 3" steel
shank for extra support,
and a lug sole. Orange/
Wear these UL certified
foot protectors over shoes
or boots for superior chain
saw protection.
Protect your feet from serious injury resulting from
contact with a running
chain saw. Eight layers of
Kevlar stop high speed
blades on contact meeting
OSHA 29CFR 1910 specifications. Full-level cut protection across instep and
around ankles. Quick-clip
nylon straps across ankle
and instep. 1500 Denier
Cordura nylon covering
cleans up with soft brush,
soap and water. Nonslip
lug sole. Safety orange.
Volume 15, Issue 2
New Products - Cont.
RESCO has become an approved Megger distributor. New Megger
products include a new insulation tester and clamp on ground
tester. The insulation tester (MIT 300 series) is almost indestructible and enables hand free operation. It also includes four
important safety features. The clamp
on ground tester measures resistance
from .025 mohm to 1500 ohm and
opens to accommodate 1.25" cables.
It has self calibration, alarms, data
logging storage and a rugged case.
New models include DET10C and
DET20C. See your RESCO rep for
more information.
Metering Tips
Power Quality: Voltage Sag and Swell Monitoring
The three fundamental sources of power quality problems are nature, the power delivery
system, and the equipment connected to the system. The GE kV2c Electricity Meter can aid
you in determining the source of a “Power Quality” problem.
The kV2c has several advanced power quality tools that will gather data to aid in the evaluation
of a power quality complaint. One useful tool is the programmable sag and swell monitor. The
addition of a “V” switch will allow the kV2c to log voltage sag and swell duration down to 1
cycle, minimum and maximum voltage, coincident current and Date and Time of the sag or
V switch data that shows a drop in voltage and notes a coincident high current would suggest
the voltage sag was due to load on the customer side of the meter. If no significant increase in
current is noted, then this event may be an issue related to nature or the power delivery
system. The date and time of the event may let you determine if the sag or swell was storm
related or due to a normal and necessary utility operation like capacitor switching.
Be prepared to evaluate Power Quality issues. Consider adding the V switch to your next kV2c
meter. Please give RESCO's metering application support team a call (1-877-766-9898) for
assistance to any metering questions.
Resco Lines
President's Corner
Fiscal year 2004 has now concluded and the official results have been compiled by RESCO’s
auditors, Grant Thornton. RESCO is pleased to recognize the loyalty from its various utility
customers which resulted in $80,000,000 in annual sales for 2004.
RESCO takes great pride in its ranking of the 4th most productive electrical supply distributor as
expressed in sales volume per employee as reported each year by Electrical Wholesaling Magazine. When combining, high employee productivity and a not-for-profit business model combined with high ethical business practices, RESCO provides significant value added services to
it’s utility customers day in and day out. This high level of service was confirmed by a recent
customer survey conducted to determine the assessment of RESCO’s operations by its over
400 utility customers. Thanks to over 65% of utility customers who responded to the survey
and rated RESCO very highly on all 22-service criteria surveyed. We are pleased that so many
customers are pleased with the relationship with RESCO.
As we look forward to 2005, RESCO is concentrating on providing additional valued added
services to further bolster its relationships with its many utility customers. One special emphasis is being placed on methods to assist customers in saving costs as they relate to product
selection, use of products or time saving devices to the benefit of all utility customers.
Thanks again for your support in this past year of 2004 and RESCO anticipates developing
further service benefits that a not-for-profit, highly productive organization should be able to
Hot Line Clamps
Hot Line Clamps The following charts serve as a guide for the proper selection of hot line
clamps. Note that the selector chart outlines the proper clamp for the indicated conductor
size and type. Additionally a chart is also shown that indicates what suffix clamp is recommended for the type of conductor. (E.g. - 1535 AGP is a general purpose clamp that fits a
wide array of conductor sizes and types - aluminum to copper, aluminum to aluminum,
copper to aluminum or copper to copper.)
Volume 15, Issue 2
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