Microwave Amplifier 500 MHz to 10 GHz Model QB-969

Microwave Amplifier
500 MHz to 10 GHz
Model QB-969
• High 1 dB Compression Point: 22 dBm
• Wide Bandwidth: 500 MHz to 10 GHz
• Low Noise Figure: 4 dB
• Environmental Screening Available
The Model QB-969 is standard high frequency amplifier covering 500 MHz to 10 GHz. This X band amplifier, utilizes a two
stage design and a laser sealed housing for the ultimate in environmental protection. This standard design may also be
ordered in a screened MIL-STD-883 version as a model QB-969B. All specification ratings are based on measurements in a
50 ohm system with a DC supply voltage tolerance of +/- 1%.
Min. / Max.
Frequency Range
Pout @ 1 dB Compression
Noise Figure
Input VSWR
Output VSWR
Reverse Isolation
3rd Order Output Intercept Point**
2nd Order Output Intercept Point**
Supply Voltage
Supply Current
500 MHz to 10 GHz
15 dB
+20 dBm
4.0 dB
19 dB
+30 dBm
+38 dBm
+10 volts
200 mA
500 MHz to 10 GHz
13.5 dB
+19 dBm Min.
5.0 dB Max.
2.0:1 Max.
2.0:1 Max.
+10 volts
225 mA Max.
**Intercept Point Values are Tested only at Midband.
Revision: 10/8/2012
Housing Size
RF Connectors
Operating Case Temp. (Min./Max. Values)
Typical values are measured at 25°C but not guaranteed.
0.000" L x 0.000" W x 0.000" H
SMA Female
-40°C to +85°C
Maximum (No Damage) Ratings
Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature (Case)
DC Voltage @ 25°C (Regulated)
Input Drive @ 25°C (CW)*
-65°C to +125°C
-40°C to +85°C
+13 VDC
+20 dBm
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