Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can apply and how do I qualify
for the Assistive Devices Program
Any permanent Ontario resident 19
years of age and older with a disability
expected to last a year or more may
apply. The device needed must be
required to increase individuals’ safety
within the home or be required for
Can you tell me if I qualify for
funding assistance over the phone?
An Applicant Assessment Form needs
to be completed and submitted to our
office for review. There is great
demand for the ADP funding and we
are unable to provide service to all who
qualify. We need the opportunity to
review all applications and supporting
documentation to identify those with
the greatest need. Everyone that
submits an Applicant Assessment
Form will receive a response by the
beginning of the next month.
Can I still qualify for assistance if I
purchased my device before my
application is approved?
Financial assistance is offered for
devices that have not been paid for
prior to receiving funding approval
through this program. March of Dimes
is not able to fund a device that has
already been received, ordered, or
paid for prior to the evaluation of
eligibility for our program.
If I received funding from ADP in the
past, can I access funding
assistance again?
Individuals are welcome to re-apply at
any time. Funding will be based on
resources available at the time of the
I have been requested to complete an
Equipment Request Form – what
documents are required?
Information to help you complete your
form and gather the documents needed
is available at
Please view the resource document on
the ADP page of our website. The
document is called “Required
Documentation for Equipment Request
Form”. This information is also available
by calling our office at 1-866-765-7237.
How do I know if I should apply to
the Program? Information to help
you decide is available on our
Please view the resource document
on the ADP page of our website. The
Criteria”. This information is also
available by calling our office at 1866-765-7237.
How long does it take to find out if
I will receive funding? Once a full
application package has been
received, you will be notified within 45
business days of the status of your
Is the Program income-based?
ADP considers the income of the
applicant and their spouse/common
law partner/life partner (if applicable).
If I am denied funding assistance
from the ADP Program because of
“lack of funds”, can I reapply? You
are welcome to submit a new
application at any time, however, it is
submitted once a change in your
situation has created more urgent
Who is responsible for getting the
quotations/cost estimates for my
request? You, a family member,
designated contact person, health care
professional or friend. Please feel free to
contact our office at 1-866-765-7237
should you need support to locate a
vendor in your area.
What is the Notice of Assessment?
This is the document you receive from
Revenue Canada after review of your
Income Tax Return. It confirms that the
figures you submitted have been
processed and accepted by the Canadian
Government. Please refer to the
“Required Documentation for Equipment
Request Form” for alternative documents
that can be submitted for income
How do I obtain an Occupational
Therapist Assessment?
In order to obtain an Occupational
Therapist, you can contact your local
Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)
and explain your current situation and any
safety concerns you may have. Your
family doctor may be able to request an
Occupational Therapist on your behalf or
you can hire an Occupational Therapist to
assist with your home safety and/ or
mobility needs.