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Ormeau, QLD, 4208
Phone: +61 7 5547 5522
Email: [email protected]
ABN: 64 169 122 496
For pattern making please provide the following;
- A completed pattern/sample request form
- Ideally it is easiest for us to work from a detailed specification sheet
- If you do not have this then a detailed hand or trade sketch with measurements, or a photograph with measurements
and finishes indicated will do.
- Pattern Making is $150 per garment (bikini set) which includes one round of minor alterations (fair usage policy applies,
a design alteration is to the existing pattern, a design change means a new pattern or pattern piece has to be made and
this is charged at the minimum of 1 hour ($75) or a new pattern)
- Pattern Digitising is quoted depending on your requirements
- Pattern grading is charged at $30 per size
- Only under mutual agreement will we work with patterns not made by Chillipop
For sampling please provide the following;
- A completed pattern/sample request form
- An accurate and detailed specifications sheet out lining placement of labels, type stitching & finish, measurements,
accessories, etc
- Advise us and/or provide the type of fabric, lining, trims and hardware
- We prefer to make the patterns, we will work with existing patterns once reviewed under mutual agreement
- Sampling $75 per hour, allow a minimum of two hours per piece – however sampling will be quoted once your design
has been sighted
- Complete Production clients are samples prioritised, then sampling orders with a Production Order are prioritised next.
- PROTO Samples are the proto type, the first round of samples and may not meet design specifications, these are to
test both the design and construction method, more proto samples may be required at your cost, no refunds are
provided, all services must be paid for
- Alterations can be requested by submitting the Alteration Request Form by email, alterations will not be accepted if
detailed in an email
- PRE-PRODUCTION Samples will be quoted, and are an exact replica of the designs that will go on to production, slight
alterations may be required, it is recommended to make 2 sets of Pre Production Samples so that you can keep a set for
your photo shoot and a set stays at the factory with your production
- NO samples will be extracted from the production, sample orders must be ordered through the sampling process
Production check in requires the following;
- Collection overview
- Correct approved sample
- Production order incl cut quantities, colours, sizes and agreed delivery date not being under 4-6 weeks from placement
of your order, express or urgent orders will be considered however a fee may apply
- Fabric, trims, labeling, tags
- A list of what has been supplied including fabric quantities
- Approved graded pattern set
- Spec sheets including measurements
Production prices per garment will be provided during sampling.
Minimum Order Quantity: Australia & Block fabric - 10 per style, per size, per colourway
Minimum Order Quantity: International & Printed fabric – 20 per style, per size, per colourway.
We provide a range of packaging services, basic packing is included in your freight fee, includes bagging per style, per
size, per colour and boxing for shipping, for per garment packing, bagging, tagging or hygeine stickers please request
this to be included in your quote.
Although we do our absolute best as quality is our priority, at times the tolerance allowance for a variance in
measurements can be upto a 10mm or 1cm depending on the cutting and production process, fixed finished
measurements are not guaranteed due to the many variables working with stretch fabric.
Cutting will not commence until all fabric, lining, hardware, accessories, labels and padding have been received
at the factory and production deposits have been paid.
If you are a complete production client cutting is included in your per garment price, or you may have been quoted for
cutting and making as a price. Cutting is charged at $42.5 per hour, cutting is estimated at the beginning of the job and
the actual charged on the completion invoice, cutting can vary greatly from type of fabrics, colour range, size range,
quantities, number of pattern pieces, amount of binding, roule, strapping etc.
We would like to provide a fast and accurate quote for your complete production, or pattern making, sampling,
production, if you can provide as much information including a sample that is ideal, alternatively we can make a sample
for you, to receive your quote for production please advise:
- Pattern/Sample request form
- Front and Back images of designs
- Designs style coded with style numbers and names
- Fabric composition
- Quantity
- Colour ways
- Size range
Every order is charged a set up administration fee of $180+gst, this is to cover basic administration time, project
management, emails, phone calls, printing, checking in stock, holding stock, counting etc
Changes after the deposit have been paid will incur a $90 change fee and any other costs that the change incurs.
Pricing is in Australian dollars and exclusive of GST, quotes are estimates only and actual charges will be billed
Complete production orders require a 20% deposit, a further 30% installment will be issued when production starts and a
completion invoice will be issued prior to shipping stock.
Individual services require a 50% deposit upon placement of your order to secure your timeslot and commence work.
The completion invoice is to be paid prior to viewing, collecting or shipping.
Payment of any invoice deems that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.
Final payment must be received within 10 working days from notification of completion with the completion invoice. From
there stock will be charged a daily holding fee that being 2% of the total of the final invoice, until 30 days when collection
procedures will commence.
Terms and conditions are subject to change.
All work will remain the property of Chillipop until the full amount is paid.
If you are having trouble filling one of our requirements, for any other enquiries or for services that are not listed on our
customer guidelines list, please contact Renae Jamieson [email protected] or phone (+61 7) 5547 5522 and
speak to one of our team.
We are looking forward to working with you on your collection. Thanks for choosing Chillipop :)
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