Sale Catalogue (Ceramics and Glass)

second DAY’S SALE
Commencing not before 10.30pm
Oriental and European Ceramics and Glass will be on view on:
Saturday 29th June 9.00am to 1.00pm
Sunday 30th June 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Monday 1st July 9.00am to 5.15pm
Tuesday 2nd July 9.00am to 5.15pm
Wednesday 3rd July 9.00am to 5.15pm
Limited viewing on sale day
Enquiries: Andrew Thomas
Tel: 01392 413100
Enquiries: Nic Saintey
Tel: 01392 413100
A novelty whisky decanter
in the form of a pig the
animal in seated posture
with Elkington & Co. silver
mounted cork stopper and
label, London, 1924, 28cm
long, bruise to lower quarters.
£80 - 120
A suite of twelve clear glass
rummers in two sizes, of
tapering cylindrical form, the
bowls engraved with hops and
barley around a circular panel
around a ‘G.L.’ monogram and
dated ‘Augt 28th 1820’, 12.5
and 15cm high. (12)
£200 - 400
An English wine glass of bell
shaped form with basal tear on
straight stem and conical foot,
18cm high, circa 1740-50.
£120 - 150
An English opaque twist wine
glass with bell shaped bowl
set on a knopped straight stem
containing a double series
twist on conical foot, 17cm
high, circa 1760-70.
£120 - 150
A set of fourteen 19th
century green wine glasses
each with cup shaped bowl,
on plain stem and conical foot,
12cm high.
£100 - 200
A Continental glass bowl for
the Arabic market of footed
form with ribbed pedestal and
rim applied with four prunts
and enamelled with a narrow
band, 23cm diameter.
£250 - 350
A pair of green overlay glass
ship’s decanters and stoppers
with hobnail and facet cut
decoration, the domed
stoppers and bases star cut,
20cm high.
£250 - 350
A set of six wine glass rinsers
with facet cut sides and star
cut bases, 15cm wide.
£80 - 120
A Lalique plafonnier
‘Couquilles’ of circular form
the frosted exterior moulded
with shells, the rim pierced
for hanging, 20cm diameter,
the exterior rim wheel cut
R.Lalique France, the interior
base embossed R. Lalique.
£300 - 500
Stefano Toso ‘Murrina’ glass
vase of flattened oviform with
broad neck ring, the pale
milky body containing abstract
designs formed from cut canes
and bright multi coloured
trails, 26cm high, diamond
point etched to base Stafano
Toso, Murano.
£180 - 220
A Chinese dragon vase
decorated in underglaze blue
and aubergine with opposing
scaly five-clawed dragons and
pearls of wisdom amongst
cloud scrolls, apocryphal six
character Qianlong mark within
concentric rings, 17cm high.
£200 - 300
No Lots.
A small Chinese porcelain
wine pot and a vase the
former with domed cover
and overhead handle with
European over decoration,
painted in blue with lappet
panels containing stylised
foliage reserved on alternating
gold and lime green grounds
below a turquoise band, 11cm
high, together with a similarly
decorated vase of tear drop
form, 11cm high, Qianlong,
some rubbing to handle. (2)
£100 - 150
A pair of Chinese Imari
porcelain rose water droppers
of typical globular form with
slender raised neck painted
in red, blue and gold with
chrysanthemum, peony and
foliage below a band of stiff
leaves, the necks with some
European over decoration,
16cm high, Qianlong. (2)
£100 - 200
Three small Chinese porcelain
vases with European over
decoration comprising one
of globular form on ribbed
foot with raised flaring neck
decorated with arched panels
containing figures amongst
peony on an iron red and green
ground, 11cm high, Artemisia
leaf mark, together with an
oviform pair with similar
decoration on an iron red and
black ground, 11cm high, glue
repair to foot, Kangxi. (3)
£100 - 150
339, 361
340, 341
343, 344
A pair of Chinese porcelain
plates with European
over decoration of canted
rectangular form painted
in blue with a fenced
garden containing peony,
chrysanthemum, prunus,
pierced rocks, insects and
birds within a diaper border
with green, iron red and gold
embellishment, 25cm long,
£120 - 180
A Chinese famille verte deep
dish of oval fluted form, the
interior decorated with crabs,
lobsters and fish amongst
flowers and foliage, the
exterior with birds, blossom
and peony sprays, Kangxi,
36cm wide [rim chipped,
minor fritting, some flaking to
£300 - 400
A Chinese blue and white
mug with dragon handle,
painted with figures and
pagodas in an extensive river
landscape, Qianlong, 11.5cm
[minor rim chip].
£150 - 200
A Chinese cylindrical mug
with interlocking strap handle,
decorated in famille rose
enamels with initials within a
garlanded shield, the rim with
an underglaze blue diaper
band, Qianlong, 12cm high
£150 - 200
A Chinese armorial sugar
bowl and matching teabowl
painted in bright enamel colours
and gilt with the Arms of
Woodward impaling Sydenham
and the initials J.E.W. between
underglaze blue floral diaper
bands, Qianlong, sugar bowl
12cm diameter, teabowl 9cm
diameter [cracked]. *See David
Sanctuary Howard ‘Chinese
Armorial Porcelain’ page 684.
£200 - 300
A Chinese export sugar bowl
painted with a monogram
within a shield surrounded by
drapery and a three masted
man-o-war, the shaped and
fluted rim with an underglaze
blue diaper band, Qianlong,
12.5cm diameter.
£80 - 120
A Chinese famille rose
armorial coffee cup of large
size, painted on both sides in
bright colours with a coat of
arms and motto ‘Deus Major
Columna’ surmounted by a
Baron’s coronet and a shell,
Qianlong, 7cm high.
£150 - 200
A Chinese famille rose armorial
coffee cup with bianco-soprabianco floral motifs, Qianlong,
7cm high [handle restored];
and a similar cup painted with
a monogram within a ribboned
and floral shield, Qianlong,
6.5cm high [2].
£60 - 80
Two Chinese export coffee
cups and a teabowl one
painted with the quail pattern,
the other with the mandarin
pattern, the teabowl decorated
en grisaille with butterflies and
baskets of flowers, Qianlong
[some damage].
£50 - 70
A Chinese porcelain tankard
of swelling cylindrical form, the
grooved and plaited strap handle
with leafy terminals enamelled
in the famille rose palette with a
peony centred bouquet, subsidiary
sprays and insects between raised
beaded borders, below rose swags
supported by a chain, 16cm high,
Qianlong, tiny rim chip.
£300 - 350
A Chinese porcelain censer of
bombe form with everted rim,
the exterior painted in blue with
precious and household objects
within simple linear borders,
25cm diameter, concentric rings
mark, Kangxi [rim ground].
£300 - 500
A Chinese porcelain bowl
of squat form painted in
blue with a panel containing
a flying crane and two
wading cranes amongst lotus
and verso with a lakeside
landscape flanked by peony
sprays beneath a narrow
band of precious objects,
23cm diameter, Kangxi, sides
£300 - 500
A Chinese famille rose export
mug of bell shape with loop
handle, painted with figures on a
verandah, other figures and birds
within variously shaped panels
on a gilded blue floral ground,
Qianlong, 11.5cm high.
£80 - 120
A pair of Chinese export
dishes of octagonal form, each
painted in underglaze blue
and famille rose enamels with
a Long Eliza and a musician in
a garden setting, Qianlong,
26cm wide [minor rubbing].
£150 - 200
A Chinese famille rose
‘monk’s cap’ cream jug with
branch handle, painted with
bands of lotus, floral sprays
and foliage, Qianlong, 12cm
high [short faint crack to rim,
gilt ribbed]; and a Chinese
famille rose small cylindrical
vase/brushpot, painted seal
mark, 12cm high [cracked]
£200 - 250
A Chinese porcelain vase
of octagonal baluster
form painted in blue with
panels containing peony,
chrysanthemum and prunus
beneath peony and foliage and
a narrow thunder key band,
24cm high, lotus mark to base,
£300 - 500
A Chinese porcelain vase
for the Japanese market of
pear shaped form and painted
in blue with four peony
medallions on a ground of
stylised blooms and scrolls, the
neck with a cracked ice lattice
and four subsidiary foliate
panels, 19cm high, ribbon
bound lozenge mark, Kangxi.
£400 - 600
A large Cantonese porcelain
bowl of circular form with
everted rim, the centre
enamelled with courtly figures
engaged in calligraphy,
music making and reading
surrounded by four further
panels of courtly figures
alternating with further panels
of birds, butterflies, flowers
and fruit on a similar profuse
ground scattered with precious
objects, 54cm diameter, mid
19th century, rim restored.
£400 - 600
A Chinese porcelain pedestal
bowl and cover the ogee
shaped bowl and domed cover
enamelled in the famille rose
palette with ladies at leisure
in a garden landscape, above
a band of stiff leaves, the
interior of both enamelled
with a pair of peaches, a bat
and two magpies, 13cm high,
apocryphal red four character
mark for Chenghua to both
pieces, slight rim chip.
£200 - 300
A Chinese porcelain vase of
mallet shaped form with raised
waisted neck under green
flecked flambe glazes falling
short of the neck, 23cm high,
blue six character mark for
Guangxu and of the period.
£400 - 600
A Chinese porcelain baluster
jar and domed cover finely
painted in the famille rose
palette with a female figure
seated at a rootwood table
attended by seven further
maids, behind them five
further female figures playing
board games in an interior
beneath a lappet panelled
band containing lotus and
bats, 30cm high, blue
Yongzheng seal mark, but
Republican period.
£400 - 600
A Canton coffee pot and
cover of conical form with
domed cover and interlocking
strap handle, painted in famille
rose enamels with exotic birds,
butterflies, fruit, flowers and
foliage, 26cm high.
£300 - 400
A pair of matched Chinese
globular vases decorated
in famille rose colours with
precious objects, vases and
baskets of flowers and foliage
between iron-red ruyi and
geometric borders, apocryphal
six character Qianlong marks,
late 19th century, 31.5cm high
[one with rim chip and star
crack to base].
£1200 - 1600
A Samson (Paris) famille
verte tureen base of oval
cylindrical form decorated with
birds, butterflies and flowering
shrubs, late 19th century,
29cm wide, cover lacking.
£200 - 250
A pair of 19th Century
Chinese porcelain vasesof
oviform brightly enamelled
with four panels containing
birds and flowering trees
between bands of stiff leaves,
25cm high, simple seal mark
to bases.
£200 - 250
A Chinese porcelain sleeve
vase or lantern of pierced
cylindrical form enamelled
in the famille rose palette
with cockerels in a garden
landscape containing aster,
peony, prunus, bamboo
and lingzhi fungus, 28cm
high, four character mark for
Tongzhi, cracked.
£200 - 250
A pair of Canton famille
rose vases of hexagonal
section with buddhistic lion
and puppy handles, painted
overall with exotic birds
and butterflies in garden
settings within blue and
yellow grounds decorated
with scrolling lotus and shou
characters, late 19th century,
43cm high.
£600 - 800
Two Canton famille rose
fan boxes and covers each
of rectangular form with
divided interior, painted with
figures, bats, exotic birds and
butterflies on a gilt foliate
ground, 18 and 19cm long
£200 - 250
A Chinese blue and white
ginger jar and one other the
first crackle glazed and painted
with two dragons amongst
peonies and bamboo, 30cm
high [neck plaster filled]; the
other painted with a dragon
chasing a flaming pearl, 21cm
high, both 19th century [2].
£150 - 200
A Chinese blue and white
small vase painted with three
vignettes of bats around a
foliate motif, the shoulder
with five further bats, a lappet
band to the base, apocryphal
Yongzheng six character mark
within concentric rings, 12cm
£100 – 200
A Chinese wucai saucer
dish and one other the first
painted in the centre with
a shou roundel and bats
encircled by two dragons
persuing pearls, six character
Guangxu mark and of the
period, 18cm diameter [short
rim crack]; and a small saucer
dish with central character
surrounded with a wide band
of scrolling foliage, apocryphal
Jiajing mark, 15cm diameter
[crazing] (2)
£100 - 150
A Chinese doucai saucer dish
painted with a five-clawed
dragon and phoenix amongst
foliage and flames, the reverse
with bats and waves in
underglaze blue and iron red,
apocryphal Yongzheng mark,
20.5cm diameter.
£100 - 150
A Chinese famille rose
pedestal bowl and one
other the first painted with
lotus surrounded with stylised
scrolling flowers and foliage,
iron red six character Guangxu
mark and of the period,
20.5cm diameter [some
damage to rim]; the second
with green, yellow and iron
red decoration of flowers and
foliage between diaper bands,
apocryphal Chenghua mark
to rim, 22cm diameter [rim
chip] 2.
£100 - 150
A Chinese famille verte and powder blue
tankard of cylindrical form with overlapping
strap handle, decorated with two shaped panels
of figures by a building and figures below
willow trees, four character Qianlong mark but
19th century, 15cm high.
£200 - 250
A pair of Chinese peach-bloom vases of
slender amphora shape, each covered with
a mottled pink glaze with green flecks,
apocryphal Kangxi marks in underglaze blue,
20cm high [one with restored neck] in fitted
case with wood stands.
£200 - 300
A Chinese-style famille verte baluster vase
painted with butterflies and large baskets of
flowers, probably French, 34cm high [rim crack,
some crazing].
£200 - 300
A pair of Chinese saucer dishes painted in
famille rose enamels with phoenix, other birds
and flowering shrubs in a water landscape, iron
red seal marks, 19th century, 18cm diameter.
£100 - 150
A Chinese porcelain vase of garlic shaped
form painted in blue with two dragons between
peony scroll and lappet bands, 24cm high,
apocryphal six character Xuande marks within
concentric rings.
£300 - 500
A Chinese porcelain ‘rice
ware’ tea bowl or wine cup
the exterior enamelled with
stylised blooms and scrolling
foliage between blue borders,
the interior with a phoenix,
8.5cm diameter, apocryphal
six character Kangxi mark, with
white metal stand, pierced
inner cover and lobed cover
with pomegranate knop.
£150 - 200
A Chinese porcelain vase of
square baluster form painted
in blue with bands of stylised
flowers on a scroll and linear
decorated ground bisected by
fretted bands, 30cm high.
£300 - 350
A Chinese porcelain armorial
dish, for the Portuguese
market of canted rectangular
form, the central armorial
surmounted by a coronet
and cardinal’s hat within a
gilt and green radial band of
foliage, the borders with four
subsidiary panels containing
figures in a landscape, 24cm
long, Qianlong.
£150 - 200
A Chinese baluster vase and
cover decorated in bright
enamel colours with phoenix
amongst peony and other
flowering plants below a
yellow ground ruyi floral panel,
a diaper band to the base, late
19th century, 40cm high.
£400 - 600
A Chinese porcelain bottle
vase enamelled with numerous
monkeys in a mountainous
landscape variously grooming,
chasing butterflies, picking
peaches and pomegranates,
42cm high, restoration to
neck, late 19th century.
£600 - 800
A Yixing teapot and cover
of squat form with short
spout and crabstock handle,
incised front and verso with
dense lines of text, the cover
in imitation of a lotus pod,
impressed marks to base and
£80 - 120
A Chinese famille verte
baluster vase painted with
shaped figure and floral panels
including a seated dignitary
and entertainers within a
fenced garden, all on a powder
blue ground, concentric ring
marks, late 19th/early 20th
century, 31cm high.
£300 - 400
A Chinese porcelain
incense box and covers of
rectangular form with smaller
box and stand with inner
cover and larger outer cover
painted in blue with peony
scroll decoration within
narrow bands, 13.5cm long,
apocryphal Qianlong seal mark
to base.
£100 - 200
A Chinese blue and white
beaker vase, gu painted
with panels of figures and
fortified buildings, the central
knopped section with flowers
and rockwork, the spreading
base with lappet band, the
underside with concentric ring,
19th century, 35cm high [rim
repaired, chips to base].
£300 - 400
A group of three Japanese
Kutani sleeping cats each
with gilt markings and wearing
iron-red, green and yellow
collars, late 19th/early 20th
century, 13,15 and 25cm long
[ one damaged].
£150 - 200
An Arita porcelain charger
of circular form the centre
enamelled with a an exotic
pheasant amongst peony, the
border with subsidiary panels
of similar birds and pairs of
geese within a scrolling peony
and wave panelled border,
40cm diameter, six character
mark to base, late Meiji,
£150 - 200
A Satsuma earthenware
basket of circular form with
inverted heart shaped piercing
set on four feet enamelled with
six seated figures and verso
with six female companions
within a narrow profuse
border, 8cm high, signature to
base, late Meiji.
£200 - 250
An Arita porcelain vase of
oviform with raised flaring
neck enamelled front and
verso with a panel containing
a stalking tiger amongst
bamboo, with subsidiary
landscape panels on a profuse
ground with pair of large
turquoise dragons, 78.5cm
£150 - 200
A Fukugawa porcelain
charger of circular form
painted in underglaze
blue and enamelled with
songbirds in flight amongst
bamboo, prunus, peony
and chrysanthemum above
a peony scroll band, 47cm
diameter, signed to base, hair
crack to rim.
£150 - 200
Kichizan, a Satsuma earthenware box and
cover of circular form raised on three peg feet,
the cover painted with chrysanthemum, peony,
foliage and butterflies, the base with wisteria
and the interior with three butterflies, 10cm
diameter, signed to base.
£250 - 350
A Dutch delft royal portrait dish of footed
and lobed form, the centre painted in blue,
yellow and green with a portrait of Queen
Mary flanked by a pair of tulips and captioned
‘K.I M.’ within a border of tulips, other blooms
and scrolls, 34cm diameter, early 18th century,
minor flakes to rim.
£200 - 300
A rare pair of Liverpool delft wall pockets of cornucopia form,
each painted in Fazackerly colours and moulded with a bird
perched on a flowering branch, the rim with a shell flanked by
flowers and foliage, circa 1760, 20cm [damages].
£800 - 1000
An English Delft Adam and Eve charger decorated in sponged
blue, green, yellow and iron red colours with Adam and Eve
either side of the tree, the coiled serpent above, blue dash rim,
early 18th century, probably Bristol, 33.5cm diameter [repaired,
glaze losses to rim, footrim chipped].
£1000 - 1500
A delft charger, probably
Bristol painted in blue with
a grazing spotted rabbit and
similarly spotted bird perched
on a jardiniere of blooms and
foliage within a narrow border
and larger panelled border
containing stylised blooms,
asterisk and dash motifs to
underside, mid 18th century.
£200 - 300
An Edwin Beer Fishley
Fremington pottery vase of
footed amphora form sgraffito
decorated on a textured
ground with a Renaissance
portrait within a circular panel
and verso with flowers and
foliage, 43cm high, incised E.B.
Fishley potter Fremington.
£700 - 900
A large salt glazed stoneware
storage vessel in the form of
a hooped barrel, 62cm high,
with wooden cover, 19th
century, chipped.
£200 - 300
A pair of London salt glazed
stoneware shop pots either
Doulton & Watts or John
Stiff and of cylindrical form
embossed with banners and
royal coat of arms, with metal
covers, 19.5cm high, second
quarter 19th century.
£150 – 200
398-400 No Lots.
A Staffordshire pottery cow
creamer decorated in Pratt
colours, the cow with tied
back legs and being milked
by a seated milkmaid, on
shaped rectangular base, circa
1800, 14cm high [damage to
horns, one ear and rope, cover
£300 - 500
A Leeds creamware teapot of cannonball form
with double strap handle with flower and leafy
terminals, the cover with flower knop, brightly
painted front and verso with a rose centred
bouquet, 11cm high, circa 1780, restoration to
end of spout.
£200 - 300
A pair of Staffordshire pottery spaniels each
modelled seated holding a flower basket in their
jaws, with gold chain and painted liver patches,
19cm high, circa 1850, slight chip. (2)
£250 - 350
A pair of Staffordshire pottery portrait figures of
Moody and Sankey each modelled standing with
one hand resting on a bible atop a pillar on oval
captioned bases, 43 and 44cm high, circa. 1875.
£180 - 220
A Crimean period Staffordshire pottery
group of Napoleon and Albert modelled
with Napoleon III and Prince Albert arm in arm
beneath crossed flags with a mound of cannon
balls between them, on rectangular captioned
base, 35cm high, circa 1954.
£120 - 180
A Staffordshire pottery group Death of
Nelson modelled with the fallen Admiral
supported by two officers one of whom is
offering a drink, on oval gilt captioned base,
20cm wide, circa 1845.
£120 - 180
A Sampson Smith (Staffordshire) pottery
portrait group of William Shakespeare
modelled in reflective pose leaning against
a marble column capped with books and a
manuscript, a single volume in one hand, on
waisted gilt captioned base, 48cm high, circa
£100 - 150
A Sampson Smith (Staffordshire) pottery
portrait group of Queen Victoria modelled
standing wearing a crown and ermine lined
cape on an oval base captioned in gold ‘Queen
of England & Empress of India, Crowned June
20th 1837, Year of Jubilee 1897, 42cm high.
£80 - 100
A Crimean period Staffordshire portrait
figure of General Napier modelled standing
beside a canon and balls in military uniform
with a cape and hat in each hand, on an oval
gilt captioned base, 30cm high, circa 1854.
£80 - 100
A pair of Staffordshire pottery portrait
figures of William Wallace and Robert Bruce
both modelled in standing pose and wearing a
feathered cap, tartan cloak and kilt with a sword
in one hand, on a rustic gilt captioned base,
38cm high. (2)
£200 - 250
A Staffordshire pottery group of The Rival
modelled with a courting couple beneath an
arbour with an eaves dropping suitor amongst
the branches above them, on an oval captioned
base, 31cm high.
£120 - 180
A Staffordshire pottery group of Uncle Tom
& Eva modelled with the seated Uncle Tom with
a bible in his hand and Eva sitting on his lap, on
an oval gilt captioned base, 22cm high, circa
£80 - 100
A Staffordshire pottery taper vase group Dog
Tray modelled with seated figure and faithful
hound before a tree on a rustic oval captioned
base, 31.5cm high.
£80 - 120
A pair of Staffordshire pottery figure groups
of a boy and a girl seated with a black and white
spaniel on their lap in turn seated on a larger
recumbent spaniel painted with liver patches
on a blue and gold line base, 17cm long, circa
1850, restoration to one hand.
£180 - 220
A George Jones majolica oval comport
modelled with a hound stalking a quail beneath
an oak tree supporting a turquoise bowl with
pink interior, 20cm high, impressed patent
registration lozenge and painted model no.
3205, circa 1872.
£600 - 800
* An identical comport is illustrated as fig 56, page
46, George Jones Ceramics 1861-1951, R. Cluett
A George Jones majolica
jardiniere of globular form
raised on three feet and
with three handles beneath
a raised and fluted rim,
the body embossed with
chrysanthemum-like blooms
in yellow, white and green,
reserved on a blue ground,
with turquoise glazed interior,
73cm high, impressed crescent
mark and painted model no.
5281, circa 1884, glue repair
and filled chips to foot.
£700 - 900
* An example is illustrated as
fig. 135, page 71, George Jones
Ceramics 1861-1951, R. Cluett
Delphin Massier (Vallauris)
pottery jardiniere: of
footed oviform with pierced
‘handkerchief’ rim, the exterior
boldly painted with yellow and
pink roses on a graduating lilac,
pink and blue ground, 47cm
high, painted to base Delphin
Massier (Valluaris (A.M.) with a
tulip, base drilled.
£400 - 600
A Royal Doulton flambe vase
of oviform with raised flaring
neck, 17cm high, indistinct
printed mark and monogram
for Harry Nixon.
£180 - 220
A Royal Doulton ‘Sung’
flambe vase of swelling
cylindrical form, 22cm high,
indistinct printed mark,
painted Sung with signature
for Charles Noke and initials
for Fred Moore.
£200 - 300
An Austrian cold painted
terracotta figure of a negro
banjo player modelled waist
up wearing coat, waistcoat,
scarf and hat and holding a
banjo, on an oval base, 75cm
high, late 19th or early 20th
century, some chips, banjo
£500 - 800
A pair of Wilhelm Schiller
& Sons majolica posy vases
each in the form of a winged
dragon under green, blue and
green glazes with turquoise
interior, 16cm long, impressed
W.S. & S. with model no.
1857, small loss and repair.
£200 - 250
A pair of Palissy Ware vases
probably Paris School and of
squat form with raised fluted
and flaring neck modelled with
frogs, lizards, sea shells and
foliage on a streaky grey, green
and blue ground, 27cm high,
circa 1870-80, some small loss
and repair.
£150 - 200
A Bernard Moore flambe
bowl the interior with three
birds in flight within a floral
and foliate meander, 26cm
diameter, signed Bernard
Moore with monogram for
Ethel Hope Beardmore, some
interior scuffs.
£200 - 250
A Royal Doulton stoneware
‘dragonfly’ soap dish in
the art nouveau manner,
the insect drinking from the
edge of a pool, the underside
inscribed with initials ‘MB’ and
stamped ‘Specially designed
and manufactured by the
Royal Doulton Pottery for the
Proprietors of Wright’s Coal
Tar Soap’, 15.5cm wide.
£70 - 90
A Susie Cooper Kestrel
shape dinner, breakfast and
tea service in the Dresden
Spray pattern comprising two
graduating oval serving plates,
twelve dinner plates, seventeen
side plates, six dessert plates,
five egg cups, two graduating
teapots and covers, fourteen
tea cups, sixteen saucers, milk
jug, sugar bowl, coffee pot and
cover, six cups, seven saucers,
cream jug, sugar bowl and
two bread and butter plates all
within green borders, various
backstamps, circa 1935-55.
£400 - 500
A Moorcroft for Liberty
pottery bowl on Tudric
pewter foot tubelined in the
pomegranate pattern in red,
yellow, green and purple on a
mottled green blue ground, on
a pewter foot stamped Made
in England, Tudric, Moorcroft
and 01 309
£250 - 350
A Martin Brothers stoneware vase of globular form with short
raised neck, the body incised with an encircling band of thirteen
swimming and flying dab chicks amongst water reeds picked out
in shades of brown and green, 18.5cm high, the base incised
Martin Bros. London & Southall.
£1000 – 1500
A Martin Brothers salt glazed
stoneware vase of shouldered
oviform with short flaring
neck the blistered brown body
sgraffito decorated with three
dragons, a large wasp and
other winged insects, 27cm
high, the base incised Martin
Bros. London & Southall, 101900, restoration to rim.
£1500 - 1800
A pair of Martin Brothers
salt glazed stoneware vases
or beakers each sgraffito
decorated and picked out in
brown and green with three
songbirds and insects amongst
foliage, 9cm high, the bases
incised Martin Bros. Southall,
£500 - 700
A Martin Brothers salt glazed
stoneware mug of cylindrical
form, modelled in relief with
a scowling visage under blue
glazes, 12.5cm high, the base
incised R.W. Martin & Bros.,
Southall, circa 1920.
£500 - 700
A Martin Brothers salt glazed stoneware double sided
Barrister jug the grey body modelled with a wigged and
smirking visage applied with sandy freckles, the spout and handle
under gun metal glazes, 17cm high, the base incised R.W.
Martin & Bros., London & Southall, circa 1920.
£2000 - 2500
A Martin Brothers salt glazed stoneware
small mug of mildly waisted cylindrical form,
the handle formed as a grotesque beast, the
pale green and blue speckled body sgraffito
decorated with three similarly grotesque aquatic
beasts and the name Violet Baxter, 8.5cm high.
£300 - 500
* Although unmarked the lot does come with
the original receipt dated 10th June 1929 and a
photocopy of a family photograph that includes
Violet Baxter. A farmer Baxter is mentioned by
Malcolm Haslam as assisting Wallace Martin to find
the Southall site for the family pottery, page 53, The
Martin Brothers, Potters. The farmer Henry Phelps
Baxter is the grandfather of Violet Baxter.
A small Martin Brothers salt glazed stoneware
vase of teardrop form sgraffito decorated with
delicate flowers and foliage applied with cream,
green and turquoise glazes, 8.5cm high, the base
incised Martin Bros., London, 11-99.
£250 - 300
• Michael Casson (1925-2003) a stoneware
jug of generous proportions with robust ribbed
strap handle, the exterior with tenmoku and
oatmeal glazes with wax resist wave design,
simple incised band and arbitrary blue spots,
the interior under green glazes, 35cm high,
impressed personal seal on exterior of base
beneath handle, circa. 1975.
£600 - 700
• Svend Bayer (b.1946) a
stoneware dish of circular
form, the interior with
three brushwork fish in
black with some incised line
embellishment on a pale rust
and tenmoku banded ground,
27cm diameter together with
a St Ives stoneware jug the
interior under celadon glazes,
23.5cm high, impressed St Ives
seal. (2)
£150 - 180
• Marrianne de Trey (b.1913)
a stoneware dish of square
slab built form, the oatmeal
ground applied with blue and
lavender tinged glazes with
wax resist and brushwork
designs, 31cm wide, impressed
personal seal to underside.
£100 - 150
A Derby blue and white
creamboat of oval form
with ‘pinched’ spout and
rectangular section scroll
handle, the interior painted
with floral sprays and a moth,
the exterior in the white and
moulded with fruit and basket
weave, circa 1765, 12cm long
[tiny chip to inside of spout,
£120 - 180
A Lowestoft porcelain
feeding cup of mildly tapering
cylindrical form with straight
spout and scroll handle
painted in blue with flowers,
foliage and butterflies, 9cm
high, circa 1768, branching
£400 - 500
A Worcester First Period part
tea service each piece painted
in ‘dry-blue’ enamels with
floral sprays and sprigs within
a gilt dentil rim, circa 1772,
comprising a teapot, cover and
stand, a sparrow beak milk jug
and cover, a sugar bowl cover,
four saucers, six teabowls and
three coffee cups [damages]
19 pieces.
£200 - 300
A Worcester ‘Landskip’
cornucopia wall pocket of
spiral form, moulded in relief
with a landscape scene with
cattle and buildings, the rim
with scrollwork and foliage,
painted in underglaze blue
with diaper patterns and floral
sprays, workman’s mark, circa
1758, 21.5cm high [short
firing crack with longer related
£250 - 350
A rare Worcester coffee pot and cover of pear shape with scroll
handle and domed cover, painted in underglaze blue with ‘The
Dragon’ pattern, workman’s mark, circa 1760, 23cm high [three
small restored chips to cover].
£4000 - 6000
A Royal Worcester porcelain
plaque by Harry Stinton of
oval form painted with a pair
of Highland cattle in an upland
landscape, 14.5cm high,
signed lower left, puce marks
and datecode for 1926, glazed
and framed.
£200 - 300
A Worcester porcelain
plaque by George Johnson
of oval form painted with a
pair of flamingos in a lakeside
landscape, signed lower right,
9.5cm high, puce marks and
datecode for 1926.
£80 - 120
Two Royal Worcester
porcelain plates painted
by Richard Seabright and
George Mosley each of
silver shape and painted with
peaches, grapes and cherries
on a mossy ground within a
gold line and dot border, both
signed lower right, 22.5 and
23cm diameter, puce marks
and datecode for 1932. (2)
£200 - 300
A Royal Worcester porcelain
plate painted by Tom
Lockyer with apples and black
grapes on a mossy ground,
signed lower right, within a
gold piecrust border, 22cm
diameter, puce marks and
datecode for 1921.
£150 - 200
A Royal Worcester porcelain
pin tray and a small dish
painted by George Mosley
and Edward Townsend the
former of shaped rectangular
form painted with apples
and blackberries on a mossy
ground, signed lower left,
13.5cm long, the latter of shell
shaped form painted with
apples and grapes on a mossy
ground, signed lower right,
12cm wide, puce marks to
both and datecodes for 1933
and 1935. (2)
£100 - 200
A Royal Worcester porcelain
dish painted by Frank
Roberts of oval form with
shell handles painted with
peaches and raspberries
within a landscape containing
vegetation, rocks and a ruined
wall within a gold border,
signed lower left, 31cm long,
puce marks and datecode for
£150 - 200
A Royal Worcester porcelain
pot pourri jar and pierced
painted by Kitty Blake the
oviform body set on three
feet and with pierced domed
cover, the body painted
with fruiting and flowering
bramble within gold borders,
signed verso, 18cm high, puce
marks, pattern no. 245/H and
datecode for 1937.
£200 - 250
A pair of Royal Worcester
porcelain pot pourri jars painted
by William Ricketts and George
Mosley each of quadrilobed
form with pierced neck and
cover, the former painted with
apples and cherries on a mossy
ground, signed lower left, the
latter painted with peaches and
cherries, indistinctly signed lower
left, 13cm high, puce marks,
model no. 278/H with datecodes
for 1928 and 1937. (2)
£250 - 350
A Royal Worcester porcelain pot pourri jar
painted by Edward Townsend of quadrilobed
form with pierced neck and cover, the body
painted with apples and grapes on a mossy
ground, signed lower right, 14cm high, puce
mark and model no. 278/H with datecode for
£150 - 200
A Royal Worcester porcelain bowl painted by
William Ricketts of circular form on low foot
and with everted rim, the interior painted with
apples, blackberries and currants on a mossy
ground, signed lower left, the exterior under
blush ivory and gold, 18cm diameter, puce
marks and datecode for 1926.
£200 - 300
A Coalport porcelain ‘batwing’ tea service
comprising twelve cups, twelve saucers, twelve
plates, milk jug and sugar bowl and two bread
and butter plates each with blue and gold
decoration, green backstamps, early 20th
century. (40)
£300 - 500
A Coalport ‘batwing’ tea service comprising
ten cups, ten saucers, ten plates, milk jug and
sugar bowl and two bread and butter plates
each decorated in green and gold, green
backstamps, early 20th century. (34)
£250 - 300
A Fűrstenburg porcelain serving plate of
silver shape enamelled with a central rustic
landscape vignette containing a fisherman in
the foreground, the border with floral sprays,
within a gold border, 38cm long, painted ‘F’
mark, late 18th century, wear to border.
£150 - 200
A pair of Imperial Russian (St Petersburg) porcelain plates
from the Kremlin Service from the period of Nicholas I, the
centre with double headed eagle surrounded by Cyrillic script
‘Nicholas the Emperor and Ruler of all the Russians’ within
stylised leaves and scrolling floral borders on a burnished gold
ground, 22cm diameter, under glaze factory mark and puce
inventory number, some rubbing to upper surfaces.
£2000 - 3000
*Designed by the painter F.G. Solntsev, the Kremlin Service was
commissioned by Tsar Nicholas I in 1836 from the Imperial
Porcelain Factory.
A pair of large Villeroy and Boch biscuit figures of a dancing
gallant and companion, wearing 18th century costume and
decorated predominantly in turquoise, yellow and puce
heightened with gilding, on circular brocaded bases, VB
monogram mark on lavender pad, late 19th century, 59 and
61cms high [minor interior crack to base of gallant].
£600 - 800
A pair of large Continental musicale merrymaking groups
in the Meissen manner each with four figures playing musical
instruments or dancing, the rockwork bases applied with flowers
and foliage, crossed swords and star marks in underglaze blue,
one with incised numerals 1894, late 19th century, 55cm high
[some restoration to extremities].
£1000 - 1500
A Continental porcelain oval plaque painted
in enamel colours with The Madonna and Child
after Raphael, late 19th century, 20.5 x 16.5cm
in gilt-gesso frame.
£200 - 300
A Rosenthal porcelain doe and fawn figure
group delicately modelled on a rustic base,
31cm long, printed marks and impressed A.
Roehring and 895, circa 1935.
£150 - 200
A Royal Copenhagen Fantail Pigeon modelled
after the original by A. Pedersen, 19cm long,
printed green mark, painted blue wave mark,
impressed and painted 411, circa 1910-20.
£180 - 220
A Meissen porcelain figure allegorical of
Spring modelled partially clad and barefoot
holding a flower garland, on a rustic gilt
scrolling base, 18.5cm high, blue crossed
swords, incised C.84 with press number 121.
£150 – 200
461-480 No Lots.
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