Sandeep Nair, President and MD, Emerson Network

Sandeep Nair, President and MD, Emerson Network Power India
People , May 30, 2011
Sandeep Nair, president and MD, Emerson Network Power India, finds it useful to adopt a
process-oriented style of management. He says, “I have always believed that being
process-oriented helps in the smooth flow of operations and maximises individual efficiency.
Execution is of crucial importance here. I also believe in giving our customers top priority.”
In his current job, Nair is responsible for overseeing the company’s products and services
function. He brings to the table several years of experience spanning multiple sectors. A
mechanical engineer, he started his career with Godrej & Boyce as marketing manager for the
company’s HP line of products. Thereafter, he headed Brother International and later
spearheaded Acer Communications & Multimedia’s foray into India. “I was responsible for
setting up these companies in what was virgin territory for them, forming the operations teams
and working towards positioning them as leading IT brands,” he says. Following that, he took
over the leadership of Emerson Network Power when the company transitioned from the earlier
Tata-Liebert in 2001.
Among the many tasks he has handled, he says his current stint at Emerson has been the most
challenging. “Over the years, Emerson has gradually shifted its go-to-market strategy,” he says.
“Earlier, we followed a product-centric approach and currently, we follow a vertical-based
Today, the company has a vast portfolio of telecom products and solutions. These include
automatic transfer switches, racks, monitoring solutions and inverters (30 kVA) for cell sites.
“Going forward, I am looking forward to the opening of our mega Ambernath production facility,
which will enable us to manufacture most of our product offerings under one roof,” he says.
Also, he believes that telecom will corner a considerable share in the power management space
and increasingly deploy alternative and renewable sources of energy to optimise opex. “Due to
an increased focus on penetration and infrastructure expansion, we expect this market to grow
more than 15 per cent from its current level. This year will see telecom companies invest
increasingly in energy efficient solutions that will help them bring down the total expenditure on
power backup,” he says.
Sandeep Nair, President and MD, Emerson Network Power India
People , May 30, 2011
In the midst of all this, does he find any spare time? “Yes, I try to. I love wildlife sanctuaries and
make it a point to visit one whenever I have leisure time. I enjoy photography and reading, my
favourite book being the Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Currently, I am reading Jaya by Devdutt
Pattanaik,” he says.
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