Course Numbering Scheme - College of Health Professions

Course Numbering Scheme
Course Numbering Scheme
4 character subject code
4 digit course number
1. First digit indicates level or professional program as listed below
a. 1-Freshman undergrad (UG)
b. 2-Sophomore UG
c. 3-Junior UG
d. 4-Senior UG
e. 5- Master’s level/Physician Assistant/Doctorate of Audiology
f. 6-Doctoral level
g. 7-Pharmacy/Doctor of Nursing Practice
h. 8-Medicine
i. 9-“pseudo” courses-these will be used for transfer credit
2. Second digit indicate year in program that course traditionally taken if full time
3. Last 2 digits will be assigned with the guidance that courses are numbered with
sequencing or pre-requisite courses having the lowest number.
Special topics and independent study courses will also have specific course numbers
associated with them that we will define later.
An example of a course using this new scheme is below:
1st year Biochemistry course for MS students offered in the first semester:
BIOC5101 where BIOC indicates the department/program, 5 indicates Master’s level, 1
indicates 1st year, and 01 indicates it is a course needed to be taken early in the curriculum.