automatic bank draft - First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church of Rockwall invites you to enjoy the convenience and comfort of the
AUTOMATED BANK DRAFT giving option, a new opportunity offered to our financial supporters. The reasons
for automatic bank drafting are both clear and clearly advantageous.
IT IS EASY- Automatic drafts are the most convenient and hassle free form of giving. Once it is
set up, you do not have to remember when and if you gave during the month, the amount you
pledged, or where you are in your annual giving goal. Forgotten checkbooks do not impact your
generosity any more.
Many of our members already use this option for their payments on
insurance, car, mortgage payments, other charities, and saving and investment plans.
IT IS ECONOMICAL- Automatic drafts save you the expense of checks, as well as postage and
mailing envelopes. It is the least expensive way for you to support your church.
IT IS DISCIPLINED- Bank drafts automatically build in an extra dimension of discipline.
Staying "hands off” from the transaction painlessly encourages donors to accept and affirm
ongoing regular support. Those using automatic drafts in other congregations have found drafts to be the
difference between good intentions and good performance. Automatic drafts are one positive way
to insure that you reach your intended level of sharing.
IT IS REGULAR- Automatic drafts insure that the same gift amount is given at the same interval
on the same day of each month. This regularity of giving insures that you never get behind in your
giving intentions, and that your church has a constant and even flow of support throughout the
entire twelve months of the year.
IT IS PROVEN- Automatic drafts have a proven track record for reliability, dependability, and
consistency. Automatic drafts are fast becoming the preferred mode for other business, charitable
tax, and investment plans as well-an endorsement for the safety and security of this format.
First United Methodist Church encourages you to consider the bank draft system. Use the BANK DRAFT
AUTHORIZATION at the bottom of this page to record your intent. Simply return the authorization and the church
will administer the request from there. Like all financial arrangements at the church, this one can be changed or
ceased at any time simply by contacting the church office.
1200 East Yellow Jacket Lane, Rockwall, Texas 75087
Phone 972-771-5500
Must Be Filled Out Completely
1 hereby authorize the (name of bank) ___________________________ to honor a draft drawn on my account. Monthly drafts will
be initiated on the 5 th of each month (12), weekly drafts every Friday (52), or twice monthly drafts on Friday (24) by First United
Methodist Church of Rockwall, Texas 75087.
Phone ___________________ Email_____________________________ Routing #_________________Acct #___________________
This form must be completed if you prefer automatic bank drafting by the church each month. This authorization is to remain in full
force and effect until United Methodist Church receives written notification from you of its termination in such time and in such a
manner as to afford First United Methodist Church and Depository a reasonable opportunity to act on it .
Please attach a voided check to this form.
General Stewardship Campaign: $____________Amount ____Weekly _____ Twice Monthly _____ Monthly
Building on Our Blessings Campaign: $___________Amount ____ Weekly _____Twice Monthly _____ Monthly
Automatic Bank Draft Form