More about WIKIS

More about WIKIS
Access the site WikiHow. Click on the address given below. You can learn
how to create a wiki in the process of creating one. Does it sound like a good
idea? Go for it!
Choose your wiki main topic. Create an account! Start creating your text! Ask
feedback from friends. Write. Rewrite. Revise. Share it with the world!
Some examples of wiki spaces created at WikiHow.
About writing
Remember that writing is a process. You can only
improve the text you’re writing if you ...
Plan ahead! Think of the audience you have in mind.
Set up the purposes for your text.
Read several different texts which address the same
purposes as yours. Keep in mind that reading
supports writing. If ideas are lacking,
research about your topic. Read. Take notes. Select
quotes and references.
Start writing. Write. Revise. Write again. Read for
more ideas. Go on writing. Try to count on feedback
from friends. Revise. Write the final version. Publish
Consult an online dictionary.
Reading & writing are
interrelated processes.
More information about writing as a process, click here:
Further reading about wikis
At CARLA Technology Summer Institute:
The prime example of a wiki space:
Dissertations under my supervision
Post Graduation Program in Linguistic Studies at FALE-UFMG. Access the site here:
VEADO, Mônica da Cunha Melo. Colaboração no processo de produção textual em uma atividade online: um estudo de caso com o gênero resenha de filme (2008):
SANTOS, Valéria Augusta de Assis. Wikis na produção textual colaborativa de notícias on-line em inglês
como L2 no meio virtual: um estudo de caso. (Forthcoming). Defense on September, 5th.
Check the latest about wikis at The international symposium on wikis and open collaboration: the
conference and community for wiki and open collaboration researchers and practitioners worldwide.