12 Winter Annual Report Saints Spirit

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Kansas Assessments..................................... 3
Stadium Initiative........................................ 4
25th Year..................................................... 8
Homecoming............................................... 9
Alumni Feature..........................................12
Baton Twirler.............................................13
Our Students..............................................14
Performing Arts........................................ 15
Student Highlights......................................16
Alumni Feature..........................................17
Coach Mirocke Golf Classic........................18
2010-11 Annual Report...............................19
Saints Marrying Saints............................... 29
Class Notes................................................ 30
Mass of Remembrance............................... 33
In Memoriam............................................ 34
Reunions................................................... 35
Community Calendar
8�����������8th Grade Placement Test
8 …………Mother Son Dance
11����������Parent Guild Guest Speaker
19-21����� Saints Classic Basketball Tournament
21-24……March for Life Saints D.C. Pilgrimage
21����������8th Grade Makeup Placement Test
2�����������Saint Thomas Aquinas Feast Day Mass 9:30 a.m.
4�����������Saints Trivia Challenge - Auxiliary Gym 6:30 p.m.
8�����������Mass of Remembrance 7:00 p.m.
11����������WPA Dance
18-19����� Winter Play 7:00 p.m.
22���������Ash Wednesday Mass 9:30 a.m.
25���������Student Parent Orientation 9:00 a.m.
26���������Spirits Winter Finale 7:00 p.m.
4�����������Mother Daughter Fashion Show in Commons
11:00 a.m.
12-16 ���� Spring Break and Mission Trips
22���������Community Service Mass 9:30 a.m.
29���������Chorale Concert 7:00 p.m.
30���������Talent Show
The Saints Spirit magazine is a publication of the Saint
Thomas Aquinas Advancement Office. We welcome your
comments or questions. Call or write:
Bryan Thrasher
Director of Communications
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
11411 Pflumm Road
Overland Park, Kansas 66215-4816
William Ford, Ed.D.
Teresa Ahrens
Director of Special Events
Mary Bridget Kratofil
Director of Media Relations
Michon Quick
Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations
Cindy Winkler
Advancement Office Manager
Photography courtesy of Michele Gress
1 …………Nominations Due for 2013 Inaugural Hall of Fame
12����������Easter Mass 9:30 a.m. followed by Mothers Club
13���������Spring Olympics
21����������Gospel of Life Convention
28���������Saints Walk for Life 9:00 a.m.
28-29���� Dinner Theater 6:30 p.m.
5�����������Father Daughter Dance
15���������Baccalaureate Mass at Nativity 7:00 p.m.
16����������Graduation at JCCC 7:00 p.m.
4�����������Mirocke Golf Classic
Front Cover
Among Johnson County high schools, Saint Thomas
Aquinas received top scores on the 2010-11 Kansas
Assessment tests in Math and Reading and ranked
second in Science. Representing the three courses are
(pictured, left-to-right): STA junior Kyle Gress, sophomore
Christopher Ernst, and senior Hannah Carmichael. See
related story, page 3.
Cover Story
Saint Thomas Aquinas scores at the
top in Kansas Assessments
STA remains excellent choice for Catholic Education
Photo courtesy of Jill Ragar Esfeld of The Leaven
The 2010-11 Kansas Assessment
scores unequivocally tell the story of
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School’s
academic success and distinction
among the state’s top schools.
What it means:
• Math Standard of Excellence
Check. Top Ranking above all
Johnson County high schools.
• Reading Standard of Excellence
Check. Top Ranking above all
Johnson County high schools.
• Science Standard of Excellence
Check. In this first time
assessment of science knowledge,
STA had a Second Place Ranking
among all Johnson County high
According to Math department
chair Cathryn Radiel, the scores
reflect the school’s commitment to
help all students learn, understand
and retain information that high
school students are expected to master.
Under the current state assessment
program, which was developed in
preparation for and response to the
No Child Left Behind Act of 2001,
the math department has reached
the Kansas Standard of Excellence
recognition every year since 2000.
This year also marked the 10th time
for the English department to attain
these high proficiency scores in the
same timeframe.
Especially exciting are the Saints’
high scores in Science, measured for
the first time in 2010-11.
Department chair Iris Flournoy said
one reason may be the addition of
Perfect Testers
In 2010-11, not one, not two...
Yes, THREE Saint Thomas Aquinas
students had perfect scores on the
college admissions exams. They
are: (above photo, left to right)
David Gier, son of Overland Park
residents Richard and Cynthia
Gier, Molly Porter, daughter of
Leawood residents Charles and
Mary Ann Porter, and Jeff Kraus,
son of Lenexa residents Martin and
Mary Kraus. David and Jeff acheived
perfection on the ACT while Molly
Porter aced the SAT. David and
Molly graduated last May and now
attend, respectively, the University
of Kansas and the University of
Notre Dame. Jeff will graduate
in May 2012 and has chosen The
University of Kansas to continue
his education. “Well rounded,
faith-filled and disciplined” are how
teachers describe all three of these
the freshman course Earth and Space.
“This counselor-recommended course
allows students to develop science
process skills, study and organizational
skills, and Earth and Space concepts
in a small class environment, leading
to a more successful entry into our
science curriculum,” said Flournoy.
in college. Ford, past president of
the National Catholic Education
Association Secondary Schools
Executive Committee, explained
that by maintaining quality
academic programs, “we provide the
opportunity to learn and the tools for
STA President Dr. Bill Ford was
pleased with the assessment results
which confirm the school’s efforts
to help ALL students fulfill their
personal God-given potential while
also preparing them for success
When this is paired with helping
students experience and grow in
their faith, Saint Thomas Aquinas
is fulfilling its mission to “help
students become life-long learners
and responsible citizens guided by
Catholic values.”
School moves forward on longawaited artificial turf and visitor
seating in the stadium
Beginning next summer through
May 2013, our Communion of
Saints will celebrate 25 Years of Saint
Thomas Aquinas High School. (See
related article on page 8.)
In preparation for this milestone
and to position Saint Thomas
Aquinas for the next 25 years, the
Board of Trustees has developed
a Facilities Master Plan. Progress
for Phase I which focuses on
external facilities is well underway.
The Stadium Initiative includes
construction of a synthetic turf playing
surface in our stadium as well as
adding much-needed visitor seating on
the south side of the field.
There is still time to participate!
To learn more about the Stadium
Initiative project, construction
updates, permanent recognition,
and the opportunity to contribute,
go to www.stasaints.net/
StadiumInitiative or contact
Michon Quick, Director of
Alumni & Constituent Relations
at mquick@stasaints.net
(913) 319-2437.
Since 1998, the school has
Over the last decade, Saint
implemented considerable facilities
Thomas Aquinas has been able to
enhancements, mostly to the interior of completely pay for these and other
the building, including:
enhancements without the need for
outsourced loans or debt. This has
• Air-conditioning halls, classrooms,
Commons and Main Gym (1998 and been accomplished through efficient
fiscal planning with no additional
assessment to parents and families,
• Completion of the Performing Arts or -- in the case of the Auxiliary Gym,
Theater (1998)
Wireless Technology, and Chapel and
• Construction of the Auxiliary Gym
Science Rooms renovations -- through
generous contributions from our
parents and alumni.
• Installation of wireless technology
throughout the building (2003)
Through the years, many families
have generously contributed to
• Implementation of laptop program
the school’s Blue & Gold Annual
Fund or participated in the annual
• Audio/visual improvements in all
Extravaganza auction, which help
classrooms and computer-labs (2005) pay for student activities each year.
• Chapel renovation (2005)
Many have participated in one or
more of the previously-listed projects
• Faculty offices renovation (2005)
to enhance facilities for our students
• Science rooms renovation (2006)
here at Saint Thomas Aquinas High
• Stadium lights installation (2006)
School. Still others assist families in
need through the Guardian Angel
• Gymnasium bleachers (2006)
Fund. Collectively, our Communion
• Introduction of Saints Brigade
of Saints works hard to reach our
Marching Band -- uniforms, staff and
instruments (2006)
Please mark your calendar for
• Music shells and risers (2006)
Sunday, August 12, 2012, for the 25
• Sound-system improvements in
Years of Saints Kickoff celebration.
stadium (2007)
Come see for yourself this fantastic
new addition for Saint Thomas
• Sound-system improvements in
Aquinas High School!
theatre (2008)
• Television monitors in hallways and
Commons (2009)
• Commons floor and restrooms
redesign (2010)
• Advancement Offices renovation
• Ongoing maintenance of our 24-year
old building and grounds
as of December 15, 2011
Bob & Peggy Adamany
Chip & Monica Ahern
John & Teresa Ahrens
Jim & Dee Alfonsin
Tim & Lisa Andrews
Mike & Denise Armentrout
Dennis C. Ayer, D.D.S.
Jeff & Julie Bartz
Tim & Chris Beasley
James & Dawn Bellerive Family
Jane & Hugh Benson, parents of
Erik & Sean Benson
Thomas & Paula Biggins
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Biggins, Jr.
and Family
Robert & Maureen Blackhall
Bill & Elaine Blaise
Paul & Dawn Boedeker
Eugene P. Bohn & Mary M.
Jeff & Laurie Bollig
Richard & Nancy Bollig
Toby & Tracy Boschert
John & Jeanne Bourdow
Bob & Lisa Bregant
Broski Fence
Lori, Kyle, Katie & K.C. Brown
Leo Brown
Mike & Millie Brown
Rob & Mary Beth Brown
The Budetti Family
Mike & Maureen Bukaty
Sarah M. Burgess
Nat Burstein
Jerry & Melody Calovich
John R. & Karyn Campbell, Jr.
Dan & Maureen Carroll
Jim & Ann Casey
Ken & Deb Castinado
Keith & Bit Clark
Rick & Alison Clark
Bob & Lisa Clement Family
Marty & Diane Clement
Brian & Pam Clemons
Chris & Denise Colliatie
Joel & Shirley Collier
Robert G. & Sheila Commodore
Ross & Janice Conner
Dante & Mary Cosentino
John & Julie Cosentino
John Joe Curran
Mr. & Mrs. Chris D’Adamo
Joan Davila
Gary & Jackie Davis
Tom & Sheila DeMars
Jay & Mary Desch
The Bill Dondlinger Family
Tom & Eileen Drape
Craig & Michelle Drummond
Steve DuBois
Michael & Dorothy Eagan
Timothy A. Eccles
Gene & Patricia Eckenberg
In Memory of Kyle Ernst
Craig Ewing
Bob & Loree Faherty
Jeff & Julie Farrell
Patrick Fields, Class of 2004
Robert Fields, Class of 2007
R Fitzpatrick Family
Gary & Nancy Foltz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Foote
Dr. & Mrs. William P. Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Frankovic
Mark & Kathy Franzen
Terry & Karen Frederick
David & Julie Gadwood
John & Suzan Gampper
Ron & Colleen Gardner
Mark & Glenda Gast
Mr. & Mrs. David Gentile
Rick & Cindy Gier
Mark & Gina Gilroy
Robert & Elaine Glenski
Mike & Jane Gochis
Dave & Jan Goebel
Tom & Mary Gorczyca
Kenneth & Lisa Grasing
Tom & Toni Gray
Tom & Monica Greer
Michael & Kathleen Gremillion
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gress
Bruce & Linda Hanson
Dennis & Julie Treacy /
Heartland Surgical, Inc.
Dr. Rebecca Heidlage, Academic
Bradley & Gwyn Heidrick
Alliance Management Solutions,
in Memory of Shirley Herter
Gary & Molly Hilderhof
Kyle R. Hill,
tywoo technologies inc.
Burry & Jean Hinman
Curtis & Laura Holland and
Michael & Vicki Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Huber
Mr. Burton P. Huerter
Tom & Karen Hult
Loretto Charities, Rita and Lamar
Hunt, Jr.
Pete & Sherri Jackson
George & Emily Jansen
Kevin & Laura Jeffries
Jim & Tami Jeter
Dan & Denise Keating
Brian & Meya Kindred
Jerry & Maureen King
Tim Kluempers & Jeannie
Phil & Cookie Koesterer
Barry & Jill Koster
Greg & Mary Bridget Kratofil
Brad & Chris Kuhlmann
Greg & Janet Kutey
James & Sandra Leek
Mike & Angela Leikam
Mary Ann Lickteig
Dean & Pam Lickteig
Tim Lillis
Steve & Barb Loughman
Shane Lutz and Family
Mr. & Mrs. Alex MacGillivray
Mark & Shelly Mackey Family
Ben Maher, Class of 2005
Luke Maher, Class of 2002
Sam Maher, Class of 2007
John & Melanie Mahon
Glen & Marianne Mayer
John & Joanne Mayfield
Tim & Alesia McAnany
The John McCarthy Family
Cheryl & Pete McDonald
The McNellis Family
Alan & Lynn Mestdagh
Gary & Angela Metzger
John & Kristy Meyers
Kim Meyers
Tom & Karen Miller
Mike & Shelly Mirocke
Dennis & Jan Morin
Craig & Paula Moss
Michael & Stephanie Mravunac
Pat & Jackie Murphy
Kenneth & Beth Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Owens
Lorne & Dana Parks
Steve & Carol Pascuzzi
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Perz
Hans & Susan Peter
Robert & Beth Pigott
Ted & Katie Pope
Kenny & Serena Price
Print Time / Mr. R.J. Grindinger
Doug & Lisa Purtle
Ken & Mary Pyle
Tom & Michon Quick and Family
Mark & Mary Radetic
Mike & Lisa Raunig
Troy & Nancy Reazin
John & Julie Rise
Jerry & Mary Ann Robison
Martin & Debra Ryan
John & Cathy Rysavy Family
Mike & Cynthia Sabatini
John & Susan Saxer
Melvin & Karla Schartz
Jeff & Susan Scherzer
Jake & Debby Schloegel
Andrew & Marie Schmidt
Bob, Lisa & Katie Schneider
Vicki Schroeder
Joe & Joanne Schroer
Patrick & Susan Seib
Dave & Mianne Sell
Ms. Philomina Shalo
Daniel & Petra Shinn
Anthony & Constance Skevington
Mike & Denise Slaven
The Slovikoski Family
Paul & Susan Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Stamm
Paul & Yvette Stark
Ward & Kelly Staudenmyer
Mr. D.W. Stobie
Steve & Lisa Stoecklein
Mark & Kim Stukel
Mike & Julie Sullivan
Barbara Summerson
Lon & Becky Swanson
Steve & Karen Talken
Dan & Stacey Taylor
Paul & Pamela Taylor
Vince & Sally Teahan
John Thesing Family
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Timmons
John & Connie Tompkins
John & Bobbie Turek
Dale & Mary Urban
Tom & Cindy Van Pelt
Scott & Dana Vena
Douglas & Janice Vogl
Tom & Peggy Waggoner
Brian & Amy Wagner
Art & Ann Walsh
Richard Warwick
Rick & Renee Washburn
Don & Colleen Watson
Mark & Laura Weese
Rick & Coleen Weller
Mike & Kim Wernel
Glenn & Terri Werth
Tom & Shelly Williams
Marilynn K. Wright Hoover, in
Honor of Natalie Owens
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Zack
Tom & Mickey Zarda
“From an athletic competition standpoint and also to maintain and increase student enrollment, it is important to keep
improving our facilities, both inside and outside, as the athletic fields of most other schools in the Eastern Kansas League
(EKL) are second-to-none.” – Dr Bill Ford, President
“STA is the only Catholic high school in the area with a marching band and
color guard. The new turf field provides a safer, more consistent surface to
practice on and will greatly enhance our half-time performances.”
– John Burgess, Saints Brigade Band Director
“For the Saints Soccer programs, this project is a
dream-come-true. To be able to play on consistently flat
surface will allow us to showcase better soccer with less
injuries and also allow us quality practice time where
kids get better every day. We will forever be indebted to
our benefactors for their generosity.”
– Craig Ewing, Girls and Boys Soccer head coach
“The well-constructed underlay with top-of-the-line turf
covering will enable teams to play outdoors on a safe, fast
surface, especially when inclement weather might typically
force practice, conditioning or PE classes indoors.”
– Lorne Parks, PE Teacher and Athletic Coach
“Spreading spectators to both sides of the field
will undoubtedly create a more enjoyable fan
experience. Plus there will be plenty of room in
the stands for our own fans so no need to come
early and reserve seats!” – an STA Parent
“Our teams can practice at night under the
lights if necessary. We can hold double-header
underclass games, which frees up afternoons,
evenings and weekends for additional practice or
club sport competition such as Lacrosse, Rugby
and Field Hockey.” – Sarah Burgess, Director of
Athletics & Activities
“Because of decreased maintenance and more
usability with artificial turf, club sports like
Lacrosse will have the opportunity to use the
facilities without tearing up the middle of the
field where the goals sit and where the kids
face-off.” – Chris Berger, Lacrosse head coach
“The Dance Team and Cheer Squads look forward to creating entertaining performances with more advanced skills on
a safer surface and less wet, muddy ground.” – Tara Schroeder, Dance Team coach
25th Year
the Saints!
At Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School, excitement is brewing for a
year-long celebration of the school’s
25th year beginning next August 2012.
of Events
Plans are under way now, so
While the physical facility has
undergone many changes over the past
few years, our mission and purpose
of providing exceptional Catholic
secondary education remain the same.
It truly is our graduates who tell the
story of our success.
We invite you to join us in looking
back at the past, celebrating the
present, and building for the future.
Everyone is invited to join -- current
and future students, alumni, spouses,
parents and siblings of students and
alumni, grandparents, current and
retired faculty and staff, friends, and
Archdiocesan clergy and educators.
EACH one of you is an important
member of our Communion of Saints.
So mark your calendar now and come
celebrate the Spirit that IS the Saints!
Those associated with our
school community know how
critical volunteers have always
been to our special events. We’re
inviting YOU to get involved
and be a part of your 25th year.
Please contact Teresa Ahrens at
tahrens@stasaints.net, and use
“25th-Year Volunteer” in the
subject line.
This is your chance to open
your heart, to make new
friendships and renew old ones...
We really need you!
August 2012
Mark Your Calendar!
Sunday, August 12
“25 Years of Saints”
Community Kickoff Mass &
Picnic at STA
• Blue & Gold Kickoff – Friday,
August 31, 2012
February 2013
• Mass of Remembrance –
Wednesday, February 13
Saturday, February 23, 2013
Hall of Fame Inaugural
September 2012
• Homecoming Mass, Tailgate and
Football Game – Thursday and
Friday, September 27-28
October 2012
• Grandparents Day Mass
• Open House
March 2013
• Community Service Mass
April 2013
• Saints Walk for Life
• Dinner Theatre – Friday and
Saturday, April 27-28
November 2012
Saturday, November 10
25th Annual Saints
December 2012
• Saints Christmas Luncheon
January 2013
• Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas Mass
• Inaugural Alumni/Parent Marchfor-Life Trip to Washington D.C.
• Saints Trivia Challenge
May 2013
• Fine Arts Week
• Class of 2013 Graduation, 25th
Class of Saint Thomas Aquinas
High School – Wednesday, May
Thursday, May 9
Senior Mass and
the Class of 1989 Luncheon,
first graduating class of Saint
Thomas Aquinas High School
Homecoming 2011
An early season Homecoming game
didn’t hinder Stuco and the Saints
from preparing for exciting theme-days
and coveted class competition points.
Freshmen chose patriots as their
legendary group, Sophomores were
cowboys, Juniors were Romans, and
Seniors were Egyptians.
On September 23, 2011, over 1,200
guests attended the Homecoming
Tailgate and pre-game pep rally.
The “Old School” All-Years Alumni
Reunion was held following the game
at Saints Pub & Patio where classes of
1956 and 1996 celebrated their 50th
and 15th-year reunions, respectively.
The 2011 Saint Thomas Aquinas Homecoming Court included the following seniors: 1st row,
Emily Ewert, Madeline Malley, Mackenzie Lutz, Clare Eagan, Abby Hill, Emily Wheeler;
2nd row, Andrew Brown, Jeff Kraus, Ryan Didde, Matt Biggins, Brogan Moroney, and Phil
During Tailgate,
the concert choir
and alumni joined
on the Commons
stage for the Alma
Mater and “When
the Saints Go
Marching In.”
At halftime of the Homecoming Game vs. Blue
Valley Northwest, Matthew Biggins and Abby
Hill were crowned 2011 King and Queen.
Coach Mike Thomas addressed the
guests at Tailgate and introduced
game captains, pictured left-to-right:
Andrew Horn, Matt Clemons, Brendan
Nachbar, and Paul Heit.
During Spirit Week leading up to Friday’s
game, a theme of “Becoming Legendary” was
depicted in the halls of Saint Thomas Aquinas
when each class decorated their hallway instead
of constructing a float.
Extravaganza 2011
On Saturday, November 11, 2011, the Saints
community celebrated the 24th annual Extravaganza,
“Saints Alive and in Color.” Over 500 guests came
“Alive” to show their true “Colors” and support
for student clubs and activities at Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School. Over 750 items and $17,000 in
underwriting were donated to create the Live, Premier
and Silent Auctions. Once again the Nigro Brother
Auctioneers and Master of Ceremonies, Mark Oppold,
did a fabulous job leading the guests through the Live
Auction portion of the evening.
General Co-Chairs Dan & Patti Brewer
and Mary Ann & Jerry Robison joined
the Honor Roll of Extravaganza General
Chairs by providing key leadership for the
24th annual Saints Extravaganza.
The inspiration for this year’s “Saints
Alive and in Color” ambience, led by
Decorations chair Mary Luther, was
the unique work of contemporary glass
artist Dale Chihuly, whose sculptures
are featured in galleries, museums
and public spaces around the world
including the Bellagio Hotel lobby in
Las Vegas. The decorations committee
created the marvelous room centerpiece
for Extravaganza 2011 with over 1800
Note: A special “Six Degrees of
Separation” feature of the evening
was several Dale Chihuly art kits and
personally autographed books secured by
STA Guidance Counselor, Laura Cline,
whose cousin-in-law works with Dale
Chihuly in Seattle and on projects all
over the world.
Senior Envoy Christian Boschert and his dad, Toby
Boschert, share a dad-and-son moment at the 24th
annual auction that benefits Student Activities at
Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Senior parents Terri Spero Heit, ‘79,
Pam Clemons and Melody Calovich were
“wow’ed” by the Bellagio-style ceiling at
the entrance into the Gym. The handpainted, colorful Chihuly-like flowers
-- which also became table centerpieces
-- were created by parent and student
volunteers using plastic plates and a
toaster oven!
STA faculty and staff, such as Social Studies teacher
Elizabeth Vrabac pictured here with Senior Envoys
John Brekke, Megan Schilling and Katelyn Pascuzzi,
contribute to the success of Extravaganza by helping
with the Student Gift program and also volunteering
at the event.
Extravaganza 2011
Current/past parent Jean Hinman, pictured
here with Senior Envoys Brogan Moroney, John
Eckdahl and Ryan Pottier, has served on the
Extravaganza Steering Committee over the
past 13 years in various roles including Food,
Production and General Chair.
A beautiful white-gold Kairos cross, donated by
House of Diamonds at College and Quivira for
the evening’s Raffle, generated over $6,000 in
proceeds. Pictured here is the top-selling raffleticket team of Senior Envoys Allison Ewert,
Matthew Biggins and Claire Eagan.
Over 60 current/alumni parents, such as
veterans Mary Beth Mecca and Ann Zack,
serve on the Extravaganza Steering Committee
each year. Time and again, the many months
of planning and continuous, generous volunteer
leadership help to create experiences of
“camaraderie” and “accomplishment” for its
Always a highlight for Extravaganza guests is
the musical Student Revue and crowd-favorite,
“When the Saints Go Marching In.” Pictured
here are Show Chow performers Jordan
Calovich, Abby Ewert, Scott Davis, Katlyn
Wallace and Austin Tedder.
Extravaganza guests enjoyed
the festive and colorful
transformation of the gym and
an exquisite dinner by PB&J
Restaurants, Inc., led by owner/
operators and STA alumni/
current parents Paul Khoury,
Bill Crooks and Tom Petersen.
The tradition of
is enjoyed by
generations as
Raffle Chairs Susan
and Jeff Scherzer
visit with Susan’s
parents, Sharon and
Herb Shores.
The traditional “Wall of Wine” with
personally written notes from faculty
and staff helped generate interest and
excitement among party-goers, as did the
embellished wine glasses designed by Mrs.
Frankovic’s and Mrs. Marstall’s art
Senior Envoys assisted parent Bill Powers,
18-year Extravaganza volunteer, by inputting
winning bids into the event’s banking system.
Back row, pictured-left-to-right: Austin Cordill,
Kelcey Castinado, Caroline Cherry; front
Row: Mary Fortino, Tyler Heying, Abby Hill
and Erin Keating.
Lord, we thank you for a wonderful night of fellowship
and support for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, for
The excitement and passion of the color red;
The friendship and imagination of the color yellow;
The calmness, harmony and unity of the color blue;
The spirituality and transformation of the color purple;
The energy, enthusiasm and vibrancy of the color orange;
The generosity and youthfulness of the color green.
Alumni Feature
Country singer Matt Gary’s dreams
and reality have merged
teams during each of their four years
at STA.
Matt’s career as a recording artist is taking off with the recent release of his new single
“Beautiful Life.”
Long summer days spent at the
Lake of the Ozarks as a child and
later during his high school years
often found Matt Gary, class of 2001,
daydreaming about the future. A
career in music as a recording artist
pervaded much of his reverie.
Fast-forward ten years and the young
singer is on-track and living his dream
in Nashville, Tennessee.
“Music has always been a passion
of mine,” said Matt. “Even at a young
age I knew I wanted to be a recording
“My original plan was to move to
Nashville right out of high school, but
I was instructed by my parents that it
would be a better decision to first get
an education and then pursue a music
So Matt made a deal with Mike
and Darlene Gary that if he went to
college to secure Plan B, they would
support his dream of Plan A. Matt
now readily admits that following his
parents’ advice was the best path.
The young performer was born in
Plantation, Florida, and moved to
Kansas -- from where his parents were
originally -- when Matt was 15 months
old. He and his older brother, Michael
Gary, ‘98, attended Trailridge Middle
School in Shawnee before becoming
Saints. The boys were good athletes
and played on winning Saints soccer
Coach Craig Ewing, longtime Saints
soccer coach, fondly recalls the Garys
as ‘a great example of a great STA
soccer family.’ “Michael was part of
the 1994 first National Championship
team,” explained Coach Ewing, “and
Matthew was one of our top players
on one of the most memorable
seasons in STA soccer history. His
senior year (in fall 2000 when Matt
was named first-team All League
and first-team All Sun Country as a
defender) was our school’s first year
of its flirtation with Class 6A. We
were the smallest 6A school by quite
a bit and entered the playoffs with six
losses. The team won regionals, then
the State semi-finals, a game in which
Matthew shined. But we lost to Blue
Valley North in the championship
game after four overtimes.”
Matt participated in choir and
soccer all four years at STA which
meant showing up early in the
morning for choir practice and staying
late in the afternoon during the fall
soccer season. There were times when
the two activities crossed paths, but
Matt said Coach Ewing and music
director Dennis Hord “helped make it
After graduating from STA, Matt
attended the University of Tampa
and earned a B.S. in Computer
Information Systems and a B.A. in
Digital Art with a concentration in
3-D Animation. Upon completion of
college (i.e. sticking with Plan A), it
was finally time for Matt to chase his
dream of becoming an entertainer.
So he packed his bags and moved to
It was in 2009 when Matt grabbed
the attention of country radio’s
Alumni Feature
industry executives and began to
develop a fan base across the country.
He was identified as one of CMA’s
(Country Music Association) “Who
New to Watch,” and received the
“DISCovery Award” from Music
Row’s acclaimed critic Robert K.
Oremann. While Matt said he “grew
up playing piano” and recently has
taken up the guitar, for the most
part he concentrates on singing and
entertaining and leaves the music
accompaniment to the “incredible
musicians in Nashville.” Inspired and
influenced by Kenny Chesney and
Keith Urban, Matt describes his style
as “contemporary country.”
For the past year, a cross country
tour and visits to over 130 radio
stations have provided entry into
the country radio scene and a way to
promote his new single, “Beautiful
Life,” currently being featured on
radio stations. He has also
performed on stage with
well-known artists such as
Dolly Parton, David Nail,
Tracy Lawrence, Jarrod
Neiman and Eric Church.
He recently performed
the National Anthem for
the NASCAR Sprint Cup
Series here in Kansas City.
The young Saints’ alum
firmly believes that in order Matt as a high school senior with his parents
Mike and Darlene Gary
to follow one’s dream, you
first have to believe in yourself and be
In spite of a hectic schedule and
proud of your accomplishments no
living far from home, Matt still
matter how small the steps may seem.
connects with friends from STA.
Matt would advise young people to
He recently attended the Class of
enjoy high school and also take their
2001 ten-year reunion, and said that
education seriously. He says, “Take
although classmates have scattered in
time to meet new people and develop
many directions, “Our friendships will
your interests because you definitely
be lifelong.”
don’t want to look back and say
‘what if.’”
Go to www.MattGary.com for information about his recordings and listen to Matt sing!
Baton Twirler Draws Applause from Saints and Opponents
Freshman Savannah Miller is an
exciting addition to the Saint Thomas
Aquinas marching band and color
guard as well as the Spirits dance
team. So exciting that at a couple
half-time performances, the opposing
side’s fans stood and applauded along
with the Saints - she’s that good.
The young twirler doesn’t miss
a beat with her outstanding baton
twirling and dance skills and the
crowds enthusiastically cheer her
performances. During the summer
of 2011, Savannah traveled to two
national competitions and won the
United States Twirling Association
Grand National Championship Titles
in the Solo Performer and Twobaton Performer categories in Little
Rock, Arkansas. She was also chosen
Most Inspiring Performer. Then
Savannah traveled to the National
Baton Twirling Association Nationals
competition at the University of Notre
Savannah Miller (above, surrounded by members of The Brigade marching band and The
Sapphires color guard) exudes excitement every time she performs.
Dame in South Bend, Indiana, where
she captured top titles of Junior Miss
Majorette of America, Junior Grand
National Twirling Champion and
Two-baton, Rhythmic and Threebaton Champion.
And now the icing on the cake,
Savannah has earned a spot on the
USA National Twirling Team that will
compete at the World Championships
in Switzerland in April 2012!
A Day in the Life of a Saint
The Day We Became So Cool
Reporter Bonyan
Lee (far right, holding
microphone) from
television station
KCTV 5 visited Saint
Thomas Aquinas on
Friday, October 21, as
part of the Wendy’s
Cool School program
that highlights nonathletic activities. From 6 - 8 a.m. off-and-on between news stories
and commercials, Lee interviewed representatives of the student
council, debate, forensics, performing arts, and participants
of class retreats, STAPLES liturgy planning and mission trips.
Father Andrew Strobl, STA Chaplain, and seniors Ryan Pottier,
Courtney Bollig and Max Wilbur spoke to the reporter about the
many ways students practice their faith at Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Approximately 700 students came to the early morning pep
assembly -- sleepy at first, but ready to cheer.
Faculty Profile -- Joanne Mayfield
In August the Saint Thomas Aquinas
community welcomed new faculty member
Joanne Mayfield to the school’s theology
department. As the mother of three alumni,
Emily, ‘04, Allison, ‘08, and Steven, ‘10, and
someone who served as a substitute math
teacher last year, Joanne was already a familiar
face to students and staff. She also has seven
nieces and nephews who are graduates and two nephews who are
current students!
Joanne, the eighth of 12 children born to Steve and Lorraine
Kolich, attended St. John the Baptist elementary school and
Bishop Ward High School in Kansas City, Kansas. She received a
B.A. in Education from Benedictine College and M.A. in School
Administration from Baker University.
Joanne is a former junior high math teacher at St. John
the Baptist and Cathedral of St. Peter schools and former
administrator at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Lenexa.
She enjoys teaching at Saint Thomas Aquinas and says it has
given her added insight into the school’s success. According to
Joanne, “As part of the STA parent community, I was always
impressed with the reverence and faith expressed at school
liturgies. Now as a staff member, I see first-hand that the strength
of this school is how everyone is welcomed into the family, quickly
accepted into the Communion of Saints. With the perspective of
having worked in the Archdiocesan school system my entire career,
the ‘faith into action’ model at STA clearly develops our students
into responsive and responsible mature young Catholic adults.”
9/11 Hero visits Saint
Thomas Aquinas
High School on 10th
anniversary of the disaster
Saints teacher and campus
ministry coordinator Sean
Reilly invited fellow New
Yorker John Paul DeVito to
speak to several theology classes
on September 7 in honor of the
disaster’s 10th anniversary.
DeVito was seated at his desk
on the 87th floor of the World Trade Center I
on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, at 8:50 a.m. The
chief operating officer of the May Davis Group,
a small investment bank, had no idea that
Boeing 767 had just slammed into the building
just above him. But he knew he was in danger
and called his wife to tell her he loved her.
What followed in the aftermath was an
amazing story of courage, heroism and spiritual
awakening that DeVito is willing to share but
forewarns that he is not a public speaker. The
chapel setting was a perfect backdrop for the
humble man who spoke directly from the heart,
in describing his account of September 11, 2001,
and its lifelong impact on him.
He said immediately after the ordeal, “If you
had seen what it was like in that stairway, you’d
be proud. There was no gender, no race, no
religion. It was everyone, unequivocally, helping
each other.”
DeVito led thirteen May Davis employees
and an auditor from the Securities & Exchange
Commission to the stairwell and together they
experienced a 50-minute harrowing escape to
His message to the Saint Thomas Aquinas
students was one of hope, redemption and
forgiveness. The four major television Kansas
City affiliates covered the event and all of them
featured the speaker and his message on the
early and late night news.
Immediately after speaking to the Saint
Thomas Aquinas groups, DeVito boarded
a plane for New York where he marked the
anniversary by attending Mass with his family.
Performing Arts
Fall Musical AIDA a popular
Poetry Cafe stimulates
appreciation of language
The imaginative, expressive language of poetry is alive and
well at Saint Thomas Aquinas. Twice a year, in October and
April, students are invited to share their favorite poem with
others who enjoy the linguistic art form.
Pictured above left to right, Mary Fortino, Katelyn Stewart,
Catherine Kluempers, Jordan Barr, Carol Trickey, Taylor Sweeney.
In November, the Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
Performing Arts Department presented the musical
Aida, a contemporary musical version of a timeless
classical tale of love and devotion between two people
of different nations. The score is a crowd-pleaser that
embraces multi-cultural casting and exuberant dancing,
staging and singing. Each performance produced an
enormous outpouring of praise about the caliber of
the show. STA Music director, Joe Heidesch, said that
the cast “came together” early in the rehearsal stage
which allowed them to focus on minor adjustments to
perfect details of the production. Following last year’s
critically acclaimed West Side Story that garnered eight
Blue Star Award nominations, Heidesch and STA
drama teacher, Kim Harrison, wanted to match last
year’s accomplishments. Judging by the full theater and
audience response, they succeeded!
You’re a Good Man,
Charlie Brown
The Saints’ Thespian Troupe
6339 presented the musical, You’re
a Good Man, Charlie Brown by Clark
Gesner on three days in December.
Senior, Max Wilber, directed this
first ever “student-directed” musical
at Saint Thomas Aquinas. The
show was staged in the “Black Box
Theater” located in the drama room.
A nominal fee was charged with
proceeds helping fund a student trip
to the Kansas Thespian conference
in January.
With poems in hand, Poetry Cafe participants
spontaneously read aloud a favorite verse they consider
worthy of sharing with the group. While they are encouraged
to read original work, some students choose a book from
the library and select a poem that strikes an emotional
chord. Shel Silverstein, author of “A Light in the Attic” and
“Where the Sidewalk Ends,” is a frequent choice.
According to English teacher and published poet Boyd
Bauman who leads the group, “It’s hard to tell if there are
any budding poets at this point.” He adds, “Teenage poetry
tends to be a bit of a ‘lengthy confessional.’ It’s an outlet for
some who get to share some personal things and feel safe
and accepted.”
English teacher Paula McCarthy established Poetry Cafe
five years ago in celebration of Teen Read Week in October
and National Poetry Month in April. Coffee, hot chocolate
and pastries add to the ambiance, but it’s strictly self-serve
and informal, in keeping with the simple but successful
tribute to one of the oldest expressions of the English
English teacher Boyd Bauman (2nd row, 3rd from left) accesses laptop
resources while leading the Poetry Cafe.
Above, Spencer
Gochis played the
role of Snoopy in
the show, “You’re a
Good Man, Charlie
The Saint Thomas Aquinas Christmas Concert, held this year on December
7, always delights the audience with the students amazing vocal and music
talent! Pictured above, Marie Gavin displays her mastery of the violin.
Student Highlights
Can they do it? Yes they CAN!
Last year, in fall 2010, the Saint
Thomas Aquinas community
contributed 60,878 cans to Catholic
Charities of Northeast Kansas in
our annual Canned Food Drive, the
largest single-source donation in the
food pantry’s 45-year history. That’s
an average of 60 cans per student!
drive, called “CANdy Land” in 2011,
is sponsored by Student Council.
Chuck Hammons, co-moderator for
STUCO, said, “There is tremendous
ownership by the students, and each
year the competing classes attempt
to carry on the proud tradition in a
bigger way.”
This year’s drive started on
Halloween. But long before that -- as
in last summer -- the students were
busy planning, collecting and raising
money for the event. The annual food
By Day #2 of the week-long drive,
last year’s collection-count had almost
been met. Catholic Charities Food
Pantry was contacted so that the
agency would be prepared for the
enormous amount of donations they
were about to receive. And receive
they did.
It turned out that it was the most
successful Canned Food Drive in
Saint Thomas Aquinas history and
another record-breaker for Catholic
Charities with a grand total for
one week of . . . 113,936 cans! The
contributions were so significant
that boxes and crates and a couple
of trucks were parked outside while
STUCO reps tallied the final count.
ONE project to help those in-need,
ONE student council, and ONE
incredible student body and group of
parents resulted in an amazing feat.
Way to go, Saints!
Congratulations to the following Freshman Scholarship
Winners, based on 2011 Placement Exam test scores!
Catherine Bernard - Oxford Middle, daughter
of Richard and Juliann Bernard
Matthew McCrave - Holy Cross, son of Marcia
Kyle Bollig - Prince of Peace, son of Jeffrey and
Laurie Bollig
Jackson McElroy - Prince of Peace, son of
Laura McElroy
Matthew Brown - Lakewood Middle, son of
Rob and Marybeth Brown
Karley Monaghan - Holy Spirit, daughter of Pat
and Carrie Monaghan
Anna Christian - Cure of Ars, daughter of Jeff
Tom Pyle - Holy Trinity, son of Ken and Mary
Gretchen Cummings - Holy Trinity, daughter
of Bob and Lisa Cummings
Matthew Reynolds - Prince of Peace, son of
Eric and Nancy Reynolds
Tamara Gruenewald - Antioch Middle,
daughter of Terry and Victoria Gruenewald
Jack Ryan - Holy Spirit, son of Martin and
Debra Ryan
Nate Hornung - Ascension, son of Brian and
M. Diana Hornung
Rachel Spenner - Holy Trinity, daughter of
Dan and Anne Spenner
Abby Joerger - Holy Trinity, daughter of Bob
and Amy Joerger
Drake Stobie - Ascension, son of Peter and Lisa
Brent Keffer - Ascension, son of Dennis and
Renee Keffer
Ben Trickey - Cure of Ars, son of Benjamin
and Mary Trickey
Mallie Koehler - Cure of Ars, daughter of Paul
and Renee Koehler
Ryan Wheeler - Holy Cross, son of Charles
and Karen Wheeler
Madeline McCormick - Ascension, daughter of
Jeff and Susan McCormick
Faith Winchel - Queen of the Holy Rosary
Wea, daughter of Todd and Tracy Winchel
If you are interested in
establishing a Named Endowed
Memorial Scholarship at
Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School, in your name or to
honor a loved one either living or
deceased, please contact
Michon Quick, Director of
Alumni & Constituent Relations,
at mquick@stasaints.net or
Alumni feature
Husband-and-wife team experiences
life in Brazil
Hours of research, filling out
applications and even attending an
overseas job-fair at the University of
Northern Iowa enabled them to turn
their dream into reality. Katie and
Joe currently teach in an American
school in Rio de Janeiro designed for
American businesses that station their
employees in foreign countries. Katie
said there are similar schools in almost
every major city across the world.
Katie and Joey emphasize how
amazing it has been to see a different
part of the world and encourage
anyone with a desire to work outside
the U.S. to take advantage of the
many available options. The best part
of the Geists’ Brazilian experience
so far has been getting to know and
appreciate the culture. They describe
the native people as “very warm and
friendly as well as family-centered.”
Another favorite aspect for the young
couple is the beach.
Joe and Katie Blaise Geist, both
members of the Class of 2003,
started dating their senior year at
Saint Thomas Aquinas. Though she
majored in Elementary Education
at the University of Kansas and
he studied English at Kansas State
University, Katie and Joey dated each
other all through college and were
married on June 27, 2009. After
graduation, both became teachers
in the Blue Valley school district. It
was then that the couple decided to
pursue their shared dream of teaching
Especially for someone
contemplating a ‘sabbatical’ in
another country, Katie and Joey
point out the importance of being
independent. “There’s no getting
around the fact that you have to be
able to function on your own. It’s
really important to be open-minded
because you’re going to run into a lot
of things in a foreign country that are
different. If you aren’t willing to try
new things or see things in a different
light, you’re in for a long stay!”
But each admits that Skype and
email make the distance between
them and home seem less. Being away
from family and friends has been the
biggest challenge of being so far from
“We have been fortunate enough
to live close to our immediate and
extended families for most of our
lives, so being away has been very
difficult,” Katie said. “We have missed
doing simple things with friends and
family such as watching a KU/KSU
game, going to dinner or attending a
sibling’s sporting event.”
Saint Thomas Aquinas is a tradition
for both the Blaise and Geist families.
Katie has two alumni siblings: Amy
Blaise, ’05, and Mark Blaise, ’09.
Joey has two alumni siblings: Abby
Geist, ’06, and Steve Geist, ’10, as
well as three siblings who are current
students: Mike Geist, ’12, Grace
Geist, ’14 and Dan Geist, ‘15. Both
sets of alumni parents – Joe and Kate
Geist and Bill and Elaine Blaise –
are still actively involved with STA.
According to Katie, “Our parents
have enjoyed the experience, friends
and feeling of Aquinas as much as we
Owning a home in Overland Park
ensures that when it’s time to leave
their cosmopolitan lifestyle in Rio,
Katie and Joey will return to the Land
of Oz. They speculate that in ten
years they will likely be parents, living
in Kansas City and still teaching.
In some ways they credit their Saint
Thomas Aquinas education with
acquiring coping skills and support.
“Saint Thomas Aquinas is where we
both built our strong foundations and
faith,” Katie explained. “Without the
relationships we made at Aquinas, we
never would have had the strength to
go on this crazy adventure!”
2011 Coach MirockE Golf Tournament
The 26th Mirocke Golf Classic was
held at the Milburn Country Club
on Monday, June 6, 2011. Due to
the December 2010 fire at Milburn,
participants were introduced to a new
check-in configuration by the pool,
and the 19th hole was held in an airconditioned party tent. The event was
chaired by Jean and Burry Hinman
and Barb and John O’Donnell.
Proceeds benefit the Guardian Angel
Fund at Saint Thomas Aquinas High
Two Guys and a Grill coowned by STA parents Troy
& Cindi Tedder provided
lunch to golfers and
volunteers before tee-off.
Back in the saddle
at the 26th annual
tournament were Ken
Berra and Frank Mader.
Keeping things
under control
at the Halfway
House were Snacks
chair Gretchen
Johnson and her
assistants, Lucas
Johnson, Tami
Jeter, Landon
Johnson, and
Maureen Carroll.
Knocking off the perennial first place teams, 2011 Champions
were George Jansen, Kevin Rooney, Bill Blaise and Steve
Furman. Hoo-eeh!!
The winning (and only) all-women’s team was Sandy Furman,
Barb O’Donnell, Jean Hinman and Michon Quick.
Always out to
support the cause and
honor Coach Mirocke
were 1990 graduates
Mike Skahan,
John Michaels, Jon
Bichelmeyer, and
Jake Zillner.
Class of 2007 foursome
Andrew Geha and
Max Weitkamp along
with Pat White and
Price Duncan enjoyed
a good game of golf and
great round of fun.
Diana and Mark Ebeling,
tournament Beverage chairs,
were MVP’s of the day when
record-high heat required high
volumes of H2O and other
refreshments provided by
Stewardship Report
A report on the finances and donors of
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School for the 2010-2011 School Year.
Board of Trustees
Tom Quick, Chairman
Gary Davis
Fr. Bill Porter
Bill Blaise
Bob Frankovic
Mark Radetic
Fr. Frank Burger
Linda Hanson
Bill White
Bit Clark
Terry Miller
Financial Statement
July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011
1. Tuition and Fees.............................7,716,961
2. Support from Parishes......................662,630
3. Support from Archdiocese.................35,400
4. Athletic Income...................................47,764
5. Activities Income.................................89,343
6. Advancement Income.......................369,642
7. Interest Income....................................58,056
8. Misc. Income......................................438,396
Total Revenue........................... 9,418,192
1. Salaries/Benefits..............................6,428,425
2. Administration/Operations.............327,832
3. Instructional.......................................294,865
4. Activities.............................................122,324
5. Athletic...............................................239,091
6. Textbooks.............................................59,757
7. Graduation...........................................34,008
8. Plant/Maintenance............................373,977
9. Utilities................................................318,660
10. Debt Reduction.................................82,828
11. Loan Payments................................192,000
12. Financial Assistance........................820,317
Total Expenses......................... 9,418,192
Honor Roll of Donors
The following is a list of cash gifts received during the 2010-2011 fiscal year, July 1 – June 30. Thank you for your
commitment to Catholic education! We appreciate your generous support.
We apologize for inadvertent errors and omissions. Please contact the Advancement Office at 913-319-2425 with corrections.
Thomas Aquinas
Lamar & Rita Hunt
Kevin & Cathay Perz
Douglas Pringle / K T
Wiedemann Foundation Inc.
Keith & Bit Clark
John & Flora Debacker
Bob & Loree Faherty
Dave & Jan Goebel
Linda & Bruce Hanson /
Enterprise Bank & Trust
William & Norma Kryger
William & Polly Mullin
Sandra Price
Michael & Cynthia Sabatini
John & Connie Tompkins
John & Judy Warren / Warren
Supply Company
Tom & Mickey Nachbar Zarda
Thomas & Paula Biggins
Clay Blair / Clay Blair Family
KC & Lori Brown
Mike & Maureen Bukaty
Carole Edstrom
Bob & Judy Frankovic
Dan & Teri Geller
Rebecca Heidlage
Dennis & Renee Keffer
Patrick & Mollie Kelly
John & Jacqueline Krim
Mark LeVota
Darlene Mansfield
John & Barb O’Donnell
/ O’Donnell and Sons
Construction Company
Anthony & Constance
Robert & Peggy Adamany
Robert & Kathy Fitzpatrick
/ BarrelHouse
James & Dawn Bellerive
Jay Breidenthal / Security Bank
David & Patricia
John & Karyn Campbell
Kevin Christian / K. D. Christian
Construction Co., Inc.
Steve & Shannon Clifford
Gregory & Susan Cornelius
John & Julie Cosentino
Deluxe Corporation
Thomas & Eileen Drape
Jim & Carol Elder
Amancio & CelesteGenilo
Michael & Kathleeen Gremillion
Larry & Michele Gress
Craig & Tracy Herter
Dan & JoAnn Kanatzar / Tequila
Harry’s Inc.
Brian & Meya Kindred
Barry & Jill Koster
Alex & Julie MacGillivray
Tim & Alesia McAnany
Anne McDonald
John & Maria McKernan
Brian & Leann Miller
Terry & Terri Miller
John & Debbie Monterubio
Stephen & Carol Pascuzzi
William & Catherine Powers
Tom & Michon Quick
Mark & Mary Radetic
Troy & Nancy Reazin
Jeff & Nancy Robinson
Mark & Susan Roos
Jim & Mary Ryan
Jeff & Susan Scherzer / Scherzer
& Associates
Daniel & Petra Shinn
Ward & Kelly Staudenmyer
John & Cindy Thesing
Bob & Ann Timmons
Thomas & Peggy Waggoner
Richard & Renee Washburn
Tom & Shelly Williams
/ Williams Law, LLC
Mark & Cathy Witaczack
Gary & Julie Zancanelli
Jeffrey & Laurie Bollig
Joe & Ev Boutte
Bob & Lisa Bregant
Mark & Patty Brewer
Sarah Burgess
Rick & Alison Clark
Chris & Denise Colliatie
Joel & Shirley Collier
Bernie & Martha Concannon
Gary & Jackie Davis
Dan & Ann Ernst
Bill & Peggy Ford
Steve & Sandy Furman /
Tompkins, Furman &
Associates, Inc.
David & Linda Gentile
Michael & Kathleen
Dan & Karen Harrison
Dan & Denise Keating
Michael Klein / Klein
Charlie Lamont
Tim & Anita Link
William & Josephine McNally
Lowell & Karen Miller
Robert Miller / Robert Miller
Insurance Agency
Robert & Karen Morrie
Richard & Joni Nachbar /
Richard Nachbar Plumbing,
Lorry Nelson & Brenda
Jerry & Cyndy Novacek
Kevin & Kim Reichmuth
Ralph Reid / Sprint Foundation
Jerry & Mary Ann Robison
Mark & Karen Sneed
State Street Foundation
Mark & Ginni Steele
John & Debbie Van Blaricum
Gerard & Diana VanHoet
Eric & Renee Weissend
Dave & Dianne Wilderson
Abbott Laboratories Fund
Robert & Sharyn Baldacci
Dean Barber / Barber Financial
William & Terry Biggins
Bob & Lisa Clement
Kevin & Candy Connealy
Ross & Janice Conner
John & Cathy Downey
Mike & Mary Lee Fox
Mark & Gina Gilroy
R.J. Grindinger
Brian & Diana Hornung
Greg & Mary Bridget Kratofil
Craig & Paula Moss
Greg & Melissa Nachbar
Robert Novellano
Doug & Lisa Purtle
Martin & Debra Ryan
Martin & Denise Schermoly
Andrew & Marie Schmidt
Mike & Julie Skahan
Michael & Peggy Thomas
James & Robin Wooten
Mike & Denise Armentrout
Arthur J. Gallagher
Richard & Juliann Bernard
Bryan & Lou Ann Biggs
Bill & Elaine Blaise
Robert & Linda Boring
Toby & Tracy Boschert
Stacy Bowen
Joyce Beam Bradshaw
Craig & Maureen Adford
Hugh & Jane Benson
Mark & Beth Bland
Kirk & Kelly Bride
Mark Buckingham / Performance
Rehab LLC
Sylvester & Terri Byrd
Pat Cahill / Service Master
Pat & Molly Cahill
Robert & Julie Carmichael
Dan & Maureen Carroll
Brian & Pamela Clemons
Marty Cole / Country Club Bank
Robert & Lisa Coplen
Jay & Mary Desch
Sean & Julie Doherty
Karl & Nancy Donahue
Bill & Jo Anne Dondlinger
Michael & Dorothy Eagan
John & Teresa Ekedahl
John & Deborah Feehan
Bob & Kathy Fitzpatrick
Mark & Kathy Franzen
Jeff & Pam Frederes
David & Elizabeth Galbreath
Joseph & Vicki Gardner
Lisa Gonzales Clement, DDS
Scott & Susan Hagenkord
Matt & Beth Hartung
Ferrell & Colleen Heeter
Tony & Terri Heit
Paul & Barbara Heschmeyer
Rodney & Anne Heying
Brock & Kelly Hill
Burry & Jean Hinman
Stephen & Linda Hopfinger
Charles & Janet Huber
Pete & Sherri Jackson
George & Emily Jansen
Bob & Heidi Kopp / JCI
Geoff & Jennifer Johnson
John & Kathy Kane
Dan & Denise Keating / Beat the
Bookstore - KU
Kevin & Kathy Killilea
Bob & Heidi Kopp
Robert & Becky Krattli
Michael & Jo Kuckelman
Kris & Jami Kuckelman
Brad & Chris Kuhlmann
Paul & Lisa Lacy
Mike & Angela Leikam
Tim Lillis
Mary Lillis
William & Ann Logan
Stephen & Barbara Loughman
Frank & Joann Mader
Mike & Beth Magerl / Trabon
Greg & Pam Maher
Mark & Mary Pat McKinzie /
Wallace, Saunders, Austin,
Brown & Enochs
Paul & Maura Martin
Albert Mauro / Kansas City
Enhance Your Gift with Your Employer’s
You may be able to double or even triple your charitable gift to Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School through your company’s matching gift program!
To determine your eligibility, check with your employer to see if your gift to a
Catholic school can be matched. You may also visit www.matchinggifts.com to check
if a specific company will match your charitable gift.
If your company offers such a program, all you need to do is obtain a matchinggift form at your workplace and submit it to the Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School Office of Advancement. We’ll do the rest for you! Contact the Office of
Advancement at 913-319-2425 with questions or for more information.
Southern Industries, Inc.
Joe & Carol Mayerle
John & Nancy McCarthy
Jim & Rebecca Merwald
Mike & Shelli Mirocke / Mirocke
Sales Corporation
Tony & Chris Mirocke
Pat & Jackie Murphy
Mike & Liz Novosel
Randy & Janet Olberding
Michael & Kimberly Owens
Andrew & Marty Pavlovich
Eric & Susanna Peck
Ed & Mary Pyle
Quest Diagnostics
John & Susan Saxer
Dale & Joanne Schaefer
Albert & Jeanetta Schendel
Jeff Schugart
David & Mianne Sell
Mark & Michelle Stangohr /
RMS Technology Solutions
Tom & Lisa Stec
Mark & Kim Stukel
Mike & Julie Sullivan
Lon & Becky Swanson
John & Sara Sweeney
Steve & Karen Talken
Troy & Cindi Tedder
Mike & Peggy Thomas / Thomas
Service Corporation
Susan Thomeczek
Sean & Julie Thompson
Greg & Julie Towsley
Dennis & Julie Treacy
John & Bobbie Turek
Scott & Dana Vena
Dale & Tamera Vestal
Brett & Cheryl Vickers
David & Lisa Vogt
Elizabeth Vrabac
Brian & Amy Wagner
Dave & Stacy Watson
Mark & Laura Weese
Matthew & Joann Weger
Maria Weitkamp
Glenn & Terri Werth
John & Ann Whigham
Ronda Zillner & Greg Zillner
Gary & Kellie Zych
Chip & Monica Ahern
John & Teresa Ahrens
Brent & Becky Akright
Jim & Denise Alfonsin
Tim & Lisa Andrews
Christopher & Dana Arth
Larry & Susan Backs
Bryan & Lou Ann Biggs / Metcalf
Ken & Cathy Berra
Tim & Rebecca Bock
Joe & Lisa Bourquin
Laura Brancato / Brancato’s
Rob & Mary Beth Brown
Leo Brown
Phil & Joan Cansler / Cansler
Enterprises, Inc.
Patrick & Nancy Carolan
Mike & Maureen Carroll
Ken & Deborah Castinado
Tony Chiaverini
Mike & Jeanine Cindrich
Marty & Diane Clement
Jim & Laura Cline
Fred & Betsy Collins
Robert & Sheila Commodore
Brendan & Casey Curran
Gary & Jackie Davis / All About
Tim & Michelle Dehaemers
William & Emily Denning
John & Cathy Downey / Broski
Fence Co. LLC
Terry & Rebecca Droge
Brian & Lora Dunn
Patrick & Cindy Dwyer
Steve & Mary Eisenbarth
Craig Ewing
Jim & Anne Fields
Tresia Franklin / Hallmark
Corporate Foundation
Charles & Lisa Friedman
Philip & Jill Frisch
Gene & Cathy Fritz / F & L
Tony & Martha Frook
Mike & Michelle Gammill
Ron & Colleen Gardner
Mark & Glenda Gast
John & Clare Geiger / United
Bank of Kansas
Richard & Cynthia Gier
Mark Gonzales / Capital City
John & Mary Sue Goza
Ed Hall
Joseph & Pam Hamblin
Ed & Anna Heilman
Gary & Molly Hilderhof
David & Christine Hoffman
Joan Horan / DST Systems, Inc.
Rick & Beth Jenkins
Chris & Mary Kelly
Eric & Lauren Klimt
Kirk & Jeannette Kowalewski
Emmett & Paula Logan
Gerardo & Jennifer Lopez
Shane Lutz
John & Melanie Mahon
Scott & Melinda Marquess
Dan Matney
Jim & Michelle Maxwell
Brian McCarthy
Pete & Cheryl McDonald
Alan & Lynne Mestdagh
Tom & Karen Miller
Kevin & Kerry Moore
Ken & Lynne Moran
Michael & Stephanie
Paul Nachbar
Brian & Janet Peacock
Mary Perez
Kevin & Barbara Petracek
Robert & Beth Pigott
Ken & Mary Pyle
Pat Regan
Sean & Teresa Reilly
Tom & Ro Rheinberger
Dale & Catherine Romme
Steve & Pat Ruvolo
John & Cathy Rysavy
Brian & Leigh Schenck
Joe & Joanne Schroer
Myron & Chris Schwery /
Bernina Sewing Centers
Clark & Gina Sehon
Jim & Kelly Sherman
Michael & Kay Shirley
Dave & Jane Shriver
Brian & Denise Sieben
Mike & Denise Slaven
David & Linda Slovikoski
John & Kim Speckin
Daniel & Stacey Taylor
Phil & Terri Thelen
Kevin & Denise Thimmesch
Bryan & Susan Thrasher
Toyota Motor Sales, C/O
Community Relations
Sean & Kelly Tyrrell
Tom & Cindy VanPelt
Joe & Patti Voda
Scott & Anabella Wasserman
Doug & Liz Watts
Rick & Coleen Weller
Steve & Terrie Whealon
George & Michelle Wilber
Cindy Winkler
Tony & Jennifer Winslow
Kurt & Marie Woltering
Richard & Mary Woody
Dennis & Patricia Ballweg
Boyd & Lisa Bauman
Ben & Kathy Bellinder
Brian & Lynda Bentler
Jim & Susan Bishop / Bishop
Mike & Lisa Boddicker
Andrew & Michelle Bolin
Kenneth & Peg Bono
Dan & Patti Brewer
Mike Brun
Roger & Barb Bruns
Thomas & Nancy Bunker
Jerry & Melody Calovich
Brian & Chris Calovich
Ed & Ann Campbell
Steve Carey
James Carter
Bob & Pat Clune
Dennis & Jacquie Coffin
Cesar & Luz Conde
Brian & Susan Cordill
Ray & Jan Cullings
Michael & Laura Curran
Michael & Heather Delaney
Tom & Sheila DeMars
Paul & Debbie Dent
Jeff & Anita Driscoll
Steve & Karen Duethman
Terry & Ann Ecklund / Ecklund
Consulting Services
Dan & Michelle Ellefson
Jim & Sharon Etzkorn
Annette Mirocke Evans
Phil & Betty Farnan
Ralph & Iris Flournoy
John & Suzan Gampper
James & Pamela Gardner
Thomas & Karen Gartland
Neil & Carol Lynn Genilo
Michael & Jane Gochis
Sara Gordon
Thomas & Monica Greer
Matt Hallauer
Jim & Kathleen Halling
Mike & Theresa Haney
Rick Hetzel
Greg & Mary Ann Hilgers
Kathy Hill
Joel & Gretchen Johnson
Wes & Patty Jordan
Paul & Jessica Kirk
Ron & Stephanie Koch
Kevin & Lynn Kruse
Jim & Sally Kutney
Joe & Kathy Leary
Dean & Pam Lickteig
Jim & Rosemary Maher
Marvin & Jeannette Marstall
Glen & Marianne Mayer
Mike & Marlene McCabe
Richard & Cindy McOsker
John & Katie McQueeney
Martin & Joan Meyers
Richard & Susan Michalski
Bill & Lori Milliard
Pat & Linda Mirocke
Michael & Julie Morrand
Tim and Susan Mulcahy
Blake Mulvany
Ginnie Nash
Patrick & Elizabeth Nelson
Nelson & Marcia Newcomer
Roy & Judy Nickum
Vince & Linda Nowak
Chris Orel
Ricky Paradise
Mark & Debbie Pfeifer
Art & Gail Prieb
Brian & Diane Pyle
Chris & Cathryn Radiel
Susan Rinella
Dave & Liz Samples
Edward & Dorene Schneider
Robert & Liz Schneider
Patrick & Susan Seib
Gary & Kathy Shirley
Randy & Margaret Smith
Gregory Spalding
Paul & Dorothy Speckin
Chris & Karen Sturges
Josef & Amy Sudduth
Barb Summerson
Christian & Mary Swett
Michael & Kathleen Teahan
James & Kim Thorup
Frank & Mary Cay Tokic
Daniel & Christy Towle
Dale & Mary Urban
Francis & Linda
Mike & Monica Walberg
Jean Walker
Amy Wallace
Arthur & Ann Walsh
Larry & Joan Ward
Jim & Sue Waters
Brent & Doretta Watson
Bill Weiler
Mike & Kim Wernel
Dwight & Toni Williams
Jeff & Mary Ann Zande
Young Alumni
Monica Ahrens
Andy Akright
Ignacio & Marybeth Angles
John Bender
Chris & Amanda Berger
Evelyn Berry
Richard & Ann Blanner
Gregory & Linda Breck
Joseph & Kathryn Carmosino
Nathan & Lia Cless
Paul & Tracey Colonna
Mark & Kathleen
Grace DelNero
Greg & Donna Desmarteau
Kathleen Detra
Allison Dreiling
Steve DuBois
Kurt & Sylvia Gruenbacher
Lisa Halsey
Chuck & Amy Hammons
Tim & Cathy Hare
Julieana Hendricks
Tim Herre
Dan & Susie Hutchins
Brad & Kerri Jennings
Mary Pat Johnston
Kelly & Debbie Kephart
Gene & Janice Kieffaber
Mike & Elizabeth Kozor
Mike & Vickie Lewer
Leonard & Terri McKee
Merck Company Foundation
Gary & Angela Metzger
Kim Meyers
Joseph & Tammy Modica
Dennis & Jan Morin
David & Cathleen Ogle
Dennis & Linda O’Grady
Sean & Carolyn Olis
Christopher & Sui Sum
John & Susan Paule
Albert Roos
Mark & Heather Schoneman
John & Irene Sheerin
Joann Shikles
George Steinberger
Walt & Kaye Thompson
Charles & Karen Wheeler
Christopher & Joyce Winger
Ryan Wiseman
Alumni Donors
“Thank you” to our 2010-2011 donors who are alumni of St. Joseph’s, Aquinas and Saint Thomas Aquinas High
Schools. This report reflects gifts received July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010.
Joan Maurer Shikles
Joseph Boutte
Tom Zarda
Mickey Nachbar Zarda
Joseph Gardner
John Sanders
Connie Barry Kidd
Evelyn Berry
Ann Hayes Blanner
Joyce Beam Bradshaw
Kathleen Glennon Detra
Janice Scheier Kieffaber
Paul Kirk
Mary Fernandez Perez
Albert Roos
Francis VanNieuwenhuyse
Patrick Lynch
Gregory Breck
Phil Cansler
Joan LaCombe Cansler
Tony Chiaverini
Michael Cindrich
Gene Fritz
Kathy Wagner Shirley
Annette Mirocke Evans
Rebecca Lang Merwald
James Carter
David Shriver
Robert McAnany
Alan Mestdagh
Susan Nicks Bishop
Lynne Boutte Mestdagh
Anthony Mirocke
Mark Roos
Susan Downey Roos
Patrick Mirocke
Gerard VanHoet
Michael Magerl
Karen Zarda Sneed
Joan Zarda Davila
Kelly Sullivan Hill
John Speckin
Alumni 1985
Mike Mirocke
Mike Magerl
Dan Matney
Pat Regan
Ricky Paradise
Colleen Bolin Hochberg
Michael Brun
John McQueeney
Ryan Wiseman
Joe Bourquin
Stephen Carey
Dan Keating
Phil Thelen
Lisa Regan Bourquin
Sean Doherty
Kathy Speckin Hill
Mary Pat Sasenick Johnston
Terri Vohland Thelen
Teresa Spero Heit
Karen Garies Miller
Melissa Brown Nachbar
Jane Dillbeck Shriver
Dale Urban
Tamera Venneman Vestal
Paul Nachbar
Monica Cisper Walberg
Michael Walberg
Jim Maxwell
Jon Bichelmayer
John Michaels
Mike Skahan
Jake Zillner
Brian Dunn
Allison Dreiling
Timothy Herre
Mark LeVota
Elizabeth Kisthardt Samples
Andrew Akright
Elizabeth Ford Kozor
Carolyn White Olis
Monica Ahrens
Lia Frankovic Cless
Grace DelNero
James Bono
Gregory Nachbar
Mary Lavery Urban
Ed Campbell
Ann Marciniak Campbell
Denise Miller Keating
Joni Regan Nachbar
Richard Nachbar
Nancy Pflumm Robinson
Stacy Bowen
Lisa Feuerborn Coplen
David Watson
It’s Never to Late to Give!
There is still time to be a participant in the 2011-12
Saints Annual Fund. If you would like to make a
contribution, please go online to:
Faculty & Staff
Members of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Faculty and Staff who provided monetary contributions in 2010-2011:
John & Teresa Ahrens
Tim & Lisa Andrews
Boyd & Lisa Bauman
Chris & Amanda Berger
Tim & Rebecca Bock
Bob & Lisa Bregant
Leo Brown
Roger & Barb Bruns
Sarah Burgess
Nat Burstein
Ken & Deborah Castinado
Jim & Laura Cline
Fred & Betsy Collins
Brendan & Casey Curran
Greg & Donna Desmarteau
Terry & Rebecca Droge
Steve DuBois
Dan & Michelle Ellefson
Jim & Sharon Etzkorn
Craig Ewing
Phil & Betty Farnan
Ralph & Iris Flournoy
Bill & Peggy Ford
Bob & Judy Frankovic
Mark & Kathy Franzen
Matt Hallauer
Jim & Kathleen Halling
Chuck & Amy Hammons
Rebecca Heidlage
Julieana Hendricks
Rick Hetzel
Greg & Mary Ann Hilgers
Brad & Kerri Jennings
Wes & Patty Jordan
Kelly & Debbie Kephart
Ron & Stephanie Koch
Greg & Mary Bridget Kratofil
Charlie Lamont
Tim Lillis
Marvin & Jeannette Marstall
Joseph & Tammy Modica
Craig & Paula Moss
Roy & Judy Nickum
Jerry & Cyndy Novacek
David & Cathleen Ogle
Christopher & Sui Sum Olson
Chris Orel
Kenny & Serena Price
Brian & Diane Pyle
Tom & Michon Quick
Chris & Cathryn Radiel
Sean & Teresa Reilly
Brian & Leigh Schenck
Albert & Jeanetta Schendel
Mark & Heather Schoneman
Vicki Schroeder
Dave & Jane Shriver
Randy & Margaret Smith
Chris & Karen Sturges
Josef & Amy Sudduth
Mike & Julie Sullivan
Barb Summerson
Walt & Kaye Thompson
Bryan & Susan Thrasher
John & Connie Tompkins
Elizabeth Vrabac
Jim & Sue Waters
Bill Weiler
Cindy Winkler
Jeff & Mary Ann Zande
Matching Gift
Abbott Laboratories Fund
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
DST Systems, Inc.
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Intermec Foundation
Kansas City Southern Industries, Inc.
Merck Company Foundation
Quest Diagnostics
Sprint Foundation
State Street Foundation
Toyota Motor Sales, C/O Community Relations
Mirocke Golf Classic 2011 Donors
The following includes cash, in-kind and item donations for the 2011 Mirocke Golf Classic.
We apologize for inadvertent errors and omissions. Please contact the Advancement Office at 913-319-2425 with corrections.
All About Travel
/ Gary & Jackie Davis
Anheuser Busch, InBev
/ Tom & Mary Gorczyca
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
/ Bob & Lisa Clement
/ Bob & Kathy Fitzpatrick
Beat the Bookstore - KU
/ Dan & Denise Keating
Bernina Sewing Centers
/ Myron & Chris Schwery
Ken & Cathy Berra
Jon, ‘90, & Stacy Bichelmeyer
Jeff & Laurie Bollig
Joe, ‘77, &
Lisa Regan Bourquin, ‘78
Brancato’s Catering
/ Laura Brancato
Broski Fence Co. LLC
/ John & Cathy Downey
KC & Lori Brown
Michael, ‘97, & Carrie Brun
Cansler Enterprises, Inc.
/ Phil , ‘70, & Joan LaCombe
Cansler, ‘70
Capital City Bank
/ Mark Gonzales
Tony Chiaverini, ‘70
Michael, ‘70, & Jeanine Cindrich
Martin & Diane Clement
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of
Country Club Bank / Marty Cole
Cretcher Heartland Incorporated
/ Tom & Michon Quick, and
Bob & Judy Frankovic
Dean Barber
/ Barber Financial Group
Brian, ‘94, & Lora Dunn
Enterprise Bank & Trust
/ Linda & Bruce Hanson
Annette Mirocke Evans, ‘72
F & L Enterprises
/ Gene ,’70, & Cathy Fritz
Jim & Anne Fields
Bill & Peggy Ford
Philip & Jill Frisch
GEHA / Michael & Kathleen
Lisa Gonzales Clement, DDS
John & Mary Sue Goza
Rebecca Heidlage
Burry & Jean Hinman
JCI Industries / Bob & Heidi
K. D. Christian Construction Co.,
Inc. / Kevin Christian
Klein Orthodontics
/ Michael Klein
Jeff & Joy Konnesky
Kirk & Jeannette Kowalewski
John & Jacqueline Krim
Frank & Joann Mader
Michael, ‘85, & Beth Magerl
Dan Matney, ‘85
Tim & Alesia Dusselier
McAnany, ‘89
John & Maria McKernan
Metcalf Bank
/ Bryan & LouAnn Biggs
John & Kristy Meyers
John, ‘90, & Marla Michaels
Patrick, ‘76, & Linda Mirocke
Mirocke Sales Corporation
/ Mike, ‘85, & Shelli Mirocke
Tony, ‘75, & Chris Mirocke
Gregory, ‘80, & Melissa Brown
Nachbar, ‘79
Paul Nachbar, ‘86
Richard Nachbar Plumbing /
Richard, ‘81, & Joni Regan
Nachbar, ‘81
O’Donnell and Sons
Construction Company
/ John & Barb O’Donnell
Performance Rehab LLC
/ Mark Buckingham
Kevin & Barbara Petracek
Mike & Lisa Raunig
Pat & Becki Regan, ‘85
Jerry & Mary Ann Robison
Michael & Cynthia Sabatini
Scherzer & Associates
/ Jeff & Susan Scherzer
Security Bank / Jay Breidenthal
Service Master Catastrophe
/ Pat & Molly Cahill
Mike, 90, & Julie Skahan
Anthony & Constance
Tompkins, Furman & Associates,
Inc. / Steve & Sandy Furman
Two Guys and a Grill, Inc.
/ Troy & Cindi Tedder
United Bank of Kansas
/ John & Clare Geiger
Wallace, Saunders, Austin, Brown
& Enochs / Mark & Mary Pat
Mark & Laura Weese
Tony & Jennifer Winslow
Gary & Julie Zancanelli
Jake Zillner, ‘90
Extravaganza 2010 Donors
The following includes cash, in-kind and item donations for Extravaganza 2010.
We apologize for inadvertent errors and omissions. Please contact the Advancement Office at 913-319-2425 with corrections.
968 Park Hotel
Robert and Peggy Adamany
Ron and Marie Adrian
Chip and Monica Ahern
John and Teresa Ahrens
Teresa Ahrens
Diana Zarda Albert
Bob Aley
James and Denise Alfonsin
James Allen
Jerry and Debbie Amaro
Lisa Andrews
Tim and Lisa Andrews
Anheuser Busch, InBev
/ Tom & Mary Gorczyca
Christopher and Dana Arth
Mark and Dorian Assenmacher
Jeff and Lisa Austin
Larry and Susan Backs
Shelly Barmby
Sam Barnacle
John and Carol Bartolac
Jeffrey and Julie Bartz
Boyd and Lisa Bauman
Tom and Debra Beachner
Luke and Jennifer Bell
James and Dawn Bellerive
Brian and Lynda Bentler
Kirk and Julie Berggren
Kit and Barb Bergman
Ryan Best
Michael and Liz Bever
Bill and Terry Biggins
William and Elaine Blaise
Mark and Beth Bland
Jon and Teresa Blongewicz
Rebecca Bock
Andrew and Michelle Bolin
Jeff and Laurie Bollig
Kenneth and Peg Bono
Robert and Linda Boring
Toby and Tracy Boschert
James and Mimi Bourquin
Chris and Teresa Boutte
Nick Boyles
Bob and Lisa Bregant
Todd and Marion Brekke
Dan and Patti Brewer
Leo Brown
Robert and Erin Brown
Jim and Tami Bryant
John and Connie Budd
Mike and Maureen Bukaty
Matt and Marie Burger
Sarah Burgess
Brad and Gwen Busher
Sylvester and Terri Byrd
Jerry and Melody Calovich
John and Karyn Campbell
Timothy and Renee Carey
Dan and Maureen Carroll
Jim and Ann Casey
John Cassell
Deb Castinado
Ken and Deb Castinado
Arthur and Carol Chartrand
Paul and Marian Cherry
Keith and Bit Clark
Rick and Alison Clark
Brian and Pamela Clemons
Steve and Shannon Clifford
Laura Cline
Thomas and Julie Coatney
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of
Mid America
Richard and Carolyn Cofer
Dennis and Jacquie Coffin
Chris and Denise Colliatie
Betsy Collins
Ross and Janice Conner
David and Marsha Connor
Brian and Susan Cordill
Bob and Carol Cowdrey
Robby Cowdrey
Bill and Sarah Crooks
Ray and Jan Cullings
Tyler and Annette Cundith
Steve and Lisa Cunningham
James and Kim Dare
Gary and Jackie Davis
Ronald and Catherine Davis
Lauren DeBaun
David and Joyce Didde
Susan Dillingham
Deborah Dilloway
Phyllis Distler
Jack and Nancy Donahue
Bill and JoAnne Dondlinger
Sandi Dondlinger
John and Cathy Downey
Sue Drilling
Terry Droge
Steve and Karen Duethman
Jeff and Mary Duffendack
Eileen Dugan
Tom and Carmen Duvall
Patrick and Cindy Dwyer
Michael and Dorothy Eagan
Mark and Diana Ebeling
Timothy and Deedra Eccles
Bill and Shanthi Eckert
Mark and Cathy Edmondson
Jim and Carol Elder
Daniel and Michelle Ellefson
Dan and Ann Ernst
Craig Ewing
Phil Farnam
John and Deb Feehan
Robert and Elisa Fernholz
Iris Flournoy
Gary and Nancy Foltz
Dr Bill Ford
Chuck and Angela Ford
Mike and Mary Lee Fox
Bob and Judy Frankovic
Judy Frankovic
Mark and Kathy Franzen
Jeff and Pam Frederes
Charles Friedman
Tony and Martha Frook
David and Lisa Galbreath
John and Suzan Gampper
Ron and Colleen Gardner
Dan and Teri Geller
Neil and Carol Lynn Genilo
Mark and Gina Gilroy
David and Janet Goebel
Bob and Kathy Golubski
Larry and Kathy Goode
David and Marianne Grant
Thomas and Staci Greco
Michael and Kathleen Gremillion
Michele and Larry Gress
Scott and Laurie Haas
Scott and Susan Hagenkord
Matt Hallauer
Jim and Kathleen Halling
Joseph and Pam Hamblin
Roger and Mary Beth Hamisch
Mike and Patty Hammer
Chuck Hammons
Matt and Susan Harding
Timothy and Cathy Hare
Matt and Beth Hartung
Joe and Colleen Heeter
Tony and Terri Heit
Patrick and Karen Henderson
Julieana Hendricks
Todd and Chris Henning
Craig and Tracy Herter
Rick Hetzel
Kerry and Lynda Higgins
Gary and Molly Hilderhof
Mary Ann Hilgers
Kyle Hill
Brock and Kelly Hill
Charles and Mary Pat
Mike and Kim Hinck
William and Renee Hintz
David and Christine Hoffman
Carolyn Holton
Stephen and Linda Hopfinger
Brian and Diana Hornung
Tom and Karen Hult
Cathryn Hund Radiel
Lamar and Rita Hunt
Pete and Sherri Jackson
George and Emily Jansen
Kevin and Laura Jeffries
Rick and Beth Jenkins
Joel and Gretchen Johnson
Keith and Molly Johnson
Geoff and Jennifer Johnson
Eric Johnston
Patty Jordan
John and Kathy Kane
Dennis and Renee Keffer
Chris and Mary Kelly
Daniel and Denise Ketelle
Paul and Cindy Khoury
Kevin and Kathy Killilea
John and Janet Koch
Len and Tina Kollars
Barry and Jill Koster
Kirk and Jeannette Kowalewski
Greg and Mary Bridget Kratofil
Paul and Joan Krebs
John and Jackie Krim
Kevin and Lynn Kruse
Michael and Jo Kuckelman
Marsha Kurelac
Paul and Lisa Lacy
Collins Landers / Landers Visions
Mike and Angela Leikam
Kathryn Lemons
Tim Lillis
Keith and Kathy Lisbon
William and Ann Logan
Emmett and Paula Logan
Pat and Maria Looney
Gerardo and Jennifer Lopez
Stephen and Barb Loughman
John and Mary Luther
Shane Lutz
Lea Anne Mallot
Scott and Melinda Marquess
Jeannette Marstall
Paul and Maura Martin
Jerrica Martinez
Kenneth and Julie Marx
Jim and Michelle Maxwell
Tom and Julie Mayfield
Paula McCarthy
Pete and Cheryl McDonald
Bob and Polly McNellis
Richard and Cindy McOsker
Gary and Annette Mellard
John and Marla Michaels
Terry and Terri Miller
Lowell and Karen Miller
Brian and Leann Miller
Thomas and Karen Miller
Michael and Tracy Mistler
Steve and Peggy Moran
Marcia Moroney
Robert and Karen Morrie
Craig and Paula Moss
Michael and Stephanie Mravunac
Lynn Mueller
Sheila Mueller
Bill and Polly Mullin
Bob and Luisa Mulvaney
Pat and Jackie Murphy
Gregory and Melissa Nachbar
Richard and Joni Nachbar
Timothy and Elaine Navickas
Lorry Nelson
Jeff and Jill Ney
Rick and Karen Oddo
Dennis and Linda O’Grady
Sui Sum Olson
Joe Orrick
Michael and Kimberly Owens
Lorne Parks
Dale and Sabrina Pauley
Andrew and Marty Pavlovich
Brian and Janet Peacock
Natalie Pearson
Eric and Susanna Peck
Kevin and Cathay Perz
Tom and Ann Petersen
Kevin and Barbara Petracek
Jean Pflumm
Mark and Debbie Poelzl
Pamela Popp
Linda Porter
William and Catherine Powers
Kenny and Serena Price
Kent and Lori Price
Doug and Lisa Purtle
Diane Pyle
Ed and Mary Pyle
Michon Quick
Tom and Michon Quick
Mark and Mary Radetic
Christopher Radiel
Troy and Nancy Reazin
Jon and Lisa Reboulet
Kevin and Kim Reichmuth
Sean Reilly
Sean and Teresa Reilly
Jim and Megan Riggs
Jerry and Mary Ann Robison
Todd and Dawn Ropson
Ken and Janet Rosberg
Karen Ruder
Martin and Debra Ryan
Michael and Cynthia Sabatini
Brian Schenck
Albert Schendel
Albert and Jeanetta Schendel
Jeffrey and Susan Scherzer
Nick and Susan Schilling
Eric and Martha Schmidt
Kurt and Donna Schmidt
Andrew and Marie Schmidt
Noel and Sara Schnake
Robert and Liz Schneider
Heather Schoneman
Vicki Schroeder
Joseph and Joanne Schroer
Joseph and Danette Searle
David and Mianne Sell
Abbot Barnabas Senecal
Jim and Kelly Setter
Michelle Shaffer
Michael and Kay Shirley
Jeffrey and Leigh Shoulta
David Shriver
Brian and Denise Sieben
Mark and Karen Sneed
Michael and Leslie Sobek
David and Mary Speckin
Daniel and Lisa Stalp
Ward and Kelly Staudenmyer
Mark and Ginni Steele
David and Rosemary Storm
Fr. Andrew Strobl
Mark and Kim Stukel
Amy Sudduth
Barb Summerson
Lon and Becky Swanson
Christian and Mary Swett
Michael Swett
Daniel and Stacey Taylor
Paul and Pamela Taylor
Troy and Cindi Tedder
Kevin and Denise Thimmesch
John and Deborah Thomas
Michael and Peggy Thomas
Mike Thomas
Kaye Thompson
Sean and Julie Thompson
Brian and Deanna Thorne
Bryan and Susan Thrasher
Mark and Patricia Tranckino
Dale and Mary Urban
John and Debbie Van Blaricum
Gerard and Diana VanHoet
Tom and Cindy VanPelt
Scott and Dana Vena
Dale and Tamera Vestal
Brett and Cheryl Vickers
Lindie Victor
Joseph and Patricia Voda
Elizabeth Vrabac
Tom and Peggy Waggoner
Arthur and Ann Walsh
Richard and Renee Washburn
Donald and Colleen Watson
Douglas and Liz Watts
Matthew and JoAnn Weger
Kurt and Cheryl Weigel
Steve and Terrie Whealon
Charles and Karen Wheeler
John and Ann Whigham
Dennis and Kathy White
Thomas and Angela Wichlinski
Walter and Colleen Wiedeman
Dave and Dianne Wilderson
Patrick and Mary Jo Williams
Tom and Shelly Williams
Bret and Christy Wilson
Greg Wilson
Cynthia Winkler
Suzanne Wolff
Kurt and Marie Woltering
Marc and Mary Ann Woodward
Richard and Mary Woody
Jim and Robin Wooten
Christopher and Stephanie
Justin Wrigley
Jeffrey and Colette Wunderlich
Michael and Jane Wynne
Keith and Ann Marie Younger
John and Cynthia Zabroske
Gary and Julie Zancanelli
Tom & Mickey Zarda
Bob and Alicia Zarse
Fr. Mitchel Zimmerman
Gary and Kellie Zych
Saints Marrying Saints
Flournoy - Lee
Andy Flournoy, ‘04, & Caitlin “Katie” Lee, ‘04,
were married at St. Agnes Catholic Church on April
24, 2010, with Fr. Jerry Arano-Ponce officiating.
The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary on
Easter Sunday.
Andy graduated from Kansas State University
in 2009 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering
and works for Logic, Inc. in Olathe, Kansas. Katie
graduated from Villanova in 2008 with a degree
in Biology and works for the Stowers Institute for
Medical Research in Kansas City, Missouri. Andy
and Katie currently reside in Prairie Village and are
members of St. Ann’s Catholic Church where they
volunteer as youth leaders.
Pictured from top to bottom: Allison Matthews, ‘04, Maggie Lee Affolter,
‘00, Whitney Sizmore ‘04, Flavia Godoy, Cassie Sereda, Mollie Lee, ‘04, and
Katie Flournoy, ‘04; and (top to bottom): Steve Anderson, Spencer Brown,
Mark Mourlam, Tony Kern, ‘04, Paul Flournoy, ‘05, Yusshy Mendoza, and
Andy Flournoy, ‘04.
Frost - Carter
Hillary Frost, ’04, and Robert
“Bobby” Carter, ’04, were married
on October 15, 2010, at the
Cathedral of St. Peter in Kansas
City, Kansas – with Father Keith
Lunsford, Father Michael Hawken,
Father Ric Halvorson and Father
Harry Schneider concelebrating.
Pictured left to right: John Kolich, ‘04, Austin Nigro, ‘04, Stasia Hermes, ’04, Pat Carter, ’96,
Elizabeth Elliott (Dallas), Jimmy Carter, ‘03, Stephanie Frost, ‘01, Bobby Carter, ‘04, Hillary
Carter, ‘04, Lauren Frost, ‘98, Tim Carter, ’94, Emily Rembert (Dallas), Michael Carter, ‘98,
Erin Maloney (Wichita), Ryan Trader, ‘04, Brittany Jeter, ‘04, Tom Broxterman, ‘04, Caroline
Colgrove (St. Louis), Meg Stockton (Wichita), John Doyle, ‘04, Denny Alfonsin, ’04.
Both Hillary and Bobby are
graduates of the School of
Journalism strategic communication
program at the University of
Kansas. Hillary is an Account
Manager for Barkley Advertising in
Kansas City, Missouri, and Bobby is
an Account Executive for Perceptive
Software in Shawnee, Kansas. The
couple resides in Prairie Village
with their dog Louie.
Class Notes
Sister Marie Neff, BVM, was
recalled to the Mount Carmel
Motherhouse in Dubuque, Iowa, on
October 15, 2011, to be of assistance
to the staff. She has been a Catholic
Schools teacher for the Diocese of
Kansas City/St. Joseph (Missouri) for
54 years. Sister Marie has served at St.
John Francis Regis grade school for
the last 39 years, as teacher, principal,
and most recently substitute teacher.
Three generations of Royalty
Kelly Sullivan Hill,
class of 1984, her daughter
Abby Hill (current STA
senior), and Kelly’s mother
Lucia Sullivan, a graduate
of Lillis High School in
Kansas City, Missouri,
became three generations
of homecoming queens
when Abby was crowned
2011 Homecoming Queen
at Saint Thomas Aquinas
High School in September. Kelly was crowned Homecoming Queen 28
years ago for the Blue Streaks of Aquinas High School in Shawnee.
John Schmiedeler was inducted
into the 2011 Benedictine University
Ravens Athletic Hall of Fame on
October 29, 2011, in Atchison,
Kansas. John was a sharp-shooter
for the Ravens basketball team
(1948-52), and after completing
his master’s degree in education at
DePaul University in Chicago, he
coached high school, college (St. Mary
of the Plains, Dodge City, KS), and
international men’s basketball (Israel).
Following his basketball coaching
career, John was superintendent of
schools for the Diocese of Kansas
City-St. Joseph for 17 years while
also volunteering for the National
Association of Intercollegiate
Athletics. The NAIA honored
John in 1993 with the Frank
Cramer Award, recognizing him for
longtime dedication to the NAIA
basketball tournament. John and his
wife, Rosemary, have seven grown
daughters and live in Westwood,
Michael Gary earned his B.S. in
Business Management from Drake
University in Des Moines, Iowa, and
then moved to Los Angeles to earn
a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion
Design from the Fashion Institute
of Design and Merchandising. He
is married to STA alumna Jacque
Gangel, ‘98, who earned her Nursing
degree from Rockhurst University in
Kansas City, Missouri. The couple
resides in the Kansas City area with
their children, Mara - age 5, and
Michael - age 3. Michael is employed
as the Brand Manager and Head
Designer for PING Apparel.
Elizabeth “Liz” Kisthardt Samples
and her husband Dave are proud
to announce the arrival of their son
Brian Walter, born on September 15,
2011. Besides her new vocation as a
mom, Liz is an attorney for the United
States Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights in Kansas
City, Missouri.The family resides in
Shawnee, Kansas.
Emily Bock Pickerill spent 15
months in Morocco as a Fulbright
grant recipient conducting research
and studying Arabic from 2009-2010.
Her research entitled, Informal and
entrepreneurial strategies among
sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco,
was presented, in French, at the
international colloquium on Transit
Migration in Nice, France. The
research piece was published in the
September 2011 issue of the Journal
of North African Studies. Emily is the
daughter of Rebecca and Tim Bock of
Overland Park, Kansas.
Class Notes
David Poell, class of 2003,
received the “President’s
Commendation” award from
the Chicago Transit Authority
(CTA) for a heroic act on
a metro bus last October.
The driver of the bus began
feeling light-headed, breathing
impaired and began to pass
out. David assisted by calling
the CTA Control Center and
911 for help, while the driver
brought the passenger-filled bus to a safe stop.
Caitlin O’Connor recently
returned from Ukraine after two
years of volunteer work with the
Peace Corps. Caitlin worked in Youth
Development, creating new programs
for encouraging healthy lifestyles for
children and teens. Caitlin graduated
in 2008 from John Carroll University
in Cleveland, Ohio. Caitlyn is the
daughter of Elaine and William
O’Connor of Kansas City, Missouri.
David earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan
Law School in Ann Arbor in May 2010, where he graduated Magna Cum
Laude. While at Michigan, he served as Executive Editor on the editorial
board of the Michigan Law Review. David received his Bachelor of Arts
degree in Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Notre
Dame in May 2007. He currently practices law with O’Hagan Spencer in
Chicago, Illinois.
Emily Mayfield graduated from
Kansas State University in 2008 with
an Elementary Education Degree.
Following graduation, Emily moved to
New York and danced professionally
for two years. She is currently teaching
3rd Grade in the Blue Valley School
Tinker is a
co-founder of
True Hero Ties,
an internet
based on a
simple concept
and purpose:
donate 50% of
every purchase
to a U.S. veteran’s organization.
The company currently only sells
two men’s ties, but is planning on
expanding products in the future.
With every purchase, customers are
supporting our nation’s great heroes
who protect our freedom. Since its
November 2011 launch, True Hero
Ties has already donated $3,000 to
partner veterans organizations.
Carter Holton, class
of 2006, and son of
George and Carolyn
Regan Holton, ’73, of
Overland Park, Kansas,
appeared on television’s
Food Network
Challenge on July 3,
2011. The challenge was
to create a cake of a Star
Wars’ character tied
into the opening of the
Starspeeder 1000 ride
in Hollywood Studios at
Disneyworld. In spite of
being too young to recall
the Star Wars craze (first one released in 1977) and thus less familiar with
the creatures, habitats and people, Carter delved into the theme and chose
the character C3PO and an elaborate setting of the planet Tatoone. Carter
won the Challenge including prize money and a trip to Disneyworld to
recreate his winning cake at the ride opening. The young baker graduated
as valedictorian in 2008 with an Associate degree in Baking and Pastry
from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. He is
currently the pastry chef at Le Fou Frog restaurant and The River Club
in Kansas City. He also teaches Baking and Pastry at the Art Institutes
International of Kansas City.
Carri Prewitt took her vows of
First Profession with the Dominican
Nuns on December 8, 2011, at the
Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary
in Summit, New Jersey. Carrie has
chosen Sister Mary Magdalene as her
religious name. Carri is the daughter
of Kathleen and Tom Prewitt of
Overland Park, Kansas.
Jordan Herbert received the 2011
national Sigma Nu Man of the Year
Award for his work with the Nu
chapter at Kansas State University.
Jordan held several offices while active
in the chapter, and also currently
serves on the Alumni Advisory Board.
Upon receiving the honor, in addition
to thanking his fraternity brothers,
local alumni and the Sigma Nu
national organization, Jordan thanked
his family for their support. Jordan is
the son of Carol and Jerry Herbert of
Lenexa, Kansas.
Drew Clement was named
Academic All-American for the 20102011 school year. Drew plays soccer for
Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas.
Drew is the son of Lisa and Bob
Clement of Shawnee, Kansas.
Katelyn Brungardt, a junior at
St. Louis University, was among
eight scholars honored at the 2011
International Business Awards
on October 6 in the John Cook
School of Business. Katelyn was
awarded the Anheuser-Busch Global
Scholarship. Her picture appeared
in the SLU newsletter with other
scholarship recipients and corporate
representatives, members of the
Boeing Institute of International
Business and SLU faculty. Katelyn
is the daughter of Tracy and Craig
Herter of Shawnee, Kansas.
Drake Dunsmore, class of 2007,
and senior at Northwestern University
in Evanston, Illinois, has been named
the inaugural winner of the KwalickClark Award as Big Ten Tight End of
the Year and is a consensus first-team
All-Big Ten selection for the 2011
football season.
At the conclusion of the regular
season, Drake was averaging a careerbest 42.4 receiving yards per game
(tops among all Big Ten tight ends)
and also NU’s second-leading receiver with 43 catches for 509 yards.
Dunsmore, a semifinalist for the John Mackey Award given to the nation’s
top tight end, caught six TD passes this year, including four in a recordsetting performance at Indiana on October 29. In that game, Dunsmore
became Northwestern’s career leader for receiving yards by a tight end and
currently stands at 1,554.*
The Big Ten Tight End of the Year Award, one of 17 individual trophies
handed out for the first time this season, is named for former Big Ten greats
Ted Kwalick (Penn State) and Dallas Clark (Iowa).
*Statistics listed above for Drake
Dunsmore are through the regular
season and, due to press-time, do not
include the Wildcats’ appearance vs.
Texas A&M in the Mieneke Car Care
Bowl of Texas in Houston, Texas, on
December 31, 2011.
Courtesy of Athletic Communications,
Northwestern University, photographer
Stephen J. Carrera.
Steven Mayfield is currently a
sophomore at the University of Kansas
where he serves as student manager of
the Jayhawks Men’s Basketball team.
Jake Weller graduated from the U.S.
Marine Corps boot camp at the San
Diego Marine Corp Recruit Depot.
Jake qualified as an Expert Marksman,
the highest level possible, and was one
of only five men in his platoon to be
granted a meritorious promotion to
Private First Class. Jake is now at the
School of Infantry for his next phase
of training. Jake is the son of Coleen
and Rick Weller of Overland Park,
Kyle Whigham, a freshman at
Drake University in Des Moines,
Iowa, and member of the KC Ranger
club soccer team, participated in the
Under 18 Nationals this past summer.
Kyle was selected to the Team of
11, representing the top 11 under18-year-olds in the nation after the
Class Notes
Allison Mayfield, class of 2008, moved into sixth all-time on Kansas volleyball’s career kills, something not even
she could have dreamed of when she first arrived on the Lawrence campus as a freshman in 2008. Through hard
work and the help of her coaches, Mayfield has etched her name multiple times in the KU record books and along
the way pushed herself to not only be a statistical leader on the team, but a vocal one as well.
Mayfield joined the Jayhawk volleyball team in 2008 after a very
successful four-year athletic career at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School,
which was capped off by back-to-back state titles in volleyball. Mayfield
earned an all-state first team accolades in both 2006 and 2007 and was
named the 2007 Kansas City Star Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year after
claiming her fourth state championship in the high jump.
Mayfield, who ranks second in the Big XII with 4.15 kills per set this
season, is finishing her collegiate career strong. Mayfield took home the
MVP award in three of the Jayhawks’ four pre-conference tournaments
this year and led the team with 19 kills in its victory over then-No. 6
Minnesota, the highest-ranked opponent KU has beaten in program
history. She is also on pace to post the second-most kills in KU history
for a single season. Looking back on her career, Mayfield has created a lot
of great memories, but she never would have believed it if someone had
told her in 2008 that she would establish herself as a regular in the Kansas
record books.
Allison will graduate in May 2012 from KU with a degree is Exercise
Courtesy of ESPN news - Kyle West, Big XII
campus correspondent
Fourth Annual
Mass of Remembrance
Wednesday evening, February 8, 2012
7:00 p.m.
in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception
at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
We will honor students, alumni, parents, siblings, grandparents, faculty, staff and other loved ones of our community
who have passed away, especially during the past year. The Mass of Remembrance is truly a beautiful way to celebrate a
deceased loved one’s life.
Those attending will be invited to light a candle for their deceased loved one and also enter his/her name into the
permanent Saints’ Book of Remembrance.
The Saints Book of Remembrance will be kept at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School for regular submissions. You
may submit information for the book at www.stasaints.net/remembrance or contact the Office of Advancement at
Please let us know if you plan to attend the 2012 Mass of Remembrance so that we may amply plan for the evening. A
short reception will immediately follow Mass in the Library.
RSVP: www.stasaints.net/remembrance
Please also let us know throughout the year when members of our community pass away.
Thank you!
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
Please contact Cindy Winkler in the STA Advancement Office at
913-319-2425 or cwinkler@stasaints.net if you would like to recognize a
deceased loved one or submit a records-update.
Catherine “Cay” Bayer, age 59, of Overland
Park, Kansas, passed away Sunday, November 20, 2011
at St. Luke’s South Hospital. She is the mother of Catie
Bayer (Chris) Eichman, ‘97, and is survived by her
husband Donald F. Bayer, daughter Catie, son-in-law
Chris and a granddaughter.
Derek Adam Burchett, ’07, age 23, of Blue Springs,
Missouri, died Sunday, August 28, 2011, following a
motorcycle accident in Miami County, Missouri. He
is survived by his mother Cerise Dugan Burchett, his
father, Scott Burchett, step-mother Tammy Burchett,
sisters Krystal Burchett and Emily Burchett, and stepsiblings Liz Mitchell and Ray Mitchell.
Peggy Russell Coder, age 78, of Independence,
Kansas, passed away Saturday, July 30, 2011. She is the
mother of faculty member Paula McCarthy.
William E. Delich, age 83, passed away Friday,
November 25, 2011. He is the father of Emily Delich
(Robert) Mirich, ’93, and alumni-parent Mary (Robert)
Rixey. He is the grandfather of Allison Rixey, ‘07,
Caroline Rixey, ’09, Amanda Rixey, ’10, Catilin Rixey,
’11, and Andrew Mirich – current freshman.
Patrick E. Doherty, age 84, of Lenexa, Kansas, died
Saturday, August 27, 2011. He is survived by his wife
of 60 years, Luella Befort Doherty, their eight alumni
children: James M. (Susan) Doherty, ’72, Patrick M.
(Teresa) Doherty, ’73, Maureen A. (Mark) Huppe, ’74,
Daniel E. (Mirian) Doherty, ’75, Timothy M. Doherty,
’77, Sheila A. (Gavin) Barmby, ’77, Sean M. (Julie)
Doherty, ’78, and Colleen A. (William) Kolich, ’82,
son-in-law Steve Mauton, 34 grandchildren – many of
whom are STA alumni and current students – and 11
great-grand children.
Ariel Stephenson Frame, ‘55, age 74, of Liberty, MO,
passed away Friday, July 29, 2011. She is the sister of
Faith Stephenson, ‘53, Gwen Stephenson Echard, ‘55,
and Owen Stephenson.
Albert Kaegel, age 80, of St. Louis, Missouri, passed away
Wednesday, August 17, 2011. He is the step-father of faculty
member Rebecca Bock, and grandfather of Emily Bock
Pickerill, ’02, Andrew Bock, ’04, Matthew Bock, ’08, and
current freshman Stephen Bock.
Richard M. Kempster, age 87, of Overland Park, Kansas,
passed away Friday, August 26, 2011. He is the father of
faculty member Jeannette Marstall, and the grandfather of
Anna “Christie” Marstall Porter, ’98.
Manfred Olson, age 98, of Coos Bay, Oregon, passed away
Monday, August 22, 2011. He is the father-in-law of faculty
member Sui Sum Olson.
Thomas George (Tom) Ondick, ’89, age 40, of Lenexa,
Kansas, passed away Sunday, September 11, 2011. He
is survived by his parents Doug and Bonnie Ondick of
Shawnee, Kansas.
Deacon Richard Sarver, ’55, age 74 of Palm Desert,
California, passed away Thursday, September 15, 2011. He is
the husband of Sylvia Gallegos Sarver, ’58, and was ordained
to the deaconate on November 20, 1982, for the Archdiocese
of Seattle. Sylvia and Richard have four children: Michelle A.
Hein, Michael A. Sarver, Marcia A. Watkins and Martin A.
Sarver, and three grandchildren: Lacey Hein, Ryan Sarver and
Matthew Sarver.
Memorial information is published for
deceased alumni, deceased parents/children/
siblings of alumni, deceased faculty/staff,
and deceased parents/siblings/children of
faculty/staff. Please notify the Saint Thomas
Aquinas Advancement Office by contacting
Cindy Winkler at (913) 319-2425 / cwinkler@
Class of
1946 65-Year
September 14, 2011
First Watch – Shawnee,
Unable to attend
were Mary Anne Baier,
Frances Wagner Million,
Eleanor Boucher
Gargotta and Richard
Two classmates are
deceased: Emma Merl
Crust, and Mary Theresa
LeCluyse Gravagno.
Pictured left-to-right: Nadine VanHercke Flint, Pat Rieke Lynch, Ed Buckman, ‘45 – husband of Rosemarie,
Rosemarie Heimburger Buckman, James Kearn and his wife Margaret, Ruth Hagedorn Setter and her
husband Dave, Al “Gus” Chown, Frank Goode, Sister Marie Delphin Neff B.V. M. and her guest Sister
Therese B.V. M.
Class of 1956
55-Year Reunion
October 23-24, 2011
Saints Pub & Patio – Overland
Park, Kansas, and Hereford
House – Shawnee, Kansas
Pictured left-to-right, front row: Margie
VanNieuwenhuyse Miller, Joyce Huff Soetaert,
Jane Buckley Samyn, Connie Barry Kidd,
Karen Hartigan Burdolski, and Jim Barry.
Pictured left-to-right, back row: John Rosner,
Jim Fanning, Jim Watson, Larry Shaw, and
Joe Bergman.
Pictured left-to-right, front row: Albert Samyn, Jane
Buckley Samyn, Jim Fanning, Tony Soetaert, Joyce
Huff Soetaert, Margie VanNieuwenhuyse Miller,
and Jim Watson.
Pictured left-to-right, back row: Joe Bergman,
Mary Jo VanKeirsbilck Bergman, ‘58, Fred Kidd,
Connie Barry Kidd, Jim Barry, Darlene Hofer
Barry, ‘58, Trudy McGrath Rosner, ‘58, John
Rosner, Judy and Larry Shaw, and Joe and Karen
Hardigan Burdolski.
Class of 1961 50-Year
Pictured left-to-right:
Henry Lust, Michael
Vielhauer and Francis
October 1, 2011
St. Joseph Church – Shawnee, and Mission Hills
Country Club
St. Joseph High School Class of 1961 celebrated
their 50-year Reunion on Saturday, October 1,
2011, beginning with 41 classmates and their
guests gathering for Mass at St. Joseph Church in
Shawnee, Kansas. About 20 classmates were unable
to attend, and an additional ten are deceased.
The celebration continued at Mission Hills
Country Club with socializing and a buffet dinner.
Guests enjoyed the DVD of photos and newspaper
clippings, and a representative from Project Talent
(Washington D.C.) greeted the Blue Streaks in
attendance. Each classmate was presented with a
“Gold Medal Club” certificate from Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School in recognition of 50 years
since graduation.
1961 Classmates: Mark your calendar for a Class
Picnic -- next summer, Saturday, June 23, 2012, 1
p.m., at the home of Sandy Jakubik Massock, Lake
Waukomis, Missouri. More information will follow.
Pictured left-to-right: Ruth Ann
Huginan Hartung and Darryl
Pictured left-to-right: Reunion
organizer Stephen Sullivan, and
his twin brother Larry Sullivan.
Pictured left-to-right: Terry and Dolores
DeMeese Breck.
Pictured left-to-right: Karen Hoelting Starnes,
Sandy Jakubik Massock, Carolyn Soetaert
Rop and Mary Ellen Nastali Alea.
Class of 1971
40-Year Reunion
October 22, 2011
Lucky Brewgrille – Mission, Kansas
Pictured left-to-right: Diane Rieke Ellsworth, Janice Hagedorn Hoytal, John Patrick, Janet
Wichman Hoefler, Margaret Mullen, A.J. Lang, Tom Pope, and Lyle Hoefler.
Pictured left-to-right: Margaret Mullen, Janice
Hagedorn Hoytal, and John Patrick.
Pictured left-to-right: Joan Knipper Carter,
Connie Wurtenberger Zienkewicz, and Steve
Below pictured left-to-right: Rose
Dobbelaere Dusselier, Cathy Garrett
Brandes, Barb Kievlan Fowler,’70,
Donna Hambelton Sawyer, Jolene Riley
Miller, and Carol Franz Gerety.
Above pictured
left-to-right: Barb
Knoebber Soetaert,
Margaret Mullen,
Joan Knipper
Carter, and Diane
Rieke Ellsworth.
Class of 1976
35-Year Reunion
October 28, 2011
Johnny’s Tavern – Shawnee, Kansas
Pictured left-to-right: Susie Miller Meyers and Lisa Pflumm Zarda.
Above pictured left-to-right: Mary Bichelmeyer Lucas
and Mitch Compton (reunion organizer).
Right pictured left-to-right: Shannon Tyler Luka, Julie
Garrett, Brenda Carbajo Conrad, Susie Miller Meyers,
Francie Holland Baska, Mary Bichelmeyer Lucas, Lisa
Pflumm Zarda, and Kathy Weiderkehr Lamas.
Class of 1996
15-Year Reunion
September 23, 2011
Homecoming Tailgate – STA, and
Saints Pub & Patio – Overland Park,
Above pictured left-to-right: Michelle Gossman Hardgree, Erin
Bradley Peters, Stacy John Kramer, Matt Mereghetti, Lori
Anselmo, Jennifer Owens Governal, Franny Goode, Frank
Governal and Annie Kloster North.
Below pictured left-to-right: Annie Kloster North, Christine
Culp Lemmon, Colleen Bolin Hochberg, Lori Anselmo and
Erin Bradley Peters.
Class of 2001
10-Year Reunion
October 22-23, 2011
Church of the Ascension, Tanner’s
Bar & Grill, and Quivira Park –
Overland Park, Kansas
Pictured left-to-right: Alison
Darby Boddicker and Mandy
Stanley Menghini.
Pictured left-to-right: Whitney Smith Gaughan, Eric Gaughan,
Molly Zeller Farwell, and Kellie Pyle Strube.
Pictured left-to-right: Brian Wolf, Billy
Buser, and Matthew Gary.
Pictured left-to-right: Pat O’Donnell,
Erica Cekovsky Super, and Steele
Pictured left-to-right: Sarah Cook McCreary, Randi Lenning,
Emily Murphy Comfort, Ashley Crawford Stockmann, Kali
Yount Clune, Emily Wiedeman Creal and Angie Gangel
Pictured left-to-right: Lisa Manns, Amy
Logan, and Drew Henderson.
Pictured left-to-right: Denina
Lewis and Courtney Kopp.
Class of 2006 5-Year
November 26, 2011
Kelly’s Westport Inn
Pictured left-to-right: Erin Fauss, Erin Prendergast,
Sarah Kuhlmann, and Christy Millweard.
Pictured left-to-right: Peter Clevinger, Luke
Gorczyca, Andrew Patterson, and Phil Gastl.
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Bring your own beverages and an appetizer to
Prizes for best theme decorated team table, trivia
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Alumni, parents and friends are invited to
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your nomination no later than April 1, 2012,
for the inaugural awards-event in February