DTS 4130.timeserver

GPS or DCF 77
DTS Manager
and DTS Master
DTS Masterclock
Distributed Time System
The time server in the new NTP-based
Distributed Time System by MOBATime
DTS 4130.timeserver
The DTS 4130.timeserver sets new standards as a time reference for all NTP clients
in medium and large networks (LAN Ethernet/IP/UDP). It is highly precise and with its
intelligent concept for redundant operation, it
offers a high degree of reliability and security against failure.
The DTS 4130.timeserver can either be synchronized with a time signal receiver (DCF
4500 or GPS 4500), or with another NTP
or SNTP time server in the LAN or Internet.
The DTS 4130.timeserver can synchronize
all slave clocks with NTP movement, either
with direct NTP input or by means of NCI
(Network Clock Interface). Other devices,
e.g. master clocks, can be controlled via
DCF current loop or optical outputs.
The high degree of system security and reliability is achieved by the master-slave operation of two DTS 4130.timeservers connected
via fiber-optic (redundant operation). In the
case of disturbance, one device will automatically switch over to the other. Alarms
are signaled by alarm relay, SNMP messages, or e-mails.
DTS 4130.timeserver - the innovative, precise
time reference for networked, multifunctional systems
Time precision
Maximum accuracy is achieved by synchronizing the DTS 4130.timeserver via
a connected GPS receiver. The internal
time is updated to the time reference (e.g.
GPS) in one step or in small adjustable
steps to avoid any time leaps (e.g. after a
longer loss of the time source), thanks to
the intelligent time management. To
achieve utmost accuracy, the quartz drift
and aging is continuously compensated.
The front view shows the LEDs for mains supply, alarm, synchronization, and network
data traffic, as well as the RJ45 LAN plug,
10/100 Mbit and the PC connecting plug
(RS232 sub-D 9-pole male).
DTS 4130.timeserver back view with mains
plug, 2 DC power supply inputs, DCF input,
DCF output, DC power supply output, alarm
relay contact and DTS fiber-optic connection.
Top performance - even for large
The high performance DTS 4130.timeserver can answer more than 100 NTP
and SNTP requests per second. It can
even work as an NTP time reference for a
subnetwork, if it is synchronized by another time server.
Safe, convenient operation
After the first configuration or IP configuration, by means of a Terminal software via
the serial interface, operation over LAN
via Telnet, SSH or SNMP protocols is
possible. SSH and SNMP enable an secured connection. Special software is required for operation by SNMP protocol.
Effective fault indication
Alarms are conveyed by alarm relay, by
e-mail, or via SNMP messages.
DTS 4130.timeserver - the time source for LAN-based
clock and time distribution systems
On the one hand, it relays the external
time signals with maximum precision and
reliability directly to all NTP multicast devices, such as slave clocks with
SEN 00 clock movement, digital clocks,
and digital information displays with NTP
synchronisation. On the other hand, it
can also synchronize the NCI (Network
Clock Interface), which for its part can
control master clocks and slave
clocks with MOBALine and DCF 77
Even PCs/workstations, photocopiers,
printers, fax equipment, time recording
terminals, and access control systems,
central fire alarm systems, image and
sound recording equipment, and many
other "clients in the network" can be directly synchronized by means of the NTP
The DTS 4130.timeserver can be described as a versatile source in several respects.
MOBATime 왖 Masterclock
External DC power
supply or PoE
DTS 4130.timeserver - greatest priority for
security and reliability
Redundant operation
Two DTS 4130.timeservers are synchronized via a fiber-optic connection
for redundant operation, using two
GBIC modules for the fiber-optic link.
The two time servers automatically
regulate their role distribution as master or slave via this connection after
start-up. The slave is synchronized by
the master. In the case of GPS
failure, automatic switchover from
master to slave will occur whereby
limits for the switchover can be configured.
Redundant power
The DTS 4130.timeserver has several
monitored inputs for complete redundant power supply.
The non-active power supply input is
also monitored.
Possible power variants:
• 24 VCD, non-redundant
• 230 VAC, non-redundant
• 24 VDC + 24 VDC, redundant
• 230 VAC + 24 VDC, redundant
GBIC modules
왖 왖
24 VDC
24 VDC
85...265 VAC
Monitored inputs
DTS Distributed Time System von MOBATime Time system with persuasive future prospects
The DTS 4130.timeserver is the first,
immediately applicable device of the
innovative network based time system
DTS Distributed Time System that is
currently being developed by
MOBATime engineers. The DTS concept is specially designed for medium
and large networks and offers a
range of persuasive features:
• Flexibility through choice of functional components
• The system can be decentralized:
“Function where it is required”
• Security and reliability is provided
by redundancy in operation and in
The entire range of functions of the
complete DTS time distribution system
and all the special DTS system components required are shown in the diagram below.
DTS system components:
• DTS 4130.timeserver
• DTS master clock with various
slave clock lines
• DTS manager for monitoring
and software management
• Management software for operating the entire system via SNMP
power supply, as well as by alternative alarm reports (alarm relay, email or SNMP)
• Maximum precision of the DTS
4130.time-server time reference
• Simple and convenient operation,
configuration, programming, administration and monitoring via
• Network functions for highly precise time distribution to all NTP
clients in the LAN/WAN network,
as well as to sub-systems, such as
slave clock lines, or switching and
control systems of buildings and to
IT Security services.
DTS Masterclock 왖
DTS 4130.timeserver - Technical and performance details
Technical Data
DTS Link (Redundancy
Network services
Network Interface
IP configuration
Display elements (LEDs)
Local time calculation
Time-keeping (internal)
NTP / SNTP, NTP multicast
DCF-time signal output (current Loop passive)
Optical DCF time signal output (ST Bayonet, BFOC/2.5)
Max. length of the fiberglass cable, e.g. multimode fiber Ø 50 µm:
multimode fiber Ø 62.5 µm:
NTP client
NTP server, max. no. of NTP and SNTP client requests:
E-mail for alarm messages (2 addresses possible)
Time, date, FTP (for update)
10BaseT / 100BaseTX (IEEE 802.3)
Data transmission rate: auto-negotiation / manual
Connection: RJ45 (only shielded cable permitted)
DHCP, static IP
Software terminal via RS 232 (front side)
Via LAN: Telnet, SSH, SNMP (special software necessary)
Power supply, synchronization status, LAN data traffic, alarm,
DCF input
Automatic, pre-programmed daylight saving time change.
Up to 80 pre-defined time zone entries and 20
user-definable entries
Each output can be individually allocated to a time zone
(UTC or local time)
GPS (DCF input) to NTP server:
GPS (DCF input) to DCF output:
NTP to internal time:
Redundant operation: master to slave
Synchronized with GPS:
Holdover, after mind. 12 hours synchronization of
GPS time source, measured over 24 hours, at 20°C +/- 5°C:
at constant temperature:
After restart without synchronization (for 24 hours), at 20°C +/- 5°C:
External time source
Alarm relay
Power supply
Power reserve
Ambient temperature
produced by
External NTP / SNTP server (4 NTP sources possible), and / or
DCF 77- time signal receiver (current Loop, e.g. DCF 4500), or
GPS time signal receiver (current Loop, e.g. GPS 4500), or
manual time setting (only for test purposes)
Potential free, opening contact for signalizing disturbances
AC input: 85 .. 265 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz / max. 15 VA
2 x DC input: 24 VDC + 20 % / - 10 % / max. 10 W
DC output: nominal 28 VDC, max. 400 mA
19" rack, 1 rack unit, W x H x D mm
max. 550 m
max. 275 m
> 100 requests/sec
typical < +/- 100 µs
typical < +/- 10 µs
typical < +/- 100 µs
typical < +/- 1 µs
+/- 10 µs to UTC
< +/- 0.01 sec./day
or < 0.1 ppm
< +/- 1 ms/ day
or < 0.01 ppm
< +/- 0.25 sec./day
or < 2.5 ppm
open ➙ alarm
483 x 44 x 125
ca. 1.2 kg
0 to 60°C, 10 - 90 % relative humidity, non-condensing
CH-3454 Sumiswald/Switzerland
Time signal outputs