Chen Ee Sin - National University of Singapore

Chen Ee Sin (PhD)
Assistant Professor
8 Medical Drive, BlockMD7, room 03-09, Singapore 117597
Tel: (65) 6516-5616
Fax: (65) 6779-1453
Maintaining the integrity of the genome is essential for the survival of a cell and genomic instability
is associated with many human diseases including cancers. A cell ensures the integrity of its genome
with an intricate interplay of epigenetic and genetic mechanisms to safeguard nuclear processes,
including chromosome segregation, repair of DNA damage lesions and gene expression. Our lab
aims to investigate the molecular mechanisms by:
* Identifying and characterizing factors that control essential chromatin functions that have direct
implication to genomic stability.
* Elucidating how different epigenetic mechanisms interplay to control faithful inheritance of
chromatin information through the cell cycle.
* Investigating how cells modulate its epigenetic “memory” in sync with environment.
* Investigating the global physiological effects of chemotherapeutic agents currently in clinical
Our lab employs the powerful genetics, cytology and biochemistry of the model organism fission
yeast in conjunction with system biological approach to address these important issues. Results
obtained will be extended to study epigenetic and genetic mechanisms operating in the human cells,
so as to facilitate the development of therapy for human diseases.
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