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Hart’s Herald for August 26-31
Student of the Week: Ashley Kay- Congratulations Ashley for outstanding, work, behavior and character!
Story: “Plaidypus Lost” Letter Study Dd, Ee and their sounds. Review A-c letters and sounds
Story plot and sequence study, author study: Eric Carle books; focus on colors, mixing colors for shading
Check VIP for Family Times Home Study sheet. Send back by Friday.
Math: Writing and recognizing 0-10; a/b patterns; watch for reversals when writing numbers- Due on
Wednesday morning
Tuesday Math: 0-10 activity Thursday Reading: Baggie containing a passage for your to read and for
your child to illustrate. Have the child dictate sentences about their story and you write them down. Due
on Friday morning. Also, we will begin studying color words.
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Social Studies/Health: The five senses - There is an E-book on the library website
that is an excellent choice for your child to hear and read.
Reading Eggs
Reading Eggs is a Study Island Program for use at school and home. It is free for
parents. Your child’s login and password is taped in the FRONT of the agenda for
Monday. Please use this program at home.
4 1/2 weeks report card: September 13 Sign and return after viewing.
PLEASE ,PLEASE place any money, ice cream, lunch, etc in an envelope and mark
what it is for. Any unmarked ice cream money will be returned home to you in the
back pack or agenda. We cannot be responsible for money that is not designated
and placed in an envelope.
Thanks to all of you who came to Open House! It was one of the best nights for
me as a teacher. I have THE BEST parents in the world!