2014-15 Teacher and Leader Training Information

2014-15 Teacher and Leader Training Information
During the 2014-15 school year there will be four series of trainings offered to support teachers and school and district
These trainings include:
1. Assessment Information Meetings
2. Response to Intervention Reflection and Planning Meetings
3. Leadership Course 303
4. Summer Teacher Training
This memo includes specific information about the content focus, intended audience, dates and locations for all training
CORE Directors will be in touch with additional information about these offerings.
If you have any additional questions, please contact [email protected]
1. Assessment Information Meetings
Content Focus
These information meetings will focus on:
• Information about the new assessments in math, ELA and Social Studies
• Timeline and scheduling
• Technology requirements and platform
• Test blueprint, design and item types
• Accommodations and accessibility features
• Reporting timeline and structure
• Communications resources
• Preview of content covered in Leadership Course & summer teacher training
Directors of Schools and District Assessment Transition Teams.
The District Assessment Transition Team should include up to 5 members including the following
• Communication
• Technology
• Special Education
• Curriculum and Instruction
• Testing Coordinator
Given the timing of this first round of meetings and concurrent End of Course Assessments,
district leaders should plan to bring one additional district team member to the first round and
the full assessment transition district team to the second round of meetings.
Dates and
There will be two rounds of informational meetings offered during this school year. Additional
meetings will be scheduled as needed during the summer and fall in the lead up to the first
operational administration.
Round One (half day – 9a.m.-12p.m. local time):
• East TN: December 16; Fort Loudon Middle School, 1703 Roberts Rd., Loudon, TN 37774
• Middle TN: December 17; Lipscomb University, 1 University Park Dr., Nashville, TN 37204
Ezell Building Room 301
• West TN: December 10; Star Center, 1119 Humbolt Rd., Jackson, TN 38305
Round Two (full day – 9a.m.-4p.m. local time, locations TBD):
• West TN: March 9
• East TN: March 11
• Middle TN: March 13
Registration for the first round of assessment information meetings is now live. Please use this
link to register: goo.gl/eiBp3H. Each person attending should register separately.
2. Response to Instruction and Intervention Reflection and Planning Meetings
Content Focus
While districts and schools implement Response to Instruction and Intervention, we will provide
ongoing opportunities for both school and district teams to hear from colleagues, reflect on
progress and plan for the future.
There will be three types of RTI2 meetings offered:
• District reflection and planning meetings
• Secondary school planning meetings
• CORE RTI2 school summits
The district meetings will allow districts to collaborate and reflect on:
• The strengths of current implementation
• Current and future RTI2 needs
• Clarifications on key tenets of RTI2
• A next steps action plan to guide the next phase of implementation
The secondary school planning meetings will focus on:
• Key steps for implementation
• Data tool options for screening and progress monitoring
• Intervention guidance
• Scheduling support
The CORE RTI2 Summits will be offered at the end of the year and allow school teams to reflect on
implementation in year one, hear from other schools and plan for the year ahead. In addition,
CORE staff will be available to facilitate school and district trainings, reflection and planning
throughout the year. All meetings will be active working sessions (as opposed to informational
District Reflection and Planning Meetings are intended for a district team including:
• Director of School or designee
• Special Education Director
• Curriculum and Instruction Director
• At least one principal
Secondary School Planning Meetings are intended for middle and high school principals and
teacher leaders involved in the implementation of RTI².
Dates and
CORE RTI2 school summits will be intended for the principal and teacher leader team involved in
coordinating RTI implementation within the school.
District Meetings: Two rounds of district meetings will be offered.
Round One (9a.m.-4p.m. local time):
• East: December 5; Sara Simpson PD Center, 801 Tipton Ave., Knoxville, TN 37920
• Southeast: December 4; Chattanooga State Office Building 1st Floor Auditorium, 540
McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37402
• First: December 3; Greene County Center for Technology, 1121 Hal Henard Rd.,
Greeneville, TN 37743
• Middle: November 21; The Boone Convocation Center at Trevecca University, 333
Murfreesboro Rd., Nashville, TN 37210
• West: November 17; Star Center, 1119 Old Humbolt Rd., Jackson, TN 38305
Round Two (9a.m.-4p.m. local time, locations TBD):
• East: February 19
• Southeast: February 17
• First: February 20
• Middle: February 23
• West: February 26
School Meetings: Specific information about secondary school planning meetings will be shared
through Directors, TNCore and Special Education Updates in December.
CORE RTI2 School Summits: Information about regional summits will be shared by CORE Directors
with districts in the region by the end of January.
Registration for the first round of district meetings is currently live at http://goo.gl/aXJq8x. Each
team member should register separately.
Registration for Secondary School planning meetings and regional summits will be shared by CORE
Offices as soon as they are live.
3. Leadership Course
Content Focus
Another leadership course will be offered this year to continue the series of instructional
leadership trainings.
This year, content will focus on:
• Information about the new assessments in math, ELA and Social Studies
• Writing best practices and supports
• Instructional tools and resource supports
• Preview of Summer Teacher Training content
• Collaborative sharing among regional school leaders
Dates and
All content will be relevant to success this year and highly actionable for school leaders.
Prior attendance at 101 or 202 is not required for attendance at 303.
This training is open to school leaders (including principals, assistant principals and instructional
leaders) and district instructional staff including supervisors of curriculum and instruction, special
education directors and subject area specialists.
There will be two classes offered for the Leadership Course this year and there will be two
offerings of each class. Participation in both class one and class two is required in order to
receive TASL credit and a certificate of completion.
Class One (8:30a.m.-4p.m. local time):
• February 25
• March 4
Class Two (8:30a.m.-4p.m. local time):
• April 8
• April 15
All classes will be offered regionally in each CORE office.
Registration for leadership 303 will launch in January and be announced in Directors Update and
TNCore Updates.
4. Summer Teacher Training
Content Focus
There will be four tracks of training offered this summer:
• 3-11 Math
• 3-11 ELA
• 3-11 Social Studies
• Early Grades with a focus on literacy
Broadly the trainings will work to provide clear strategies and tools to help all students meet
high expectations. Content will integrate information about standards, assessments, resources
and instructional practices.
Specific information about the content focus for each training will be shared in January.
These trainings are designed for teacher leaders selected to represent their schools. Tools and
resources will be provided that allow attending teachers to bring the content back to their
Follow up modules and resources for supporting the summer content (i.e. PLC resources) will
also be shared with school and district leaders and all attending teachers.
Dates and
Specific information about the number of teachers that can attend per school will be released in
January given budget availability at that time.
Trainings will be two days in length and will be offered in each CORE region.
The specific dates of trainings will be:
• June 9-10
• June 11-12
• June 16-17
• June 18-19
• June 23-24
• June 25-26
Location information will be shared prior to the launch of registration this winter. Note that
some dates may not be available in all CORE regions; availability will be determined by demand,
budget, and our ability to select highly qualified Core Coaches.
Specific information about the number of available seats per school and district and the
timeline for registration will be released in January.
Comprehensive Calendar of Training Offerings
RTI2 District Reflection and
Planning Meetings Round 1
RTI2 District Reflection and
Planning Meetings Round 1
East: December 5
Southeast: December 4
First: December 3
East TN: December 16
Middle TN: December 17
West TN: December 10
Learning Leaders: January 24, 30, 31
East: February 19
Southeast: February 17
First: February 20
Middle: February 23
West: February 26
Leadership Course Class 1
February 25
Leadership Course Class 1
March 4
Assessment Information
Meetings Round 2
West TN: March 9
East TN: March 11
Middle TN: March 13
April 8
April 15
June 9-10
June 11-12
June 16-17
June 18-19
June 23-24
June 25-26
Assessment Information
Meeting Round 1
• Middle: November 21
• West: November 17
School Team Training Series
Winter Trainings
RTI2 District Reflection and
Planning Meetings Round 2
Leadership Course Class 2
Summer Training for
Dates forthcoming:
• RTI2 Secondary School Planning Meetings
• Specific Dates for CORE RTI2 School Summits