December 2014 - Rosedale Technical College

December 2014
Rosedale Tech V oted #1
BestP la c e To W ork In W estern P a
P ittsburgh BusinessT im esrecen tly n a m ed
Rosed a le Techn ica l College the #1 Bes tP la ce to
W ork in W es tern P A in the m ed ium com pa n y
ca tegory.The victory w a sd eterm in ed b y the results
from a survey fa culty a n d sta ffcom pleted .
Em ployee a pprecia tion a n d positive lea d ership
w ere the d rivin g forcesb ehin d the w in .
“ P res id en tDen n is W ilke ta kesprid e in ta kin g
ca re ofus.Itd oesn ’tsoun d like a n un usua l
con cept,b utit’sm ore un com m on tha n you thin k,”
sa id Shop ServicesM a n a gerDa ve Sla d ky in a
recen ta rticle pub lished b y the Pittsb urgh Busin ess
Tim es.
W hile the school va luesa stud en t-cen tered
a pproa ch in everythin g tha tisd on e,Presid en t
W ilke a llow sforfa culty a n d sta ffto ha ve fun on
the job a n d en coura gesthe use ofcrea tivity.Som e
oftheircrea tivity in clud esusin g a 1969 Chevy
N ova b od y a n d a 2005 Pon tia c G TO en gin e to
reb uild a com puter-con trolled Chevy N ova .The
reb uild ha sprovid ed a fun a n d ed uca tion a l project
b rin gin g togetherfa culty a n d stud en ts.
An otherprojectin clud esthe
tra n sform a tion oftw o school b usesin to
ra cin g vehicles.Upon b uild in g the b uses,
Rosed a le in structorsra ce them a tloca l
even ts.
“ W ha t’sgrea tistha tthese a re ourid ea s
tha tw e com e up w ith,” sa id Da ve.“ W e’re
justlucky to ha ve a n em ployertha ta llow s
usto d o it.”
O therexa m plesofw hy Rosed a le Tech isa
grea tpla ce to w ork in clud e the person a l
ha n d -w ritten n otesDen n issen d sto fa culty
a n d sta ffperiod ica lly a sw ell a sthe open d oorpolicy Den n isha sesta b lished .
“ He isa lw a ysw illin g to listen ,sa id
DirectorofAd m ission sDebbie Bierin a
recen ta rticle.“ He en coura gesourin put
a n d suggestion s.”
Thisisthe fifth yea rRosed a le Tech ha s
b een n om in a ted on e ofthe BestPla cesto
W ork,b utitisthe firstyea rthe school ha s
w on itsca tegory.
ACCSC R e-Ac c red ita tion P roc ess
Begins At Rosedale Tech
Rosed a le Tech ha srecen tly b egun the re-a ccred ita tion process
forthe Accred itin g Com m ission ofCa reerSchoolsa n d Colleges
(ACCSC),w hich isa volun ta ry,n on -govern m en ta l,peer-review
processtha tseeksto a ssessa n d en ha n ce the ed uca tion a l qua lity
ofa n in stitution ,en sure con sisten cy in in stitution a l opera tion s,
prom ote self-eva lua tion a n d in stitution a l im provem en t,a n d
provid e forpub lic a ccoun ta b ility w ithin a peer-review fra m ew ork.
Accord in g to theirw eb site,ACCSC iscom m itted to the
im porta n trole ofen surin g the in tegrity ofed uca tion a l progra m sa s
a m ea n sofservin g the pub lic in teresta n d pub lic a ccoun ta b ility
a n d servesa n essen tia l role in in stitution a l a n d progra m m a tic
qua lity a ssura n ce a sa critica l com pon en tofthe regula tory “ tria d ”
in pa rtn ership w ith fed era l a n d sta te govern m en tstha ta re
respon sib le forthe oversightofhighered uca tion in stitution s.
Every five yea rs,ed uca tion a l in stitution sa re required to go
through the a ccred ita tion process,w hich isa yea r-lon g process
tha tin clud esa self-eva lua tion ofthe en tire school com pleted b y
m em b ersofthe school’sa d m in istra tion a n d isverified b y a tea m
ofeva lua torsfrom the ACCSC,w hich provid esa n opportun ity for
d iscussion w ith school officia ls,fa culty,sta ff,stud en ts,a n d other
releva n tin d ivid ua ls.
Upon com pletion ofthe on -site review ,the ACCSC provid esthe
a ccred ited in stitution w ith a Tea m Sum m a ry Report,w hich
sum m a rizesthe school’scom plia n ce w ith a ccred itin g sta n d a rd s.
Upon review ofthe Tea m Sum m a ry Report,the ed uca tion a l
in stitution then ha sthe opportun ity to respon d to the reportw ith
in form a tion tha td em on stra testhe school’scom plia n ce w ith
a ccred itin g sta n d a rd s.
“ The a ccred ita tion processisa grea tw a y forusto m a ke sure w e
a re servin g ourstud en tsproperly a crossa ll d epa rtm en ts.The selfeva lua tion w ill b e a tea m effort,a n d w e a re lookin g forw a rd to
show in g offourcollege d urin g the tea m visit,” sa id Presid en t
Den n is W ilke.
DirectorofEd uca tion Ed P etru n a k isspea rhea d in g the rea ccred ita tion process.In a d d ition ,m a n y sta ffm em b ersfrom a cross
a ll d epa rtm en tsa re gettin g in volved to a ssistw ith the selfeva lua tion .
The re-a ccred ita tion processisprojected to b e com plete b y
N ovem b er2015.
Pictured : Presid en tDen n isW ilke w ith PAPSA Executive DirectorAa ron Shen ck
Pictured (leftto right):M
ike Breskovich,Sue Henze,
Suzie M cG ugin,A ngela N
W ilke,Da ve Sla d ky,a nd
elson,Ja ke Bier,J.R .M a nga
Julie W eb erceleb ra ting t
n,Ben M oxley,Dennis
he victory a tthe 2014 Bes
W ith college life on their
tPla ces to W ork Costum
m ind sd ue to the recentn
e Pa rty/A w a rd sL uncheon.
a m e cha nge,the group t
houghtitw a sa ppropria t
e to hold a “ toga pa rty” .
ToysF orTec hs– Spreads
Holiday Cheer For Families In Need
“ I look
forw a rd to
every yea r. It’s
such a rew a rd in g progra m ,” sa id Su e
Hen ze,Ad m ission sAssista n ta n d
ToysforTechsw a ssta rted to help
Cha irm a n ofthe n ew ly orga n ized
provid e holid a y cheerforchild ren of
R.E.V.Squa d com m un ity service
Rosed a le Tech stud en tsin n eed ofa
group. “ The holid a ysca n b e a d ifficult
little extra help d urin g the sea son . In
tim e forourRosed a le pa ren tsw ho a re
ord erto pa rticipa te,stud en tsw ith
strugglin g. It’sa good feelin g to help
child ren a re a sked to register
a n d ourstud en ts,fa culty a n d sta ff,a re
a n on ym ously.Upon receivin g a ll
registra tion s,stud en ts,fa culty a n d sta ff very gen erous. O urfa m iliesw ho ha ve
received toysin the pa stha ve a lw a ys
a re then a sked to b rin g in n ew ,
b een plea sa n tly surprised w hen they
un w ra pped toysorm on eta ry
pick up the giftsfortheirchild ren .”
d on a tion sto purcha se toysforthe
child ren .
W e w ould like to tha n k a ll ofthose
Sin ce itsin ception in 2011,Toysfor w ho pa rticipa ted to help m a ke this
Techsha shelped a tota l of67 fa m ilies yea ra grea tsuccess.
The 4th a n n ua l Toys forTechs
holid a y toy d rive w ra pped up this
m on th.The d rive b en efited 18 fa m ilies
a n d 38 tota l child ren b etw een the a ges
ofn ew b orn a n d 14 yea rs-old .
a n d 143 child ren .
M eetin gs
The recen ta d visory b oa rd m eetin gsw ere held
forthe follow in g progra m s:
O ctober14, 2014: Elec tric a l & Ind ustria l
M a intena nc e P ro gra m s
Eric Da vid son – Id ea l In d ustries
Thom a sPa la s– F orb esRoa d CTC
Ja ke Highfield – Pa rkw a y W estCTC
L eslie Ba sa lyga – Ad ecco
Jon Kuzel – KuzElectric In c.
Thisfa ll,severa l a d visory b oa rd m eetin gstook pla ce to d iscussthe further
a d va n cem en tofsom e ofRosed a le Tech’sprogra m s.Durin g these m eetin gs,the
school in vitesrepresen ta tivesfrom loca l em ployersa n d ca reertra in in g cen tersto
d iscussthe curriculum forea ch specific progra m a sw ell a sa n y n ew im provem en ts
tha tca n b e m a d e to help b etterprepa re Rosed a le gra d ua tesforca reersin the field .
R o sed a le T ec h w o uld like to tha nk everyo ne fo rtheirpa rtic ipa tio n
in the m eetingsa nd fo rtheirc o ntinued suppo rto fthe sc ho o l!
O ctober16, 2014:
D iesel & T ruc k D riving P ro gra m s
Rick En trin ger– USXpress
M ike Chron ister– Hill In tern a tion a l
Joe M a zur– Hill In tern a tion a l
JeffAm o – Cum m in sBrid gew a y
L ori M iller– W a ste M a n a gem en t
Da n Kub isia k – Poin tsprin g
Ken tM cG a ughey – L en zn er/ Coa ch USA
Joe M cCa rthy – O VR Pittsb urgh
O ctober28, 2014:
A uto m o tive P ro gra m
Rya n W estlin g – Tea m Autom otive
Tha d G a zzo – M ike Kelly Autom otive
Ba rry Belb a ck – Sha d ysid e Hon d a
How a rd Ea rn est– VI-I L td .
Bob W iesen – Rohrich M a zd a
Ala n Scher– F ord M otorCo.
M a ttM iller– W rightAutom otive
Joe M cCa rthy – O VR Pittsb urgh
Ros ed a le Tech w ou ld like to a ckn ow led g e ou rfa cu lty a n d cu rren ts tu d en ts w ho s erve
orha ve s erved in a bra n ch ofthe U.S. m ilita ry. W e tha nk yo u fo ryo urservic e!
O n Vetera n sDa y,the group w a shon ored w ith a lun cheon ford a ytim e vetera n sa n d d in n erforeven in g vetera n s.In
a d d ition ,Rosed a le Tech recen tly la un ched a vetera n ’sclub ,kn ow n a sTech Vets.The group w ill m eetm on thly to
d iscussrela ted topics.G uestspea kersw ill a lso b e sched uled to presen tto the group.
Da ve Hla d ik
Bra n d on Da n ser
John Huld
M a rk Sim on ea u
Ka ren Horn e
Cra ig Thorn ton
(Currenta sof11/11/14):
ChristopherAn d erson
Pa trick Arm stron g
Rob ertArn ett
Rya n Ba ux
ChristopherBa zzoli
Da n iel Bright
W a lterCla rit
L utherCoe
M cKen zie Coffm a n
Da vid Curcio
Bra n d on Diew a ld
G a ry Dun w orth
Ad a m Ea rl
Ken Eckles
Bra n d tEgerter
Terra n ce Ed ga r
Sa m uel F red erick
Cod y G a llik
Aa ron G a n d zia rski
Jeffrey G ilchrist
Rob ertG regg
Eric G regor
An d rew G ullo
Ia n Ha y
ChristopherJon es
Ja cob Joyce
Tom Kisiel
G eorge Kozup
Da vid L a m b ie
N ichola sL a urito
Cha ssL ew is
John M a yhew
Da vid M cCa rty
Sha w n M cG in n is
Ben ja m in M iller
Bren ton M ott
Rya n M ueller
John N ew com b
John N ied erriter
Sha w n O leksy
Ja son Pa ola
Ca rl Pa scocello
Da n iel Peters
Ja cob Peterson
N a tha n Piesza k
Ed w a rd Pla ta II
Tim othy Rya n
Jerem y Schiff
Da m ien Sisco
Steva n Sla ter
Dem py Sm ith
Pa lfy Thom a s
Tim othy Tyd em a n
M icha el Va n Auker
An thon y Vespa zia n i
W illia m W a ld ron
Steven W elch
Philip W esterm a n
M a tthew W hetsell
Ja son W ilson
Da n iel Zw ick
Jen n iferD a visD oesn ’tGive Up
R osed a le
V etera n s
In The News
Ros ed a le Tech vetera n s w ere
fea tu red in a FRO NT P AGE a rticle of
the P itts bu rg h Tribu n e-Review
on Vetera n s Da y.
Jen n iferDa vis w a slookin g fora ca reercha n ge con tin ued through the progra m .
w hen she en rolled a tRosed a le Tech.W a n tin g to
“ W e w ould n otgive up on Jen n ifer,”
tra vel the coun try,she sta rted the truck d rivin g
sa id Truck Drivin g In structorVa u g ha n
progra m in M a y 2014.Jen n ifersta rted the 10Greil.
w eek progra m offgrea tin the cla ssroom ,b utw hen
Due to cla sscha n ges,Jen n iferha d to
itca m e tim e to getb ehin d the w heel ofthe tra ctor ta ke tim e offin b etw een hertra in in g,b ut
tra iler,thin gstook a 180-d egree turn .W hen she
a lw a ysca m e b a ck.Durin g hersecon d “ la y
w a sa b le to fin a lly getb ehin d the w heel ofthe
off” ,Jen n ifer’sfa thercon n ected herw ith
truck,d rivin g w a sn otw ha tshe expected .She
on e ofhistruck d rivin g frien d s.Through
Pictured :JenniferDa vis(center)receiving herd iplom a from Presid ent
spen tm a n y hoursin “ the ya rd ” w ith the truck
thiscon n ection ,she ha d the opportun ity a nd DirectorDennisW ilke (left)a nd A ssista ntDirectora nd Directorof
d rivin g in structors,w orkin g ha rd on herd rivin g
Stud entServicesA m y Pa sca rella (right)d uring the O ctob erG ra d ua tion
to pa rticipa te in a sha d ow opportun ity
Cerem ony held a tthe Em b a ssy Suitesin M oon Tow nship,PA .
skillsb efore sta rtin g heron -roa d tra in in g.
w ith a truck d rivera sa pa ssen geron on e
L ivin g in the City ofPittsb urgh,Jen n iferutilized
ofhistrips.Spen d in g tim e on the roa d in
N ovem b er.Afterfive d a ysofcla ssroom tra in in g,
pub lic tra n sporta tion a sherprim a ry m ea n sof
a tra ctortra ilerhelped to keep herm otiva ted to
she b ega n heron -roa d tra in in g w ith a tra in er.
tra n sporta tion .She w ould ta ke tw o b usesevery
fin ish the progra m .
Jen n iferiscurren tly d rivin g a ll overthe coun try
d a y to getto school a n d a lw a ysm a n a ged to b e on
d roppin g hook loa d sw ith hertra in er.She ha sb een
O verthe course ofhertra in in g,Jen n ifer’sha rd
tim e forcla ss.Herd ecision to rid e
w ork a n d d ed ica tion w a spa yin g off to pla cessuch a sTexa sa n d iscurren tly in
a b usw a scosteffective,b ut
Ca liforn ia .She still checksin w ith the truck d rivin g
a n d the in structorscould see her
ca used herd rivin g skillsto fa lter
in structorson ce a w eek to provid e upd a teson her
overthe yea rs,w hich crea ted a
progressa n d sha re picturesfrom hertra vels.
cha llen ge forJen n iferw hen she
“ Jen n ifer’sstory issuch a n in spira tion to the
w a sb ehin d the w heel ofa truck.
a m ,” sa id Va ugha n .“ W hen I ha ve stud en ts
To im prove herd rivin g skills,
lookin g to lea ve school b eca use they sa y it’stoo
Coord in a torLiz La n s hca k to
Jen n iferb ega n to d rive her
ha rd I a lw a ysuse herstory to help them refocuson
upd a te herresum e a n d d iscussjob
cousin ,w ho w a sd ea lin g w ith a n
opportun ities.Durin g the m eetin g, theirgoa l.”
illn ess,to a n d from d octor’s
L iz m a d e a phon e ca ll to U.S.
a ppoin tm en ts.In on e m on th,
Xpres s ,a truckin g com pa n y
she ha d d riven over1,000 m iles
Jen n ifercon n ected w ith d urin g a
in a vehicle a n d helped to
recen tca reerfa ira tRosed a le
im prove hertruck d rivin g skills.
Tech. Before lea vin g L iz’soffice,
O ften tim es,Jen n ifer
Jen n iferha d secured a job w ith
thoughta b outd roppin g out
the com pa n y.
ofthe progra m ,b utw ith the Pictured :A letterJennifersentto Instructor
Jen n ifersta rted w ith U.S.
supportofherin structorsshe Va ugha n G reil.A tlea stonce a w eek,she
Photo ofG ra pevine Hill
rea chesoutto herfellow instructorsto
Xpressa tthe b egin n in g of
,Ca lifornia ta ken
upd a te them on herprogress.
d uring on-roa d tra inin
g b y Jennifer’stra iner
F a m ily Bu sin essL ea d sD a n H orhu tto En trepren eu rship
In ca s e you m is s ed it,
you ca n rea d the a rticle a t /n ew s /a lleg hen y/ 7107262-74/
ros ed a le-vetera n s -a n d ers on
Page 2
Rosed a le Tech gra d ua te Da n Horhu tha sb een
a ssocia ted w ith tree cuttin g sin ce he ha sb een a child ,
w orkin g w ith fa m ily a n d frien d s.Aftergra d ua tin g from
the d iesel progra m in 2010,he d ecid ed to con tin ue in
the b usin essa n d open ed up Horhu tTree Experts
w ith hisb rother,Steven .
Da n a tten d ed Rosed a le b eca use he rea lized the
im porta n ce ofkn ow in g how to w ork on d iesel
equipm en t.
“ Every piece ofequipm en tI ow n isd iesel opera ted .
L ea rn in g thistra d e in school ha sta ughtm e how to fix
m y equipm en tso I d on ’tha ve to hire som eon e to com e
a n d fix it,” he sa id .
Sta rtin g out,Da n soughta d vice from the in structors
a tRosed a le rega rd in g theirrecom m en d a tion sforthe
type ofequipm en the should purcha se.Throughoutthe
processofsta rtin g hisb usin esshe figured outw ha the
ha d to d o to purcha se equipm en tw ithoutta kin g out
loa n s.To thisd a y,every piece ofequipm en tDa n ow n s
w a spurcha sed w ithoutb orrow in g m on ey.
“ Ittook m e five yea rsto getthe equipm en tI
n eed ed .In 2009,I sta rted outw ith a on e-ton pick-up
truck a n d sm a ll chipper.N ow ,I ow n tw o d um p trucks,
a b uckettruck,tw o w ood chippers,three stum p
grin d ers,a n exca va tor,a n d a b ob ca t,” he sa id .
Da n sta ted the b usin essha sb een good forhim a n d
tha the getsto utilize hisd iesel tra in in g d oin g m on thly
m a in ten a n ce a n d repa irson the equipm en t.
Reflectin g on histim e a tRosed a le Tech,Da n en joyed
w orkin g w ith the in structorsa n d the ha n d s-on
a tm osphere he lea rn ed in .
HorhutTree Expertsisloca ted a t2831 Ca s tleview
Drive, P itts bu rg h, P A 15227.F orm ore in form a tion or
to requesta quote,ca ll 412-855-2703 orvisit
horhu ttreeexperts .com .
The Circuit
Hunter Curl Enrolled As
First Student In In d u stria l
Tec hn ic ia n P rogra m
Rosed a le Tech gra d ua te Hu n terCu rl recen tly
com pleted the HVAC progra m .Before fin ishin g the
progra m ,he d ecid ed he w a n ted to ta ke his
ed uca tion further.Afterlea rn in g a b outthe school’s
n ew estprogra m ,In d ustria l Techn icia n ,Hun terw a s
in trigued b y som e ofthe progra m offerin gsa sw ell
a sthe opportun ity to tra n sfersom e ofhiscred its
from hisHVAC cla sses.Itw a sthen tha tHun ter
d ecid ed to en roll in hissecon d progra m ,
d esign a tin g him the firststud en ten rolled in
In d ustria l Techn icia n .
“ I w a n ted to furtherm y ed uca tion a n d ha ve a
va riety ofskillsto secure a grea tjob w hen I
gra d ua te,” he sa id .“ The In d ustria l Techn icia n
progra m offerscla ssestha tin terested m e,such a s
w eld in g a n d hyd ra ulics,a n d I w a n tto geta sm uch
kn ow led ge a sI ca n w hile I’m in school.”
Hun terb ega n the In d ustria l Techn icia n progra m
in la te N ovem b era n d curren tly isin the hyd ra ulics
cla ssw ith In structorM a rk Sim on ea u .
“ So fa rI rea lly like the cla ss.There a re a lotof
com m on a spectstha tI lea rn ed in m y HVAC cla sses.
Un d ersta n d in g the b a sic con ceptsfrom HVAC ha s
rea lly helped outso fa r,” he sa id .
Hun terw a sa b le to tra n sfer14 cred itsto his
secon d progra m .Beca use ofthis,he isprojected to
gra d ua te ea rliertha n the sta n d a rd 16-m on th
progra m .
Hun teren coura gesa n y form erRosed a le Tech
gra d to con sid ercom in g b a ck forthe In d ustria l
Techn icia n progra m .
“ Ifyou’re n otrea lly seton justd oin g on e thin g,
like b ein g a n HVAC techn icia n ora n electricia n ,
you should d efin itely look in to com in g b a ck for
In d ustria l Techn icia n .You ca n lea rn a lotof
d ifferen tskillstha tw ill help m a ke you m ore
m a rketa b le to em ployers,” he sa id .
Ifyou a re a Rosed a le Tech gra d ua te a n d w a n tto
fin d outifyourcred itsa re tra n sferra b le to the
In d ustria l Techn icia n progra m ,ca ll 412-521-6200.
D o yo u thin k
yo u ha ve w ha titta kesto
ta ke d o w n a tro phy b u c k?
Immigrant Brothers
It’stha ttim e o fyea ra g a in fo r
R o sed a le Tec h’sBig g estBu c k Co n test.
All pa rtic ipa n tsm u stsu b m ita field
pic tu re o fyo u rselfw ith yo u rtro phy
b u c k a n d in c lu d e ho w m a n y po in ts
opportun itiesoutthere forit.Som eon e isa lw a ys yo u rb u c k ha s. All pa rtic ipa n tsm u st
BrothersM a teu s z a n d Krzys tztof
M a teusz,the old estb rother,d id n ’td ecid e to
goin g to n eed help w ith hea tin g a n d coolin g
W a s ielew s ki ca m e to the Un ited Sta tesw ith
com e to Rosed a le Tech un til a fterhisb rother
ha rvesttheird eera c c o rd in g to a ll
theirfa m ily 11 yea rsa go from Pola n d .L ea vin g a ll sta rted .Priorto en rollin g,he w a sgoin g to school n eed s,” sa id M a teusz.
Sta te Ga m e la w sa n d reg u la tio n s. No
a ta loca l com m un ity college forb usin ess.Aftera
tha tw a sfa m ilia rto them ,the b rothersstill ha d
Krzystztofa n d M a teusz a re b oth ha ppy w ith
en triesfro m c o n fin ed hu n tin g a rea s
ea ch other.G row in g up justtw o yea rsa pa rt,they yea r,M a teusz rea lized tha ttra d ition a l college w a s theird ecision sto com e to Rosed a le Tech.Both
n otforhim .Hea rin g a b outa ll ofthe good thin gs sta ted tha ttheirfa vorite thin g a b outthe school is w ill b e a c c epted .
w ere a lw a ystogethera tschool.Thistren d
Sha re D rea m O fW orkin g In The Tra d es
con tin ued a fterhigh school a sb oth b rothersa re
curren tly en rolled a tRosed a le Tech.
Krzystztof,the secon d old estofthree b oys,
a lw a ysw a sin terested in w orkin g w ith d iesel
equipm en t.Afterw orkin g on equipm en ta this
stepfa ther’scon struction com pa n y,Zim n icki
Con struction Solution s,in G reen ville,PA,he
d ecid ed tha the w a n ted to m a ke a ca reeroutof
Krzystztofhea rd a b outRosed a le Tech from his
frien d ,TylerM oore,a n d a fterreceivin g som e
m a rketin g m a teria lsfrom a ca reerfa ird ecid ed to
en roll a tthe school in August.
hisb rotherw a ssa yin g
a b outRosed a le Tech,he
d ecid ed to en roll in the
HVAC progra m in
Septem b er.
“ Tra d ition a l college
w a sn ’tform e.I
d ecid ed to lea ve
a n d en roll in the
HVAC progra m
b eca use there
a re so m a n y
the w ork en viron m en ta n d the in structors.
“ The in structorsa re a lw a ysexcited to tea ch a n d
w ork on projectsw ith the cla ss,” sa id
Krzystztof.“ It’sa n ice cha n ge from
the high school a tm osphere.W e
ha ve a lotm ore in d epen d en ce
“ I like ita lot.The en viron m en tis
grea t,a n d the stud en tsa n d in structors
a re very frien d ly.Sin ce sta rtin g in
Septem b er,I’ve a lrea d y lea rn ed so
m uch,” sa id M a teusz.
Em a il yo u rb ig b u c k pic tu resto
An g ela Nelso n a t
a n g ela .n elso n @ ro sed a letec h.o rg
The w in n erw ill
rec eive a L o n g
Sleeve R o sed a le
Tec hn ic a l Co lleg e
R ea l Ca m o Shirt.
The ArtofShop and Sushi
Autom otive stud en tJohn Cha n g likesw orkin g
w ith hisha n d s,w hich ison e ofthe m a in rea son s
he chose to pursue the a utom otive field .W hen
he’sn otw orkin g on ca rsin the shop,he con tin ues
to b e ha n d s-on perfectin g the skill ofm a kin g fresh
Sin ce he w a s16 yea rs-old ,John ha shelped his
m otherw ith the fa m ily sushi b usin ess,Ad va n ce
Fres h Con cepts ,w hich serviced loca l grocery
storesin N ew Jersey,Pittsb urgh a n d W estVirgin ia
forover12 yea rs.John ha d recen tly ta ken overhis
m other’sW estVirgin ia loca tion ,a Krogerstore in
M orga n tow n .
Betw een cla ssa n d hisjob a tP &W BM W in
Sha d ysid e,John ha d foun d tim e to b e a b le to
b a la n ce school,w ork a n d the sushi b usin ess.
tha the’sn otused to w orkin g on ,such a sa
Ca d illa c CTS.
“ Som e ofthe en gin e com pon en tsofthe
Ca d illa c a re rea lly d ifficult,so itw a sgrea tto lea rn
how to w ork w ith them ,” he sa id .
W ith a ll tha tha sb een goin g on in hislife,John
sta ted tha the ha srecen tly foun d a little b itof
un expected free tim e.A recen tcha n ge ha s
pla ced a n a tion a l reta il sushi com pa n y in cha rge
ofa ll reta il esta b lishm en tson the ea stcoa st,
rem ovin g him a n d hism otherfrom theircurren t
reta il loca tion s.Despite thism isfortun e,John is
ta kin g thisopportun ity to focuson hisfuture
ca reera sa n a utom otive techn icia n .Hism other,
on the otherha n d ,ista kin g a d va n ta ge ofthe
b rea k a n d d oin g som e tra velin g.
AtRosed a le,he en joysthe ha n d s-on tra in in g the
Expected to gra d ua te in M a rch 2015,John is
cla ssesa n d b ein g a b le to w ork on d ifferen tvehicles focused on fin d in g a techn icia n position a ta n
Go o d lu c k
a n d b e sa fe!
Co n testd ea d lin e isJa n u a ry 30, 201 5
a utom otive shop in the a rea .W hile he still en joys
w orkin g w ith sushi,he sta ted tha tpla n sto reopen
the fa m ily b usin essa re on hold fora w hile.
Truck Driving
Truck Driving
Surya Bha tta ra i
Ra ym on d Breier
Eric F ischer
Rob ertL a uteria
Ja red M oore
Ca leb Perry
G a uge Ta rpley
Trista n Arrigo
ChristopherCla y
Bria n L uken s
M icha el Pa llon e
Sula im a n Sa va ge
Ra n d y Sha w ger
Alec Solom on
N a tha n iel Spin d ler
L oga n Thom a s
M icha el Boehm e
ChristopherCa m pb ell
ScottSla gle
N ichola sAli
G ra n tM urra y
An thon y Stra pa zzon
Bria n Cook*
Jerom e Brya n tJr.
Da vid Hurrell
Tim othy Husta va
An thon y Pa lla d in i
Da n iel Utchel
The Circuit
Industrial Technician
Hun terCurl
Are you a gra d ua te of
Rosed a le Tech?
Rosed a le Tech recen tly la un ched a n ew a lum n i
F a ceb ook group.The group w ill b e used a sa
n etw orkin g tool a n d to upd a te ourgra d ua tes
on a lum n i even ts.
Ifyou a re a gra d ua te a n d ha ve n otyetjoin ed
oura lum n i F a ceb ook group,plea se visit
w w w .fa ceb o o m /g ro u p s/
ro sed a letecha lu m n iorsca n the Q R cod e
w ith yoursm a rtphon e.
*Decem b ersta rt
Page 2
Page 3
Why I Chose To Attend
R osed a le
Tec hn ic a lCollege
By:Ja c lyn M ovitc h
Even in g Ca reerF a ir,“Hiring Days” P u tsStu d en ts
In F ron tO fTop Industry Employers
Rosed a le Tech hosted a n even in g ca reerfa iron W ed n esd a y,N ovem b er12 in the Shoeb ox.A tota l of
25 represen ta tivesfrom 20 em ployersa tten d ed the even t.
Stud en tsfrom the school’sa utom otive,d iesel a n d electrica l d iplom a progra m sa tten d ed the ca reer
fa ira n d ha d the opportun ity to m eetw ith som e ofthe in d ustry-lea d in g em ployershirin g in the a rea .
A s pecia l tha n k you to the follow in g
com pa n ies fora tten d in g the even t:
Ha ve you everstopped to thin k a b outw ha t
yourfuture hold s? Asyou getold er,you
im a gin e w ha tkin d oflife you’ll ha ve,you
w on d erw ha tyou’ll b e d oin g a n d ifyou’ll b e
successful.O n ce the id ea ofha vin g to pick
w ha tyou w a n tto d o forthe restofyourlife
setsin ,itca n b e in tim id a tin g;you w a n tto
m a ke the rightchoice a n d d o som ethin g tha t
you love,b utyou a lso w a n tto b e successful
so tha tyou ca n ta ke ca re ofyourselfa n d
m a yb e even a fa m ily som ed a y.So w ha td o
you d o? L uckily form e I ha d help m a kin g m y
d ecision .Bein g a tom b oy grow in g up itw a s
pretty a w esom e ha vin g a d a d w ho (in m y
eyes)could fix a lm osta n ythin g.N o m a tter
w ha tn eed ed d on e,he a lw a ysa llow ed m e to
help a n d en coura ge m y in terestsw ith tools;
even ifitm ea n tta kin g a pa rtourfa m ily
com putera n d n otkn ow in g how to putit
b a ck together.
Un fortun a tely m y pa ren ts,like m ost,
struggled w ith m on ey a n d a lw a ysha d less
tha n d esira b le ca rs;a n d let’sfa ce it,the
chea pestm echa n icsa re n otchea p.After
w a tchin g m y d a d getta ken a d va n ta ge oftim e
a ftertim e,yea ra fteryea r,b eca use he
could n ’ta fford to go to a n othershop tha t’s
w hen I kn ew w ha tI w a n ted to d o.
O n e thin g tha tw e a lw a ysd id w a sgo to ca r
show s;so n oton ly d id m y d a d spa rk m y
in terestin ca rs,b utb eca use ofhisha rd w ork
a n d d eterm in a tion he ga ve m e the d esire to
w a n tto help othersa n d give b a ck a sm uch a s
I could .
M y goa l isto on e d a y ow n a n d run m y ow n
shop a sw ell a sb uild in g m y d a d w ha teverca r
he ca n d rea m up.I chose Rosed a le b eca use I
a ctua lly ha ve tw o frien d stha tw en there,n ot
to m en tion it’son ly a 10-m in ute d rive,the
sta ffa n d tea cherscould n otb e m ore
supportive,con sid era te a n d a scon cern ed
a b outusha vin g a successful future a sw e a re.
I’ve m etsuch a m a zin g people here,a n d
hon estly,d on ’tkn ow w here I w ould b e in life
ifI d id n ’tcom e here.Atten d in g Rosed a le
Techn ica l College ha struly cha n ged m y life for
the b ettera n d I ca n ’tw a itto gra d ua te a n d
m a ke a ll ofm y in structorsproud .
#1 Cochra n
Ad va n ce Au to P a rts
Ca l Fra c
En terpris e
Expres s Em ploym en t
P rofes s ion a ls
Fed Ex
Gillece Tra n s m is s ion s
Keys ton e M a n u fa ctu rin g
La b Su pport
Len zn erTou r& Tra vel/
Coa ch USA
Page 4
Em plo yer
U.S.XpressIn c.
SelectEn ergy
Tra d eSource
JiffyL ub e
SelectEn ergy
GroffTra ctor& Equipm en t
SelectEn ergy
U.S.XpressIn c.
BM I Refra ctoryServicesIn c
M on ro M uffler
Da yChevrolet
Green e’sW ell Testin g
W oltz& W in d F ord In c
M oon Tow n ship Suzuki
M oon Tow n ship Suzuki
• 10 electrica l stud en tsfrom Rick M ehn ’s
cla ssin terview ed
• 4 stud en tsreceived job offers
• 8 stud en tsw ill ha ve theirresum e sen tto a
poten tia l em ployerifthey choose
• 10 stud en tsw ere offered a 2n d in terview
a n d /orvisitto a fa cility
14 electrica l stud en tsa re sched uled to gra d ua te
in F eb rua ry a n d fourofthem a lrea d y ha ve
secured position sa tFTS a n d Gia n tEa g le.
A specia l tha n k you to Ad ecco, Gu m pher
Electric, M a n pow er, Kore Res ou rce,a n d
The Rivers Ca s in o forpa rticipa tin g in the
even t.
New Technology
In sta lled a tR osed a le Tec h
In ord erto keep up w ith the cha n gin g in d ustry,
Rosed a le Tech ha srecen tly upd a ted som e ofthe
equipm en tused in the a utom otive,d iesel a n d truck
d rivin g progra m s.In a d d ition ,in structorsa re
b egin n in g to utilize som e n ew ertechn iquesin the
cla ssroom to tea ch everyd a y con ceptsin a m ore
picturesque m a n n er.Here a re som e ofthe recen t
cha n gesoccurrin g:
Tire Alig n m en tRa ck
Thisfa ll,the a utom otive progra m received a n ew
tire a lign m en tsystem ,a Ha w keye Elite from
Hun ter.The n ew system in clud esa ll ofthe la test
softw a re a sw ell a sa b a rcod e sca n n er,w hich
a llow sforthe stud en tsto in sertthe ca r’s
in form a tion m ore efficien tly.
“ The m od el w e justin sta lled isthe type of
equipm en tourstud en tsa re goin g to fin d in
tod a y’sshops,” sa id Autom otive In structor
Bria n W in ter.
Rosed a le Tech kepton e ofitsold ersystem sa sit
isstill b ein g used in som e shops.
Both a lign m en tsystem suse John Bea n scissor
Ju stH IR ED !
S tud entNa m e
Ab um ed ia n M oha m ed
Dyla n Ka b a n a
Jessica Jon es
Ed w a rd W illia m sSr.
Pa trick Dud d y
Steven An tolovich
Da n iel Gra b er
Jen n iferDa vis
Ja m esBruce
Joshua Alford
Richa rd Sta sko
N ichola sW ra gg
Ca rm en Za m b ra n o Jr.
Ca rl Arm stron g
Jord a n Gun trum
Doria n Ken n ed y
Nu M otion
M on ro M u fflera n d Bra kes
M r. Tire
P en s ke Tru ck Lea s in g
Sea rs Au to Cen ter
Schn eid erIn tern a tion a l
Schu ltz Tru ck & Au to
Tra d eSou rce
W rig htAu tom otive Grou p
Cen tu ry 3 Kia
O n Decem b er11,five com pa n iesw ere on -site a t
Rosed a le Tech to in terview electrica l stud en tsfor
future job opportun ities.The resultsofthe even t
a re a sfollow s:
P ro gra m
Electrica l
a lign m en tliftsw ith 10,000 lb .ca pa city.In a d d ition ,
resultsa re n ow d ispla yed on 60” fla tscreen TVs
a llow in g forcla ssesto view the a lign m en tprocess
ea sier.
Tru ck Drivin g Sim u la tor
A n ew sim ula torw a srecen tly in sta lled in the
truck d rivin g cla ssroom .The Tra n Sim VS™ ,a
prod uctofL 3 Com m un ica tion sL -3 Sim ula tor&
Tra in in g b usin essd ivision ,isd esign ed to provid e
in d ivid ua lsw ith rea listic,risk-free d rivin g scen a rios
priorto ta kin g a truck outon to the roa d .Utilizin g
the sim ula torca n a lso red uce a ccid en tsa sw ell a s
poten tia lly sa ve up to 15% fuel con sum ption b y
tea chin g progressive shiftin g a n d fuel
m a n a gem en ttra in in g.
The n ew sim ula torrepla cesthe old erm od el tha t
the truck d rivin g progra m used to utilize.
An im a tion s in the Cla s s room
Asa w a y to tea ch com plex a rea sm ore clea rly,
som e ofthe in structorsa tRosed a le Tech ha ve
b egun to utilize a n im a tion sa sa tea chin g
m echa n ism in the cla ssroom .Hyd ra ulicsIn structor
Pictured :R osed a le Truck Driving InstructorsCra ig
Thornton,Da n Dow d ,Da ve N icola a nd Va ugha n G reil
pose w ith the new truck d riving sim ula tor.
M a rk Sim on ea u ha sspen tthe pa stfew yea rs
crea tin g a n im a tion s,w hich a llow sforstud en tsto
see first-ha n d how the m a chin e w orks.
“ To tea ch hyd ra ulicson a n a ctua l pa rtisd ifficult,
a syou ca n expla in w ha tisha ppen in g b utca n n ot
a ctua lly see w ha tisgoin g on .The a n im a tion sI
crea ted a llow m y stud en tsto a ctua lly see w ha t
they a re lea rn in g,” sa id M a rk.
Bria n W in tera lso sta ted tha the ha sused
a n im a tion sin hiscla ssroom to d epict
b ra ke system s.
The follow in g gra d u a tesha ve a c c epted
em ploym en tw ith the follow in g c om pa n ies:
S tud entNa m e
M icha el Scrim a
Ja m a l Sm ith
Joshua John ston
An thon yRum sey
Ca rl Kla uscherJr.
M icha el Thorn ton
Za cha ryHelb le
Pa trick Arm stron g
Da vid Hun t
M a tthew M ien t
Allen Plut
Rya n Pow ell
An ton io Butera
M icha el Cox
Ed w a rd F in d ley
Jon a tha n Vescio
Em plo yer
Bruce Brother’sTire
Sha d ysid e Hon d a
Good yea rTire & Rub b erCom pa n y
Good yea rTire & Rub b erCom pa n y
Syn ergySta ffin g In c
Eltech SecuritySystem s
AirSystem sM echa n ica l
Am erica n Brid ge Com pa n y
L a urel ford L in coln
Tire Kin gom /N TB
Tire Kin gd om /N TB
M PW In d ustria l Services
The Hun terF a m ilyofCom pa n ies
Ha d d a d ’sIn c
Pow erofBow ser
P ro gra m
Electrica l
Electrica l
Pictured (leftto right):R osed a le gra d ua tesJa red Uhrin,N icole
A nd erson,M ike Piem m e,a nd Ja m ie G ra vesw orking a t#1 Cochra n
The Circuit
New Uniform Policy a tR osed a le Tec h
Effective F eb rua ry 2,2015,Rosed a le Tech w ill
b egin to en force a n ew d resscod e tha t
en coura gesthe profession a l d evelopm en tofthe
stud en ts,preven tsd isruption to the lea rn in g
processa n d a void ssa fety ha za rd sforin d ivid ua ls.
The un iform policy requirestha ta ll n ew stud en ts
w ea rtheirprovid ed Rosed a le Tech w ork shirtor
otherschool a ppa rel (i.e.sw ea tshirts,T-shirts,
ja ckets,etc.),w ork pa n ts,a n d steel toe b oots.As
pa rtofthe n ew policy,ea ch progra m ha sb een
d esign a ted a Dickiesb ra n d w ork shirt(see im a ge).
Sa fety gla ssesm usta lso b e w orn a ta ll tim esw hen
in shop/la b a rea s.Stud en tsw ho d o n otcom ply a re
sub jectto d isciplin a ry a ction s.
“ O urprogra m sa re structured to prepa re
stud en tsforen terin g the w orkforce.By
im plem en tin g thisd resscod e,w e a re crea tin g a n
a tm osphere tha tourem ployerslook forin the
w orkpla ce,” sa id DirectorofEd uca tion Ed
P etru n a k.
F orthe com plete d resscod e policy,plea se refer
to the n ew stud en tha n d b ook orvisitAssista n t
DirectorofEd uca tion Ka ra Cha n .
Why I Chose To Attend
R osed a le
Tec hn ic a lCollege
By:Bria n L u ken s
N ew Un iform sa sm od eled b y D en n isW ilke
Ca terpilla rDisplaced Workers
P a u l Ca m pbell
w orked for
Ca terpilla rIn c. in
Houston ,PA for10
yea rs.He sta rted
full-tim e w ith the
com pa n y d urin g his
sen ioryea rofhigh
school a n d en joyed
the w ork he ha d
b een d oin g from
shop w ork to
w orkin g in a coa l
m in e.W hen Pa ul
Sha w n R a m sey
w a son e ofover
100 em ployeesla id
offfrom the com pa n y a fterthey elim in a ted the
secon d shiftprod uctlin esa n d shipped them
oversea s,he w a sn otsure w ha tto d o fora ca reer.
Pa ul soughtouta ssista n ce through Ca reerlin k,
w hich led him to Rosed a le Tech.
Pa ul iscurren tly en rolled in Rosed a le’sd iesel
d iplom a progra m .Sin ce sta rtin g in Jun e,he isvery
ha ppy w ith the opportun ity to lea rn a n ew tra d e.
“ Diesel w a ssom ethin g n ew form e.I a lrea d y
ha ve m y sta te in spection licen se fora utom otive,
b utea rn in g m y sta te in spection licen se ford iesel
w ill give m e a n a d va n ta ge a n d open up a n um b er
ofjob sopportun ities,” he sa id .
Atten d in g Rosed a le Tech isthe firsttim e Pa ul
ha sen rolled in a secon d a ry ed uca tion in stitution .
Priorto sta rtin g a tCa terpilla r,Pa ul ha d received
w eld in g tra in in g through hishigh school vo-tech,
W es tern Area CTC.
“ W ithoutthe fun d in g from TRA,I could n ot
fin a n cia lly pa y forschool.The opportun ity given to
m e to com e to Rosed a le ha sa llow ed m e to lea rn
som ethin g n ew a n d ga in experien ce,” he sa id .
Pa ul’sfa vorite thin g a b outRosed a le Tech isthe
loca tion a n d the flexib le sched ulin g.“ Rosed a le
Tech isclose to hom e form e.I’m ha ppy the school
offersa n even in g progra m a sitw orksw ell w ith
m y curren tsched ule.”
Upon gra d ua tin g Pa ul sta ted tha the m ightlook
in to w orkin g in the ga sin d ustry ora thisd a d ’s
repa irshop.He a lso sa id tha tCa terpilla rha sa lso
offered him hisjob b a ck.
“ I liked w orkin g a tCa terpilla r,b utI w ould like
to fin ish m y ed uca tion b efore I d ecid ed ifI w a n tto
go b a ck,” he sa id .
Join in g Pa ul a tRosed a le Tech isfellow
Ca terpilla rem ployee Sha w n Ra m s ey.L ike Pa ul,
Sha w n w orked 2n d shifta tCa terpilla rfora yea r
a n d a ha lfb efore gettin g la id off.
F or16 overyea rs,Sha w n ha d w orked on
vehiclesa sa n a utom otive techn icia n .Priorto
w orkin g a tCa terpilla r,he w a sa m a n a gera ta n
a uto shop for14 yea rs.Afterb ein g la id offa n d
w orkin g w ith Ca reerlin k,he d ecid ed to getb a ck
in to the a utom otive field .Sha w n en rolled in
Rosed a le Tech’sa utom otive progra m in August
2014 b eca use itw a scon ven ien tly loca ted five
m in utesa w a y from hishom e.
“ M y son goesto school close to Rosed a le,so
a fterI getoutofcla ssI a m a b le to pick him up,”
he sa id .
Ata ge 37,thisisthe firstpost-secon d a ry
ed uca tion Sha w n ha sreceived sin ce gra d ua tin g
high school.W hile the tra n sition w a stough a t
first,Sha w n isb egin n in g to a d a ptto the tra n sition .
“ It’sb een 20 yea rssin ce I w a sin high school,
a n d feelslike I’m sta rtin g a ll overa ga in ,” he sa id .
“ Itw a sa w kw a rd a tfirst,b utI’m in cla ssw ith a
couple ofotherguysw ho a re a tRosed a le for
retra in in g.”
“ It’sn ice w orkin g w ith the youn gerguysin cla ss
b eca use you geta d ifferen tpoin tofview a n d get
to see w ha tthey ca n d o.W e a re a b le to lea rn from
ea ch other;I ca n show thin gsI kn ow a n d they
tea ch m e thin gsI
d id n ’tkn ow .”
Sin ce sta rtin g
the progra m ,
Sha w n isen joyin g
the ha n d s-on
tra in in g a sw ell a s
w orkin g w ith the
in structors.
“ There’sa lw a ys
som ethin g to w ork
on in cla ssin the
shop,” he sa id
Pa ul Ca m pb ell
L ife M isfortu n esBrin gsH u sb a n d a n d W ife
New Opportunities At Rosedale Tech
Accord in g to M urphy’sL a w ,“ Ifa n ythin g ca n
go w ron g --itw ill.” F orhusb a n d a n d w ife Tod d
Evers a n d Vicki Jon es ,thin gsw en tw ron g a ll
a ton ce.Theirm isfortun es,how ever,turn ed out
forthe b ettera n d led them b oth to Rosed a le
W orkin g in shippin g a n d receivin g for10
yea rsa ta loca l vid eo prod uction com pa n y in
Dow n tow n Pittsb urgh,Vicki w a sletgo ofher
position .Ab outsix m on thsa fterlosin g herjob ,
Tod d received n ew stha the w ould b e losin g his
job a sw ell.
Both un sure w ha tto d o a ttha tpoin tthey
b ega n to look in to goin g b a ck to school for
retra in in g.A m ilita ry vetera n ,Tod d w a sa b le to
receive vetera n ’sa ssista n ce,w hich led him to
Rosed a le Tech.
Justw hen thin gssta rted to look good forthe
couple,the b a d luck con tin ued .Em ergen cy
surgery keptb oth Vicki a n d Tod d offtheirfeet
fora w hile.
“ W e w ere a m essfora good three yea rs,”
sa id Vicki.“ Itseem ed like everythin g tha tcould
go w ron g ha ppen ed a ll a tthe sa m e tim e.”
Un a b le to b oth a tten d school a tthe sa m e
The Circuit
tim e,Vicki gota job
w orkin g 3rd shifta t
W a lm a rtw hile Tod d
a tten d ed school.Upon
Tod d ’sgra d ua tion
from the HVAC
progra m ,the couple
d ecid ed itw a sVicki’s
turn .
Vicki w a sstill un sure
w ha tshe w a n ted to d o
a n d w a stryin g to
d ecid e b etw een tw o
ca reerpa ths.Seein g
herhusb a n d ’s
successesa n d hea rin g
a ll ofthe grea tthin gs
he ha d to sa y a b out
Pictured :Vicki a nd Tod d a thisrecentgra d ua tion cerem ony in O ctob er
Rosed a le Tech,she
Tod d curren tly w orksa sa techn icia n for
d ecid ed to sta rtin the electrica l techn ology
progra m in Septem b er.W hile a tten d in g school, M cKea n Plum b in g & Hea tin g in W a shin gton ,
PA.Vicki isexpected to gra d ua te in Ja n ua ry
she still keptherjob a tW a lm a rt.
2016.W hen a sked ifa fa m ily b usin essw a sin
“ I getoffw ork a t7:00 a .m .a n d com e
theirfuture,Vicki la ughed a n d sa id ,“ Ab solutely
stra ightto school,” she sa id .“ I’m en joyin g m y
n ot.W e’d geta d ivorce.”
cla ssesa lot.I’m lea rn in g thin gstha tI d id n ’t
kn ow b efore.”
The rea son I chose to a tten d Rosed a le
Tech w a sto furtherm y ed uca tion ,
pa rticula rly in the HVAC progra m .AfterI
gotla id offfrom m y job I d id n ’tkn ow
w ha tI w a n ted to d o,b utI kn ew I w a n ted
itto b e a tra d e.I resea rched tra d eson lin e
to see w hich w a sthe fa stestgrow in g tha t
Rosed a le Tech offered a n d HVAC w a son e
ofthem .F ortun a tely form e,I person a lly
kn ow a n HVAC con tra ctorw ho letm e d o
severa l rid e-a lon gsw ith him a n d
even tua lly a llow ed m e to help him w ith
in sta lla tion sofun its.Afterhelpin g him
fora few m on ths,he con vin ced m e to go
to school b eca use he sa id itw a sn ’tlike
w hen he sta rted out;tha tyou a ctua lly
ha d to ha ve a d egree tod a y to d o thisjob .
I sched uled a toura tRosed a le Tech w ith
Da ve Hira k a n d w a sim pressed w ith
everythin g I sa w .I en rolled in Augustof
2013 a n d itw a son e ofthe b estd ecision s
tha tI ha ve m a d e in a lon g tim e.AfterI
w a sen rolled ,I b ega n thin kin g b a ck to m y
previousjob a n d how I d ea ltw ith d iesel
en gin es.I sta rted ta lkin g to som e ofthe
d iesel stud en tsa b outthe progra m a n d
som e ofthe projectsthey ha ve b een
d oin g.Afterm uch con sid era tion ,I
d ecid ed to en roll in the d iesel progra m
a fterI com plete m y HVAC d egree.* M y
rea son in g b ehin d ita ll istha tI kn ow tha t
itw ill m a ke m e m ore m a rketa b le in m y
future job sea rch a n d ca reer
opportun ities.I a m very excited a b outthe
d ecision sI ha ve m a d e.
*Bria n com pleted the HVA C progra m
N ovem b er20,2014.He sta rted his
second progra m on N ovem b er24,2014.
R osed a le Stu d en ts
from H orsehea d
In The News
Pictured :Ken W a llisa nd R ob ertL eist
In the la s tis s u e ofThe Circu it, w e
hig hlig hted s tu d en ts w ho a re
a tten d in g Ros ed a le Tech a fterbein g
la id offfrom Hors ehea d w hen they
clos ed theirM on a ca , P A pla n t. Thes e
s a m e s tu d en ts w ere recen tly fea tu red
in a n a rticle pu blis hed by the
P itts bu rg h P os t-Ga zette.
To rea d the a rticle, g o to
w w w .pos t-g a /bu s in es s /2014/ 11/
02/Un em ployed -pla n t-w orkers -in -Bea verCou n ty-s chooled -for-n ew -jobs /
Page 5
D ecem b er 20 1 4 Aw a rd s
In str u cto r’s Cho ice
C um ula tive perfec ta ttend a nc e a ftero ne full sem ester.
Au to m o tive:Ja m esBrow n ,Joshua Den a rd o,Ja m esM cAvoy,M a tthew Bra ca ll,Clifford Cub b a ge,
Ad a m Cun n in gha m ,Joseph Hickey,Eva n F a rin e,M a tthew G ould ,G eorge Kozup,
Pa trick L a n ca ster,Da vid M cCa rty,Ad a m M elen yzer,Brya n Pry,Sha w n Ra m sey,Ja m esReese,
Thom a sW ee,Joshua Youn g
D iesel:Ken n eth Eckles,Thom a sHoa g,Tra visTyre,G a ry Ca rroll,Aa ron Ca sciola ,D’An d ra e Cob b ,
N ickola sDin a ta le,Da m ien G od frey,Kyla Holm es,Za cha ry John son ,Ja cob Joyce,L uca sL a zek,
Rob ertL eist,Cha zz L ew is,Russell M eyers,Richa rd M iller,F ra n cisPusa teri,Ta ylorRicket,Sea n
Sulliva n ,Ca m eron Tyrpin ,Bra n d on Va rgo,Reb ecca Ven uto,Ken n eth W a llis,KrzysztofW a sielew ski
E lectr ica l:Za cha ry Collin s,Ad a m Kirb y,Dom in ick Vella ,M a rk L uca s,W illia m Boyd ,Pa ul Ca puto,
Colin Chupin ka ,Richa rd Em ery,Eric G regor,Dyla n G rieco,Vicki Jon es,N ichola sKon opka ,
Eric Price,F ra n k Sca rpa ci,Rya n Ziegler
H VAC:Da lton M a rn ich,Cha rd M cDa d e,Rob ertArn ett,Da n iel Bright,Jeffrey Coyle,
Ha rold G la sure,Bra d ley N elson ,Rob etN iem a n ,Bren ton M ott
Employer Visits P rovid e Stu d en ts
W ith In d u stry In sight
Severa l cla ssesa tRosed a le Tech ha ve ha d the opportun ity to go outin to the com m un ity a n d visitsom e
em ployersin theirfield s. The visitsprovid ed the stud en tsw ith a n un d ersta n d in g ofthe opportun ities
a va ila b le to them upon gra d ua tion . Here a re justsom e ofthe field tripsrecen tly ta ken :
Electrica l In structorsLou Levin e a n d M ike
Bres kovich took theircla ssesto see the
Pittsb urgh M illsshoppin g m a ll com plex,loca ted in
F ra zerTow n ship.Durin g the tour,Jerry Crites
a n d P a u l W is lie ofthe Pittsb urgh M illsshow ed
the stud en tsthe electrica l com pon en tsfoun d
in sid e the m a ll.
Presid en t’s L ist
C um ula tive G P A o f3.4 o fHighera ftera tlea sto ne sem ester
Au to m o tive:Ja m esBrow n ,Richa rd Ca rm icha el,Joshua Den a rd o,N icole Ehred t,Jessica
G a zvod a ,Ja m esM cAvoy,N ichola sHoovler,Derek Rose,M a tthew W hetsell,ScottTostevin ,Jorge
Vela d iz,Ben ja m in W olf,Jeffrey G ilchrist,M a tthew G ould ,M a son G uckert,Justin L ee,
Joshua M a lsch,Em ily Pa ule,Bra n d y Sim on elli,Ed w a rd Vib osta k
D iesel:Jon a tha n Burgess,Ron a ld Collin s,M icha el DeAn gelo,Bria n Hill,Ken n eth Eckles,Ia n
G a ym a n ,Thom a sHoa g,Kristin a How ell,Ca rl Pa scocello,Sha w n Rod gers,Eric Ab b on d on a za ,Tyler
G uerrieri,An d rew G ullo,W illia m Hissom ,Bria n Ka shycki,Jord a n Kn err,L uca sL a zek,Bria n M cCa in ,
Corey M elia ,Da n iel Peters,Ja ke Rieffle,M icha el Shelb y,Dyla n Stew a rt,Pa trick W a tson ,
Za cha ry W illia m son
E lectr ica l:ChristopherBa zzoli,Bra n d on Ben ec,Ja son John son ,Dom in ick Vella ,M a rk L uca s,
ChristopherW elch,Aa ron Butler,N ichola sG ea hry,Eric Price,Austin Riten our,F ra n k Sca rpa ci,
Rya n Ziegler
H VAC:W a lterSa ra fin ,L utherCoe,Da lton M a rn ich,Cha rd M cDa d e,Thom a sW illia m s,
Joshua Ulokovic,Jeffrey Coyle
R o sed a le Ace
C um ula tive G P A o f4.0 a ftera tlea sto ne full sem ester
Au to m o tive:ChristopherAn d erson ,Rob ertBirr,ScottDeschon ,Thom a sPa lfy,W illia m W a ld ron ,
Rya n Ba ux,M a tthew Bra ca ll,Ad a m Cun n in gha m ,Da vid DeG a llo,Joseph Hickey,Joshua Everetts,
N ichola sF a rich,Eva n F a rin e,Thom a sKisiel,G eorge Kozup,Pa trick L a n ca ster,M a tthew L eskovec,
Da vid M cCa rty,Ad a m M elen yzer,Brya n Pry,Sha w n Ra m sey,Ja m esReese,Beverly Tom poroski,
Thom a sW ee,Joshua Youn g
D iesel:Jord a n G rea thouse,Da vid Jon es,M a tthew Sha rrow ,Jeffrey Stivison ,Tra visTyre,G a ry
Ca rroll,Aa ron Ca sciola ,Clin tCha pple,D’An d ra e Cob b ,Dion Da vis,N ickola sDin a ta le,Da m ien
G od frey,Kyla Holm es,Za cha ry John son ,Ja cob Joyce,Za cha ry Jukes,Rob ertL eist,Cha zz L ew is,
Tim othy Rya n ,Da n iel M a tthew s,Russell M eyers,Richa rd M iller,G in o M oren a ,Ta ylorRicket,Kyle
Sa lka ,Sea n Sulliva n ,Ca m eron Tyrpin ,Bra n d on Va rgo,Reb ecca Ven uto,Ken n eth W a llis,
KrzysztofW a sielew ski
E lectr ica l:Ja red Cola lella ,Za cha ry Collin s,ChristopherBa b ya k,Ad a m Kirb y,Christopher
Sigm un d ,Da vid Teller,W illia m Boyd ,Pa ul Ca puto,Colin Chupin ka ,Tim othy Clow ser,Da visBa ra tta ,
Richa rd Em ery,Sha w n F ossett,Eric G regor,Dyla n G rieco,M a tthew Ja n kovic,Vicki Jon es,
Ja m esM a d d en ,Bren ton M ott,M a tthew N a gy
H VAC:Ben ja m in M oritz,Da n iel Bright,Ha rold G la sure,Bra d ley N elson ,Rob ertN iem a n
H elp in g H a n d Aw a rd :Bria n Ka shycki,Ern estAtta w a y,Rob Birr,Bill W a ld ron ,Thom a sPa lfy
E xtra E ffo rtAw a rd :Ha rrison M urphy,Tim othy Clow ser,ChristopherBa b ya k,Ha rold G la sure,
Da n iel M a tthew s
Co m m u n ity Ser vice Aw a rd :Ha rrison M urphy,Da vid Jon es,Da vid Teller,TylerBela k,
Rob ertSw en son ,Da m ien Stew a rt
Happy Thanksgiving
S tud ents, fa c ulty a nd sta ffc elebra ted the
T ha nksgiving ho lid a y w ith d elic io usa pple a nd
pum pkin pies. T ha nk yo u to S teel T o e S ta tio n
fo rpro vid ing the sw eettrea t!
Hyd ra ulicsIn structorM a rk Sim on ea u a n d
G en era l Ed uca tion In structorBria n Strelick a n d
theircla ssesspen tthe d a y visitin g Eq u ipco in
Brid geville,PA.Ca ra Sw a n s on ,Busin ess
Developm en tCoord in a tora tEquipco,ga ve the
group a tourofthe fa cility a n d d iscussed som e of
the qua litiesthey look forin prospective hires.
Diesel In structorsJ.R. M a n g a n a n d Ad a m
Ta ylortook theirstud en tson a b ehin d -thescen estech tourofthe USS Req u in
Su bm a rin e,w hich isloca ted a tthe Ca rn eg ie
Scien ce Cen ter. The sub m a rin e iscla ssified
a sb ein g the N a vy’sfirstRa d a rPicket
sub m a rin e a n d setoutjustd a ysb efore the
en d ofW orld W a rII. Stud en tsha d the
opportun ity to see som e ofthe a rea softhe
sub m a rin e ra rely seen b y pub lic tours.
Stud en tsin Electrica l
In structorRick M ehn ’s
cla ssvisited Jefferson
Region a l Hospita l.The
cla ssha d the opportun ity
to go b ehin d the scen es
to see the pow ersource
ofthe hospita l.
The hyd ra ulicscla ssrecen tly visited Cu s tom
Hyd ra u lics in Pa ris,PA. The com pa n y d esign s
custom ,Am erica n -m a d e hyd ra ulicspa rtsfor
som e ofthe top m in in g a n d con struction
com pa n iesin the w orld . Bob Da lfol,ow n erof
Custom Hyd ra ulics,show ed the cla ssa roun d the
shop a sw ell a sd em on stra ted the CAD progra m
used to d esign the hyd ra ulicspa rts. O n e ofthe
un ique cha ra cteristicsBob poin ted outd urin g
the visitw a stha ttheirpa rtsca n n otb e foun d in
a ca ta log. Ea ch pa rtishighly specia lized to
specific com pa n iesa n d w ithoutthese pa rtsthey
w ould n otb e a b le to opera te properly.
2014 Turkey Drive Gives
L oc a lF a m iliesSom ethin g
To Be Tha n kfu lF or
Rosed a le Tech kicked off
the 2014 holid a y sea son
join in g forcesw ith form er
stud en tsJoe a n d Jos h
Ru ffin g to help w ith their
a n n ua l Turkey Drive.The
Ruffin g b rothersa n d their
fa m ily collectitem sto
b uild Tha n ksgivin g m ea ls
forloca l fa m iliesin n eed .
The Rosed a le fa m ily w a s
quick to len d a ha n d a n d
Pictured :C a m ille R uffing w ith son Jo sh
collected n on -perisha b le
w ho isa form erR osed a le G ra d ua te of
food item sa sw ell a s
b oth the A utom otive a nd Diesel
m on eta ry d on a tion sto
Technology Progra m s
purcha se turkeys.
O vera ll,the school
collected a n a b un d a n ce offood item sa s
w ell a s$270 in ca sh d on a tion s.
Rosed a le Tech’seffortshelped to prepa re
163 m ea lsforloca l fa m iliesin n eed .
A Big Tha n k You To AllW ho P a rtic ipa ted !
Page 6
The Circuit
F a culty a n d sta fffrom Rosed a le Tech a n d PM I celeb ra ted the
holid a yson Decem b er12 a ttheira n n ua l Christm a spa rty.
Thisyea r’sceleb ra tion took pla ce a tCefa lo’sin Ca rn egie,PA.
M eetK rista M yers
K rista M yers
Rosed a le Tech w elcom esKris ta M yers a sa
Stud en tServicesCoord in a tor.Krista join sthe
Ca reerServicesDepa rtm en ta n d w ill sha re
respon sib ilitiesw ith Liz La n s cha k on job
pla cem en tforthe grow in g n um b erof
stud en tsa tten d in g the school.
A N ew York n a tive,she gra d ua ted from the
Un iversity ofRochesterw here she d oub le
m a jored in Psychology a n d ReligiousStud ies
w ith a m in orin An thropology.
Krista com esto Rosed a le Tech from Jun ior
Achievem en tofW estern PA w here she w a s
the M a n a gerofSTEM In itia tives.In her
position ,Krista recruited com pa n ies,schools
a n d volun teersforin volvem en tin
im plem en ta tion a n d expa n sion ofca reersin
En ergy.
Ason e w ho en joyshelpin g others,Krista is
very excited to w ork w ith the stud en ts.
“ There’sn othin g b ettertha n ha vin g a job you
love.I hope to help stud en tscha n ge their
livesa n d geta m ea n in gful job ,” she sa id .
“ I’m plea sed to w elcom e Krista to ourtea m .
Rosed a le Tech gra d sa re in high d em a n d a n d I
a m con fid en ttha tshe w ill b e a grea ta ssetfor
pla cin g ourgra d sin the rightca reer,” sa id
Assista n tDirectora n d DirectorofStud en t
ServicesAm y P a s ca rella .
O utsid e ofw ork,Krista en joyslisten in g to
m usic,rea d in g,goin g to sportin g even ts,a n d
tra velin g.O n e ofherm ostm em ora b le trips
she m en tion ed w a sw hen she stud ied a b roa d
in N ew Zea la n d .
W elcom e Krista !
D rew Su n d qu istH ired a sN ew D ieselIn stru c tor
Drew Sund q uist
There’sa n ew fa ce in the d iesel
progra m a tRosed a le Tech;Drew
Su n d q u is tjoin sthe Rosed a le fa m ily a s
the n ew estDiesel In structor.O rigin a lly
from Detroit,Drew w orked forChrysler
for13 yea rsin the Jeep a n d Truck
Division .In a d d ition ,he w orked w ith
Borg-W a rn erAutom otive a sa Pow ertra in
en gin eer.
Drew b rin gsa w ea lth ofexperien ce a n d
kn ow led ge to hisn ew position .He ea rn ed
a Ba chelor’sDegree in Electrica l
En gin eerin g from CooksIn stitute in
Ja ckson ,M I.In a d d ition to hisw ork
experien ce Drew ha sb een in ven tive a n d is
respon sib le forpa ten tin g six d ifferen t
pa rtsused in fourw heel d rive vehicles,
a utom a tic tra n sm ission sa n d clutches.
Upon m ovin g to Pen n sylva n ia w ith his
w ife,Drew ob ta in ed tea chin g experien ce
w ith N ew Ca stle School ofTra d esin the
Diesel Techn ology a n d Pow erG en era tion s
d epa rtm en ts.In hisfree tim e,he is
w orkin g on w ritin g a b ook on Electric
Pow erG en era tion ,restorin g his1955
Desoto,a n d ha sserved a sa volun teerfire
fighterin the Detroita n d W estM id d lesex
a rea sforover32 yea rs.
Drew isexcited to sta rtin hisn ew role
a tRosed a le Tech.
“ I should ha ve sta rted tea chin g 20
yea rsa go.I love it,” he sa id .“ M y fa vorite
thin g a b outitisseein g the lightb ulb go
on forstud en ts– som etim esitta kesjust
10 secon d s,a n d othertim esitm a y ta ke
10 d a ys.I’m hopin g tha tI ca n help m a ke
a d ifferen ce in the stud en ts’ livesa sw ell
a scon tin ue to grow the d iesel progra m .”
Em ployeesAd va n c e SkillsThrou gh Con tin u ed Ed u c a tion
Hyd ra ulicsIn structorM a rk Sim on ea u n ever
a tten d ed tra d ition a l college.Asa m ilita ry vetera n ,he
ha d the opportun ity to ea rn severa l Associa te
Degreesthrough CL EP (College L evel Exa m in a tion
Progra m )testin g a n d a lso received a n Associa te
Degree in Electrica l Techn ology a tRosed a le Techn ica l
In stitute,b utn oton ce ha d to a tten d a d a y of
tra d ition a l college cla sses.
Despite n evera tten d in g college,M a rk recen tly
celeb ra ted a n ed uca tion a l a ccola d e w hen he received
hisBa chelor’sDegree in Ad ultEd uca tion from
Bellevue Un iversity.
“ I ha ve a lw a ysb een fea rful ofcollege,b eca use I
w a sa fra id to fa il,” sa id M a rk.“ Com pletin g the
progra m w a sprob a b ly on e ofthe b iggestcha llen ges
ofm y life.I con sid ered b a ilin g outevery on ce in a
w hile b eca use itw a sha rd to m a n a ge w ork,school
a n d fa m ily life.W hen I w a sceleb ra tin g m y
a ccom plishm en tw ith fa m ily a n d frien d sitrea lly hit
m e tha titw a sa ll w orth it.”
O vercom in g hisfea rofcollege,M a rk com pleted
Bellevue Un iversity’s14-m on th on lin e progra m a n d
m a in ta in ed a 4.0 G PA a sw ell a sb ein g n a m ed to the
Dea n ’sL ist.
“ I w a sd eterm in ed to prove tha tI could d o it,
especia lly a fterstrugglin g through high school,” he
sa id .
M a rk isjuston e ofsevera l em ployeesa tRosed a le
Tech furtherin g theirskillsthrough con tin ued
ed uca tion .
G en era l Ed uca tion In structorBria n Strelick just
recen tly ea rn ed a M a sterofBusin essAd m in istra tion
from In d ia n a Un iversity ofPA.The 16-m on th hyb rid
M BA progra m required Bria n to pa rticipa te in b oth
on lin e a n d on -ca m puscla sses,w hich took pla ce on
The Circuit
Sa turd a ys.Betw een w ork a n d otherprojectsoutsid e
ofw ork,Bria n a lso ha d to b a la n ce 15-20 hoursof
cla ssw ork perw eek.
“ Itw a sd ifficultto b a la n ce w ork a n d school;it
took a lotofd ed ica tion ,” sa id Bria n .“ I ha d to b e
com m itted to the progra m to succeed .Beca use it
w a sa n a ccelera ted tra ck,itd id n ’tlea ve a lotoftim e
form e to ha ve fun a n d ha ve a person a l life.I m issed
outon a lot,b utin the en d itw a sw orth it.”
Priorto ea rn in g hisM a ster’sDegree,Bria n ea rn ed
a Ba chelor’sDegree in Ed uca tion a tL a Roche College
a n d a n Associa te Degree a tCCAC.
Bria n w a n ted to gethisM a ster’sDegree for
n um erousrea son s.He sa id ,“ I en joy a ll a spectsof
b usin ess.Ha vin g m y M a ster’sDegree w ill a llow m e
to possib ly open up m y ow n b usin esssom ed a y.”
Diesel In structorBria n M u llen spen thissum m er
com pletin g ASE certifica tion sa n d re-certifica tion s.
W hile Bria n on ly n eed son e ASE certifica tion to tea ch
in the d iesel progra m ,he n ow ha sa tota l of17
certifica tion sin b oth d iesel,hea vy trucksa n d
a utom otive.
“ I’m a lw a ystryin g to furtherm y ed uca tion a n d
ha vin g these ASE certifica tion sisa va lua b le thin g,”
sa id Bria n .
In a respon se to em ployeesseekin g out
ed uca tion a l progra m s,Presid en tDen n is W ilke
recen tly a pproved a b ud gettha tisd esign a ted for
fa culty a n d sta ffto pa rticipa te in con tin ued
ed uca tion progra m stha trela te to theirjob s,such a s
cla sses,sem in a rs,w eb in a rs,sub scription sto
ed uca tion a l pub lica tion s,etc.Ad d ition a l fun d in g is
a va ila b le fored uca tion a l opportun itiesn ot
pa rticula rly rela ted to theirspecified job .
“ Con tin uousim provem en ta n d self-d evelopm en t
a re pa rtofRosed a le’score va lue sta tem en t.F un d in g
profession a l d evelopm en topportun itiesfora ll
em ployeeshelpsto d em on stra te ourcom m itm en tto
livin g up to the college’score va lues,” sa id Presid en t
W ilke.
Con gra tu la tion s!
Em ployee An n iversa riesfor
N ovem b er,D ec em b era n d
Ja n u a ry
Liz La n s hca k
Stud en tServicesCoord in a tor– 1 Yea r
ArtShu ltz
Diesel/Truck Drivin g In structor– 3 Yea rs
J.R. M a n g a n
Diesel In structor– 5 Yea rs
Bria n M u llen
Diesel In structor– 3 Yea rs
Da vid Deta r
Ad m ission sRepresen ta tive – 1 Yea r
Ad a m Ta ylor
Diesel In structor– 2 Yea rs
Pictured :Bria n Strelick a
nd M a rk Sim onea u
Here a re w ha tsom e ofthe coursesfa culty a nd
sta ffha d d ecid ed to pursue:
Bria n W in ter(A utom otive Instructor):Ben d Tech
softw a re pa cka ge (CAD progra m d esign ed to
in structthe custom b en d in g ofva riousm a teria ls);
a n d purcha se Rosetta Ston e to lea rn Spa n ish
Su zie M cGu g in (M a rketing M a na ger):Photogra phy
Cla sses
Bria n M u llen (Diesel Instructor):
F urthertra in in g in CN G
Am y P a s ca rella (A ssista ntDirector/ Directorof
Stud entServices):Executive Tra in in g
M a rcM u llin (G enera l Ed uca tion Instructor):In d ustry
Tra d e Show (SEM A)
Su e Hen ze (A d m issionsA ssista nt):Ad va n ced Excel
Tra in in g
M a ry Su e Troha u g h
Ad m in istra tive Assista n t– 2 Yea rs
Tim othy Noel
M a in ten a n ce – 10 Yea rs
Da n iel Ka pla n
Electrica l In structor– 6 Yea rs
Ju lie W eber
Aca d em ic ServicesCoord in a tor– 6 Yea rs
Jen M a jcher
G en era l Ed uca tion In structor– 1 Yea r
Ka ren Schon ba chler
F in a n cia l Aid O fficer– 2 Yea rs
Page 7
F a c u lty,Sta ffAre
“All About The Trades”
Check ou tRos ed a le Tech’s Fa cebook pa g e fora lin k to view the
s chool’s s poofofM eg ha n Tra in or’s “All Abou tthe Ba s s ”.
215 Beecham Drive,Suite 2
Pittsburgh,PA 15205
w w
Tech on
RTC is an EqualOpportunity EducationalInstitution and Em ployer.ACCSC Accredited institution,and NATEF ASE Certified.
GainfulEm ploym entdisclosure inform ation is available atw w
The stud en ts,fa culty a n d sta ffceleb ra ted the holid a ys
Decem b er16 a n d 17 ga therin g togetherfora holid a y fea st.
Tha n k you to Steel Toe Sta tion forprepa rin g the m ea l.
Happy New Year!
High School Field TripsO fferStu d en tsGlim pse
ofCa reerO pportu n itiesin the Tra d es
Rosed a le Tech recen tly w elcom ed Choffin CTC,A.W . Bea tty CTC,
Stu d en tAchievem en tCen ter,a n d Bea verCTC to the school to tour
the fa cility a n d lea rn a b outjob opportun itiesa va ila b le in the tra d es.
Ifyou a re in terested in sched ulin g a field trip,con ta ctEd uca tion O utrea ch
M a n a gerBen M a rtin a t412-521-6200.
CH O F F IN CTC:N O V EM BER 1 4 ,201 4
Pictured right:Stud entsenrolled
in A .W . Bea tty C T C ’sHVA C a nd
A utom otive progra m sstop to ta ke
a group picture d uring their
recentfield trip a tR osed a le Tech
P ic tured : HVA C Instruc to rJo e M a rc hese spea ks
w ith stud entsa bo utthe HVA C pro gra m
A ppro xim a tely 7 0 stud entsfro m
Bea verC T C ’selec tric a l a nd
a uto m o tive pro gra m svisited
R o sed a le T ec h o n D ec em ber11.
S tud entsto ured the
a uto m o tive a nd d iesel sho ps
a nd the elec tric a l la bs.
Pictured :O ver90 stud entsfrom C ho ffin C T C (Youngstow n,O H)listen to a
presenta tion cond ucted b y Ed uca tion O utrea ch R epresenta tive Ja ke Bier
D ECEM BER 2,201 4
Pictured :Diesel Technology stud entsIa n G a ym a n a nd Kristina Ho w ell
cond ucta b iod iesel presenta tion d uring the C ho ffin C T C field trip
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Tha nk you S tud entA c hievem ent
C enterforvisiting R osed a le Tech!
The Circuit