RFM860 - Bellingham + Stanley

Wide Range Refractometer with four decimal place
(RI) resolution and peltier temperature control
The RFM800 series now comprises four standard models that allow the user to select the instrument
that best suits their particular application. Models vary according to measuring range, resolution
and accuracy. All RFM800 models are equipped with standard scales: RI and sugar % (°Brix)
and with sucrose-based automatic temperature compensation. Many other scales are
available from the instrument library or alternatively, users can create user-defined scales
and temperature compensation coefficients from measured data by using free software
available from the Internet.
The latest instrument to be included in the RFM800 range is the RFM860,
launched in January 2005. The instrument incorporates the widest available
refractive index measurement range but in order to meet certain measurement
criteria, the resolution and accuracy of the instrument is to four decimal places,
making it ideal for many industrial applications including chemical, pharmaceutical,
flavours, fragrance and petrochemical.
Other new features, global across the RFM800 range, have been added since the instrument
was launched in 2002. These include ‘Smart’ temperature stability checking, where instrument
temperature and measurement repeatability is compared against pre-set tolerances prior to displaying a result, as well as
‘BeerSmart software’ for alcohol content measurement of beers when used in conjunction with a density reading.
Barcode Readers are also now available, allowing rapid
RFM860 Specifications
Order Code: 26-60
input of product batch numbers.
A complete listing of features and specifications for the
standard RFM800 series of refractometers can be seen on
the standard RFM800 literature: RFM800 Refractometers –
Refractometers with Intelligent Thermal Management.
Wide Range: 1.30 to 1.70 RI
Standard °Brix Range: 0-100
4-decimal place RI resolution
1-decimal place °Brix resolution
Multi-product configuration pre-sets
Single/continuous read modes
Reading log
Reading tolerance/limits
Result verification
Calibration log
Calibration check/report
PIN password control
Batch/operator identification (GLP)
Data export to PC
Sealed construction
Removable air filters to prevent dust
entering cooling ducts
• Smart software for temperature stability
• BeerSmart software
• Barcode Reader option
Ltd operates a
Quality Management
System complying
with BS EN ISO
(Certificate No. LRQ
RFM860 and 870 Conform to ASTM1218 and ASTM1747
Sugar (°Brix)
Sugar (°Brix)
Sugar (°Brix)
Presser Type
User Defined Scales
1.30 – 1.70
Zeiss, Oescsle (CH) & (D), Babo (KMW),
Baume, Probable Alcohol, Sodium Chloride,
HFCS (42, 55 & 90%), Butyro amongst others
from instrument library or custom user scales
by push button entry or via PC program
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Sucrose (Brix)
5 – 80 °C
Simple coefficient (units/ °C) or polynomial
Reading time (s)
Minimum 4 seconds
Temperature Stability Checks
None/delay time/repeatability/Smart
(independently selectable by product profile)
Measuring Temperature Range
Lower limit
10 °C below ambient
Upper limit
Approximately 100 °C
Temperature Sensor Accuracy
± 0.03 °C
Sample Temperature Stability
± 0.1 °C
Ambient Temperature Range
0 – 40 °C
Artificial Sapphire
Prism Dish
316 Stainless Steel / PEEK
Prism Seal
1 parallel (printer), 2 x Serial (RS232)
Sample Illumination
Light Emitting Diode
Temperature Control
Power Supply, External
100-240V~, 50-60Hz
Bellingham+Stanley Ltd pursues a policy of
continuous product development and improvement,
and, as such, information given on this Data Sheet
may be updated or withdrawn without notice.
These products comply with the
requirements of the Low Voltage
Directive 73/23/EEC and the EMC
Directive 89/336/EEC
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