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Solutions that Reel in Results
Who We Are
Computer Forensics + Electronic Discovery
From Wireless Internet to iPods, the
world has embraced digital technologies. Our legal system, long geared
towards the production and retention
of paper, is now playing "catch up" to
the world’s new electronic environment. The explosion in electronic
methods of creating, communicating,
and managing electronic data has re-invented the meaning of
the term “document” in the context of discovery and document
Computer engineers with advanced graduate degrees who
have decades of experience working with computers and
network environments.
Attorneys with 25 years of combined litigation experience
and expertise in e-discovery and criminal / civil litigation.
Former federal and state law enforcement officers with advanced graduate degrees, who have successfully investigated hundreds of cases prosecuted in state and federal
courts, and who were recognized by the Department of Justice for their efforts.
Adjunct Faculty from Marshall University Forensic Science
Center in Computer Forensics
Creative designers who have taken on creative projects for
JP Morgan Chase, Visa, Pfizer, Inc., and Parke Davis among
many others.
Our team is committed to the success of your business and will
work tirelessly to earn your confidence and trust. With customized service and competitive rates, we want to be your first call
for all your technology needs.
Simply put, we’re professionals who bring a wide variety of skills
and talents from different backgrounds together to focus on the
technical, legal and creative needs of our clients. From a dynamic Web design to emergency data recovery to managing the
complexities of computer forensics, our team prides itself on
having the creative ability and technical skills that allow our clients to succeed in a highly-competitive and increasingly technical business world.
Second Creek Technologies is proud
of its ongoing partnership with Marshall University’s Computer Forensic
Section of the Forensic Science Center. The Marshall University Forensic
Science Graduate Program was
founded in 1994, and today is one of
only seven such Master of Science
degree programs in the country and one of only three to be accredited by the Forensic Science Education Program Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).
The Forensic Science Center occupies a state-of-the art facility
on the campus of Marshall University, boasting digital evidence
laboratories and cutting edge computer equipment. As one of
only three programs in the United States that is accredited to
offer a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science, this reciprocal relationship not only strengthens the discipline of computer forensics, but also creates the next generation of electronic investigators.
By sharing faculty, staff and resources, this cooperative agreement allows Second Creek to stay abreast of the latest computer
forensic technology and is a great example of how private/public
partnerships can work and benefit both parties.
Second Creek Technologies draws upon our staff’s years of civil
and criminal investigation experience and multiple graduate degrees in computer engineering to provide a cutting edge resource in the new field of legal investigation merged with computer forensics. Using state of-the-art computer forensic tools in
our secure computer forensic laboratory allows Second Creek to
maintain your evidence in an environment that is optimal for
analysis, chain of custody and admissibility in court.
The lawyers, investigators and engineers of Second Creek stand
ready to assist with your computer forensic needs. In today’s
world, you don’t want your opponents' file cabinets – you want
their hard drive. The “smoking gun” of your case may now be
found in a maze of digital information that Second Creek Technologies can locate, sift through, preserve and help present to
your jury.
We can now offer you the ability to
conduct a native file review and to
search all the files in a litigation support database. The personalized and
secure database we create for you will
permit redactions, annotations, highlights and categorizations of the evidence. All these services and features
translate to the most efficient, cost-effective compliance with
court-ordered discovery.
Forensic Accounting
Second Creek’s lead financial investigator holds an MBA and is a
retired IRS Special Agent with 24 years of field experience investigating fraud, money laundering as well as many other complex
financial crimes.
Second Creek’s forensic accounting service can help you with:
Criminal Investigations
Shareholders' and Partnership Disputes
Business Interruption / Other Types of Insurance Claims
Business/Employee Fraud Investigations
Matrimonial Disputes
Business Economic Losses
Second Creek Technologies, LLC | [email protected] | phone: 304.736.5454 | fax: 304.736.5444 | web:
Second Creek Technologies, LLC
1213 Central Avenue
Barboursville, WV 25504
[email protected]
Solutions that Reel in Results
Web Design
IT Services
Second Creek is a full service web design and development firm.
We offer all the services needed to develop and maintain a successful web site including:
With budget dollars already going to purchase
expensive computer equipment, not every
business can employ a full-time IT person.
Second Creek’s experienced staff can solve
this problem through our Managed Services.
With a diverse skill set, your business will
benefit from our veritable “tool box” of computer experts, including deployment of new
technology, maintenance and troubleshooting.
Corporate Identity
Search Engine Optimization
Hosting & Maintenance
Since no website is ever truly finished, we believe our job has
only begun with the launch of your site. Second Creek Web Design offers a variety of maintenance plans that will suit your
needs, meet your demands and grow with your business. We can
take the hassle out of keeping your content fresh and your site
design interesting.
Managed Services
We specialize in designing and developing web sites that are
engaging and user-friendly.
We offer superior copy writing and photography attuned to
the special needs of the medium and your requirements.
We offer a full range of hosting and long-term maintenance
plans when it comes time to put your site on the web.
If you have a corporate identity, we'll transfer it to the web.
If you want us to help you create a corporate identity, we'll
do that too.
Our programming skills encompass all the current programming languages in use on the Internet.
We optimize your web site to make sure that it's highly visible on search engine utilities such as Google and Yahoo.
If you want to join the thousands of businesses involved in e
-Commerce on the Web, we'll create an e-Commerce site for
Our designers understand what works
and what doesn't, not only on the
web but in other mediums as well.
We'll work with you to create not just
a logo, but an identity for your business or organization that you’ll be
proud to use and that customers will
not forget. Second Creek pays special
attention to the appropriate use of
Flash. We understand the power of the application to draw the
user into the web site and we're careful to make sure our Flash
presentations inform and educate those who visit your site.
Second Creek Web Design can leverage your online presence,
whether we build your site from scratch or redesign your existing
site. Our site designers and copywriters will design, program and
script your site to help your potential customers quickly find you
on the web through search engine queries. Second Creek Web
Design's search engine optimization services will improve your
search engine visibility and enhance search engine results.
Our Managed Services include:
• On-Site Support: We have a wide range of support options
available from support during normal business hours to support 24 hours a day.
• Remote Support/ Administration: We are just a phone call or
email away. Using the latest technologies, we can support
your system pro-actively and from any distance.
• Application Installation and User Training: We can also help
you with the installation of new software and training of new
users across your network and organization.
• Wide Area Management: If your company has multiple offices in multiple locations, we can help. Let our extensive
experience in managing integrated networks over wide areas give you a competitive advantage.
Whether you’re a small company with a new network or a large
company with a well established system, computer systems require careful planning in their purchase and adequate maintenance in order to work effectively. The staff at Second Creek has
extensive experience in designing and deploying network environments. Regularly scheduled maintenance can save your company time and money by preventing work stoppages and information loss from threats such as hardware failure, spyware and
Our networking services include:
LAN and WAN networks (design / installation / configuration / maintenance / monitoring)
Secured Wireless networking
Linux/Unix servers
Windows desktops and Server
Exchange Server
Terminal Services
Internet Information Services (IIS)
Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA / Proxy
SQL Server
Virtual private networking (VPN)
PC Sales & Support
Managed services and more…
Second Creek Technologies, LLC | [email protected] | phone: 304.736.5454 | fax: 304.736.5444 | web: