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The latest functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users
The latest version of the Microsoft flagship ERP product, Dynamics NAV 2015,
was released to all users on 1 October 2014.
In this latest edition there have been a range of enhancements made and this
brochure gives the detail behind them.
This latest edition takes NAV to a new level of user-friendliness, efficient usage
and mobile connectivity delivering even more benefit to new and existing users.
Dynamics NAV 2015
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is being
rightly hailed as one of the most important
NAV releases ever.
Aimed at delivering real benefits to small
businesses Microsoft have labelled it as
offering ‘power to the SMB’.
NAV 2015 contains improvements in
workforce productivity, business reporting
and technical infrastructure.
This release puts the emphasis on enabling
flexible working practices for small and
medium-sized businesses through both
cloud-based technologies and role-based
The end result for users of NAV is a more
productive workforce and a more profitable
In this latest release the changes made to
the product offering from Microsoft fall under
three headings.
• Installation support
• Ease-of-use
• Functionality
The details in each area are shown in the
sections that follow.
Installation Support
There are several enhancements that help
the installation or upgrade of NAV solutions.
These include new application merge utilities
for application code and metadata, and a
new way of running the data upgrade logic.
Migrating from incumbent ERP solutions to
Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as well as
upgrading from earlier versions of NAV, has
never been smoother, meaning projects
carry less disruption and have a higher
probability of completing ahead of schedule.
RapidStart Implementation
RapidStart Services helps meet the needs of
Microsoft partners responsible for creating,
setting up, and initialising new installations of
Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
This release offers the possibility to map
values from an existing ERP system into
your Microsoft Dynamics NAV
implementation during the migration of your
customer's data.
In addition, tool support is provided to help
you clean up and process the data that you
want to import.
For example, you can easily convert dates
and decimals to the format required by the
regional settings on a user's computer.
RapidStart Upgrade
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 includes
several enhancements for upgrading
RapidStart Upgrade – Code
New application merge utilities help
partners upgrade their solution –
application code and metadata – from one
version to another, or from one cumulative
update to another.
We also introduce supporting tools for
handling application object files in general,
and for managing application languages
and captions.
RapidStart Upgrade – Data
We have introduced a new way of running
the data upgrade logic.
The data upgrade was enhanced to
optimise the performance and provide
developers with a superior tool for testing,
automating, tracking progress,
troubleshooting and running of the data
upgrade code.
With schema synchronisation on demand,
the data upgrade becomes a much more
controllable process.
The development environment has been
extended so that you can now choose how
to sync each change in a table.
The data upgrade in Microsoft Dynamics
NAV 2015 allows you to catch all the
errors, but also to resume after an error.
At the same time you get a detailed
overview of the progress of the data
Ease of Use
It’s all about power to the people. This series
of enhancements are designed to deliver more
power to your workforce.
The changes in this section of the product
include the following.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablets
Dynamics NAV for tablets allows users to get
access to the data they need from the device
they prefer.
With a fresh and modern interface designed
exclusively for touch, it provides the familiar
Role Tailored experience so that users can get
real work done at home, at work or on the go.
Download and install the app today from the
Windows Store, App Store or Google Play and
connect to your Dynamics NAV 2015 Server.
Touch Screen Design
The ability for staff to use the NAV solution
across multiple platforms and devices, with
easy to use touch-screen technology, is
particularly useful when combined with new
role-based features.
Dashboard Capability
In NAV 2015 you can present striking
operational BI dashboards that help improve
decision-making and focus actions.
The Role Centre now can show special cue
tiles that apply custom formatting to any
computed numerical value.
It can also show an indicator that changes
colour based on the data values that the tile
reflects (Enhanced Cues).
Faster Input
Dynamics NAV 2015 is more intuitive for the
end-user by making data entry on pages faster
by showing only the mandatory input fields
(Mandatory Fields).
Another aid to faster processing is the
automatic filling in of document numbers
(Auto-fill No. field).
Reviewing documents such as orders,
invoices and credit memos, is made easier by
having totals shown on the page (Total section
on document pages).
Dynamics NAV 2015 offers increased
productivity by only showing what is relevant
to the user, depending on a user’s permission
sets and licence.
There are several new functions in NAV 2015,
including enhancements in the areas of
finance, Office integration, document
management and reporting.
Improved Cash Management
Improvements have been made around Bank
Reconciliation and the use of Webservices for
connecting with financial institutions.
Bank integration
With the new Bank Data Conversion Service
feature, users get electronic bank statement
files converted into data that can be imported
into NAV.
Users can also use the conversion service to
export payment information to electronic
payment files in the format that their bank
Bank payments
Payment Reconciliation Journals enable users
to import bank transaction data into a
dedicated UI and automatically apply to open
customer and vendor documents.
The features include advanced record
matching, strong review tools and the
possibility to define the payment match
tolerance and the generic matching algorithm.
Electronic Payments
Improvements in the Payment Journal and the
Credit Transfer Registers enable users to
better manage the payment creation and
export process and to track payment history.
A new function allows users to create
payments where posting date (execution date
in the bank) is automatically calculated with
point of departure in due date for the
underlying documents.
Office 365 Integration
NAV provides interoperability with Office 365,
which enables customers to drill down,
analyse, share and collaborate with peers.
• Simplified email messaging via SMTP
including Office 365.
• Sign in to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Windows client using your Office 365
This series of developments are designed to
save the business time, reduce errors and
promote teamwork.
Social Listening
Microsoft Social Listening collects data
about you from social media websites and
presents it to you in easy-to-consume charts
and graphs that you can use to spot
emerging trends in people’s comments,
whether positive, negative, or neutral.
You can drill down into the data and see
who is mentioning you, where they posted
the comment, and exactly what they said.
With one of the first cumulative updates,
NAV 2015 will include a control Add-in,
which will enable you to embed cloud
hosted services, like Microsoft Social
Listening, into NAV pages.
For example, it enables the vendor to see
the social media reputation of the customer
as an order is being created.
Document Reporting
NAV now uses Microsoft Word as a layout
editing option for document reports. This
allows companies to create and use their
own branded stationery for reports, invoices
and statements.
Relevant financial information is then
merged (via Jet Reports) into the branded
templates and saved as either a Word
document or a PDF so that it may be printed
or emailed from within the system.
Report Scheduling
You can schedule any report to run on the
server, now or scheduled later.
Power BI
Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 is a
collection of features and services that
enable you to visualise data, share
discoveries, and collaborate in new ways.
Self-Service BI features in Excel – such as
Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and
Power Map – extend the data-specific
features and capabilities of Excel.
Through the use of ODATA web services,
these Power BI features can integrate with
data in NAV 2015.
NAV 2015 is designed to help you become
more efficient by giving your staff the power
they need to do their job easier, better and
faster than ever before.
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