from august 2016 - Department of Civil Engineering

1. Students shall be admitted to the M.Tech. in Civil Engineering
program based on GATE score and applicable reservation norms.
2. Single “M.Tech. in Civil Engineering” degree, with Major in one of the
three areas: Structural Engineering (ST), Geotechnical Engineering
(GT) or Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (WREE)
and optional Minor in one of the other two areas will be awarded to
successful students at the end of the 4 semester program.
3. A total of 64 credits to earn an M.Tech. degree, comprising 22
dissertation credits and 42 credits of coursework. The 42 credits, in
turn, comprise of 18 credits of common core courses (in semester
1), 9-12 credits of core courses in chosen Major and 12-15 credits of
4. Students will select their Major (ST, GT or WREE) at the end of the
first semester. Selection to the majors will be made on the basis of
student preference, performance (70% GATE + 30% TGPA from
term 1), and applicable reservation norms. The number of students
in the most preferred area will be limited to 50% of the student
strength of that year.
5. In subsequent semesters, students will take 9-12 courses for credits
in their chosen Major, 6 credits of electives in their Major and 6-9
credits of electives from CiE or other departments. A summary of the
requisite coursework is shown in the table below.
6. To get an optional Minor in one of the other two areas, a minimum of
12 course credits must be completed in the said area.
7. The dissertation project in the Major area shall be assigned at the
end of the 2nd semester using a system to match student
preference to available projects.
The department is now pleased to announce a modernized and unified
M.Tech. program beginning from August 2016. This restructuring was
carried out with inputs from a diverse array of sources, including Industry
and alumni. Students admitted to the August 2016 and subsequent
sessions will be awarded a “M.Tech. in Civil Engineering” degree, with
Major in one of the three areas of: Structural Engineering (ST),
Geotechnical Engineering (GT) or Water Resources and Environmental
Engineering (WREE), with an optional Minor.
The Department of Civil Engineering of the Indian Institute of Science
(IISc) was established in the year 1950 and has grown over the years
into one of the finest centers of advanced research and training in the
field of civil engineering. The Department has been in the forefront of
advanced research in Civil Engineering and has also been very proactive in industrial interaction and technology development. The
Department is recognized as a Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) by
the University Grants Commission, a Center of Excellence in Water
Resources by the Central Board for Irrigation and Power. The
Department of Science and Technology has recognized and sponsored
the department under the Funds for Infrastructure in Science and
Technology (DST-FIST). An Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences has
been functioning in the department under an MoU with the French
Government since 2001. The Department served as the nodal centre for
execution of the National Program on Earthquake Engineering Education
(2003-07) and National Program on Capacity Building in Earthquake
Engineering Research and Materials (2004-07). Over the years, the
Department has built excellent experimental and computational facilities
for carrying out advanced research in frontier areas of Civil Engineering.