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MARCH 2009
Ontario couple build unexpected discovery
into a multifaceted company
April and
Aurele Miron
Highly diversified Quebec firm
has remarkable growth
(L-R) Andre Dubreuil, Claude Chagnon
and Jean Chagnon
Edmonton family businesses
focus on the future
CEO Nick Matera
(left) and President
Tony Matera
Bruce Knight
Dear Valued Customer:
We are in ever-changing and challenging times. No matter the
industry, we should all look for ways to be more efficient in our
equipment use. That means using quality machinery that helps
you produce more in less time, with decreased fuel consumption
and emissions. Komatsu has a full line of construction, utility,
mining and forestry equipment that meets those standards.
You can find out about some of those products in this issue of
SMS Solutions. Among them are innovative machines, such as
Komatsu’s largest utility excavator, the PC88MR-8; skid steer and
compact track loaders; and the new D31 and D37 dozers, which
now feature the super-slant nose design. If it’s mining equipment
you’re interested in, check out the MINExpo article to learn
about products that have made Komatsu the leader in mining
No matter what you use equipment for, we’re here to help
ensure it maintains its productivity and reliability. We can do
that by working with you to schedule a preventive maintenance
inspection at your convenience. During the process, we’ll check
your equipment thoroughly and point out any issues that may
cause a major problem down the road. That way, you avoid costly
If you would like more information on any of our products, or
if there’s any way we can help you with your service needs, don’t
hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you in any way we can.
Bruce Knight
President and COO
Learn why this highly diversified Quebec firm has experienced
remarkable growth through the years.
Find out how these Edmonton family businesses have grown through
hard work and determination.
See how an Ontario couple turned an unexpected discovery into a
multifaceted material-supply and construction company.
Head Office
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Komatsu is at the forefront of design innovation with its award-winning
super-slant design and other improvements to its D31 and D37 dozers.
Fredericton, NB
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If you are looking for big-excavator features in a utility-size package, the
Komatsu PC88MR-8 could be the answer.
Discover the unique features of Komatsu skid steer loaders and how they
can help boost jobsite productivity.
See what’s new in mining machines with this recap of Komatsu’s
offerings showcased at the recent MINExpo.
Find out how Komatsu’s new PLUS undercarriage design can
significantly reduce costs by extending dozer undercarriage life.
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Regional Office
Edmonton, AB
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Keeping equipment downtime to a minimum is the focus of the Quebec
City branch. Read more about its commitment to SMS customers.
Cranbrook , BC
(250) 489-1715
Edmonton, AB
(780) 451-2630
Training is a priority for SMS technicians. Learn more about the expansive
program that brings manufacturers and trainers to branches to ensure
SMS customers get qualified technicians.
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Highly diversified Quebec firm has experienced remarkable growth through the years
Claude Chagnon is the guiding force behind
Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon Inc. and one
of Quebec’s leading construction companies.
Twenty years ago, Claude and his business
partner Andre Dubreuil, together with their
advisor Jean Chagnon (Claude’s brother),
started Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon from
scratch. Today, it and its affiliated companies
employ more than a thousand people and
make an impressive sales figure annually.
Chagnon has a simple, straightforward
philosophy of what it takes to succeed in the
construction business.
“In construction, and probably any business
for that matter, the key to success is to love
what you’re doing. You must also trust yourself
and truly believe that you’re going to succeed.
In fact, you can have no doubt about that.
(L-R) Andre Dubreuil, Claude Chagnon and Jean Chagnon oversee Les Entreprises
Claude Chagnon, one of Quebec’s leading construction companies.
“Certainly, the times we live in are
challenging — but all economies and all
businesses go through ups and downs,” he
noted. “You can’t get swept up in that and
become discouraged. Even when things are
going badly, I sleep very well at night because
I know, no matter what, I’m going to get up
the next morning at 5 o’clock and go back to
work, where I’ll do everything in my power to
turn things around. I believe if you love your
business, you’re going to have that burning
desire and the tenacity it takes to make it
Chagnon speaks from experience. He is the
President and one of the principal owners not
only of Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon, but
also of its gas division, and its sister companies
Pavages Maska and ABC Rive-Nord. Before
starting Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon,
Claude and Dubreuil worked together
for many years at another top Quebec
construction company.
“We started this business from nothing,”
Claude recalled. “We didn’t have any money
or equipment, but we had good reputations
from our previous positions, and because
of that, numerous people were willing to
give us a chance. We started doing public
works, mostly sewer and water. A few others
joined us after a while as shareholders and/
or executives. Through the years, we’ve just
continued to grow and evolve.”
Today, headquartered in southern Quebec
(in St-Hyacinthe), Les Entreprises Claude
Chagnon and its affiliated companies offer
an almost unlimited range of construction
services. In addition to sewer and water
work, specialties include excavation and site
development, landscaping, asphalt paving,
concrete work and directional drilling for
the gas industry. The companies also own
nine asphalt plants and numerous quarries,
gravel pits and sand pits, from which they
sell aggregates to customers in many parts of
“We’re a highly-diversified construction
firm,” said Dubreuil. “There’s not much we
can’t do or won’t try. We have an incredibly
talented team of employees capable of doing
just about anything a customer might want
us to do. Another strong point for us is that
we’re willing and able to step out of our home
base and work effectively anywhere in the
Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon turns to SMS and Komatsu for most of its earthmoving
equipment needs, including this WA380 wheel loader. “Komatsu makes good equipment
and the service we get from SMS is impeccable,” said Claude Chagnon.
Always evolving
Growth at Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon
has been nothing short of remarkable — and
remarkably steady, typically increasing by 15
percent to 20 percent per year.
Acquisitions are partially responsible for
the company’s consistent growth, but for the
most part, it’s a result of the executive team’s
attitude and desire to excel.
“We’re always evolving, never willing to
rest on our laurels,” said Claude Chagnon.
“It’s been a very pleasant relationship with
the whole team. We get along well because we
all share the same vision. I don’t think we’ve
ever even taken a vote about what we should
do. We just all seem to be on the same page
about the need to diversify and the desire to
Talented and dedicated
work force
In order to do the wide range of work and
provide the project quality and timeliness that
the company is known for, Les Entreprises
Claude Chagnon Inc., relies on a large group of
talented and dedicated employees.
“We try to find people — whether
engineers, planners, office or field personnel
— who share our hopes and dreams,” said
Chagnon. “As a result, our work force is truly
enthusiastic about our company. They feel they
are an important part of our success and an
Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon, along with its sister companies, employs more than a
thousand people.
important part of our future, which of course,
they are. We try to give people who join us a
sense of belonging.”
“We believe our people are our most
important asset, so that’s how we treat them,”
added Dubreuil.
Productive equipment and
dealer support
Because of their reputation and strong
likelihood for success, they had little trouble
acquiring equipment for their startup
operation back in 1989.
“All the distributors wanted to work with us,”
Chagnon recalled. “We chose SMS’ predecessor,
Federal Equipment, and they’ve been one of our
primary equipment suppliers ever since. The
relationship we have with SMS and Komatsu
is like a partnership of sorts, and it’s worked
well for all of us. More than 75 percent of all our
business equipment has been supplied by SMS.”
Continued . . .
continued growth
.. .. .. continued
“Komatsu makes good equipment
and we’ve had good success with it,”
acknowledged Chagnon. “We get excellent
productivity and dependability from our
ABC Rive-Nord (above) and Pavages Maska (below) are subsidiaries,
which Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon acquired to bring to the company
a paving element and a presence in specific regions of Quebec.
Komatsu machines, and the service from SMS
and Major Accounts Manager Michel Charest
is impeccable. They have a good inventory of
equipment and they’ve always been fair and
competitive in their pricing. I’d certainly say
SMS and Komatsu have contributed to our
success through the years.”
“We also count on SMS to supply us with
most of our other equipment needs, and
they do a good job of it,” said Jean Chagnon.
“I think the most important thing for us is
the level of trust we have with SMS. If there
is a problem, we know we can talk about it
with them and get it resolved. We appreciate
having that type of relationship with our
Still growing
Looking to the future, Les Entreprises
Claude Chagnon is not willing to concede
anything to current economic conditions.
“We’re definitely still moving forward and
anticipating growth,” insisted Chagnon. “We
have a lot of young people in our organization
and they help create momentum for us.
Long term, we foresee a great future for our
companies, for and because of the people who
work here. In the near term, there may be
challenges, but we certainly don’t think it will
be all doom and gloom.”
Komatsu equipment from SMS, like this GD675 motor grader, has been a winning
formula for Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon. “SMS and Komatsu have contributed to
our success through the years,” said Founder Claude Chagnon.
“Actually, we expect an infrastructure boom
in the years ahead,” added Dubreuil. “We
think there’s going to be a lot of constructing
or rebuilding of roads, tunnels, viaducts and
bridges, not to mention sewer and water.
Those are our strong suits.”
In anticipation of growth in specific regions,
Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon or its
affiliates are looking to expand its territory in
certain areas of Quebec, and perhaps even into
Quebec’s far north region and/or Ontario.
“At our companies, we feel as though we
have the wind in our sails,” said Claude. “Our
plan is to continue doing what we’ve always
done, which is to give customers a quality
job at a fair price with outstanding service.
By doing that, we believe new opportunities
will present themselves, and we’ll continue to
evolve and expand.” ■
for your next excavator)
Komatsu excavators have set the standards for productivity, operator comfort and reliability over the
years. And, with the introduction of our mid-sized –8 series, the standards have been raised yet again.
Tier-3 engines deliver reduced emissions without sacrificing power or productivity.
Electronics, engine and hydraulics are optimized for maximum efficiency and
minimum fuel consumption (10% reduction compared to –7 models).
Multi-function LCD monitor provides critical operating information at a glance
(and it can do this in 10 languages).
From enhanced safety features to extended maintenance intervals, the PC200LC-8, PC220LC-8
and PC270LC-8 show what happens when the best engineers put the latest technology to work.
The results are always…
100% Komatsu.
Edmonton family businesses grow
through hard work and determination
Nick Matera,
Tony Matera,
Margaret Gagliardi,
Office Manager
Paul Matera,
When Nick Matera immigrated to Canada
from southern Italy, his plans didn’t include
doing underground utility installations or
general earthwork. Having been a restaurant
owner in his native country, he planned to
go into that line of work when he came to
Edmonton in 1965.
“I really didn’t have the money to start my
own business, so I needed to go to work to
support my family,” recalled Matera, who’s
CEO of M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services and
M.A.P. Earthworks. “I was hired on as a
labourer with an underground contractor
and worked my way up in the company. All
the time I kept the idea of starting my own
business in mind. When the company I worked
for wanted me to relocate, I decided it was time
to do it.”
This year marks M.A.P. Water & Sewer
Services’ silver anniversary. Two years ago,
M.A.P Earthworks was formed when Matera
and his children — Margaret Gagliardi, Antonio
“Tony” and Paolo “Paul,” hence the name M.A.P.
— bought the assets of another company. Tony
is President of the companies, Margaret is Office
Manager at M.A.P. Water & Sewer and Paul is
the Equipment Manager for both companies.
Margaret’s husband, Otto, runs field operations.
“We believe having a family business is a
real advantage. Everyone’s on the same page
and working with a common goal in mind,”
said Nick. “I’m very proud that the kids
took interest and initiative in building both
All the Matera children grew up working
for their father, starting the same way he did
when he came to Canada. Tony and Paul were
labourers and worked their way up, learning
the ins and outs of underground utility
installation, and Margaret worked in the office.
Early work for M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services
included utility service installations and
repairs done by Nick, a crew of four to five and
the Matera children.
Within a few months after its founding,
M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services landed its first
major contract doing repairs for the Army base
at Lancaster Park. A sewer replacement and
lagoon construction project on the Elizabeth
Settlement followed and the company began
its slow and steady growth.
“For the first few years, all our business
was out-of-town,” Tony stated. “The family
travelled from motel to motel, going wherever
work took us. As time went on and we grew,
we were able to stick around Edmonton and
the surrounding area. It’s taken a lot of hard
work and determination to get where we are
Large percentage of
repeat business
Where M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services is
today is a full-service, wet and dry utilityinstallation company with 250 employees and
14 crews. The company does residential and
commercial projects for developers, as well as
general contracting for municipalities.
“We’ve always strived to build a reputation
for fine workmanship, and we believe we’ve
achieved that,” said Paul. “A large majority
of our residential and commercial work is for
repeat customers, and that’s a source of pride
with us because it shows that our focus on
safe, quality, dependable work has paid off.
By having a high level of service and customer
satisfaction we’re able to negotiate much of the
work we do.”
Many of the company’s projects are
long-term, lasting months and sometimes
years. For the past three years, M.A.P. Water
& Sewer Services has been working on water
main replacement for EPCOR. M.A.P. crews
are taking out aging cast-iron pipe and putting
in new PVC. The company has replaced
thousands of metres so far.
Komatsu dozers are a staple in the M.A.P. companies’ fleets. This D375A-5 removes
overburden at Inland Cement in Edmonton. “The D375 and D155 are excellent for stripping
and moving mass amounts of dirt quickly,” said Equipment Manager Paul Matera.
“That’s a good example of the type of work
we like to do from the municipal side,” said
Nick. “But a good deal of work also falls into
the private and commercial sectors. We work
with developers to install water and sanitary
sewer lines, storm sewer and electric for new
subdivisions and commercial properties.
That’s been our niche for a very long time.”
M.A.P. Earthworks also does numerous
long-term projects, including its current
contract, stripping pits for a sand and gravel
company. Last year, the company moved
millions of cubic metres of overburden.
M.A.P. companies use this Komatsu WA380-5 wheel loader for a variety of applications.
“Having one machine that can do multiple jobs is a real benefit, because it saves us from
having to invest in multiple machines,” said Equipment Manager Paul Matera.
Like the sewer and water business, M.A.P.’s
earthwork side works for a large number of
repeat customers. M.A.P. Earthworks’ eight
crews provide full site packages or individual
services for residential and commercial
developers alike.
“Adding the earthworks side of the
business was a way for us to offer more to
our customers,” said Tony. “A good deal
of our work lately has been in residential
subdivisions, with the growth that Edmonton
and the surrounding area have seen. Often,
our two businesses are working together,
which is a way for us to control more of the
project. Even though we’re two separate
companies, they are like one when they work
together. It keeps our customers from having
to find multiple contractors, which they really
M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services and M.A.P.
Earthworks also work with customers to
M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services and M.A.P. Earthworks are located in Edmonton, Alberta.
The companies provide full-service underground utility and earthmoving services
throughout the Edmonton area.
offer more than just onsite construction.
The companies have civil and professional
engineers on staff.
“We’re able to work with our customers to
find ways to save them money and we offer
Continued . . .
employees, equipment vital to success
.. .. .. continued
Mel Grant,
Vice President/
General Manager
M.A.P. Earthworks
Frank Vespi,
Vice President of
Operations M.A.P.
Water & Sewer
design-build services with our engineers,” said
Tony. “Not everyone offers that, so we believe
it’s an advantage for us and our customers.”
enough good things about them. They’re the
backbone of our businesses.”
Backbone of the businesses
The Materas also listen to their employees’
input when it comes to buying equipment.
During the past several years, that input has
led to purchasing a large number of Komatsu
machines, especially dozers. Between
M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services and M.A.P.
Earthworks, they have a D375A-5, a D61EX-15,
a D155AX-6 and five D85EX-15s. All were
purchased from the SMS Edmonton branch
with the help of Sales Representative Jim
Nick appreciates the way the employees
of the two companies work toward making
each successful. He has always emphasized
that M.A.P. employees are the greatest
asset the companies have. Key individuals
include Frank Vespi, Vice President of
Operations for M.A.P. Water & Sewer
Services, Mel Grant, Vice President/General
Manager of M.A.P. Earthworks, and Otto
Gagliardi, General Supervisor of M.A.P.
Water & Sewer Services Ltd.
“Our employees are every bit as important
to the companies’ success as any one of our
family members,” said Nick. “They work
hard to ensure our customers are happy. In
businesses as big as M.A.P., we have to have
people like that whom we can trust. Bottom
to top, I believe we have the best in the
“In many ways we treat them as if they were
a member of the family,” added Tony. “We
have get-togethers, give bonuses and invest
profits back into the business to help support
their future as well as ours. We can’t say
A M.A.P. Earthworks operator uses a Komatsu D85EX-15 dozer to strip overburden at the
Inland Cement site in Edmonton.
Productive equipment is key
“Production is the key to any business that
does underground utilities and earthwork,
and that means having reliable equipment
that doesn’t cost you in downtime,” said Paul.
“We’ve found that with Komatsu. We used to
run a lot of competitive machinery, and our
operators were very loyal to that brand. Once
they started running Komatsu, they quickly
changed their minds.
“We put a lot of stock into what they say
when it’s time to buy new equipment, and
that’s been a big reason why we’ve continued
to buy Komatsu,” he added. “They like
everything that Komatsu dozers offer. The
D375 and D155 are excellent for stripping and
moving mass amounts of dirt quickly. They
don’t stall out when pushing those big piles
either. The D61 and D85s are very good for
pushing smaller piles, grading and backfilling
trenches. They’re all fuel-efficient, which helps
in our cost per yard.”
In addition to dozers, M.A.P. companies use
three WA380-5 wheel loaders. Paul said he
appreciates the versatility they offer.
“We can use them for a variety of tasks,
including backfilling trenches with dirt and
rock, loading trucks and carrying pipe with
forks,” he said. “Having one machine that
can do multiple jobs is a real benefit because
it saves us from having to invest in multiple
pieces. They have good digging power and
traction into a pile. The operators like the
visibility and the comfort. They’re all-around
good machines.”
. . . suite
SMS service makes
a difference
The M.A.P. companies also rent Komatsu
equipment from SMS as needed, including
additional dozers, as well as excavators and
articulated dump trucks.
“Every piece of Komatsu equipment we’ve
used has done the job for us,” claimed Paul.
“So has SMS — in all aspects of purchasing
and renting equipment. SMS has been able to
get us the machinery we need and the service
we expect in a timely manner, something that’s
been an issue with other equipment dealers
in the past. Our mechanics do most of the
service work on our machines, but from time
to time we need extra help. Jim and SMS have
always been quick about getting to us. They’re
available day and night, and they’ve become a
partner in our success.”
“Our aim is to continue building M.A.P.
Earthworks the same way we built M.A.P.
Water & Sewer Services, little by little,” said
Tony. “We’re ambitious, we want to grow, and
there’s a good chance of that happening, with
the construction market in Edmonton and
Alberta being as strong as it is.
“However, we won’t lose our focus on
customer satisfaction,” he continued. “No
matter what size our companies are, that will
always be the most important aspect of our
business, and of course our employees.” ■
Always looking ahead
As the Materas celebrate 25 years of business
for M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services, they’re not
just looking back at what’s been accomplished.
The family’s focus is on the future.
“We certainly are proud of what we’ve
accomplished,” said Nick. “It’s nice to drive
around and look at projects we’ve done with
the thought in mind that we’ve played a big
role in the area’s growth. But we can’t keep our
attention on that. The companies must always
look ahead.”
(L-R) M.A.P. crews include Frank Reda, Cyril Cooper, Irving Cooper, Dereck Newell and
Roger Prince.
M.A.P. often rents Komatsu equipment from SMS, including articulated dump trucks
for large earthmoving projects.
SMS Sales Representative Jim Morrison (left) works
closely with M.A.P. Equipment Manager Paul Matera to
meet the company’s machinery needs. “SMS has been
able to get us the machinery we need and the service we
expect in a timely manner,” said Paul. “They’ve become a
partner in our success.”
(it’s the perfect working relationship)
“Synergy” isn’t a word often associated with construction equipment, but it’s the perfect
word to describe the Komatsu PC600LC-8 and HM300-2 working together… especially
when the terrain is less than perfect. Both of these hard-working machines deliver:
• Rugged, dependable, go-anywhere productivity
• Tier-3 certified engines to meet emissions standards
• Advanced hydraulics for faster cycle times
If you want maximum efficiency—no matter how rough the terrain might be—put this
pair to work. At the end of the day, you’ll see the results from machines that are…
100% Komatsu.
Ontario couple build unexpected discovery into a multifaceted material-supply, construction company
Farmers Aurele and April Miron happened
into the topsoil business in the early 1980s, when
they found black muck on another farmer’s land
they were caring for. They paid the other farmer
for use of the land, and eventually bought it to
use as a side income maker.
“We found the black muck in the pasture, and
it was fairly high-quality,” said Aurele. “I started
by hauling some topsoil for my parents who had
just built a home that needed landscaping. Then
I sold some topsoil to an uncle. I saw there was
some money in it, so we decided to expand a little
bit. Both of us worked on the farm and outside the
home, so dad would take some calls for us and
we’d deliver material on nights and weekends.
Eventually we bought a sand pit and things really
took off.”
While their company name sounds simple,
A. Miron Topsoil now provides much more
than dirt. A. Miron Topsoil carries an extensive
line of products and services that benefit
customers in and around New Liskeard,
Ontario. Aurele is President while April is
Counted among A. Miron Topsoil’s many
business facets is a limestone quarry in
Thornloe that provides materials through
another division known as Miron Natural
Stone. It supplies limestone products for
fireplaces; columns and pillars for use in
and around the home; and retaining walls,
walkways and driveways. Customers looking
for materials can find them at the company’s
showroom in its headquarters at New
Liskeard. From its quarry, which is open May
to October, A. Miron Topsoil carries more than
30 different products of pure stone, sand and
gravel, mulch and many varieties of topsoil
and topsoil mixes.
More than a material supplier
A. Miron Topsoil is more than just a material
supplier. It’s licensed to haul contaminated soil
and install septic systems, and does excavation,
site and utility work. In the winter, it’s one of
the largest snow-removal companies in the
north, doing more than an estimated 1,200
kilometres for the Ministry of Transportation, as
well as driveway and parking-lot cleaning and
sanding for homes and small and industrial-size
Equipment rental is part of A. Miron Topsoil’s
offerings as well. The company has dump trucks,
a water truck, graders, dozers, a screening plant
and a concrete breaker among more than 20
items available. Through its growth in the last
20 years, A. Miron Topsoil has added to its staff
and now employs more than 30 people. Counted
among them are longtime employees such as
Aurele’s brother, Alain, and operators Jocelin
Roy and Ken Baker. The Miron’s daughter, Josee,
works full-time in the company’s office and their
son, Edmond, has worked with Aurele on sand
domes for the Ministry of Transportation up
north and down south.
Continued . . .
April and Aurele Miron own
and operate A. Miron Topsoil
in New Liskeard, Ontario.
The couple have grown the
business from a material
supplier into a multifaceted
business that handles
multiple services for private
individuals, developers and
governmental entities alike.
??? expands Komatsu fleet because of value, versatility
. . . continued
The Mirons have added equipment too,
most notably Komatsu PC200LC hydraulic
excavators and WA320 and WA450 wheel
loaders, with the help of SMS Equipment
Territory Manager Stephane Madore. A.
Miron Topsoil also rents equipment from SMS
as needed.
An A. Miron Topsoil operator moves materials with a Komatsu WA320 wheel loader at the
company’s yard in New Liskeard.
“Our first Komatsu pieces were the wheel
loaders, which we purchased a few years
ago. We’ve kept adding more because we
saw the value the loaders gave us in terms of
production and maintenance,” said Aurele.
“We’ve equipped them with quick couplers,
so they give us versatility as well. We have
to move crates around quite a bit, so we
can carry them with forks. We also use the
loaders to stockpile and load materials, so
having one machine that can perform multiple
applications really helps us.
“The excavators also offer us versatility,
in that we use them as digging machines
for utility and mass excavation work,” he
added. “We can also set pipe with them. They
maintain power and production in every
situation. Our guys really like them.”
Snow removal is one of A. Miron Topsoil’s top service offerings, and here an operator loads
a truck at a site near New Liskeard. “Our first Komatsu pieces were the wheel loaders, which
we purchased a few years ago and we’ve kept adding more because we saw the value the
loaders gave us in terms of production and maintenance,” said President Aurele Miron.
The Mirons really appreciate the service
SMS Equipment offers. “Stephane and SMS
have helped us find the right equipment when
we needed it,” said April. “They back it up
with excellent service. Anytime we’ve needed
something, they’ve quickly responded. That’s
important to us, and it’s another reason why
we’ve continued to buy Komatsu.”
A potential second generation
The Mirons hope someday their children may
take over A. Miron Topsoil. In addition to Josee
and Edmond, their youngest son, Eric, shows
interest. If and when they do, the business will
likely be even larger than it is now. The Mirons
are working on opening new quarries and
expanding their underground utility offerings.
Josee Miron
SMS Territory Manager Stephane Madore (far left) meets with
A. Miron Topsoil Owners April and Aurele Miron (front row)
and (back row, L-R) operators Joceline Roy and Alain Miron.
“We do some water and sewer-line
maintenance, mostly small stuff such as working
on lines that run from the road to the house,”
explained April. “We’d like to get into the bigger
governmental work as we move forward.
Hopefully, we’ll have that part of the business
firmly in place when the time comes for the kids
to decide if this is what they want to do.” ■
Available through SMS Equipment
Award-winning super-slant design among improvements in D31, D37 models
The revolutionary design that made
Komatsu’s first super-slant dozer, the D51EX-22,
an award winner is now available in the new
D31 and D37 models. They are ideal for owners
and operators looking for better visibility and
performance in smaller-dozer applications.
Bruce Boebel,
Komatsu Dozer
Product Manager
Both new models, available in
standard-track EX and wide-track PX versions,
feature Komatsu’s super-slant nose coupled
with a new cab-forward design that puts the
operator closer to the blade, while improving
machine balance, ride and stability.
“Slanting the nose and moving operators
forward allows them a better view all around,
and especially gives them a great view of the
material they’re pushing,” said Bruce Boebel,
Komatsu Dozer Product Manager. “Cabs are
larger than their predecessors, with more glass
to enhance visibility, making the operator more
efficient. Owners could put a new operator in
these machines and be confident they’ll learn
Komatsu’s awardBrief Specs on Komatsu D31 and D37 Dozers
winning, super-slant nose
Operating weight
Blade capacity
design, is now available Model
in its new D31 and D37 D31EX-22 58 kW (78 hp) 8,190 kg (18,056 lbs.) 1.61 m3 (2.11 cu. yd.)
models. Also available
in D39 and D51 models, D31PX-22 58 kW (78 hp) 8,540 kg (18,827 lbs.) 1.61 m (2.11 cu. yd.)
it allows operators a D37EX-22 66 kW (89 hp) 8,300 kg (18,298 lbs.) 1.77 m3 (2.32 cu. yd.)
better view of the blade
D37PX-22 66 kW (89 hp) 8,650 kg (19,070 lbs.) 1.95 m3 (2.55 cu. yd.)
for increased efficiency.
how to run a dozer faster so they’re productive
more quickly.
“We didn’t stop with improving the cab,”
he added. “The dozers are more durable with
thick plate steel and rigid frames, and tracks are
welded onto the frame, unlike most competitors,
which have bolt-on track frames. Both have
higher output than their predecessors, increasing
pushing capabilities for better production and
cost per yard. Couple that with new ecot3
engines that reduce fuel consumption, and
maintenance time, and they’re among the most
efficient dozers on the market.”
Those attributes are helped by large
power-angle-tilt blades that hold more
material, especially useful in mass dozing.
Each hydrostatic dozer has a steering system
that provides smooth movement during
dozing, even in gradual turns. That also allows
the operator to approach objects accurately in
corner and sidewall operations.
By simply pushing a button, operators can
select between variable and quick-shift speed
control for maximum efficiency during fine or
rough grading with optimal travel speeds to
match job conditions and operator preferences.
With variable speed, travel speed is adjusted
through a range of 20 incremental speeds,
while quick-shift allows operators to select
three predetermined speed settings to match
job conditions.
“All models come standard with KOMTRAX
to help track utilization and maintenance,”
noted Boebel. “The D31 is great in residential
applications and tight places for general
finish work, and the D37 is a step up for those
wanting a little bigger machine, but can’t
justify going to a larger D39. They’re both great
investments that will pay big dividends.” n
(productivity runs in this family)
You’re committed to getting things done on time and on budget, and you need
dependable, hard-working machines to meet your deadlines day after day. The
Komatsu D31, D37, D39 and D51 dozers all feature the reliability and versatility
that have made Komatsu the choice of owners and operators for years:
• Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) for superb accuracy and smooth control
• Excellent blade visibility that minimizes operator guesswork and reduces cycle times
• All the daily maintenance items centralized in one location for convenient access
Whether you’re looking for a 78, 89, 105 or 130 horsepower machine, you can be
confident you’ll get a full day’s work—and then some—from dozers that are…
100% Komatsu.
Komatsu compact excavators are right at home working in tight spaces. With advanced Proportional
Pressure Control (PPC) joysticks, these machines give you precise handling without sacrificing
speed, reach or capacity. Plus, they have all the features that make Komatsu excavators the choice
of owners and operators across the country.
Low-effort Proportional Pressure Control (PPC) joysticks
Spacious, ergonomically designed operator platform
Industry-leading 360-degree visibility
Tilt-forward operator cab structure for ease of service access
Switchable excavator control pattern without tools (ISO/SAE)
When there’s no room for error, the choice is 100% clear. Put our compact excavators to work
today and enjoy the confidence that comes from machines that are…
100% Komatsu.
These machines deliver big-excavator features
in a utility-size package
Komatsu’s new PC88MR-8 sets the standard
for large utility-size excavators in the eight-ton
(7.26-metric ton) class. It features a new look
that includes a redesigned counterweight
and new paint scheme like Komatsu’s
construction-size machines. But, that’s just the
beginning. These full-featured machines are
designed to provide the ultimate in compact
excavator comfort, value, productivity, service
and maintenance access, and peace of mind.
Well-placed handholds and a wide-opening,
upper-rail sliding door allow the operator to
easily enter and exit the machine. Operators
will find that the cab on the PC88MR-8 is an
extremely spacious platform from which to
work. After all, it is the same cab found on the
larger PC138USLC-8 and includes standard
air conditioner, seven-inch colour monitor
panel, AM/FM radio, power outlets and cup
holder. The fully adjustable, cloth, high-back
suspension seat with arm rests is designed
to lessen fatigue, and the pilot proportional
joystick controls enable the operator to work
comfortably for long periods of time.
The short tail swing of these machines
allows the operator to concentrate on the
work in front of him, instead of worrying
about rear-swing impacts. The result is a more
relaxed and more productive operator, even
when working in a confined area.
The new PC88MR-8 is equipped with the
KOMTRAX machine-monitoring system as
standard equipment — nothing to install and
no monthly fees for at least five years. With
KOMTRAX, the owner can access: hour-metre
reading, fuel level, travel notification, machine
location, cautions, maintenance replacement
notifications, and high water-temperature mark.
Komatsu continues to focus on providing
high-strength work equipment. The
PC88MR-8 features a new, single boom-swing
pin that places extra strength in a high-stress
component, and has an extended lubrication
interval of up to 500 hours.
Another high-strength element is the X-track
frame. This is the same type of track frame
featured on larger Komatsu excavators. The
X-frame design is very rigid and transfers shock
evenly throughout the frame. The sloped design
of the track frame deters the buildup of dirt and
debris, helping to minimize the time required to
clean the machine for transport.
Komatsu’s proven Road-Liner track
system provides a reliable and longer-lasting
alternative to rubber track. It is mounted
directly to the rail like a steel grouser, but
unlike steel, it is surface-friendly.
Continued . . .
Komatsu’s new PC88MR-8 replaces the PC78 model and features a new look that includes
a redesigned counterweight and new paint scheme like Komatsu’s larger machines. These
full-featured machines are designed to provide the ultimate in compact excavator comfort,
value, productivity, service and maintenance access, and peace of mind.
add value to new utility excavator
. . . continued
To further enhance the value of the
PC88MR-8, Komatsu has made single/
bidirectional-flow auxiliary hydraulics
standard equipment. This allows the operator
to use a variety of attachments, such as
hydraulic hammers, hydraulic thumbs, tilting/
grading/ditching buckets, grapples etc.
Automatic load-sensing, two-speed travel
enhances the productivity of the PC88MR-8
by automatically shifting from high speed to
low speed when under load, and then from
low speed to high speed when the load on the
machine is reduced.
The new PC88MR-8
has a 48-kW (65-hp),
turbocharged and
aftercooled Komatsu
engine that provides 17
percent more output than
the PC78MR-6, 10 percent
greater arm-crowd force
and travel speed, and
more pushing power with
a 3.5 percent increase in
drawbar pull than the
machine it replaces.
Standard pilot proportional joysticks with
proportional thumb control for auxiliary
hydraulics allow the operator to use
hydraulic attachments efficiently and easily.
Furthermore, five working modes allow the
operator to choose the mode that best matches
the job he is trying to perform.
Other enhancements that will improve
productivity include a 48-kW (65-hp),
turbocharged and aftercooled Komatsu engine
that provides 17 percent more output than the
PC78MR-6, 10 percent greater arm-crowd force
and travel speed, and more pushing power
with a 3.5 percent increase in drawbar pull
than the machine it replaces.
The PC88MR-8 is equipped with several
fuel-management features. The “eco gauge”
provides the operator with a visual indicator
on the monitor panel that enables the operator
to maximize fuel efficiency by working in the
“green” range as much as possible.
Auto idle helps to conserve fuel by reducing
throttle to low idle after the joysticks and travel
levers are left in the neutral position for four
seconds. Once a machine function is activated,
the machine returns to the preset throttle position.
If the machine is left to idle for more than
five minutes, an excessive idle warning
provides the operator with both a visual alert
on the monitor panel and an audible warning.
The operator can then determine whether to
shut the machine down to conserve fuel.
Wide-opening covers and panels provide
outstanding access to daily checkpoints, and the
fuel tank and hydraulic tank are side-by-side
for easy inspection and access.The radiator and
oil cooler are side-by-side, making both easy
to inspect and clean, ensuring clean, fresh air
reaches each component.
Maintenance and lubrication intervals for
engine oil and filter, fuel filter, and lubrication of
arm, boom, and boom swing are now 500 hours,
making it easy to schedule machine maintenance.
Finally, Komatsu provides a standard
three-year, 3,000-hour warranty on the
PC88MR-8, demonstrating Komatsu’s
commitment to total customer satisfaction and
peace of mind.
“The PC88MR-8 is loaded with features
that will enhance operator comfort, value,
productivity, and peace of mind. By providing
a larger operator station with many standard
features (air conditioner, seven-inch colour
monitor panel, 12-volt and 24-volt outlets, and
PPC joysticks with thumb-controlled auxiliary
hydraulic function), standard auxiliary
hydraulics, and a larger, more powerful
Komatsu engine, Komatsu engineers took the
best and made it better,” said David Caldwell,
Product Manager. n
Komatsu skid steer loaders have unique features
that boost jobsite productivity
Skid steer loaders and compact rubber-track
loaders are some of the most popular pieces
of equipment in any contractor’s fleet because
they can be used in such a wide variety of jobs.
Komatsu offers four skid steer loader (SSL)
models ranging from just under 2,722 kg (6,000
lbs.) to more than 3,628 kg (8,000 lbs.), and two
compact track loaders (CTL).
For these reasons and more, we hope you’ll
consider Komatsu and SMS Equipment the
next time you’re in the market for a skid steer
loader or compact track loader. n
Komatsu SSLs and CTLs feature numerous
advantages compared with competitive
brands. These include Pilot Proportional
Hydraulic Joystick Controls (PPC) and an
exclusive two-speed transmission. PPC
ensures outstanding operator comfort and
control. Rather than having to manipulate
drive levers and foot pedals, Komatsu
operators can operate all loader functions
with the low-effort, right-hand joystick and
control all drive functions with the left-hand
lever. A pattern change valve is available as an
option. And with two-speed drive standard
on every model, Komatsu units allow the
operator to put more engine power through
the transmission in low range.
Loader Type
Komatsu skid steer loaders and compact
track loaders also feature a high-output
turbocharged diesel engine. Turbocharging
provides efficient fuel burning and helps the
machine operate efficiently at all times. Another
plus is that sealed pins allow Komatsu to extend
the lubrication interval to 250 hours rather than
the 10 hours of some brands.
Specific to the CTL, Komatsu has a
five-roller track system which minimizes track
deflection and damage. Komatsu compact
track loaders also feature triple-flange rollers
and track guides which enable the machines to
be used on slopes much more effectively than
many competitive units.
Brief Specs on Komatsu Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders
Rated Load
703 kg
862 kg 907 kg 1,202 kg 1,127 kg
1,250 kg
(1,550 lbs.)
(1,900 lbs.)
(2,000 lbs.)
(2,650 lbs.)
(2,485 lbs.)
(2,755 lbs.)
40 kW
40 kW
63 kW
63 kW
63 kW
63 kW
(54 hp)
(54 hp)
(84 hp)
(84 hp)
(84 hp)
(84 hp)
Komatsu compact
track loaders (left) and
traditional skid steer
loaders (below) have
numerous features that
improve performance,
including hydraulic
joystick controls, a
two-speed transmission
and a turbocharged
diesel engine.
Sandvik Mining and Construction has one of the industry’s widest selections of equipment
and services for the surface mining, construction and quarrying markets. Our mission is to
be able to add value to our customers’ operations – from application expertise and training
to overall service capabilities. We make it our business to understand your business. For
more information on how we can help, call your nearest SMS Equipment location or visit
Komatsu showcases how equipment and technology
work together for better production, management
When it comes to mining machines, Komatsu
believes in “inventing the future” with
innovative products designed to make the user
more efficient, productive and profitable. It
showcased the present and future of some of
its largest production machinery with one of
the show’s biggest displays at MINExpo in Las
Highlighting the Komatsu display were two
new electric mining trucks — the massive 960E-1
and the 860E-1KT — that provide optimal
productivity and fuel efficiency. Topping 450,000
kg (1 million pounds) when fully loaded, the
960E-1 is now the largest in Komatsu’s full
line of mining trucks with a 326-metric-tonne
(360-ton) payload. Hauling that massive amount
of material is no problem for the 960E-1 and its
2,495-kW (3,346-hp) Komatsu engine, which uses
a unique dual-stage, turbo air-handling system.
It has the lowest brake-specific fuel consumption
at rated output for its size class.
“More than a decade ago, Komatsu was
the first to introduce an AC drive system for
ultra-class mining trucks,” said Don Lindell,
Product Manager for Mining Trucks. “That
experience, along with the more than 100
million operating hours logged overall for our
electric trucks, clearly puts us in the lead with
these new machines. Customer feedback was
also a big influence driving our design criteria
for these two new models. The result is a truck
that’s unrivalled for productivity, efficiency
and comfort in this size class. We took great
care in manufacturing the truck to be rugged
and dependable, even in the most demanding
applications. There are significantly fewer
bearings than on other trucks, so there are fewer
wear components. We ultrasonically test every
weld. It’s a very innovative product.”
Komatsu added innovation to the
254-metric-tonne- (280-ton-) payload 860E-1KT
(The K stands for Komatsu drive and the T
for Trolley) as well. The 2,013-kW (2,700-hp),
16-cylinder, two-stage turbocharged diesel
engine is not only powerful, but designed for
lower environmental impact. With Komatsu’s
factory-installed, trolley-capable option, the
860E-1KT can be utilized on either 1,600- or
1,800-volt lines for faster propulsion uphill
while the engine reduces rpm, saving fuel and
extending the life of the engine compared to a
non-trolley truck.
Both trucks have ultra-quiet, dynamic
retarding systems assisted by four-wheel,
wet-disc brakes coupled with traction-control
technology that provides excellent braking
force, even in difficult road conditions.
“One of the advantages is that the operator can
maintain a desired travelling speed,” said Lindell.
“We also made the cabs in these machines larger
with better visibility. An integrated electronic
dash display allows the driver to more easily see
and read the gauges as well as payload data.”
Rich Smith,
Product Manager,
Drive Equipment
Don Lindell,
Product Manager,
Mining Trucks
Continued . . .
Komatsu had one of the largest displays at MINExpo, including a WA1200-3 wheel loader.
helps Komatsu remain a leader in mining machinery
. . . continued
D475ASD-5 pushes more
Komatsu displayed the latest D475ASD-5
dozer with its Komatsu 641-kW (890-hp) engine
that works to help the 111,583-kg (246,000-lb.)
machine push nearly 46 cubic metres (60 cubic
yards) of material with its Super Dozer blade.
Tom Stedman,
Product Marketing
Manager for
Mechanical Mining
A Komatsu
860E-1KT has an
output of 2,013
kW for moving
mass amounts of
material faster.
The D475ASD-5 dozer
pushes nearly 46 cubic
metres of material with
its Super Dozer blade.
Komatsu’s newest
mining truck, the
960E-1, is also its
largest with a payload
of 326 metric tonnes.
“The D475ASD-5 is great for long, consistent
pushes where operators can utilize all its output,”
pointed out Rich Smith, Product Manager for
Mechanical Drive Equipment. “It uses a lockup
torque converter that gets the engine’s power
to the tracks and down to the ground where it
belongs. With the Super Dozer blade, it’s about 15
percent more effective than a standard blade.
“That becomes even greater in uphill
pushes,” he added. “For instance, on a
12-percent or 15-percent grade, users may see
20 percent to 25 percent greater productivity
advantages over a standard full-U blade.
In addition, it offers greater travel speed
while the engine kicks down in rpms, so it
uses 3 percent to 5 percent less fuel than the
competition. With today’s fuel prices, that
adds up significantly in a fleet of machines.”
WA1200-3 leads the pack
Rounding out Komatsu’s equipment
offerings at MINExpo was its largest wheel
loader, the WA1200-3. This machine has a
1,163-net-output (1,560-net-horsepower)
engine and a 20-cubic-metre (26.2-cubic-yard)
bucket capacity in its standard configuration. An
optional high-lift model provides an additional
three-fourths metre (2.5 feet) of reach.
The standard WA1200-3 is not only
Komatsu’s largest loader, but one of the world’s
largest at more than 205,000 kg (452,000 lbs.)
with a dumping clearance higher than six
metres (20 feet). It has more than 129,000 kg
(286,000 lbs.) of breakout force and 114,000
kg (253,000 lbs.) of traction force. Steering is
controlled by the Advanced Joystick Steering
System (AJSS) with light, short strokes for
perfect steering accuracy, and stopping is safe
with closed, wet-disc brakes.
“Of the world’s largest loaders, it gives the
best advantage in tractive effort and digging
power,” said Tom Stedman, Product Marketing
Manager for Mechanical Mining Equipment.
“Komatsu loaders are well-known throughout
the range of sizes for their powerful digging,
breakout force, stability and outstanding
tipping load weight and ratio, and we believe
the WA1200-3 is unmatched in all these areas.
“The WA1200-3 has a wide range of
applications,” he added. “They are in use in all
types of mines around the globe because they
match up very well with our electric mining
trucks. In addition, because of their stability,
they make great load-and-carry machines for
applications such as charging a hopper.” n
Tests show Komatsu’s revolutionary new undercarriage design significantly reduces costs
Komatsu’s new PLUS (Parallel Link
Undercarriage System) has proven it’s possible
to extend the life of a dozer undercarriage
through a revolutionary design that limits wear
and the need for pin and bushing turns. With
PLUS, that means less costly undercarriage
repairs and replacements, which have proven to
be as much as 50 percent of per-hour operating
costs throughout the life of a dozer.
Extensive testing shows Komatsu’s PLUS
undercarriage — available on D65EX/PX/WX,
D61EX/PX and D51EX/PX models — as much
as doubled the life of a crawler track compared to
conventional types used in both sand and clay.
The PLUS Undercarriage features a rotary
bushing design that eliminates the need for
bushing turns, which eliminates the costs
associated with the turn. Two additional
internal spacers help maintain bushing
alignment, extending durability and overall
bushing and seal life.
“Unlike a conventional undercarriage, PLUS
uses a parallel bushing that freely rotates,
so it doesn’t slide up against the sprocket,”
explained Les Scott, Crawler Dozer Product
Manager. “That reduces wear and tear and
extends the life of the bushing, resulting
in longer undercarriage life and in lower
operating costs throughout the life of the
Links have 45 percent more wear material,
increased depth hardness that extends
wear life, and a strutted design for added
strength. All link assembly components can
be field replaced one at a time, as opposed
to replacing an entire undercarriage system.
Additionally, sprockets are segmented for
simple replacement and designed to minimize
material packing.
Changing conventional thinking
Another key enhancement of the PLUS
system is track roller-flange height that’s
increased 33 percent over conventional tracks,
with the flange profile matched to the new link
shape. It has alternating single/double flange
rollers for improved alignment.
“Komatsu tested PLUS under several
conditions and in each it showed significant
reduction in repair and maintenance costs,
including 40 percent in an extremely abrasive
application,” said Scott. “In general soil
conditions with a general application, the
cost reduction was 32 percent, and in rock,
10 percent. So PLUS can benefit just about
everyone who uses a mid-size dozer.” n
system is available
for several mid-size
dozer models.
Komatsu’s PLUS
undercarriage system as
much as doubles the life of
a crawler track compared to
conventional types used in
both sand and clay.
Quebec City staff offers years of knowledge to help
keep your equipment downtime to a minimum
SMS Equipment’s Quebec City branch is one
of the oldest branches in the SMS network with
more than 40 years in business, first in Ste-Foy
and for nearly three years in its new location
in St-Augustin de Desmaures, just outside of
Quebec City. This team has built solid trust and
confidence with their customers through the
combined experience and knowledge of the
staff. The new facility, opened in November
of 2006, employs about 35 people servicing
customers throughout a large territory that
covers between 300 and 400 kilometres in every
direction from Quebec City, including the
Gaspé and La Malbaie areas.
“The expertise we have here is a balanced
blend,” said Director of Operations Réjean
Bergeron. “It ranges anywhere from a couple
of years to beyond 20. We believe that our
major strength as a team here is that we are
knowledgeable and qualified in equipment
sales, in parts supply and in technical
support. Furthermore, we keep training our
personnel to keep up with current technology
and trends in the industry.”
Division-Eastern Region. Along with Product
Support Representatives Patrick O’Farell,
Sylvain Brisson and Paul Deschênes, this
qualified team can recommend the best
equipment for the job and then support
customers in maintaining productivity
throughout the life of their equipment.
“We’ve built a reputation for dependability
in our equipment, sales, parts and service,” said
Bergeron. “This reputation is built on a team of
dedicated individuals who know what it takes
to satisfy a customer and who work hard at it.
We’ll continue to do that because our goal is
100 percent customer satisfaction.” n
Réjean Bergeron,
Director of Operations
The dedicated team
at SMS Equipment’s
Quebec City branch is
committed to providing
100-percent customer
Training is especially important for the
more than 20 service technicians — 10 field
technicians and 11 shop mechanics — who
work in a spacious shop area that includes
eight service bays large enough to fit a
Komatsu PC1250 hydraulic excavator.
The parts counter representatives are very
knowledgeable and throughout the years they
have developed trusting relationships with
SMS customers.
Machinery representation in the vast
territory of the Quebec branch is handled by
Territory Managers André Genest, François
Roy, Donald Tessier and Marc Lemieux, who
also serves as Assistant Manager, Forestry
SMS Equipment’s Quebec City branch is one of its oldest. First established
in Ste-Foy, SMS moved the branch to its current location just outside Quebec
City in November 2006.
Expansive program brings manufacturer and SMS trainers
to branches to ensure customers get qualified technicians
Jerry Gies,
Technical Product
Support Manager
Brett Hachkowski,
Technical Product
Support Manager
When customers bring machines into an
SMS branch or call for a field technician to
come out for on-site service, they can rest
assured that technician is highly qualified
and has the experience to quickly diagnose
and fix the problem. That’s because SMS has
an extensive training program that ensures
its technicians are up-to-speed on all the
equipment it represents, including Komatsu
and Wirtgen Group machines, as well as many
“Training is definitely a priority at SMS,”
emphasized Brett Hachkowski, Technical
Product Support Manager. “We have our
own internal programs but we rely on our
manufacturers to provide training as well. For
example, Komatsu has a certification program
that requires a technician to take a specified
number of courses and update those courses to
SMS Equipment tries to ensure every service technician receives at least two weeks of
hands-on and classroom training every year.
maintain certification. It’s a positive program
and SMS fully endorses it.”
Classroom and
hands-on training
Recently, Komatsu trainers were in SMS’
Edmonton shop, training technicians on the
Komatsu HM300 and HM400 series trucks.
The course began with a walk-through of the
machine where participants had a list of all the
machine components to identify and become
familiar with. Then the group returned to the
classroom to go over machine schematics and
worksheets. The training alternated sessions
between class work and hands-on experience
in the shop, culminating with a diagnostic
session where trainers placed faults in the
machines, which the technicians then had to
“The training course gives the technicians
a forum where they can really work on their
skills and refine what they already know as
well as develop new skills and knowledge,”
explained Hachkowski. “So when they are
working on a customer’s machine, they have
the experience and confidence to do the work
Like Hachkowski, Technical Product
Support Manager Jerry Gies was trained by
Komatsu at its training centre in Cartersville,
Georgia, in the U.S. Each of SMS’ trainers
specializes in certain equipment and brings
that training back to the SMS technicians.
“Sometimes we modify the training or orient it
more to the specific applications our customers
have,” Gies noted.
These SMS technicians take a closer look at a Komatsu
HM400 articulated truck as part of a recent hands-on
training session.
Troubleshooting faults that trainers place in the machines
is part of the training process.
As part of SMS Equipment’s comprehensive service training program, these technicians are
doing a walk-through to identify each component on a Komatsu HM400 articulated truck.
“We try to ensure each SMS technician
receives at least two weeks training every
year,” he continued. “We want to have
well-rounded techs who are capable of
working on just about anything. With all the
model changes and new technology Komatsu
is introducing, that’s a challenge. But it’s
important that our technicians know the
machines and how the systems work so when
it comes time to troubleshoot and repair, they
know what they’re doing and they have the
confidence to do it efficiently.”
Other manufacturers
provide training too
In addition to the comprehensive training
Komatsu provides on its full line of construction,
mining, forestry and utility equipment, other
manufacturers SMS represents also bring their
experts in to provide specialty training.
Continued. . .
Technical Product Support Manager Brett Hachkowski identifies the components on a
Komatsu HM400 truck for the training class. “Training is definitely a priority at SMS,” he said.
goal is faster, better service
.. .. .. continued
Eric Griffin,
Wirtgen Service
For example, when SMS took on the
Wirtgen Group lines of milling, paving and
compaction equipment, SMS technicians
were trained on each of the models of Hamm
compactors, Vögele pavers and Wirtgen
milling machines. Wirtgen trainers continue
to provide ongoing training and updates
for SMS technicians. Last summer, Wirtgen
Service Engineer Eric Griffin led a four-day
training session on Wirtgen milling machines
for a group of technicians at the Edmonton
branch. In addition to the classroom and
hands-on sessions in the shop, the group
went into the field to work with a customer as
SMS delivered a new W2200.
“Helping the customer learn about the
proper and most efficient way to run a
machine is important too,” Griffin noted.
“That’s why we teach the service techs all the
machine functions and how to understand
the controls, the elevation system, the setup,
etc. Of course we show them how to service
the equipment as far as fluids, the service
points, belts, switches, electronics and how to
troubleshoot. It’s a very thorough program.”
World-class service
Hachkowski says that the goal of SMS’
training program is to have world-class
technicians who are more educated and
confident going into jobs so they are more
efficient. “That’s reflected on the customer’s
bill,” he observed. “At SMS, we represent
world-class equipment with Komatsu and our
other manufacturers, so that’s the standard of
service we are committed to upholding.” n
Kyle Giauque, a second-year apprentice mechanic at SMS, changes a water valve on a
Wirtgen W2200 cold-milling machine as part of a recent training session.
Wirtgen Service Engineer Eric Griffin (right) demonstrates the operating procedures for
the Wirtgen W2200 cold-milling machine to SMS field technician Mike Montpetit.
During a training session on the Wirtgen W2200
cold-milling machine, SMS field technician Mike
Montpetit connects the remote operating controls.
Let there be . . .
cost sa
5” White Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Utility Work Lamp
New 6-diode design with high-performance, low-draw, stabilized
LEDs for maximum performance. Stainless-steel mounting
hardware, aluminum body with adjustable, removable visor, and
polycarbonate lens. No bulbs to replace and no effect from vibration.
#123-33165-4 (24V) & #123-33165 (12V)
0.41 amvolts
at 24
5”x 5” High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp
FLOOD or TRAPEZOIDAL beam patterns
Made to withstand the demanding requirements of the mining,
forestry, oilfield and heavy hauling industries. Jetco HID is
considerably brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs and uses
much less amperage, which means savings in fuel and alternator
replacement. HID lamps generate less heat, are durable against
vibration and shock and last up to 15 times longer than a standard
halogen lamp. The crisp white light of HID makes for a better
quality of light and a more productive, safer work environment.
#123-95000F (24V Flood) & #123-950012F (12V Flood)
#123-95000T (24V Trap.) & #123-950012T (12V Trap.)
Also in AMBER Trap. #123-95000MCT (24V) & #123-950012MCT (12V)
Call your SMS representative today for more information
and a demonstration on HID or LED technologies that will
give you better light with less energy, and a safer, more
productive work environment for your operators.
Uses onpl s
1.9 amvolts
at 24
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