A dimmer that works in harmony with CFL and LED bulbs.

P&S Harmony™ CFL/LED Dimmers
A dimmer that works
in harmony with CFL
and LED bulbs.
Finally — a dimming device that is specially designed
to work with dimmable CFL/LED bulbs. The new P&S
Harmony CFL/LED Dimmer blends the style of our
Harmony collection with flexibility and simplicity,
allowing users to control a broad range of CFL and
LED lighting devices.
From waiting rooms to living rooms, kitchens to
conference rooms, it makes it easier to save energy
while creating the ideal lighting level for any activity.
Unlike standard dimmers that sometimes won’t work
properly with CFL or LED bulbs, the P&S Harmony
CFL/LED Dimmer features an internal adjustment
dial that users can adjust to accommodate a wide
variety of CFL and LED bulbs and lamps.
The result: extended bulb life and extended energy
savings for two of the fastest growing light sources.
A single dimming solution for a variety
of CFL and LED lights.
P&S Harmony™ CFL/LED Dimmers
Green LED glows when off to make
dimmer easy to find in the dark.
Adjustment dial allows users to
adjust the bottom of the dimming
range for a wide range of CFL and
LED bulbs.
CFL/LED dimmable-bulb compatible
(with the exception of 0 – 10v LED drivers).
Sleek, ergonomic P&S Decorator style
matches other Decorator devices.
Constant memory returns lights to
previous level after a power failure.
450 Watt rating.
Single Pole and 3-Way operation.
Interchangeable faces —
Package comes with three colors:
Ivory, White, Light Almond.
Convenient operation — combines
On/Off Decorator switch with separate
slider for dimming control.
No derating required in multi-gang
P&S Harmony CFL/LED Dimmers
Catalog Number
CFL/LED Single Pole and 3-Way, Preset,
Three Interchangeable Face Colors
Ivory, White,
Light Almond
120 VAC, 60 Hz
450 Watts
* Available in VisionPak™ packaging, add “CCV6” to Catalog Number. Example: DCL453TPCCCV6.
All devices are
For additional technical or application-specific
information, call 800-223-4185 or visit our website
at www.legrand.us/PassandSeymour. We’re eager
to put our expertise to work for you.
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