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NATIONAL HEADQUATERS OFFICES SELI NAKO :IT’S TIME :THE HOUR HAS COME: OFFICE OF THE NDP PRESIDENT (SELINAKO) / National Democratic Party (NDP) the hour has come NDP Presidential Headquarter, Queensland Village, Caprivi Strip, Namibia Contact: +264-­‐823897054/813555336 / E-­‐mail: / Postal address: P.O Box 2438, Ngweze / Katima Mulilo. Caprivi Strip, Namibia. 6 April 2014 1 | P a g e 2 | P a g e 3 | P a g e 4 | P a g e 5 | P a g e 6 | P a g e 7 | P a g e 8 | P a g e 9 | P a g e 10 | P a g e NDP MANIFESTO ELECTION CAMPAINING 2014: NDP ‘SELI NAKO’
1. On Education: The NDP will promote African languages to be allowed to
be taught in Namibia by building a better national sports stadiums and
international stadiums and to establish an national and international sports
colleges in the country to enable the citizens those who want to study in the
field of sports and to encourage both all citizens especially the youth to
undergo sports field studies in all fields of sport. The NDP will send the
citizens overseas to undergo for training courses. To be trained as trainers
(coaches) as well as sport administrators so that they can be the lecturers,
trainers in all sport fields in the Namibian sports colleges and universities
and it will apply to both ministries so that Namibia can develop to become
one of the world developed countries. It will establish and build more
universities in Namibia. – Excellent provincial administration of the
education system to ensure that every child has a text book, a trained and
motivated teacher, and enough time in the class room to master school work.
- Expand the assistance provided through the national student financial aid
scheme (NSFAS) and implement current proposals to make funding for
the full cost of studying available as loans to poor students and
converting them into bursaries. If studies are successfully completed.
- Ensure appropriate support for learners with special needs and for
students who are at risk of failing or dropping out of the system.
- Investigate the introduction of devices (tablets & Laptops) to all learners
to address text book shortage and access to modern communications.
- Introduce scholarship which will take a minimum of fifteen thousand (15
000) students of whom will be medical practitioners) to the best
universities across the world to attain skills, education and experts in
various fields.
- To impose an education tax on all corporations this will be the source of
funding for education and training of all Namibians.
11 | P a g e 2. On the Police, Army, Prison and Correctional Services: The NDP
government will develop those ministries by building a better facilities for
the colleges, academy and universities and to send the personnel overseas to
undergo training courses as to become instructor, commander,
administrators and to build more stations, national headquarters, regional
headquarters and houses accommodations for the staff. It will apply to all
government institutions.
3. On Namibian Political Prisoners currently detained by SWAPO regime:
The NDP government when it take over power, it will release all political
prisoners from the Namibian prisons, so that they can enjoy their political
platform in the democratic and multi-party system.
4. On Caprivi issue and Kwanyama issues: The NDP government will call
and bring both SWAPO and CANU under the leadership of exile Mr. Ndopu
and the Caprivi exile leader and the president of United Democratic Party
Mishake Muyongo and the Kwanyama boundary group for political peaceful
dialogue solution. As in the democratic state all issues and conflicts are
possible to be resolved through the political dialogue solution, so that
Namibia can be regarded as a democratic state with capability of solving
issues affecting the country with its people as brothers and sisters in order to
enjoy the fruits of the independence of Namibia altogether in the peaceful
country and share all resources to all citizens without discrimination.
5. On Power Electricity: The NDP government will introduce a system of
power electricity in order to provide power to all country and reach all its
citizens so that they can have power electricity in Namibia and to promote a
long system of power electricity for all its citizens.
6. On minerals industries of Namibia: The NDP government will set-up and
establish a minerals and resources development committee or commission to
see to it that all resources of the country are well controlled and to distribute
to all citizens and to send the citizens overseas to be trained in all resources
sectors to enable them to run and train the citizens both industrial and
mineral sectors, water resources and extras.
12 | P a g e 7. Referendum vote: The NDP government will introduce and allow the nation to
take part in the referendum vote exercise as it is part and parcel of the citizens to
enjoy their right of decision making for their country to decide on the various
issues which need the public’s opinions. Both the cabinet and the parliament some
of the major issues before have been passed by them but now they will be referred
first to the nation for them to decide. Also public hearing will be held in all country
to collect the public grievances and opinions as it is the government’s people.
8. On Judicial (Justice): The NDP government will authorize and set-up an
independent judicial in Namibia in order to carry its duties accordingly and without
the interfering from the government as justice is for all.
9. Foreign Trips: The NDP government will authorize and set-up limited trips for
the government abroad in order to serve the public funds in Namibia.
10. Implementation of the NDP Campaigning Manifesto 2009: NDP will
appoint or set-up an implementation campaigning committee to see to it that all
resolutions stated in the campaigning document is implemented within the period
of years and the developments must be reported back to the cabinet, parliament and
to the nation the achievement goal.
11. On transport and Communication: The NDP government will introduce
railway, sea, airways, and roads and promote communications in the entire country
in order to reach the people. It will also introduce all types of communication
system in order to reach all citizens and the entire country of Namibia to promote
development system in order
12. Unemployment
• Make sure that labor laws supports job creation.
• Establish opportunity centers, which will serve as one stop shops for small
business and as central node for young job seekers and entrepreneurs to
access support.
• Ensure and lead massive and protected sustainable industrial development
and diversification programs to create millions of decent jobs between 2014
and 2019.
• Help communities in the coastal areas to start agro fishing business and
cooperatives, which will be their main source of income and livelihood.
• Ensure that a minimum of 50% of all Namibian’s mineral resources are
locally beneficiated (processed) and industrialized.
13. Housing
• Ensure that all beneficiaries of state subsidized housing receive their little
deeds to their homes.
• Increase security of tenure in informal areas by lifting the restrictions on the
sale of state subsidized housing (allowing new owners to sell their properties
after two years)
13 | P a g e • Pilot the use of flexible subsidies for housing delivery (particularly for
serviced sites) finance linked subsidies programs and subsidized rental
• Provide quality spacious houses to all the people, which will be within
sustainable human settlements with basic services such as water, electricity,
sanitation, schools, sports and recreation grounds & parks.
• Subsidize Housing finance for middle income earners, and pass laws which
lead to the reduction of 20 to 30 year housing loans to a maximum of 10
• Make it illegal for banks to reposes houses from people who have paid 50%
of their bond, and are unable to continue paying.
14. Health
• Invest in research that finds solution to the most important challenges in
society, including preventable illnesses that add to the burden of disease.
• Conduct a full review of the nature and scale of vacancies in the public
health system and work with tertiary education institutions to fill human
resource gaps.
• Ensure that management teams in public hospitals are qualified and
• Ensure that massive training of professional and community health care
practitioners is a priority.
• Build a state-owned health care equipment company to produce medicines
and distribute them to hospitals and clinics.
15. Land.
• NDP Will introduce the land policy in Namibia to be reviewed or amended
so that the land shall be transferred to the lawful ownership of the people
from where it was stolen 100 years back.
• No foreigners would own land in Namibia.
• Communal-land will be under the powers of the traditional leaders’ authority
and the land act will be amended to give more power for the traditional
leaders over the communal land (Traditional Land).
16. Party Specific Goals (social grants) The NDP Real Jobs:
• In its manifesto, the NDP promises to increase grants for older persons from
N$600-00 to N$2600-00 per month, disability from N$400-00 grants to
N$2400-00 per month. War veterans both the former Plan Fighters and
SWATT Koefut & Swapo from N$2000-00 to N$2400-00 per month.
• Care dependency grants from N$200.00 to N$2400.00 per month.
• Child Support grant from N$200.00 to N$600.00 per month.
• Foster child grant from N$200-00 to N$800-00 per month.
14 | P a g e • It will introduce social grants of N$2500.00 per month for all terminally ill
• It will introduce social grants of N$1200.00 for all unemployed Namibians
in order to earn income for a monthly living until such a person get
employment job.
• It will introduce the national service for the Namibians youth who has
completed their senior certificate grade 12 to undergo five (5) year military
service before he or she decided to take his/her field job of choice to reduce
high unemployment in Namibia.
17. Nationalization:
• Nationalization under the NDP government mean that legislation
governing mineral resources will be amended to ensure that a minimum
of 60% of existing mines and mining activities are owned by the state
workers and communities where mining activity occurs. The NDP
government will nationalize all private Banks through taking a minimum
of 60% ownership and of all existing private banks.
• The NDP government will ensure that the reserve bank is owned and
controlled by the state and its policies are linked to industrial
• The NDP Government will ensure that it will introduce a motion in the
parliament to suspend German in both Namibia and United nation
Security Council seat for genocide which was committed to the
Ovaherero and Nama ethnic groups or tribes until such time when
German pays the Hereros and Namas for the genocide committed during
1804 to 1809 century.
• The NDP will introduce a motion in the parliament to suspend German
and the united Kingdom both in Namibia and at United Nation Security
Council for the resources and animals of both for Caprivi land and
Namibia in particular which were stolen and taken to their counties of
origin to enrich themselves and develop their countries without the
authority of the poor Caprivians and Namibians as a whole. Until those
former colonies pays and compensate those Caprivians and Namibians.
• The NDP will introduce a motion in the parliament to review or amend
all laws of Namibia those who were imposed without the consultation
with both Namibians stakeholders and all political parties.
• NDP government will introduce a motion in the parliament for the draft
bills before to be approved them should be referred to the public or
nation to debate through public hearing and submission for their input,
these will include consulting all stake-holders and all political parties
registered with the electoral commission of Namibia (ECN).
15 | P a g e • NDP government will introduce a motion for the establishment of an
Independent commission of enquiries to investigate all resources of
Namibia since 21 March 1990 till at the time of the motion to oversee
how Namibia has used resources of Namibians without to benefit the
majority poor Namibians.
• The NDP Government will introduce a motion in the parliament to
amend and abolishing of the so called independent institutions of
Namibia to be replaced by the full-independent institutions.
• The NDP government will introduce a motion in the parliament for the
abolishment of the electoral commission of Namibia and establishment of
a full independent electoral commission of Namibia ECN to conduct and
run the elections in Namibia free, fair and creatable.
• The NDP government will create factories in all regions so that it
provides employment to unemployed Namibians and to develop the
country at large.
• The NDP Government will introduce a motion in the parliament for an
abolishment of law reform and development commission in order to
establishment of an independent law reform and development
18. Internationalization
• The NDP through the Namibia envoy at UN Security Council will introduce
a motion to suspend all countries that still develop the following from
member state of UN Security Council.
• A country with dictatorship rule.
• A country with one (1) party state.
• A country with civil war and other issues until such a country resolved its
affairs or conflicts and implement democracy rule of law, human rights,
good governance.
• NDP government will introduce a motion in both Namibian parliament and
at the UNITED Nation Security Council for the abolishment of the current
SADC, (AU) and the United Nations Security Council and urgently call for
the reform of those organs which can serve and accommodate all Stakeholders and Political parties.
• The NDP government will introduce a motion in the parliament of both
Namibia and United Nations Parliament and United Nations Security
Council to suspend Russia from the United Nations Security Council for
illegal Occupied the region of Ukraine by force and call for speedy imposing
sanction over Russia.
• The NDP will introduce the motion in the parliament of Namibia for the
imposed laws which gives powers for any elected President to relinquish
powers not to appoint the six (6) members to be part of 72 members of
parliament but the six (6) members should be appointed by the Independent
16 | P a g e •
electoral Commission from all political parties who has contested elections
with the recommendation from the leadership of all political parties and the
act should be amended to give room for democracy principles.
The NDP government together with other stakeholders (political patties) will
form up a government of national united in order to accommodate all
interested political parties and also make sure that all ethnic groups’ tribes in
Namibia are represented in the government of national unity.
NDP will introduce a motion to abolish the imposed electoral act for the
appointment of both regional governors and speaker of national parliament
and the chairperson of the national council to be amended so that members
of those organs they can select from themselves and all political parties
registered with electoral commission of Namibia should agree for the
selection time democratic process, a member who qualify to become a
chairperson , a governor or a speaker of national assembly he/she can be
heal from any political party to avoid one party state, dictatorship and
The NDP government will introduce a motion for the establishment of an
independent student national assistance fund, to accommodate the rich and
poor similarity and independent selection committee for the students who
apply for the scholarship (bursary).
The NDP government will introduce a motion to deploy members of both
the defense force and Namibian Police to the Namibian territory borders and
to all towns & Cities and villages of Namibia to maintain law and order,
prevention of crime, preservation of internal security of our country Namibia
to protect the people and their properties.
THE NDP will introduce a motion for the separation of powers of the state
organs namely the cabinet, the registrars (Law Makers) of the main house
which is the parliament and national council so that a cabinet member will
no more serve as law maker so that the registrars they can operate without
influence of the cabinet.
The NDP will introduce a motion in the parliament for the establishment of
three (3) refugee camps
In Capirivi, Kavango the one in a existence at Osize in Otjozondjupa Region to be upgraded 17 | P a g e Agriculture: NDP Government will introduce a motion in the parliament for the
establishment of agriculture factories in all regions, towns and villages of Namibia.
It will provide farming equipment’s and materials to the farmers and to those who
need to join the farming sectors.
- Will provide training programs to sustain skills and experience in those sectors,
by producing them with training workshops both in the country and outside
- To assist all farmers with both Finance & Assistance to start their programs for
those important sectors.
- To assist all citizens who want to start with any field of farming in a form of
provided equipment’s, materials and capital to start their farming industry.
- To establish Agricultural Universities, Colleges and Training Centers in all
regions of Namibia in order to provide training skills and courses to the farmers.
- The NDP will assist the farmers those who need to farm for the wider farming
with equipment’s, materials and the capital.
- The NDP will ensure that both private banks and state banks will assist in the
agriculture industry.
Nationalization: The NDP will introduce a motion in the parliament for the
referendum vote to be held in the case of the disputed issue within Namibia where
solution is needed in the democratic state.
Crime: The NDP will make sure that Namibia becomes free from crime as it will
deploy the security force both alongside of the Namibian territory borderline and in
side of the country to maintain law and order, the prevention of crime. The
preservation of our internal security, police personnel’s and defense force are fully
equipped will all equipment’s and material to enable them to combat crime in
The NDP will increase the salaries of both uniform personnel’s up to the
reasonable salary in order to roof-out corruption by members of forces as they are
dealing with criminals in Namibia.
18 | P a g e Christianity: Crime is too high in Namibia since 21 March 1990. The killing of
our mothers and children, the violence against women and young girls and even
the high rate of deaths in Namibia is too high. The NDP Government will
introduce a motion in the parliament for the state to assist all stake-holders with
capitals and other forms of assistance to run their administration affairs according
to the churches in Namibia has been developed from strength to strength. God the
creator and Redeemer should be asked to answers from our prayers to stop sin
through the word of God.
- The NDP will introduce a motion for the electoral Law Act to be amended in
order to establish an independent Electoral Commission in Namibia.
- To fund all registered political parties with the Electoral Commission of
Namibia (ECN) equally to run their administration affairs and to conduct
election campaigning in Namibia.
- The NDP will introduce an amendment Electoral Law Act to prevent to
promote once party state and dictatorship rule in Namibia. The NDP will
introduce the motion which will authorize all registered political partners in
Namibia to have a member representative in the National Assembly,
National Council, Regional Council and Town Council or Municipalities or
all Towns and Village Councils in Namibia as for any political party
registered with the electoral commission qualify for a seat already as it has a
500 members of the party.
- The NDP will also introduce a motion for any political party contesting in
the election and scored more than 500 votes or 500 votes has qualified for a
- The NDP recommended that to implementation Democracy in the country in
Namibia all political party registered with electoral commission of Namibia
(ECN) as already qualified for a member seat as it got already followers,
members to represent them.
- The NDP will introduce a motion for the electoral Law act to be amended
that during the electoral process, like the registration of voters, campaigning
and voting process, the parliament and the cabinet should be dissolved in
order to allow a free fair and creatable Election to be conducted in Namibia,
the permanent secretaries of the various minorities will be the in charge of
the various ministries until with the next new cabinet and new parliament,
National Council, Regional Council and Local Authorities.
19 | P a g e - The NDP will introduce a motion for all political parties to be treated
equally even during the electoral process, if one political party uses public
resources in an form it should applied to all registered political parties in
- The NDP will introduce a motion for the review and amendment Act of the
Veteran affairs Act which will include and define as follows:
The former fighters, those who fought German Regime the Ovaherero’s and
Nama’s, where millions of Ovaherero’s and Nama’s were slaughtered by the
German Regime.
- Those who fought political liberation struggle inside Namibians, these
including. SWARA, SWANU.
- D.T.A, OPO in Namibia and CANU in Capirivi strip
- Second: The Namibians who fought the war as military soldiers at the side
of the German forces.
- The Third: The Namibians who are served in the former transition
Government which lead for the independence of Namibia as they were
representing their Home-lands and their tribal Ethnic Groups in Namibia and
Capirivi strip.
- The former plan combatants or fighters.
- The former Konfurd force those who fought alongside the South African
(apartied) forces.
These former forces assisted to prevent the terrorists to destroy the structures
in Namibia and also protected the citizens in side not to be assassinated by
the freedom fighters or terrorists. Who were planting bombs inside Namibia
where innocent Namibians were killed.
- The NDP will introduce the Truth & Reconciliation commission to be
established in Namibia in order for all people who have committed Genocide
in Namibia and in Exile they should apologize publicly to the victims before
the Truth & Reconciliation commission in this case it will clean the names
of those who are innocent and been suspected to have played a role of
slaughtering and killing innocent Namibians in side Namibia and Outside
Namibia and give the room to those culprits.
20 | P a g e Signed: ………………………………………………….