Drawing assignments one child has to give instructions to the other

“How Well Do you Listen” Exercise
This is from Slide 17: The handout that we gave out to participants to see how well each
participant listened to their partner.
1. You take “Instruction Sheet A” - first drawing assignment (don’t show it to your
2. Without looking at the “Instruction Sheet B”, second drawing assignment on page
2. Give it to your partner.
3. Now decide who will draw first.
4. If you are drawing first, then read all instructions on the page that says
“Instruction Sheet A” to your partner.
5. Note: You can also explain the drawing in your own words in addition to the
instruction on the sheet of paper.
6. See how well your partner did.
7. Now it’s your partner’s turn to read “Instruction Sheet B”.
8. And you are the artist.
9. Your partner has to read the instructions on his/her paper to you – adding their
own instructions if they like.
10. Now see how well you did.
11. To see what your drawings should look at – see the separate PDF documents
entitled “Solution to Instruction Sheet A.pdf” and “Solution to Instruction Sheet
First Drawing Assignment:
First draw a horizontal line about 3 inches from the bottom
across the page
Next write a big capital B on the horizontal line.
Draw a small circle inside the top half of the B
Draw another circle outside the top half of the B close to
where it curves in to make the bottom half of the B
Next draw an eye shape on top of the B and let part of the
lines of the eye shape go off the page.
Draw another eye shape just under the first eye at an angle
from the first eye (still on top of the “B”)
Draw a right angle on the top left hand corner of the
bottom part of the B.
Connect the bottom part of the right angle to the left edge
of the bottom half of the B with a curved line.
Draw a curved line on the top part of the B coming up to
meet the small circle but not touching the circle.
Draw a letter “L” on the right side of the lower part of the
B touching the right edge.
Draw two small arcs touching the horizontal line, one
inside the bottom part of the B and the other just outside.
Draw curvy lines looking like a fluffy cloud outside the
left side of the B touching the line.
What do you have?
Second Drawing Assignment:
Draw a circle
Draw another circle just under the 1st circle making it look
like the number 8
3. Draw a very small circle in the middle of the 8 where the
two circles join.
4. Draw two more circles one on each side of the 8 touching
the 8 (bigger than the circle you just drew but a little bit
smaller than the circles that make the 8.
5. Draw 2 tiny circles side by side just above the other small
circle inside the top circle slightly above the small circle.
6. Draw a McDonalds “M” just above those two small
7. Draw one full arch inside each of the top part of the circles
on the sides of the 8
8. Draw a smile inside the bottom circle of the 8.
9. Draw zig zag lines all along the edge of your drawing.
10. What do you have?