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Bright Birds
Female - All Seasons
Bright Birds
Adult Male - All Seasons
Male/Female - All Seasons
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Adult Male
Auricular patch has distinctive triangular shape, pointed at rear and bottom •
Fiery orange throat and face • Two pale braces on back
Orange flanks, base of wings, tail • Vocal and active flycatching, wing drooping •
Broad bill, distinct rictal bristles • Black terminal band on tail • Clublike tail shape
Female/1Y Male - All Season
Yellow/apricot shoulder patches, base of flight feathers, and base of tail • No wing
bars/streaking • Active: flashes and droops wings, fans tail, flycatches • Long
club-shaped tail with dark terminal band • Broad-based bill with rictal bristles
Bright Birds
Black face with chestnut crown • Wide buffy neck patch • Strong white wing
bars • Chestnut throat and sides with buffy or whitish belly • Bulky body, short
tail • Relative sluggish feeding and movement
Drab Birds
Streaked greenish back, pale neck patch • Unstreaked breast • High-contrast
black between wingbars • Large, sluggish • Short tail • Often some chestnut in
flanks • Boat-shaped, bulky body • Dark legs/feet • Pale/buffy underparts
Male/Female - All Seasons
Creeps along trunks/branches • Black-and-white-striped crown and back • Long
curved bill • Very broad white supercilium • Extensive, wide, black side streaks
• Black arrowheads on white undertail coverts
Drab Birds
Pale peachy/buffy throat • Pale braces on back • Triangular shaped ear coverts
• Side streaks and clear throat • White tail • Yellowish forehead stripe •
White wing bars • Varying yellow/orange in underside
Spring Birds
Black cap/white cheeks • Streaked back/flanks • White wing bars • Large, boatshaped body, long-winged, short tail • Black malar/white throat • Usually bright
orangish legs/feet
Fall Birds
Distinct eyeline • Streaked back/flanks • White wing bars • Legs vary but soles
of feet orange • Upper yellowish breast contrasts white lower breast • Large,
boat-shaped body, long-winged, short tail
Male - All Seasons
Plain blue back, all black face/throat, • White “handkerchief” at base of primaries
• Strong black side stripe • White unstreaked breast bordered by black throat
and side stripe
Blue-green back/buffy undersides appear low-contrast • Long, thin supercilium •
White “handkerchief” on most birds • Buffy, unstreaked underparts and throat •
Dark grayish tail • Plump shape • Under-eye arc and faint mask •
Male/Female - All Seasons
Yellow face/olive auriculars • Olive-green back contrasts dark wings • Wing
bars • Variably black throat and upper breast • Black streaks on sides, flanks •
Underparts whitish, little or no yellow wash • Yellow in vent • Long white tail
Male/Female - All Seasons
Bright yellow, blue-gray wings, green back • Narrow wing bars • Bright yellow
below/white undertail coverts • Small, with sharp bill • Black eyeline • White tail
with large dark tips looks like white arrow pointing to tail tip
Male/Female - All Seasons
Brewster’s: typically a Blue-winged x Golden-winged hybrid • Eyeline with yellow
crown and breast, white face (variable) Lawrence’s: Typically a Golden-winged x
Brewster’s hybrid • All-yellow body with black mask and throat (variable)
Male/Female - All Seasons
Dark tail with white UnTC and yellow body • Bicolored eyering • Black or gray
necklace • Plain upper and lowerparts
Dark orange cheek patch • Eyeline • Greenish-yellow rump • Yellow collar •
Even streaking across upper breast • White wing patch • Greenish flight feather
edging • Underparts bright yellow, whitish belly/UnTC • Fine, slightly curved bill
Drab Birds
Even streaking across breast/throat • Fine, slightly decurved dark bill • Eyeline and
eye-arcs • Greenish-yellow rump/flight feather edging • Usually some patchy
yellow in face and body
Male/Female - All Seasons
White throat • Bold white wing bars • Unique blue color: cerulean male/
aquamarine female • Small and compact • Blue breast band/flank streaks (especially
males) • Often hover-gleans, showing white tail spots • Short tail
Bright Birds
Black eye stripe/malar stripe • Chestnut side stripe • Yellow wing patch/crown
• Stout bill • All white below including throat, tail, and UnTC
Drab Birds
Yellowish wing bars • Clean whitish/gray below • Plain face/white eyering •
Lime-green crown/back • Long, all-white tail/undertail • Often cocks tail
Unique black mask • Olive back • Wren-like and skulking, often cocks tail •
Yellow throat UnTC • Variable yellow/olive buff underparts • Long, dark tail •
Short, rounded wings
Female/1y Male - All Seasons
Isolated yellow throat with darker body/face • Faint eyering • Brown/olive back
• Brownish buff underparts, yellow UnTC • 1yM shows black in auriculars • Dark,
long tail • Skulking, often cocks tail • Distinctive call vs. Mourning
Bright Birds
Large, walks on ground • Slaty-gray hood /lores • Complete eyering • Olive
back/yellow underparts • Long, pinkish legs • Yellow duller than some similar
species • Long UnTC creates short-tailed appearance • Long, bicolored bill
Drab Birds
Complete eyering • Large, walks on ground • Brownish hood • Pale/buffy throat:
not yellow • No supraloral line • Pale greenish-yellow underside • Long UnTC
creates short-tailed appearance • Long, bicolored bill
Male/Female - All Seasons
Pearl-gray above/paler below • Yellow patches on crown/wings • Black/gray
throat and mask • Transitional habitat specialist • Long, spike-like bill • All-white
tail/UnTC • Wide white malar
Yellow face, black hood/throat; or olive hood with varying black • Plain olive back/
unstreaked yellow underparts/UnTC • No wing bars • Often low, in shaded forest
• Dark/smudgy lores • Black or yellow throat • Often flashes long white tail
Male/Female - All Seasons
Bold yellow spectacles stand out against black crown/face • Plain, dark-olive back
• No wing bars • Bright yellow underside and throat • Long legged • Typically
ground-dwelling • All-dark, short tail/long yellow UnTC
Male/Female - All Seasons
Large/large-billed • Blue-gray above/yellow below, white UnTC • Black streaking
• White eye-arcs/black lores in males • Very rarely seen in migration • Often
small throat specks • Fairly long tail/white spots in corners • Pumps tail frequently
Male/Female - All Seasons
Plain brown above • Walks/bobs tail • Pink legs • Wide/sparse streaking vs.
Northern Waterthrush • White, flaring supercilium, often buffy in front • Large •
Long bill/short tail • Clear/slightly spotted throat • Rear flanks often buffy
Bright Birds
Bright yellow underparts/throat contrast white UntC • Strong black streaking
attached to black neck band • Black mask/white supercilium/white under-eye arc •
White wing patch • Black back/yellow rump • Unique white tail with black tip
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Drab Birds
Male/Female - All Seasons
Male/Female - All Seasons
Male/Female - All Seasons
Drab Birds - All Seasons
Male/Female - All Seasons
Yellow rump, underparts, and throat contrast white UnTC • Pale gray neck band
on bright yellow throat/breast • Eyering • Streaking doesn’t extend into throat •
Wing bars • Spreads tail • Unique white tail with black tip
Bright Birds
Large, skulking, ground-dweller • No eyering • Bluish-gray hood • Variable dark
breast patch/black lores • Plain olive uppers/bright yellow underparts • Medium
tail projection past UnTC • Pale legs/bill
Drab Birds
Large • Buffy/whitish below • Dense brown streaking, densest in upper breast •
Even buffy/white supercilium narrows behind eye • Ground dweller, walks and
pumps tail • Flecking in throat • Large bill, short brown tail • Dull pink legs
Male/Female - All Seasons
Small • Fine bill • Low-contrast olivey body OR yellow body/olive back • Blurry
streaking below • Pale supercilium • Faint eyeline, split eyering • Pale patch at
bend in wing • Olive underparts contrast yellowish UnTC • Longish dark tail
Male/Female - All Seasons
Yellow underparts • Under-eye arc creates “tired” look • Dark neck spots/side
streaking • Olive back; often shows chestnut patch • Yellow wing bars in bright
birds • Wags tail • Yellow fades past legs • Pale UnTC • Long all-white tail
Male/Female - All Seasons
Plain face, large black bill (pale in fall) • Plain blue wings • Strong contrast between
green back/golden head and breast • Prefers wet woods • Variable yellow in
lower belly • Long white UnTC • Short, broad white tail/dark tips
Male/Female - All Seasons
Mustard-colored head with four black stripes (including black eyestripes) • Long,
pale, decurved bill • Plain, dusky-olive back • Buffy undersides • Gray spots in
buffy UnTC • Short dark tail
Male/Female - All Seasons
Plain face, round, black eye, pale eyering • Stout black bill • Yellow edged wing
feathers • Some show red streaking in breast • Overall low contrast • Yellow
underparts, UnTC, and tail • Short tail
Bright Birds
Broad, white eye-arcs • Gray to olive-brown hood • Bright yellow belly/UnTC •
Long pale legs and base of bill • Medium-length dark tail • Pale grayish throat
Black-and-white face contrasts gray back • White wing bars • Bold white
supercilium • Yellow spot above lores • White underparts • Black side streaks
• All or partial black in throat • Long white tail, with white UnTC
Male/Female - All Seasons
Yellow throat, under-eye arc, supercilium • White behind eye • Gray back with
black streaking • Black side streaking • White wing bars • White underparts and
tail • Small with small bill
Male/Female - All Seasons
Male/Female - All Seasons
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High-contrast yellow face, dark ear patch, yellow undereye arc • Variably black
throat • Sharply defined yellow breast with dark streaking • Olive-green back •
White wing bars • White belly, UnTC (may be spotted) • Long, all-white tail
Male/Female - All Seasons
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Large, skulking, ground-dweller • Often thin, nearly complete eyering • Drab olive
above, bright yellow below • Supraloral paler or yellowish • Medium tail
projection past UnTC • Gray or olive hood • Pale throat sometimes yellowish
Male/Female - All Seasons
Chicken-like walk • Orange crown patch bordered by black • Large-eye with
bold white eyering • Plain olive above/white below • White throat • Malar
stripe/streaking across breast • Pink­ish legs, lower bill • Short, brown tail
Male/Female - All Seasons
Brown crown, pale supercilium, and thick eyeline • Brown-olive above, buffy
below • No streaking • Pink legs, large feet • Large, spiky, pale bill • Short, wide,
brown tail • Fairly long, buffy UnTC
Male/Female - All Seasons
Streaked breast, flanks in inverted “U” pattern • Under-eye arc • Yellow shoulders,
rump, crown patch • White throat contrasts cheek patch • Gray above/white
below • Wing bars • Distinct tail pattern • Calls often
Drab Birds
Plain yellow face with prominent dark eye, variably black or gray nape • Variably
gray back • White wing bars • Yellow lores • Variably black or pale throat •
Unstreaked white below • All-white tail/UnTC
Male/Female - All Seasons
Grayish back and head • White eyering • Yellow rump, UnTC, chest patch •
Chestnut crown patch, often hidden • Long, thin, gray tail • Gray wings with dark
Bright Birds
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Small and compact/fine bill • Olive-green back/blue-gray head • Bright eyering •
May show chestnut crown patch • No wing bars, yellow edged flight feathers •
Yellow UnTC, belly, throat/contrasting pale vent • Dark, thin tail
Male/Female - All Seasons
Small/active • Blue back and yellow throat/breast • Green back patch • Eyearcs, black lores • Wing bars • Yellow lower mandible blends to throat• Variable
orange/black in breast, diagnostic when present • Short tail/white UnTC
Constantly pumps tail • Crown/breast streaking often rufous • Brownish back/
tan wingbars • Wide supercilium • Variable yellow below • Yellow UnTC/rump
• Brown malar • Often in flocks • White tail/sharp black base
Male/Female - All Seasons
Large/large bill • Head/breast variably yellow • Unstreaked back • Dusky cheek
• Wing bars • Pale supraloral, dark lores • White tail/UnTC • Diffuse side
streaking • Long tail seems notched • Sluggish feeder
Small, short-tailed, fine-billed • Faint wing bars • Spring males bright green above,
contrasting gray head • Contrasty face (short supercilium, dark eyestripe, eye-arcs)
• UnTC paler than breast • Unstreaked underside, varying yellowish wash
Male/Female - All Seasons
Small overall • Small bicolored bill • All yellow below/olive back • Often at least
partial black cap • Plain face/dusky cheek patch • Long dark tail • Yellow
supercilium • Pink legs
Yellow rump • Variably yellow shoulder patches • Variably streaked breast, flank,
back • Eye-arcs • White throat and sides of neck, wrapping around contrasting
cheek patch • Wing bars • Large white tail spots bordered with black
Male/Female - All Seasons
Bright yellow throat, bordered by black • Black cheek patch and foreneck lead into
extensive black side stripes • White under-eye arc, supercilium • White wing bars
• White neck stripe • Bright white underparts and tail • Creeps along branches
Gray above, pale gray below • Chestnut rump • Chestnut crown patch (not
always visible) • Plain face with pale eyering, lores • Pale UnTC/medium-long tail
• Smallest warbler, tiny bill • Often pumps tail
Bright Birds - All Seasons
Thick white eye-arcs • Often near ground • Blue-gray hood contrasts olive back
• Yellow belly/UnTC • Wide black lores (AdM) • Long-ish tail with short UnTC
Breast, flanks, back streaked in inverted “U” pattern • Under-eye arc • Yellow
crown patch, rump, shoulders, throat • Gray above/white below • Wing panel •
Distinct tail: large white spots, black tail edges, black base • Frequent chip calls
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Yellow rump • Variably yellow shoulder patches • Variably streaked breast, flank,
back • Eye-arcs • Yellowish throat • Wing bars • Large white tail spots
bordered with black
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