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BXB 音訊會議系統 OCS系列
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Conference System
PA System
Images System
LL System
LL - 3000 Teacher' s main control unit
. Multi - functional digital language laboratory system.
. On the basis of CPU, BXB insists the initial concept of design is hardware-based, and it only
takes " One second " to execute the system.
. It combines with lots of control functions, including language teaching, video connection,
environment control and graphical control.
. With its " ALL - IN - ONE " feature, the installer can apply this system with the economical
time and the user can learn how to operate it without any professional training course. It
creates the " WIN - WIN Situation " for dealers/ distributors and end - users.
L.L. Graphical Control Software
. Two language interface: English and Chinese.
. Intuitive operation: Seat arrangement on software coordinates with actual setting. Student
database can be saved in the software, including name, student ID and picture, facilitates
teacher' s operation.
. Each teacher has his/ her own password and can manage multiple classes' database and
operate below function:
a. Choose one/ a group of students to talk to for demonstration to the whole class.
b. Put the students in groups and all people within the group can talk to each other ( the teacher can take
part in the talk ).
c. Roll call: Student attendance record can be saved in the system for future scoring purpose.
d. Exam questions ( both text and sound tracks ) can be pre - edited, scores can be generated automatically
and charts are also available for teacher' s reference.
LL - 300 Student Learning Control Unit
. Hardware - based design: just push the button, and you can use it immediately.
. Instinctive " ONE " button Design: Without any professional training, just push the button
and here you go!
. " One " Request Button: By using this button, you can page the teacher, request speaking
and conduct intercommunication.
. Individual/ Group Discussion: 4 Groups of Audio Sources Selector & Indication: You can
easily change the audio sources you want to listen immediately by only pushing the buttons.
WMP - 201 Headphone and Mic Headset
BXB 音訊會議系統 OCS系列
. It combines both headphones and a microphone making this perfect for both home and
office. The cushion pads on the ears provide great comfort but at the same time cancel out
external noise.
. Whether your looking for home entertainment headphones or a office headset these
headphone have got it covered.
LL - 303 MP3 Player/ Recorder
MP3 recorder/ player fits in your palm.
64 MB memory stores of up to 60 minutes of MP3 audio recording.
Records from any audio source - analog or digital.
99 sections of recording files.
Equipped with " SD " memory slot.
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