Current Events Curriculum

Groton Public Schools
Curriculum Map
Mini Course Title:
Curriculum Area and Grade: Current Events Social Studies Grade 8
Course Purpose:
To provide students with an opportunity to explore current events that impact their community, state, country and/or world.
Major Learning Goals and Understandings:
Student Learning Expectation(s): Students will be able to read non-fiction articles, comprehend current events, identify fact and opinions, and locate
geographical area of the event.
21st Century Learning Expectation(s): (see attached: P21 Framework: ) This proposal includes decision making skills, higher level
thinking, group work, engagement, creativity.
1Unit 6 Weeks (day 1 and day 2)
*this class may be offered throughout the academic year since current events are ever changing
1. Significant people, places and events that impact community, state,
country and world
Mappers/Authors: Marcia Halligan, Deborah Waddicor and Warrine Kavanaugh
Date Approved: October 2012
Part 1 - Unit/Theme/Concept
Grades: 6 to 8
Current Events
Length of Unit:
(# of weeks)
Common Core State Standards
Key Ideas and Details: #2 Determine the central idea or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary of the source
distinct from prior knowledge or opinions.
Supporting Standards
Connecticut State Standards
Standard 1 – Content Knowledge – knowledge of concepts, themes and information from history and social studies is necessary to promote
understanding of our nation and world.
Standard 1.1 – Demonstrate an understanding of significant events and themes in United States history.
Part 2 – Standards
Key (GLE) Content Knowledge and Concepts/Skills
The students will know:
The students will be able to:
How current events are
linked to past history
How to locate geographical
points of interest
The difference between a
primary and secondary source
How to discriminate between
fact and opinion
Big Idea:
Current events are a product of past history and have an impact on our community, state, country and world.
Students will analyze,
synthesize and create news
Through comprehension
activities, students will
practice their understanding
and remembering.
Analyze news presented by a variety of sources
Understand how current events are formed from past history
Evaluate the point of view of the author
Big Idea and Essential Questions
Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels
Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing,
Applying, Understanding and
Essential Question
How do current events impact our community, state, country and world?
Part 3 – Common Unit Assessments
An oral and/or written presentation of current event article
Based on comprehension questions from current event articles
Part 4 – Common/Assured Learning Experiences
Questioning strategies
Comprehension strategies
Vocabulary building
Map and chart interpretation
Part 5-Teacher Notes
Daily mini lessons may include access to newspapers, technology, UpFront New York Times, Junior Scholastic magazine, and guest speakers.