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May Photo Supplement
Our Mission Statement
"With joy and thanksgiving we commit Advent Lutheran Church
to be the Welcome Place, where through God's Grace,
we Gather, Forgive, Grow, and Care."
Memorial Day May 30
Confirmation Day Reflections
What an incredible Confirmation Sunday we had on April 24!! Not only
was the worship space decorated spectacularly (thanks for hanging the red cloth
Chuck & Karen Urban!), the energy among the worshippers buzzing, and the
music uplifting, but also five of our youth re-affirmed the faith in which they
were baptized.
It is said that fear of public speaking is the #1 fear among people, but you
would not have sensed that from our youth as they read their Faith
Statements!!! If they were nervous inside, they did not betray it from their
presentation. Denman, Marley, Annika, Emily, and Kiya each spoke with strong,
clear voices.
More amazing than their strength to speak publicly were the words they
spoke. While each story was unique, they all shared messages of growing in
faith, gratitude for what God has done, is doing, and will do in their lives, and a
sense of God’s presence in their lives. Each recognized God’s love and the
importance of spreading that love through service to others. Some shared
personal stories of struggle and tragedy with faith providing a resilience only God
can provide. Some shared personal stories of family involvement in their faith. I
sat in awe of the vulnerability and strength I heard through these five individuals.
As we stood up front with the families, sponsors, mentors, and Nancy and
Maddie King laying hands on each confirmand’s head, my eyes welled up in tears
as the impact Nancy and Maddie’s time made in these young people’s lives hit
me. Thank you, thank you, Nancy and Maddie! You have given so much of your
time and love to share God’s message with these, and other, confirmands.
Advent is blessed with your ministry!
Most of us reading this remember our own Day
of Confirmation. Most of us wore white gowns, red
flowers, and shook with fear. Many remember having
to publicly recite Luther’s explanations to the
Commandments, Apostles Creed, and Lord’s Prayer.
Some of us endured public “pop quizzes” to see if we
had memorized our catechism adequately.
I doubt many of us could recite all those
explanations now. (OK, I know some can, but I am not
one of them.) While I am not anti-memorization, I am
not a major supporter of memorization being a critical
determinant of readiness for confirmation.
I care more about the individual grappling with
the messages and meanings of scripture and Luther’s
interpretations to see how it applies to life. I want
confirmation to provide a safe place for people to ask
questions, express doubt and why they doubt, explore
ideas with one another, and learn how to live in the
community of people that Christ called together. That’s
what Nancy and Maddie and the Advent community
gave to these five young people.
What if every person at Advent had to write a
Faith Statement? What would yours say? Would you
be willing to write something and have it shared
publicly, whether through a Temple Talk or newsletter
article or posted on the bulletin board? We are told
stories are the strongest means of bringing people
together. So what about trying it? Are you as brave as
our youth? Give it a go!
Pastor Cindy
Bob Mathews,
Church Council President
I always have a hard time starting this letter and always seem
to be one day late in getting it submitted to Beth. Sorry Beth.
But here goes.
I chose the most recent “Inspiration” in my life to start this message. That was our Confirmation
Service for our five young adults Confirmed on Sunday. I love Pastor Cindy’s Sunday sermons
but I’ll tell you all five of the Confirmand’s Faith Statements were absolutely inspiring to me . . .
what a beautiful service that was. A very special THANKS to Nancy and Maddie King for leading
and guiding these young adults this past year. Also, THANKS to the parents/sponsors/and
mentors who have helped along the way.
Next on my mind is the congregation’s upcoming Annual Meeting. It is scheduled for Sunday,
May 22nd. In addition, the Council has set Sunday, May 15th as an opportunity for a
congregational discussion of the 2016/17 budget proposal. Your Council urges you to attend as
this is a time for you to ask questions and clarify what is being proposed.
We will be proposing a very tight budget in keeping with our pledges and current giving. The
pledges we received during the stewardship drive were really great. To ensure we all stay on
track with those pledges our church Financial Secretary and Stewardship chair will be sending
out quarterly statements. Please take a moment to review your statement and prayerfully
consider bringing your giving current, if necessary.
What a great year we’ve had! God’s GRACE is certainly on us ALL. So much activity and positive
things happening! Those Faith Statements really spoke to all the good that’s being done at
Advent! We pray that His continued presence in our life will lead us on our way to the new
visions He holds for us in the future.
In God’s Service,
Bob Mathews
Council President Advent Lutheran
Carolyn Youngquist—Adult VBS Class
Isaiah 55:12 “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace.”
Advent ‘s journey to new horizons
We are members of a body of believers being fed and nourished by our Lord. God
is calling us to live out our lives together, to explore new experiences, and gain a
deeper relationship with Jesus. What a great opportunity!
AND WAIT, there is more . . . We are called to plan future goals and dreams
through introspection and evaluation of our mission, and to share our faith with
those who seek to understand God. As Martin Luther stated, “God lets us live
here in order that we may lead other people to believe, doing for them what He
has done for us”. We must trust in God, who has said He will help us bear the
burdens we encounter.
How can YOU and I respond to these new challenges? We can pray for a bold
and lively faith and with thanks bring God‘s loving actions to our lives and the
lives of others. Let us reach out and share our faith!
The View From The Pew
Howard & Janet Quinlan (Members: 2005 – 2015)
First, the shocking news: neither of us is – or ever was—Lutheran!
We ended up at Advent originally because Janet knew several people at the church, including the pastor’s wife Jill and Kathy Johnson
(both of whom had been Janet’s daughter’s
teachers); she just felt comfortable going there. So, it really began
with having connections with certain church members. We
decided to stay for several reasons. One, we found people there
with good hearts and a good spirit or attitude toward one another,
and who were welcoming to any who wished to be there.
Secondly, as Howard, in particular, became actively involved in the church, he found ways to utilize
his talents and, in the process, to make friends. He got involved as Assisting Minister, serving on
the church Council, and teaching adult classes. Getting involved was a huge factor in deciding to
Good memories include watching multiple generations continuing to be involved at Advent (like
the Chancellor and King families), and sitting near the back row with the delightfully mischievous
Ina McCoy. Howard will never forget being “on call” to Beth Mora for setting up/tearing down
tables for the Book Sale—or anything else she came up with!
When seeking a new church in Prescott, Arizona, it was our desire to find one that was alive –
having a degree of vibrancy to it – and where the sermons would challenge us to reflect on the
conduct of our daily lives as Christians. The church we chose here was all that and was also
assertive in connecting with newcomers; each time we came, the pastor and certain designated
church members stopped by before and after the service and engaged in friendly conversation.
People sitting next to us in the pew introduced themselves and asked about us. We were
encouraged to attend the Sunday School afterward. Several members meet regularly for lunch
afterward; we were invited to join them for that fellowship, as well. Immediately, we were making
connections with people, so we decided to join the church.
Interestingly, like Advent, our Prescott church is facing
challenges with membership which has been declining—
particularly the younger families. Most of the congregation is
older; in fact, we were told the average age is 70! One of the
options that is being considered is to reach out to and structure
programs that cater to the plentiful retired population in our
city. Currently, that’s over 30% and is growing. This is an
ongoing discussion and we’ll see how it all pans out!
Book Sale 2015—Thanks Howard!
Mt. Cross Ministries • PO Box 387 • Felton CA 95018 • 831.336.5179 • [email protected]
We are in the process of renovating the rooms in Oak Lodge and we need your
support! If you have thought about donating to Mt. Cross, this is a tangible way
to see your money in action!
If you are interested in supporting this effort, please check out our Website
under the “Give Back” tab to learn how to donate online. Or please e-mail Kyle
or call our office at 831 336-5179 for more information.
Hello, my name is Nolana Mymka Daoust, and I am
honored to be a “Woman of the Year” nominee for the
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Man, Woman &
Students of the Year” campaign. Here is my story:
This is Lorna Mymka’s daughter who has Chronic
Myelogenous Leukemia—a type of blood cancer. While
her cancer is being treated with a daily chemotherapy
drug, she is helping to raise funds for research to find a
cure. See her website for more information.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer's Report
Ann Chehak
Total 2015/2016 Budget
Budget Year to Date (YTD)
Actual Income
Actual Expenses
YTD Income less Expenses
Benevolence to Date
March 2016
YTD (as of March
31, 2016)
It’s what keeps us from becoming the people God wants us to be.
Peter W. Marty March 29, 2016
Permanent ink on a white shirt is no fun. I purchased a stain remedy not long ago. It boasted of being able
to remove virtually every cloth stain on the planet. When it didn’t do the trick on my collared shirt, I read
the fine print on the bottle. Asphalt, blood, grass and wine stains all made the list, but not ink.
A friend then put me on to rubbing alcohol: “Just blot it on there gently, Peter. Don’t rub it in. Keep doing it
over and over.” Given my impatience with this frustrating blemish on the pocket of one silly shirt, I wanted
to skip the blotting technique and go straight for the rub. Never mind that rubbing a stain in fabric only
tends to embed it further. I just wanted to be done with it. But I blotted, which takes patience and time,
and was eventually rewarded with a gleaming white pocket.
The psalmist turns to language of the laundry room when addressing human sin. Here is his Introduction to
Stain Removal 101: “Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love … blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin … wash me, and I shall be whiter
than snow” (Psalm 51:1,2,7).
God the launderer, who covers us with the fabric of steadfast love and abundant mercy, has the patience to
lift that “sin stain” from the most complicated threads of our life. Blotting out, not rubbing in, is the Lord’s
way. No casual over-the-counter stain remedy will undo the ugly stubbornness of our deep-down sin.
God, with soapsuds everywhere, busy obliterating the grime of sin, makes for a striking image. The only
caveat to keep in mind with this image is fair warning that we not reduce sin to mere external behaviors.
This is a favorite habit of ours, cataloging sins according to their juiciest appearance, as if Christianity is
really a cover for moralism stuffed with “dos” and “don’ts.”
We seem especially adept at noticing the saltiness of other people’s sins, perhaps because, as theologian
Barbara Brown Taylor puts it, that exercise “takes the heat off the rest of us.” Exposing someone else’s sin
to light is a clever trick for avoiding a candid look at the soiled or unseemly self that resides darkly within
What if we were to pay more attention to what goes on in that out-of-the-way chamber of our own heart—
the duping, the self-deception, the covering of lies—than on the fascinating wickedness we like to point out
in others? Jesus cares mostly about this internal character to sin. “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart,” he said (Matthew 15:18).
It might help to think of sin as a condition as inescapable as our nationality or blood type. Best intentions
will not eradicate sin. “For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate,” laments Paul (Romans
7:15). Only dying and rising with Jesus, to borrow his language, will keep sin from becoming our defining
Note my persistent use of the word sin. The Bible does not focus on the bag of tricks we are capable of
deploying. “Mistakes were made.” “I used poor judgment.” “It was an unfortunate lapse of good sense.”
The Bible does not depict God forgiving mistakes, poor judgments or lapses of one kind or another. God
forgives sin. And sin is what keeps us from becoming the people God wants us to be.
The varieties of words for sin in biblical Hebrew are mind-numbing in number. Yet all of them point to a
hardness of heart or stiffness of neck that cause us to miss the mark, stray from the fold or overstep a line.
However nasty or disrespectful we may be to an unsuspecting neighbor, stranger or friend, every sin is
fundamentally a sin against God. “Against you, you alone, have I sinned,” utters the psalmist (Psalm 51:4).
Perhaps this is what hurts most about sin—the daily rupturing of an otherwise precious relationship with
the living God. So unintended in consequence, yet so personal. Only a gift as big as forgiveness can rectify
the mess.
VBS 2016!
Natalie Jones,
Children’s Ministry Director
June 20-23, 2016
Deep Sea Discovery
where we discover,
"God is with me wherever I go"!
Want to hear more????
Click on the picture for a You Tube
We'll be recruiting for adult volunteers,
so please prayerfully consider how you can help
with VBS this year!
Thanks, Natalie
Come see Natalie in the Narthex and help us
raise funds for our VBS!
RSVP to ensure we order
enough supplies and food!
 deep sea diving guides to guide
children to the various stations
 station leaders
 cooks
 meal planners
 set up crews
 clean up crews
See Natalie for more details and
look for sign up sheets in May!
All are invited to come for the
end of Sunday School Celebration
on Sunday, May, 1st!
We'll be saying thank you to our teachers,
Scott Barbu
Rebecca Williams
Michael Jones
Natalie Jones,
Children’s Ministry Director
There will be donuts, snacks and games to play!
Our last class for Wednesdays was April 27th but . . .
Please come out for our next
Friday, May 13th
to see the Good Dinosaur
Dinner will be at 5:30
Pizza and Salad
$4 per person
Pastor Cindy Beck
Join us in MAY . . .
Wednesdays at 12:30 pm and 6:00 pm
Friendship Hall
“Parables through the Middle Eastern Ear”
Learn about the culture of the Middle East to understand why Jesus’
teachings seemed so radical to his listeners. Fascinating study.
Worship On Wednesday—W.O.W. May
7:00 pm
NEW Special Series
A Lutheran perspective on the impact a church can make
on their community.
See next page for more . . .
Community Ministry
“God does not need your good works, but your neighbor does.” Martin Luther
“It is probably safe to say that most congregations wish to serve the public in some way. Yet many simply do not
know how. Such challenges and details can easily overwhelm a sincere interest and discourage a congregation
from proceeding.” Linda-Marie Delloff
In her book, Public Offerings: Stories from the Front Lines of Community Ministry, Linda-Marie Delloff tells the
stories of 10 Christian and Jewish congregations in the United States that are conducting “public ministry.”
She sites 11 similarities of successful congregations, dividing them into two categories: (1) traits that deal with
developing the capacity to do public ministry and (2) traits that apply to ministries that are up and running
smoothly. I offer them here for us to discuss together in a conversation.
Developing the Capacity
 Congregations recognize their fears and are willing to take risks despite their fears. Fears may include
failure, rejection, or emotional discomfort. They make processing the fears an early part of the
preparation process which allows them to deal with future unforeseen worries.
 Usually originate with a strong “idea person,” someone who is “inspired” to initiate discussion of a new
program. This does not have to be a congregational leader.
 An intentional atmosphere of encouragement makes is possible for members to comfortably introduce an
idea about his or her deepest passion
 Have taken care to identify the gifts, skills, and special interests of members before beginning any new
ministry. This exploration goes beyond a standard “Time & Talent” survey.
 Congregation members are able to work the idea into a practical plan, dealing with issues such as raising
and sustaining funds, finding appropriate personnel and volunteers to carry out a ministry, and making
sure they address the long-term as well as short-term challenges.
 Planners make sure that every age group can help with some aspect of the project.
Ministries That Are Operating Smoothly
 Lay people lead all of the public ministries described in her book. In some cases, the same people lead a
ministry over a long period of time, in other cases, leadership may rotate.
 Supporting and explaining why the ministry is important is interwoven into every aspect of congregational
 Communication is good in congregations with successful public ministry, both formal and informal.
 Ministries that work for their intended public also enrich the congregation.
 Congregations with effective public ministry know their limits.
As congregations change, so too do their ministries. Public needs
and issues also change. Creative congregations remain flexible and
open to fresh ideas for adapting a current ministry to new developments. They are also open to letting go some or all of the ministry
when it no longer seems appropriate or when that congregation no
longer seems to be the right sponsor. – Public Offerings
Pastor Cindy will begin sharing stories of these ministries during
Wednesday Night Worship in May.
Memorial Day—Honoring our Veterans
May 14 at 6:00 pm
at Dorothy and Gary Slade's
All are welcome to jump on the Mexican train!
Bike Ride
May 14 & 28
9:00 am
Join the group at the Wells Fargo
Bank parking lot on the corner of
Sunrise and Gold Country Blvd.
We have 6 spots left for folks who want to go
camping on August 18-21. This year we will be
staying at William Kent Campground in South
Lake Tahoe. You will need a Senior Pass in order
to pay $14 per day. Tents, RV, Trailers sites are
available. See Curt for more details. There are
some Yurts available for not campers.
Golf Tournament
May 21
See flyer on the next page.
Time for Baseball—Dean has tickets for June
4th and 24th for $20. Parking $10—free if
carpooling with 4 or more. See Dean Henricks
or Curt Lipp.
Calling All Women Bicyclists
10:00 am
Friday, June 24
Judy Zimmerman has
joined Advent and
Dear Advent Friends,
enjoys singing in the
Thank you for your cards and phone calls both
choir. When not
during my surgery and the death of my son.
singing she’s traveling
Your support has meant so much.
as an award winning
Shirley Cleveland travel writer. She is
credited with visiting over 100 countries
and sailing on more than 65 cruises!
St. John’s Program for Real Change thanks
Advent for their continuing support through our
benevolence giving. Your gift plays a big part in Judy is interested in starting a Women’s
Bike Group perhaps to go shorter
Real change.
Michele Steeb, CEO distances and at a slower pace.
Rev. Beck and Advent Congregation,
Judy lives in Gold River and suggests a
start point at the same Wells Fargo
Thank you for allowing us to use your facilities
parking lot used by the men’s group.
for the AAUW (American Assoc. of University
Women) Author’s Meeting. We had a chance to It’s also in close proximity to the Gold
River Starbucks . . . just saying . . .
hear a wonderful presentation and although
you don’t charge, please accept this donation
Sign up in the Narthex!
as our thank you.
Lee Battershell (and Mary Toutonghi) Join the fun!
Bring your knitting projects and join the
fun with a large group of knitters
every Tuesday at 1:15 pm
Friendship Hall
See Pat Johnson or Kathy Henricks
for more information
Saturday, May 21
Rolling Greens Golf Course on Eureka Rd.
First Tee Time 9:00 AM
Lunch at Noon
Gary and Diane Peterson’s
1319 Ridgecrest Way
Roseville, CA 95661
916 773-4756
Sign-up's on May 8th and 15th
Cost $21 per player
includes golf, lunch and drinks
($20 if under 18 as golf is $1 less)
Lunch only is $6.
All Are Welcome!
Join the Fun!
9:30 am
Praise Service
May 8
“Wing and a Prayer”
Praise Band
May 8
Mother’s Day
May 15
Pentecost Sunday
May 22
Holy Trinity Sunday
May 29
Memorial Day Weekend
Worship on Wednesday
Worship Services
7:00 pm
Please sign up on the table in the Narthex.
Questions? Contact the church office.
Thank you!
Please see the sign up sheets on the table in the
Narthex. Help us beautify our services!
The stained glass window is “Pentecost” from
the Liege Cathedral in France.
Thanks to all who served food on Saturday,
April 30, to guests at Loaves and Fishes.
Our next service date will be July 30th.
Please mark your calendar.
Thanks, Mary Grivna
Advent has designated the third Sunday of
every month as our
“Food Closet Sunday.”
Please bring donations of food items or place
monetary offerings designated to the “Food
Closet” in the offering plate.
“Like” us on Facebook!
Meets the 1st & 3rd Mondays each month at
9:30 am in the Friendship Hall.
All are welcome—No Experience Necessary!
Quilts are donated to Loaves & Fishes,
St. John’s and Habitat for Humanity.
Park Oaks Neighborhood Association meets at
Advent’s Friendship Hall on the third Thursday
of the month at 7:00 pm.
Citrus Heights is divided into neighborhood
areas. P.O.N.A. is our area.
Meetings include interesting speakers.
See Jim Pederson for more information and to
join him at their meetings.
Knit Chemo Hats
See Diane Peterson
to join the fun group
knitting hats and
also enjoy working on the
dishrags we make to distribute to
Advent visitors.
St. John’s Monday, May 23
Join Jenny Stern and the
women of Advent to
prepare and serve the noon
meal at St. John’s Program for
Real Change on
May 23rd at 10:00 am.
Jenny has it all coordinated;
just lend a hand in this ministry.
We Need Fabric!
and thread!
Please Donate Fabric
New or Used (in good condition)
flat sheets for the backing of quilts.
Cash or Checks are accepted, too . . .
Thread and other supplies you’re not using help, too.
All of our Quilts support:
 Habitat for Humanity
 Women’s Empowerment
 St. John’s Program for Real Change
And RAFFLE items for Advent Fundraising!
Help support this much appreciated outreach by donating or
stop by the Friendship Hall on the 1st and 3rd Mondays to join the fun—
no experience needed!
Jenny Stern has led a dedicated group to fix a
monthly noon lunch at St. John’s for many
years. Faithful in her commitment, Jenny
prepares the food and organizes the lunch on
the third Monday of the month.
All are welcome to lend a helping hand!
Helpers include Vicki Singleton (who took
these photos—Thank you!), Barbara Olsen
and Pat Johnson. They were joined by a
young girl, a student doing community
service from Sacramento High School.
Thank you for all you do!
Women’s Bible Study
Saturday, May 7
Friendship Hall
Bring a salad to share.
Michele Steeb
Chief Executive Officer
Saint John’s Program for Real
Since joining Saint John’s in 2007 as executive
director, Michele has transformed the 30-day
emergency shelter into a comprehensive,
18-month program that supports women and
children as they actively address and
overcome the root causes of their
homelessness. By providing mental health
services, educational assistance, and extensive
hands-on employment training, these women
and their families begin to experience real
change and realize their full potential.
The Family of Don Bevier, who passed into life eternal on Sunday, April 24, 2016
Linda Mathews, preparing for neck surgery on May 3
Pastor Frank Espegren, diagnosed with prostrate cancer
Nita McQuire, at home after hospitalization
Keith McIntyre, at home diagnosed with a degenerative nerve condition
Daniel Diego, coworker of Jody Presto in critical condition with a massive infection
The Family of Warren Yerks, Amanda Yerks’ husband who entered life eternal March 25
Ken, co-worker of Tony Gariano recovering from neck surgery
Breana Swanson, Kathy Johnson’s grand-niece undergoing chemo for cancer
Kathy Johnson, recovering from tear duct surgery
Robert, Marty Gesie’s son at home recovering
Jason Butler, a friend of Lanny Johanek's recovering from brain surgery
Jim Pederson, recovering from pneumonia and an outpatient surgery
Carol Blaylock, recovering from surgery
Joan Neubauer, with health issues
Ray King, Nancy King’s father-in-law recovering from a stroke
Lynn Gilbertson, continuing rehab at home but not back to work following a fall last September
Karen and Heidi, Kathy Johnson’s sister in law and niece with health issues
Ben Seo, Dorothy Slade’s neighbor downgraded to stage 3 cancer and liver issues
Skip Dean, husband of a cousin of Tom Kent’s with acute CHF (heart issues)
James Myers, husband of Deb Clore-Myers in treatment for lung cancer
Julie, Amy Gariano’s cousin with health issues
Laurel Johnson, Lloyd and Lois Sellers daughter-in-law with breast cancer
Kurt, father of Karyl Cimini and Karen Sorenson with health issues
Those who continue their need to be lifted in prayer: Jeffrey Belchem, Keith Johnson, Donna Kirkpatrick, Kay
Johnson, Larry Brockemeier, Kathy Crump, Beryl Baierl, Lillian Eggerss, Diane White, Don Rogers, Bryana
Johnson, Ruth Cerniglie, Andy Goltz, Janice Ciszek, Kim Berring, Nita McGuire, Ron Naswall, Marilyn Pederson,
Jim Pederson, Dave & Betty Yeager, Austin Kepler, Marty Jacobson, Joel Blaylock, Ann, sister-in-law of Carol
Whyte, Georgina Woodward, Lori Oberon, Les Mathews, Valerie Newbold, Brady, Alexandra Chilcote, Marilyn
Nelson, Connie Smiley, Kim and Mary Kennedy, Mary Rewolinski, Eleanor Wallace, Bruce Johnson, Darlene and
Bill Baker, Mike Jones’ father, James Hansen, Bruce Hansen’s father, Roger Dedman, Dorothy (Karen Urban’s
Mother), Doris Hale (Pam Lipp’s mother), David Whyte, Nick Mymka, Karen Peterson, Vic (son-in-law of Bill and
Darlene Baker), Loretta Gale, Ryan Patterson, Nita McGuire, Pastor Jim and Elaine Patterson, Rich Tolman, Mark
Chesshire, Forest Woods, Allen Hansen, Bruce Hansen’s son, Pat Meroney, Maynard Johnson, Wendy Warren,
Meagan Brown.
Family Members serving in the military: Brandon Lovett, Jane Lockhard’s grandson, Army; Heath Jennings, Linda
Jennings’ son, Air Force; Scott Atchley, Air Force; Alex Chesire, Air Force; Jason and Heather Stickney, nephew
and wife of Keith and Joyce Montag, Air Force; Charles Roney, Army; David Schedler, son of Paul Schedler,
National Guard; Sara Elliott, daughter of Bill and Diana Elliott, National Guard; Alex Reginato, friend of the
Malaspino family, Marines; Benjamin Dennis, nephew of Keith and Joyce Montag, Marines; Brandon Drake,
grandson of Curt & Pam Lipp, Army; Sheldon Gray, Bernadette Kennedy’s grandson, Army
Please notify the church office to addor remove your prayer request. Thank you.
E-mail: [email protected]
Note: Long-term prayer requests are under “continued to be lifted up”
Caitlin Salter
Anna Williams
Chris Blank
Ken Johnson
Orlean Ray
Jacen Belew
Tyler Happe
Keith Brinkman
Ina McCoy
Audrey Werth
Alex Cheshire
Zelia Jones
Hayes Reid
Troy Malaspino
Marilyn Pederson
Heather Sanders
Kathy Henricks
William McCoy
Jessica Williams
Christie Carroll
Karen Sorenson
Jim Kirkpatrick
Dante Simmons
Kiya Simmons
Jeanette Braafladt
Dean Henricks
Christi Verity
Kimber Belchem
Kristin Hermanson
Pauline Rogers
Brandon Amador
Michele McAllister
Beverly Rice
Karyl Cimini
Mary Patterson
Ann Chehak
Luke Patterson
Kathy Johnson
Matt Pederson
Alexis Sabatke
Bill Baker
Lillian Engelsgjerd
Terry Heath
Christine Martin
Barbara Shonk
Diane Peterson
Arnie Beck
Kinley Gray
Donna Kirkpatrick
Tiffany Jennings
Stephanie Schau
Carrie Bouknight
Samuel Patterson
Linda & Everrett Parks
Bill & Diana Elliott
Darrell & Linda Broaddus
Altar Guild: Lois Sellers, Dorothy Michaelis, Leslie Scheurer, Jennifer Lackey
*Tony Bubba, Troy Malaspino, Leslie Scheurer, Joel Blaylock,
Tom Chancellor, Beth Mora
* Lead Ushers
9:30 am
May 1
May 8
May 15
May 22
May 29
Luke Patterson
Pat Johnson
Jon Schedler
Tom Kent
Karen Urban
Tony Bubba &
Leslie Scheurer
Lorna Mymka
Cindy & Bob
Karen Franz
Twila Engler
9:30 am
Leslie Scheurer
John Hultman
Terry Heath
Bob Mathews
Kathy Johnson
9:30 am
Tom Werth
Keith Johnson
Joyce Montag
Deb Clore-Myers
Troy Malaspino
9:30 am
8:45 AM Sunday
School ENDS
9:30 AM Worship with
Holy Communion
10:30 am ACT/
Outreach Mtg
7:00 PM NA Mtg
9:30 AM Quilters
6:00 PM AA Mtg
8:00 PM AA Mtg
8 Mother’s Day
9:30 AM Worship with 6:00 PM AA Mtg
Holy Communion
8:00 PM AA Mtg
7:00 PM NA Mtg
8:00 PM AA Mtg
12:00 PM AA Mtg
1:30 PM Finance
6:00 PM Executive
7:00 PM Boy Scouts
10:00 AM AA Mtg.
12:30 PM Lutheran Basics Bible
6:00 PM Adult Classes
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Wednesday Worship
10:00 AM Women's
Bible Study
5:30 PM Worship
7:00 PM Council Mtg
8:00 PM AA Mtg
9:00 AM S-J
Bike Club
7:00 PM P.O.N.A
8:00 PM AA Mtg
8:00 PM AA Mtg
9:00 AM S-J
Bike Club
9:30 AM Quilters
6:00 PM AA Mtg
8:00 PM AA Mtg
12:00 PM AA Mtg
10:00 AM AA Mtg.
7:00 PM Boy Scouts 12:30 PM Lutheran Basics Bible
6:00 PM Adult Classes
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Wednesday Worship
22 Holy Trinity
9:30 AM Worship with
Holy Communion
10:30 am Annual
7:00 PM NA Mtg
10:00 AM Serve
12:00 PM AA Mtg
Lunch at St. John's 7:00 PM Boy Scouts
6:00 PM AA Mtg
8:00 PM AA Mtg
12:00 PM AA Mtg
7:00 PM Boy Scouts
10:00 AM AA Mtg.
12:30 PM Lutheran Basics Bible
6:00 PM Adult Classes
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Wednesday Worship
10:00 AM AA Mtg.
12:30 PM Lutheran Basics Bible
6:00 PM Adult Classes
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Wednesday Worship
15 Pentecost
9:30 AM Worship with
Holy Communion
10:30 Cottage MtgBudget
7:00 PM NA Mtg
29 Memorial Day
9:30 AM Worship with 6:00 PM AA Mtg
Holy Communion
8:00 PM AA Mtg
7:00 PM NA Mtg
12:00 PM AA Mtg
7:00 PM Boy Scouts
7:00 PM Christian Ed
12:00 pm
Women’s Spring
6:00 pm
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Advent Lutheran Church
5901 San Juan Avenue
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
9:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
Wednesdays 7:00 pm
Worship with Communion
Pastor Cindy Beck
[email protected]
Bob Mathews, Council President
[email protected] .com
Dave Wammer, Music Director
[email protected]
Natalie Jones, Children’s Ministry Director
[email protected]
Beth Mora, Secretary
[email protected]
John Hultman, Financial Secretary
Dana Bennett, Bookkeeper
Deadline for the next Newsletter:
May 21, 2016
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[email protected]
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