SelfCheck™ System V-Series

SelfCheck™ System V-Series
Self-service with the reliability of Tattle-Tape™ Security
The SelfCheck™ System V-Series is a fast, versatile checkout solution that is so intuitive it virtually assures
first-time success. Along with an easy-to-use touch screen and step-by-step instructions, the distinctive
V design helps customers place items correctly. The system processes books, magazines, videos, CDs
and DVDs and provides web-based remote monitoring and diagnostics. It also accommodates a
wide range of barcode placements. The V-coil design automatically adapts to power level variations
and essentially eliminates unwanted alarms. Additional security features prevent customers from
checking out more than one book under a single barcode and substituting items during checkout.
With its dynamic design and sharp, contemporary look, the V-Series takes your library to the next level
of productivity and service.
the best of both worlds
Intuitive User Interface
• Easy-to-use touch screen interface
• Scanner handles almost any barcode location and
• Distinctive V design makes the proper placement of
items more intuitive
Contemporary Design
• System comes in a variety of finishes to fit the look of any
• Easyload fast receipt printer
Reliable Checkout
Less than 1 in 10,000 false alarms
Fast checkout of many items simultaneously
Ensures items are checked out correctly
Patron selectable e-mail, printed, or no receipt
Flexible Options
Fines and fees payments: credit/debit, cash or both
Video checkout
Store and forward
Customer/Staff selectable check out/in
Multiple languages
• Cabinet Only:
26” d x 36” h x 44” w
(660 mm x 914 mm x 1118 mm)
• Monitor:
22.75” h (57.8mm) above counter
High resolution 15” (381 mm) diagonal
LCD touch screen flat panel display
• Printer:
8.5” d x 5.9” h x 6.25” w
(216 mm x 149 mm x 159 mm)
Thermal, built into kiosk or standalone
Ithaca® Model I-Therm™ 280 Printer
Energy Profile
• 100–120 or 200–240 VAC
• 50–60 Hz
• 3.0/1.5 A
Shipping Weight (Approximate)
• 370 lbs (169 Kg) with laminate top
• 405 lbs (185 Kg) for Corian® top
Tag Data Manager
• Available in the V3 and VFour SelfCheck™ Systems
• Freedom to move to ISO Tag Data Standard in the future
• Empowers the RFID System to read country specific data
formats (Danish, Dutch, Finnish and French)
Web-Based Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
• V2 handles multiple book detection using Tattle-Tape™
technology, preventing customers from checking out
more than one book under a single barcode
• V4 expands on V2 functionality by combining RFID
multiple item detection with Tattle-Tape™ security multiple
book detection
Meets the EU
WEEE and
RoHS Directives
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the best of both worlds