Adobe Certified Associate

Adobe Certified Associate
1 What are three ways to convert a selected layer to a Smart Object? (choose three)
a) Filter > Convert for Smart filters
b) Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object
c) Right click on the canvas and choose “Convert to Smart Object”
d) In the Layers panel, right click on the layer and choose “Convert to Smart Object”
2 Which four are options for a working space in the color settings dialog box? (choose four)
a) Apple RGB
b) Dot Gain 20%
c) ColorMatch RGB
d) sRGB IEC61966-2.1
c) Adobe CMYK Gain 20%
3 Match the color management terms with their definitions.
1) soft proof – A soft proof allows you to preview the color before going to print.
2) color gamut – Color gamut describes a certain subset of colors.
3) color space – Color space is an instance of a color model.
4) rendering intent – Rendering intent is a method for converting colors.
4 Expand only the left edge of the canvas by 50 pixels. (Note: Accept all other default settings.)
5 Using the current foreground color, create a new Solid Fill Layer with a 45% Opacity and a 75%
6 Create a new vertical type layer that says Adobe in a size 48 Arial font.
7 Enhance the tonal quality of an overexposed photo by editing the image nondestructively using
Photoshop auto image correction tools.
8 Display the rulers.
9 Select the appropriate blending tool to make part of an image darker.
To complete this task you should select the Burn tool.
− Click and hold the Dodge Tool in the Tools Panel until the pop out menu appears
− Click the Burn Tool
10 Add a drop shadow to the type layer named Pasture with the distance of 25 pixels and a size of 10
pixels. (Note: Accept all other default settings.)
11 Apply the Mosaic Tiles filter using the Photoshop features that allows you use filters nondestructively. (Note: Accept all default settings.)
12 Place the file birdalone.psd in the current file. (Note: Complete the placement but do not adjust the
image after the placement
13 Using the tool that allows for a single click with a tolerance of 100, select the red band of the young
man's hat.
14 Make the image black-and-white non-destructively, adjusting the resulting levels automatically.
15 Modify the background layer so that the saturation of the current selection is set to -65.
16 Shrink the image proportionally to a thumbnail size with a maximum of 400 pixels in the longest
dimension, using the correct resampling method.
17 Save the file for the Web as a Very High Quality (80), Optimized JPEG scaled to 25%. (Note:
Accept other defaults.)
18 What could cause a problem with text in a video?
19 Where can copyright information for a Photoshop file be viewed, added, or edited?
20 Match the copyright term to its definition.
21 When is a document copyrighted?
22 Which type of font face is the most appropriate when designing a logo for a day spa?
23 Which two statements are true about digital zoom and optical zoom on digital cameras? (Choose
24 Which type of media requires the use of pixels rather than inches? (Choose two.)
25 Which three are considered standard procedures when globally adjusting color balance and tonal
range using the Levels adjustment? (Choose three.)
26 Which camera feature is crucial to taking an image of an eagle from 150 yards away?
27 Match the graphic design principle with the example or use of the principle.
28 Match the file types with their definition.
29 Which two pieces of information are the most critical when creating images for video? (Choose
30 What is the most effective format to use design when designing a logo?
31 What is a smart object?
32 What is a common way to change the resolution of an image?
33 Change to image to the proper color mode for print.
34 When reusing an image for a project, what is the most effective way to have multiple sizes and
effects for the image without damaging the original or creating additional documents?
35 Change the Blending Mode of the layer named upper text to Overlay and Fill Opacity to 50%.
(Note: Leave Layer Opacity at 100%).
36 Which four are options when saving a new preset for creating a new document? (Choose four.)
37 What is the main purpose of working spaces when implementing a color management workflow?
38 Open the camera RAW file name truck.nef and save it as a Digital Negative (DNG format) with
maximum Camera Raw compatibility.
39 Using the current color, apply a radial gradient that is transparent at the edge to the current
40 Which two would a team deliver in the first stages of developing a Photoshop project? (Choose
41 Which two are uses of color as a graphic design element? (Choose two.)
42 What is one way to import images into Photoshop from a scanner?
43 Which two tools allow local color corrections to be made to specific areas of an image (Choose
44 Which two are related to the design principle of balance? (Choose two.)
45 Save the file dancers.jpg for the Web using the PNG-8 Dithered preset. (Note: Accept all other
default settings.)
46 Dock the Layers panel to the bottom of the Colors panel.
47 Which four are options when saving a new preset for creating a new document? (Choose four.)
48 Create and save a custom proof preset named Proofs to simulate a U.S. Sheetfed Coated v2 press
specification, setting the display option to Simulate Black Ink.
49 Convert the background layer to a regular layer.
50 What are the three image criteria that must be checked before uploading to the web?
(Choose three.)
51 Create a vector shape that is a perfect circle, assigning it the color value of #0600ff and
Giving it a black (#000000) stroke or 10 pixels.