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Hi, y’all! Hope you’re enjoying the summer.
During the last Annual Membership Meeting at Palm Desert, Ca., several items
were brought to the table by members and while discussed were opted to
bring forward to the entire membership for a poll and possibly subsequent
vote. Perhaps life’s busy schedules were the result of only ONE response (see
“Initial Poll” below); nevertheless, I am again presenting an opportunity for
each member to provide input for these matters which could be as simple as a
“yes” if in agreement or a “no” if disapproving with a welcomed explanation
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Note: You may wish to express an experience as well.
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Note: When this was brought to the table during the Annual Membership Meeting, many members were not opposed to having this
nominal fee included in the membership dues while the matter of
a few paper copies of the newsletter was cited without further
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TCI Club Officers
TCI International 2013-2014 Officers
Southwest Region 2014-2015 Officers
President……………………….…...……..LaVerne Thomas #1213
President………………… Bobbie & Pete Stifle #1428
1st Vice President……………...……...Carole Gilfedder #64
1st VP…………………..…Sharon Grooms #1213
2nd Vice President………………...…..Dennis Inman #1184
2nd VP………………..…..Earl Faught #1253
3rd Vice President……………...…….. Bob Clark #1313
3nd VP………………..…..Vacant
4th Vice President……………...…….. Vacant
Secy/Treas………..…....Karen Cole #1504
Secretary/Treasurer……………...…...Stephanie Engel #316
Historian………….………Mary Walker #1393
East Region 2014-2015 Officers
Northwest Region 2012-2013 Officers
President......................................... Franz & Helen Petersen #1567
President ........................................ Dennis & Jacki Dunne #1287
1st Vice President .......................... Jeff & Stephanie Engel #316
1st Vice President .......................... Gary & Margaret Wood #1615
2nd Vice President ......................... David & Sharon Chermak #1025
2nd Vice President……………………………Vacant
3th Vice President…………….……..…Dale & Lynne Spillars #1086
3rd Vice President……………………...Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer ....................... David McGalliard #1075
Secretary/Treasurer ........................ Larry Hall #912
Historian ......................................... Jeff Engel #316
Historian…………………………………….Sharon Grooms #1213
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Sunshine Committee
Chairperson……………………………...………Sherry Cox #892b
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Newsletter Editor
Chairperson……………………………...……...Laura Schrock #1407
Membership Committee
Chairperson……………………………...……...Jeff Engel #316
Chairperson ………...……………….………...N/A
Chairperson…………………………………..…Tudy Jacobson #1041
2014 Rally Calendar
TCI International Rally:
Nashville Music City KOA, TN
September 30– October 6, 2014
TCI East Region Rally:
Gettysburg, ,PA
TCI SW Region Rally:
TCI NW Region Rally:
May 3-7, 2015
n Tuesday, May 13, we carpooled to Mesilla, less than two miles from the RV resort. Mesilla was first settled in the mid
1880's when it was still part of Mexico. It's town plaza is now a well-preserved historical/tourist area, with traditional adobe buildings, the courthouse where Billy the Kid was convicted of murder, the old San Albino Basilica, a winetasting room, and boutiques that display a distinctive Southwestern flare.
Our group enjoyed a delicious lunch at the famous La Posta de Mesilla Mexican restaurant, where we ordered from a menu
created just for us, followed by as much shopping and browsing as each carload wanted to do.
Submitted by
Karen Cole #1504
White Sands National Monument
he White Sands National Monument is located about 25 miles southwest of Alamogordo in the state of New Mexico, at
an elevation of 4235 feet. The field of white sand dunes is composed of gypsum crystals. It is the largest gypsum dune
field in the world, of which there are only four left.
The gypsum sand is cool to the feet and is so smooth one would think you were actually walking on a field of talcum powder.
So those of us who dared – took our snow disks and went sliding down the dunes because we heard you could. Not as easy as
it might look or sound but we did it a few times anyway, just to say “we could” and “we did!” Some of us (most) had many
starts and stops before getting all the way down the dune but we had fun trying.
After sliding down the dunes and laughing all the way, we broke up in small groups to have lunch under one of many the sunshielded picnic areas scattered along the edge of the parking lot. We had a great time and great company.
After that, most of us we went on a ranger-led walk to learn more about the wildlife on the dunes. It ended just in time to get
over to an outdoor pavilion, where a ranger enlightened us on such fascinating subjects as scat while we waited for the full
moon to rise.
Submitted by Vicki Jump #1326
New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum
n Thursday, 15 May, the fourth day of the SW Region 2014 Rally, attendees caravaned to the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum to participate in the Blessing of the Fields ceremony. This event is conducted annually to commemorate the life
of a pious farmer, San Isidore Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. He was born in Madrid,
Spain, lived from 1070 to 1130, and is known in the new world as San Isidro (or Ysidro) the
The Blessing of the Fields is an event where a catholic clergy leads a procession, through a
portion of the museum's 43-acre campus, blessing the water, cattle, horses, sheep, goats,
dairy cows, fields, plants, trees and bread, at six stations along the route. The Blessing of the
Fields ceremony was led, this year, by Rev. Vince Petersen, O.F.M. Conv., Pastor of Our Lady
of Guadalupe in Tortugas, New Mexico, and a Franciscan friar. Some 140 Holy Cross Catholic
School elementary students, along with many other students and adults, participated in the
procession and blessings. Before the procession, Henry Narvaez, a Native American and
Cacique (chief or leader) of Tortugas Pueblo, led the prayer to the four directions.
After the ceremony concluded, several rally attendees visited the museum itself. It is housed
in a large building, and features many fascinating exhibits that bring New Mexico's 3,000year history of farming and ranching to life. All of the exhibits are well presented and maintained, with excellent story board
descriptions of what you are seeing. The museum also has a nice gift shop, and a snack bar where you can purchase light
lunch items and snacks. A blacksmith shop, a dairy barn, a horse and cattle barn, a sheep and goat barn, and a greenhouse,
where demonstrations and talks are conducted, are also on the campus, and can be toured. In addition, there are many antique farm-equipment items in various locations throughout the campus. And, one of the best things about the museum is
that it is very economically priced – $5 for adults, $3 for seniors 60 and over, $2 for children 5-17, and free for US military
veterans and children four and under.
This was a unique and enjoyable opportunity for us to observe and participate in a local traditional event that enlightened us
all about a part of history that we may otherwise not ever be exposed to.
Submitted by
Neil Cole # 1504
Southwest Rally Overview May 2014
Eleven rigs gathered for the SW Region’s Rally in Las Cruces, NM, in May for a week of Southwestern food, culture, and fun.
We started the rally with a fried turkey dinner with all the “fixins”, lovingly cooked by Earl Faught. We enjoyed Old Mesilla and
White Sands, two of the region’s well known points of interest. We ate more than our share of Mexican food and took our
shots at a piñata.
The RV resort was perfect in everyway; several of the staff joined us for biscuits and gravy and they loaned us “saucers” for
our trip to the White Sands which we used to barrel down the sand dunes.
We had dress-up contests for “Ugly T-shirt night ( winner– LaVerne Thomas), Trailer Trash night (won by Margaret Wood and
Neil Cole), and Western/Cowboy night (won by Bob & Vicky Jump). We laughed hysterically together until we were dazed; and
we enjoyed each other’s company for between 7-14 days, depending on when folks arrived and left.
The rally was considered a success in every sense of the word! Our final accomplishment was donating $644 to a local soup
kitchen, El Caldito, all collected during the rally through donations, silent auctions, and our local badge sheriff, Vicky Jump.
Submitted by
Bobbie Stifle, Rally master, #1428
ur friends from Forks RV treated us to burgers and all the trimmings on Saturday night before they left for home. They
also came armed with a number of prizes to award!
In the midst of all that fun, we took a break to demolish the pinata hanging above the patio. That proved to be no easy
task! Don't even get me started on the fact that it was too high for some of us to hit! In spite of that, it was clobbered a number of times before it gave up and dumped its contents, thanks to a mighty blow by Bob Jump. Bob really stole the limelight
that night as he and
Vicki were also the winners of our Western wear contest. That's them in their matching
garb in the picture.
Submitted by
Karen Cole #1504
Repairs at Forks RV
ancy and I were awakened by a loud noise at 2:30 one morning. It sounded as if something had hit the rig hard; perhaps a bird or other flying night creature. It was not until daylight that we went out to investigate and, to our dismay,
found a 10 inch split in the sidewall of the coach, from the corner of the bedroom slide to 6 inches from the top front
edge of the lower compartment. The left front levelling jack had leaked down so that it torqued the coach along the longitudinal axis until the wall could no longer stand the pressure. At the 2013 Rally in California we conferred with the gents visiting
from Forks RV and they were certain that they could fix the damage. We made an appointment for May when we knew we
would be travelling west again (prior commitments kept us from going straight to Forks RV). In the interim I got accustomed to
using a 20 ton bottle jack under that corner of the frame. Meanwhile we sealed the crack as best we could, first with RTV,
then Pro-Flex and finally with Gorilla Tape. Nothing really withstood the movement of travel.
We left SC on May 2nd headed for Shipshewana, IN for repair of the split in the side wall and to have a water leak fixed in the
bedroom slide-out. Nancy and I stayed in the rig in the shop even with the bedroom slide-out removed. We took the queen
size air mattress off the bed platform and set it up on the queen size daybed in the living room. While our home was inside a
factory shop building we had access arrangements to facilitate going out to dinner, etc. The only drawback was that these
folks start their day at 5:30 in the morning and end at 2:30 in the afternoon.
Starting with the water leak, the water had run down the inside of a wall hidden from view. When the repairmen got into it, the
damage was far greater than what we had thought. The slide-out room had to be removed from the coach and then the complete floor had to be replaced as well as wall panel half-way up both sides (see photo).
There was also some fiberglass work that needed to be done to reinforce a weakened area along the bottom on one side of
the slide-out exterior. That done, new carpet was laid and the room put back into the coach and reassembled.
To repair the split in the sidewall Aurelio Luna had to cut out a section and repair hidden damage found underneath. That
involved installation of a 6” x 8” steel gusset plate and then replacing the piece of sidewall that was removed. The guys did a
fantastic job of fixing the structure and filling the gaping hole with new siding blended into place. All that was needed was
painting (more on that to follow).
(continued on page 7)
(Continued from page 6 )
While all this was going on, a brother and sister team scraped and cleaned every seam on the coach body and then recaulked them to ensure that we were water tight again. Another crew got on the roof and resealed the seams and joints up
there also.
We had the weather seals replaced on all three slide-outs. The last time that was done the RV repair shop we used did not
have the correct seals and the substitute was not as effective as it should have been. Steve Owen, TCI #1546, had researched the correct Uni-Grip seal to use so we were able to provide Forks RV with the manufacturer and part number originally used by Teton. The seals had to be ordered and that took a couple of days. A big plus to add to that job is that one of the
techs had a lot of experience with that type of seal he was able to replace them without removing the rooms. He used an additional sealer/adhesive along the outer lip to keep water out of the interior of the seals to prevent the common failure mode of
rust inside the seal attachment. Interestingly, on Forks’ Continental Coach Line they use a seal that slides in a pair of grooves
and is easily replaced if needed. No rusty finger grippers.
My 2007 Teton Owner’s Manual has the paint codes for the 2006 models, not the 2007’s. This meant that paint had to be
“color matched” at a local supplier. The first attempt to match the paint colors on Friday was not acceptable. Unfortunately
we had to wait until Monday to have the paint supplier make another batch. Instead of being on the road to Montana Friday
morning we had to wait until Monday to go back to the paint supplier and to get the formulation right. And, sure enough, by
Monday afternoon the color matching was done. As soon as the paint was ready the painter came in and did his magic blending; a beautiful job.
Our stay at Forks RV was quite interesting and pleasant. I am impressed with the meticulous attention to detail all of the technicians and workers demonstrate. They have found and corrected many things as they worked around the coach. Example,
one of the workers saw that one of the sliding closet door latches was broken so he replaced them both with a superior product then came and told us what he found and how it was fixed. Another example is the technicians saw that the bedroom
slide-out crept out when the Kitchen was moved in so that was addressed and the valves on the Lippert hydraulic system
manifold adjusted. (Because of the original Lippert jack problem we had the Quadra Big Foot system installed while in Florida
last December – only the slide-out rooms have Lippert hydraulics now.)
The folks at Forks RV are fantastic. The Warranty/Service Coordinator, Mr. Bu-Bu Zaney, has proven to be a most gracious
host. In addition to all the work he did on our behalf at the factory, he took us sightseeing and also to his church on the Sunday and introduced us to his congregation. Friday evening he took us to see the movie “God Is Not Dead” and on Saturday to
an art exhibit featuring his pastor’s wife’s artwork. We also were treated most graciously by Eric Stutzman, the founder’s son,
and foreman Kenny and his workers were polite and accommodating. Nothing at all like my prior experiences at “Camp Teton”, Forks RV certainly has great customer relations and they do true quality work. The affiliation between TCI and Forks is
meeting all expectations.
Submitted by
Pete & Nancy Greig #789
Sunshine Corner
he list was shorter this quarter in terms of the number of Get Well cards that were sent
out and that is a good thing! But for those members and their family’s that cards were
sent to, we pray that each day brings more strength and better health for them.
This quarter, Get Well wishes were sent out to Helen Petersen #1567, Sandy Lovegren
#1216, Forest Ebert #950, Ina Ebert #950, Larry Hall #912, Eleanor Hall #950 and LaVerne
Thomas #1213. A Thinking of You card was also sent to Norma Kernes #1568.
If you– or another Tetoner you know need a little sunshine, please email me
[email protected] or call (559)288-8138.
Message from Todd Obergfell, Service & Warranty
Forks RV (574) 825-7467
Year: 2007
Model: Reliance Service Issue: Winter storm WATER DAMAGE
here was visible water damage within the wall on the inside of the coach. After inspecting the roof it was apparent where
the unit had leaked in the corners on the rear of the coach. Fortunately the owner did not wait too long to have the unit
fixed as the damage could’ve been much worse if it had rotted the floor.
The solution was to strip off all of the caulking that had been used on the roof, start with a fresh rail all the way across, and
then seal it with self-leveling sealant and roof tape over the whole thing. Once the roof was completely inspected it was time
to start on the inside of the coach. We started by ripping out the carpet in the rear of the coach and tearing the paneling off
the wall. We removed any rotten paneling and then left a fan on it overnight in order to dry it out. We also removed any insulation that may have been affected by the water damage. The carpet had some black mold growing on it and while it could’ve
been cleaned, the owner decided that it was a good time to replace all of the carpet in the coach.
We replaced the insulation that was removed with spray insulation for a higher R value and then filled in the panels with small
pieces to provide a foundation to overlay the entire rear of the coach with new paneling. Once we overlaid all of the panels
with a similar style and color, the trim was redone to blend the old and the new together and looks as good as new. This process, including the carpet installation and a great number of other items, took about a week to complete.
Following are a few pictures taken of the area involved in the service action taken before and after. Following the pictures is a
verbatim provided by the owner/member. (continued on pg.9)
e were just one week into full-timing when we arrived at Forks RV. Winter storm damage had allowed water to seep
behind the wall in the rear cap area, leaving the wall bubbled and the carpet damp and moldy. We needed to find a
company with experience in repairing high-end units, and particularly experience with Tetons. The newly forged relationship between Forks RV and TCI plus good reports from other Teton owners encouraged us to contact Forks. Once there,
the repair crew began immediately to assess the situation. By the afternoon, we had a damage report and a plan to move
forward. Luckily, the damage was limited to the wall area. The floor was in sound condition. We could tell by the way the
workers explained the work and how they would approach it that we were in good hands. As long as we had their attention
(and their repair bay space), we asked Forks to do various additional work including preventative maintenance & caulking,
installation of our WiFi Ranger antenna, repair of Fantastic Fans, Quickie Steps, replacement of all carpeting plus cleanup and
tightening down of our air conditioners and many more small things that had been on Bob's Honey Do list. In the end, we
ended up with a wonderfully revitalized Teton fifth wheel. We feel like we are starting out our full-time adventure with a brand
new rig!
All of the employees we encountered at Forks RV were terrific in their support and concern for our satisfaction. We would like
to give special recognition to the following employees: To Cecil who treated every repair decision as if it was his own RV and
discussed with us the pros and cons of each option. To Todd who managed the project well by holding daily morning update
meetings with us and the repair crew and who willingly pitched in when crew members needed help. To Brad, the electrician
who made tough retrofits look easy. Finally, we were pleased to observe that Forks RV is a family-run operation where all family members took an active role in the operation (not just in the financial end things) and knew the daily work from the ground
(continued from page 8)
Teton Tillie Tip
After a heavy down pour, check all your corners to see if there is a leak. Check your walls for soft spots.
You never know when one will show up.
If you have a Teton Tillie Tip, please send it to: Laura Schrock #1407 at: [email protected]
Convert Your 12 Volt Lighting to LED
hy would anyone want to go to the expense of replacing any of the 12 Volt bulbs or fluorescent tubes in an RV to LED
lighting? After all, they are a bit on the pricy side. Some might make the change in order to “go green,” since LED
lighting is about 9 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and is about 3 ½ times more efficient than fluorescent lighting. In addition, they can last for decades.
Others might make the change for medical/comfort reasons, especially with fluorescent tubes, since LED lighting is generally
considered to be a better quality light, can be dimmable and has no noisy humming ballast sound. Some people do not react
well to the “flicker” of fluorescent tubes. Some do not like the idea of mercury, lead or other chemicals and electrical interference that may react with TVs and other electronics.
I made the change for several not so noble reasons . . . obsolete fixtures, heat, and boondocking.
Obsolete Fixtures – After burning out two ballasts in my overhead fluorescent lighting, I found that it’s not so easy to find
matching replacement fixtures. And I didn’t want to replace every overhead fluorescent light fixture in the RV just to have
them match.
A solution was to replace all of the living/dining area fluorescent tubes with new LED replacement tubes designed to fit in the
existing fixtures. The difference is that these replacements do not require a ballast. By following included directions, you simply disconnect the ballast (removal is optional) and connect the replacement LED tubes to the 12 Volt supply and switch. I
removed one good ballast and saved it for future replacement in the bedroom/bath areas if necessary.
Heat – Some of the lights I use regularly, especially when not to connected to 120V shore power, are those little halogen puck
lights. Unfortunately, they get very hot—just above my head. The 12 volt replacements are just as bright and don’t get hot. In
addition, turning on every LED light in the coach makes virtually no difference in the amount of interior heat produced. A big
deal if you’re not able to run an air conditioner.
Boondocking – More and more we find ourselves staying at places with no power, especially overnight at a Super Wal-Mart
while enroute. Even though we have a generator, we prefer not to use it any more than necessary. By changing to LED lighting
along with an LED TV, we can easily manage with just our two coach marine batteries.
( continued on the next page)
Choosing Replacements
eplacing your 12Volt incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with comparable LED lamps isn’t as easy as buying a bulb that
looks just the same as the old one. Fortunately, some of the LED RV bulb websites include replacement “crossover”
charts and photos.
Fluorescents – Size, color and brightness (measured in Lumens) need to be considered. My fluorescent tubes were F8T5,
where F8 = Fluorescent, 8 watts (translates to a 12 inch tube) T5 = Tube, 5 is the number of eights (5/8) in diameter. Your
bulbs may also have a color rating or Kelvin Scale rating. These are may be shown as, WW= warm white (below 3500 Kelvinyellowish in color); NW= white or natural white (3200-4000 Kelvin-white in color); or CW= cool white (above 4000 Kelvinbluish color). Teton Homes typically used warm white tubes. I changed over to natural white.
Paying attention to the brightness of replacement LED tubes is important if you want brightness comparable to the old tubes.
The typical 12 inch (8 watt) fluorescent puts out 380 Lumens. I chose six 400 Lumen replacements giving me an additional
120 Lumens of light in the coach’s living area.
After checking RV.Net and other blogs, I chose Revolution LED Bulbs from a company by the same name. (http:// The Revolution tubes are a bit more expensive than the Ming bulbs (China) that they also sell, but
these are brighter and use a Fresnel diffuser lens.
Incandescents – Replacing these bulbs is a matter of color, brightness and base. There are a few common bases used in RVs:
The single (or double) contact Bayonet (1), Wedge (2), and G-4 Bi-pin (3). A good website for checking out these bulbs is
True LED lighting in an RV is now a possibility thanks to new generation of LED technology, which has produced the HyBright 3
LED semi conductor and other similar chips. These new flat LEDs can be ganged together on a small printed circuit board
producing high Lumens in a small area. The new generation of ultra bright LEDs can last 60,000 hours, are quite rugged, produce almost no heat, and use up to 90% less power.
George Hooper #454
Pic 3
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 4
Pic 5
(continued from page 1)
Are you interested in having a vote for TCI officers?
Initial poll: “Of course.” “However, I think that only those who attend a National rally should have the vote.” “They see
and hear the candidates in person.”
Note: This matter was also brought to the table during the Annual Membership Meeting with the reasoning that every
membership in good standing should be entitled to the same rights and privileges as those members who are
fortunate to attend a TCI Rally. Today’s technology (majority of members use computers) affords such an opportunity for a vote in numerous areas which may reflect upon the entire membership. Candidates for office can be
sought and realized prior to a TCI Rally; presented in our Newsletter or on line with their statements, if they so
choose, followed by a vote of the entire membership. Any member not voting in this means, may cast their ballot
during attendance at a Rally. Time sensitive or any item for that matter could be handled throughout the year in
a similar manner together with the few paper copies in reaching the full membership. We already utilize e-mail
blasts to membership.
What can we do to increase participation in the TCI Forum?
Initial poll: “Even though I set up the current website forum, I think it has outlived its usefulness in its existing format.” “I think that we should consider expanding the new TCI Facebook page to cover ALL TCI travel and Forum
questions.” “People are more familiar with the easy Facebook format and would benefit from easily adding photos, video and more.”
Note: TCI Facebook page is also the result of discussions at the Annual Membership Meeting wherein difficulty
in accessing the Forum was unanimously concurred while many called the software obsolete. TCI’s Facebook is
currently used by approximately 50 people, members as well as a few sponsored guests. It is administered by
Jeanie Wilby #1450, Bobbie Stifle #1428 and Sharon Grooms #1213; contact any one of them for access.
Thank you in advance for your participation.
It’s not too long before our 25th Anniversary rally; a red carpet hoedown in Nashville, Tennessee where I look forward to meeting new members and greeting old friends. In the meanwhile, keep those Tetons roll’n or perhaps your memories well-oiled;
safe travels to all and bear in mind that this is YOUR club and as members YOU are its voice and its destiny.
Submitted by
LaVerne Thomas, TCI President #1213
2015 East Region Rally in Gettysburg PA
ne of the great things about our country is its history and the 2015 Gettysburg Rally will be filled with history and good
times. We have planned lots of time to see the history of the Civil War in a fun and entertaining way. We also planned
time to enjoy all our Teton and Continental Coach friends.
The East Region will continue the tradition of making a donation to a local charity. We think you will agree that the Adams
County Children’s Center which helps and heals child abuse victims is a worthy cause.
You will notice that the rally form does not have a camping fee, just the cost for entertainment and food. The campground
doesn’t offer a rally or group discount, but it does offer Passport America, which is 50% off the regular camping fee of $55.00
per night, so you save $27.50 a night for a total of $137.50.
Join us for a tour of the battlefield, President Eisenhower’s home, wine tasting at the Adams County Winery and some surprises.
Hope to see you in Gettysburg.
Jeff & Stephanie Engel #316
2015 TCI East Region Rally
Rally Fee Includes:
$10 Camping Fee*
5 Dinners
1 Full Breakfast
1 Continental Breakfast
1 Lunch at Visitors Center
Visitors Center Museum, Cyclorama & Film
Battlefield Bus Tour
Eisenhower Farm & Home Tour
Adams County Winery Tour & Wine Tasting
Artillery Ridge Camping Resort
610 Tannytown Rd
Gettysburg, PA 17325
717– 334 -1288
GPS: N39O 48.11 W77O 13.68
May 3rd - May 7th 2015
NAME: Last _______________________________ First ____________________ Spouse /Companion____________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________ Email ___________________________
City _____________________________ State ____________________ ZIP _____________________ TCI Number ________________
Number of Adults ______________ Guests ________________ Telephone _________________________________________________
RV Make:____________ RV Model:_____________ Length of RV: ________ Total Length RV + Hauler + Towed Vehicle:___________
Do you require anything special due to health or other concerns? ________________________________________________________
Cost: $375 Per Rig (2 People)
$195 Per Rig (1 Person)
$185 Extra Person (in your rig)
Amount Enclosed: ________________.
IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TCI RALLY, you will probably need club rally badges. If you do, attach a note showing names as you would like them to appear on each
badge. Include the state you want on your badge. If we have enough lead-time, you will receive your free badge(s) when you arrive at the rally.
Make Checks Payable to:
TCI East Region
US Funds Only
Mail To:
David Mc Galliard #1075
3440 Snowhill Place
Morganton, NC 28655
Payment In Full Due
By March 1, 2015
Questions Contact Rally Master
Jeff & Stephanie Engel #316
Email: [email protected]
352 - 561 - 1407
*Camping fee is $55.00/night full hookup. You will pay your camping fee the day you check in directly to the campground less the $10 deposit. The
campground doesn't offer a discount for rallies, but does honor Passport America, Good Sam, Escapees and Camping Cub USA discounts. The discount will
be given at the time of registration. We have found the best discount is Passport America which is 50% of the camping fee that's a $27.50/night savings or
$137.50 for the entire rally. All of the fees are plus tax.
The undersigned hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Teton Club International and regional officers of any and all
liabilities, claims, losses, damages, injuries and reasonable attorney fees which may rise as a result from, or relate to this rally; or the
negligence, omissions or lack of care of its officers during the time period specified above. Cancellation in accordance with TCI by-laws.
Signature: _________________________ Date: _________
Signature:___________________________ Date:__________
COME TO NASHVILLE, TENN for our 25th Anniversary Party
f you plan on coming to our 25th Anniversary Party, please let me know ASAP. I can be reached
by phone at 603-520-6097 or email [email protected] I had to return the reserved spaces
as of Jul 28th. If you can come to Nashville, call KOA immediately and ask them to give you a
space. Call me and I will get in touch with Koa myself. Between all of us we will try to find you accommodations.
We have 80 seats reserved at the Grand Ole Opry and I do not have to give any un-used seats
back until later in August.
Anyone wishing to stay in a cabin please call the Nashville KOA (615-889-0282) and ask for Jenn
Stott. Try to get your reservation for a cabin in early, as there are a limited number of them. One is
already reserved and there are 29 sites already taken.
Bring your memories of any of the rallies that you have attended along with you and any pictures
you have personally taken and would like to share.
Call me if you have any questions or suggestions.
Peter & I are looking forward to seeing everyone in Nashville.
Carole Gilfedder, Rally Master 2014
2014 TCI 25th Anniversary
International Rally
Nashville KOA
2626 Music Valley Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
800 - 562 - 7789
Sept 30, 2014
Oct 6, 2014
Rally Includes:
7 Nights Full Hook-Ups
6 Breakfasts (1 Full and 5 Continental)
1 Lunch
2 Dinners
Grand Olde Opry Performance
Tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame
Tour of the Historic RCA Studio B
Directions: From Briley Parkway (Route 155),
take Exit 12, 1/4 mile on Mc Gavock Pike, 2
miles north on Music Valley Dr the KOA will be
on your left.
Early Arrivals and Late Departures
Contact Nashville KOA directly mention the Teton Rally to receive
the Rally Rate.
800 — 562 — 7762
NAME: Last _______________________________ First ____________________ Spouse /Companion____________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________ Email ___________________________
City _____________________________ State ____________________ ZIP _____________________ TCI Number ________________
Number of Adults ______________ Guests ________________ Telephone _________________________________________________
RV Make:____________ RV Model:_____________ Length of RV: ________ Total Length RV + Hauler + Towed Vehicle:___________
Do you require anything special due to health or other concerns? ________________________________________________________
Cost: $700 Per Rig (2 People)
$346 w/o Rig (2 People) Rally Fee
$550 Per Rig (1 Person)
$174 Extra Person (in your rig)
Contact KOA for Cabin Rental Pricing
Amount Enclosed: ________.
IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TCI RALLY, you will probably need club rally badges. If you do, attach a note showing names as you would like them to
appear on each badge. Include the state you want on your badge. If we have enough lead-time, you will receive your free badge(s) when
you arrive at the rally.
Make Checks Payable to:
Teton Club International
US Funds Only
Mail To:
TCI Secretary/Treasurer
3700 S. Westport Ave #2590
Sioux Falls, SD 57107-6320
Payment In Full Due
By July 25, 2014
Questions Contact Rally Master
Carole & Peter Gilfedder #64
Email: [email protected]
Carole: 603-520-6097
The undersigned hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Teton Club International and regional officers of any and all
liabilities, claims, losses, damages, injuries and reasonable attorney fees which may rise as a result from, or relate to this rally; or the
negligence, omissions or lack of care of its officers during the time period specified above. Cancellation in accordance with TCI by-laws.
Signature: _________________________ Date: _________
Signature:___________________________ Date:__________
fee the day you
check in directly to
2007 Teton Liberty 36’ & 2004 Freightliner Columbia
Teton- 3 axles. Light oak interior, queen bed, GE washer & Dryer, Direct TV with auto-track vision, Hughes net satellite, Michelin tires-22K mi. on tires, 40K
on trailer, #7000 towing pkg. on trailer, Dexter brake activator, 4 automatic jacks, power master voltage regulator, VC-50.
Truck- Freightliner Columbia 112 MBE4000 Mercedes-Benz 450 H.P. paddle shift, pressure pro for truck & trailer & tires, sleeper cab, camera for tow vehicle, Bed of truck- trail hauler by Wil-Ro, 85K mi. on truck, 18K mi. on tires (Michelin), Honda Generator, air brakes- suspension & seats, air bags on hitch.
$98,950.00 for Truck & Teton Home
Contact: Orris L. Mosby
Phone: (618)806-0327 or email: mailto:[email protected]
Camping fee is $55.00/night full
hookup. You will pay your camping
2007 Teton Sunrise Experience– 40th Anniversary Special Edition
2008 Royal Reliance 44 ft.
Lots of options– Also 2003 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab– Cummings Diesel,
Highway Products Tool Boxes.– Road Ready Package !!!
A full-timers dream with twin beds and all the extras.
Asking $120,000.00, Or Best Reasonable Offer.
Please submit all offers—Photos available by email:
[email protected] or 616-340-5695
Contact Darrell Korman #1556 for price and pictures.
830-496-0712 or [email protected]
$45,000 for the Teton or $63,000 for Teton & Dodge Truck
Bob & Jan Plants #1548
This unit was built to our specifications:
Chassis: Three 8000lb. axles with Mor/ryde Independent Suspension and hydraulic disc brakes with “G”
rated tires. We also added a skid roller.
Heating & Cooling: Two 34,00 BTU furnaces. Two 15,000 BTU air conditioners/heat pumps. 3 Fantastic Fans.
Electrical: Generator prep with 50Amp service located at the front and rear of 5th wheel. with a transfer switch. Whole house surge protector. Hughes 50
amp Autoformer. A 2500watt Prosine inverter with 4 12 volt batteries 3 120 watt solar panels. 4 dedicated 20 amp outlets, located in the entertainment
area , the computer area, kitchen, and in the bay, all of which can be run from the inverter/solar panels.
Interior: Custom oak wood throughout, including headboard, custom cabinet above bed, solid oak around all slides and window valances.
GE Spacemaker washer and a separate GE Spacemaker dryer, an Amana Radarange convection/microwave oven, an Amana stove range with oven. Two
pantries with slideout adjustable shelves, solid surface counter with flip extension in kitchen. Tile floor in bathroom and kitchen area. Sealand china toilet.
This is a non-smoking no pet unit that has been lived in at -20 degrees with no problems.
Contact Rick McHugh #401: [email protected]
Welcome New Members
Mario Gauthier& Suzie Dore’
5375 Parmentier St.
Laval, Quebec
Canada H7K 1X4
[email protected]
John & Dori McDonald TCI#1670
150 Huntington Ct.
Pearcy, AR 71964
[email protected]
Juan Carlos Rivera TCI #1673
801 Hastings Dr.
Dumas, TX 79029
[email protected]
John & Sharon Martin TCI #949
16438 Dunmoor Dr.
Houston, TX 77059
281-468-7509/ 281-488-5864
[email protected]
Kenneth & Jessica (Mitzi) Bromen
TCI # 1320
2916 Hughitt Ave.
Superior, WI 54880
[email protected]
Charles & Doris Atkinson TCI #1666
[email protected]
Jay & Terri Neil TCI#1671
24 Marilyn Lane
Walla Walla, WA 99362
[email protected]
Duane & Kaye Zubrod TCI #810
16061 E. Glenbrook Blvd.
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
[email protected]
Tim & Rochelle Enloe TCI #1672
606 N. Parallel Dr.
Andover, KS 67002
[email protected]
Larry & Doris Mills TCI #893
PO Box 10
Silver Creek, WA 98585
[email protected]
Submit Articles
The newsletter is published quarterly in February, May, August, and November. Deadline for articles is
the 20th of the month preceding publication. All letters, articles, art, and photographs are subject to editing, alteration, or may be condensed.
Please email all articles to:
Laura Schrock #1407, Editor [email protected]
Editorial Philosophy
e are a Family of Friends, dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of our Teton RVs and the camaraderie of our members. Reflecting this, the newsletter is looking for positive and upbeat articles that we
would be proud to share with anyone, including our children. There will be no profanity or “off-color” articles in the newsletter. Anything that needs to be said can be said in an adult manner. We do not discriminate
against any person, RV or truck.
While we encourage technical articles that point out problems and offer solutions, we will not print negative articles that directly attack TCI, its Members, or Teton Homes.
The newsletter accepts no advertising but will print notices of sale for a club member's Teton trailer and/or tow
vehicle. Following TCI Board guidelines, sale notices will be brief, including member name and TCI number; vehicle/trailer make, model and age; a few descriptive words, and the member’s phone number and/or address.
Laura Schrock #1407, Editor
20__ TCI International
[ REVISION: NOV 2012 ]
LAST NAME _____________________ FIRST _________________ SPOUSE /COMPANION ___________
ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________
CITY ____________________________________________ STATE __________ ZIP ____________
TCI NUMBER _________ TELEPHONE _________________ EMAIL ___________________________
TRAILER/RV MODEL, YEAR ____________________ TRUCK MAKE & YEAR _______________________
TCI, Sec./Treas.
3700 S. Westport Ave #2590
Sioux Falls, SD 57106-6360
[email protected]
Check here if this address is
different from your mailing label or
other TCI information and you wish to
have it changed.
Regional Club Membership Dues
Please fill out the membership dues form below, and send your check for $10.00 (US funds) to the Treasurer
for the Region you are joining. Duplicate the form, or include the information below on a sheet of paper, for
more than one Region. [ Revision: July 2012 ]
LAST NAME ____________________ FIRST _________________ SPOUSE /COMPANION ____________
ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________
CITY __________________________________ STATE/PROVINCE ____________ ZIP ______________
TCI NUMBER _________ TELEPHONE _________________ EMAIL ____________________________
TETON MODEL/RV/YEAR _____________ REGION JOINING _______________AMOUNT ENCLOSED ______
U.S. FUNDS (Example: Southwest Region TCI)
East Region:
Northwest Region:
Southwest Region:
David McGalliard #1075 Sec/Treas.
3440 Snowhill Place
Morganton, NC 28655
[email protected]
Larry Hall #912 Sec/Treas
PO Box 20185
Keizer, OR 97307
[email protected]
Karen Cole
230 Rainbow Dr. PMB 13031
Livingston, TX 77399-2013
[email protected]
Laura Schrock, TCI Editor
3700 S. Westport Ave. #2590
Sioux Falls, SD 57108-6390