Part Numbers for EZ - HR

Off the Shelf part numbers for EZ and High Roller
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Dodge Bearing Numbers
2 Bolt Pillow Block, 1” Bore, Main Drive Rolls,
2 Bolt Flange, 1” Bore, Front Idle Roll
P2B VSC 100
F2B VSC 100
2 Bolt Pillow Block, ¾” Bore, Rolling /Catch Finger Shaft
2 Bolt Flange, ¾” Bore, Rolling Finger Shaft
P2B VSC 012
F2B VSC 012
These are all standard size bearings and can be found at Industrial supply
companies such as Motion Industries, etc., or crossed over to different brands.
Air Cylinders:
Buy Online From Bimba
BIMBA Numbers
4 Inch Finger Cylinder, High Roller
5 Inch Finger Cylinder, EZ Roller
Air Solenoid:
The manufacturer is Numatics and this number
L01 SA 4 87 0 0 000 30
Is fairly accurate as near as I can determine. If you get on the Numatics website
you can find a distributor in your area. You may want to talk through the number
with the distributor. You should pay about $70.00 and there is a 7 day lead time
so put one on the shelf. There is a Rebuild Kit available as well. The part
number for that kit is L01-K1. I think the list on the Valve Service Kit is about
Drive Motor, 90V DC:
Gearbox, 12:1 inline:
DC Drive Board:
Grainger 2M169
Grainger 4Z719
Minarik MM23001C (Check Settings)
Foot Pedal Potentiometer:
You can buy replacement Pots for the foot pedal direct from Linemaster. The
parts phone number is 860-974-1000. They can be replaced and that is
normally what fails. You will need the model number form your foot pedal and
they accept credit cards. It is a 10K pot which is part of the part number of the
These are a few common replacement parts you can buy locally and save cost
and shipping. I have other numbers available as well if you have a specific need.
We can provide Belts, Fingers, and Plastics at a substantial savings over the
manufacturer. We hope to be able to provide replacement rollers in the near
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