40 Harrison St, Somerville, MA 02143 · [email protected] · 301-219-4266
Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
J.D. Candidate, May 2018
Rappaport Center for Law & Public Policy, Fellow, 2016
Harvard Journal on Legislation, Executive Online Editor, Supervising Editor
Harvard Law School Student Government, Academic Affairs Committee Member
Harvard Jewish Law Students’ Association, Webmaster
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
B.S. Economics and Political Science, June 2012
“The Impact of Autocracy on Online Censorship.”
Karl Taylor Compton Prize
MIT Class of 2012, Alumni Class President
Undergraduate Association Committee on Education, Chair
Various Faculty Committees, Undergraduate Representative
Massachusetts Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel, Boston, MA
Legal Intern
May–August 2016
 Research legal issues facing Massachusetts Governor’s Office and executive branch, including
labor, immigration, municipal government, and state constitutional issues.
 Summarize recent legal developments with implications for Massachusetts state government.
MIT Corporation, Cambridge, MA
July 2013–June 2018
 Serve on MIT’s board of trustees, including service on committees that oversee and advise
three departments and Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs.
Professor Gerald Frug, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
Research Assistant
January–May 2016
 Prepared 16,000 word memo about legal, social, and physical considerations for public space.
Professor William Rubenstein, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
Research Assistant
January 2016–Present
 Research legal and historical questions about cases taught in first-year Civil Procedure course.
Professor Susan Crawford, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
Research Assistant
February 2016–Present
 Research applications using municipal open data with a focus on potential privacy concerns.
Democracy Works, Inc. Brooklyn, NY
Operations Specialist
January–June 2015
 Oversaw migration from homegrown system to customer relationship management database.
Project Manager, Voting Information Project
October 2013–December 2014
 Managed a team providing elections data nationwide for primary and midterm elections.
Research Director, TurboVote
June 2012–October 2013
 Gathered information on local, state, and federal elections and election procedures.
Professor Benjamin Edelman, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
Research Assistant
February 2011–March 2012
 Researched and co-authored article studying biased search results in apartment rental sites.
 Researched and co-authored article on consumer protection law problems with discount vouchers.
Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Research Assistant
June 2010–May 2011, September 2011–May 2012
 Wrote case studies on interoperability on the smart grid and on the “Internet of Things.”
 Drafted book chapter on the relationship between interoperability and systemic efficiency.
 Volunteering with Love Hope Strength, which helps people register as potential marrow donors at
concerts, music festivals, and other events; early U.S. history; legal history.